tagGay MaleMy First Hotel Hookup

My First Hotel Hookup


Recently I was on a business trip and had a free evening. I was content to hang in my room and watch porn and jerk off. I was watching some bi and gay porn and getting pretty turned on so on a whim I downloaded a gay hookup app to my phone. I had it on my phone before, but nothing ever came from it, so to speak.

After it finished downloading I opened it up and boom. Thanks to the distance info on the app there was a "DL Married Bi" guy 50 feet from me. Wow! I immediately felt my heart rate speed up. I have never hooked up with a guy using this app, but I was thinking this might change. I sent him a message asking what he was looking for. He wrote back saying oral for sure and then go from there. He said he hadn't been with a man in a long time. Phew...neither had I. I was very, very nervous but very turned on too!

I told him it had been a long time for me as well and I was very nervous. Then I took the last step, and asked what room he was in. 6 doors down. Wow! I was really going to do this! I grabbed my card key took a deep breath and walked down to his room.

I quietly knocked. The door opened and I heard a voice, "Come on in."

I walked in the door shut and I saw a very good looking man with a very nice looking 7 inch THICK cock. He had a very nice body, tastefully hairy but very sexy. Very sexy and very manly. We went in and he laid down stroking his cock. I started undressing muttering something about being nervous and undressing. I laid down and starting playing with my cock too. He moved over and I could feel his body heat which really was exciting! He started massaging and rubbing my thighs and chest and I was exploring his arms and chest. All the while looking at his beautiful thick cock.

I made my move, I had to suck him. His cock was so warm, so meaty, so thick. It had a slight upward curve to it. It was perfect! I got down between his legs and put him in my mouth. Oh man, so hard, so silky, so wet! I could taste his precum and it just added fuel to my fire. I was all over it. I loved suck his cock. I concentrated on the head running my tongue all over it. Sucking it, letting it pop in and out of my mouth. He was loving it! "Wow, you like sucking cock don't you!," he said between moans and heavy breathing.

My response was to see how far I could get him. I felt his cock touching the back of my throat, all most all of it. He started to push his hips up off the bed assisting me. I was kind of proud of myself. I was doing a good job on this big cock. I pulled him out and was stroking his very slick, hot, thick cock. I told me to lick his nuts, OK, no problem. I started licking his nuts and sucking a ball at a time, he loved what I was doing. I put my arms under his muscular thighs and went to town. I could have asked for a hotter man. Great body, very masculine, very sexy. He was moaning and urging me on. This went on for I don't know how long.

Finally, looked up at him said said, "I haven't had a cock inside me for a long time."

"You think you can take me?"

"Yes," I replied "Yes, I think so."


I got down in doggie position offering up my ass to him like a craven cockslut.

I started to play with my cock and massage my hole. Then he went to get some lube and started lube himself and me up.

He started to mount me and let his cock slide up and down my ass. I started to moan and wantonly wiggle my ass. He was really enjoying this and I was too! Finally I felt him line his thick cockhead up to me and start to enter me. I took a deep breath and pushed out and boom! He slid right inside me. "Haha, somebody's been playing with their ass," he said.

"Wow...you have my big cock all way inside you don't you..."

I asked him to give me a sec and get used to his "thick cock."

"Yeah sure...you have a really big cock inside you...wow..."

I started to squeeze my ass around his big cock and he reacted by beginning to slowly fuck me.

"Oh yeah...mmmm...fuck me...you are so big...oh...wow...yes...," I managed to mutter...

He picked up his tempo and started to fuck back. God his cock was big. He fucked me for about 15-20 minutes or so and I needed a break. He was so great the whole time. Very nice, very understanding... He dismounted me and went in the bathroom to clean off his cock.

He came back and I was jerking off. Then he surprised me by pretty much diving on to my cock giving me an amazing blowjob! I was stroking his hair telling him how sexy he was...I was loving it. Then he surprised me again an sat on my cock in a reverse cowboy and we were fucking again.

I told him I was getting close and said he wanted to watch me shoot.

He got off me laid down next to me jerking his cock and playing with my nipples. It didn't take long. I came loudly. He was still jerking and I could see his legs spasming he was close too!

I jumped over and started sucking him again telling him I want him to come in my mouth. It didn't take long before he came in my mouth! I had never done that before! It was so hot!

He started to soften in my mouth. We were done. I got up got dressed, we thanked each other and told each other how much we enjoyed it and that was that.

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by Anonymous

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by cdCindy109/30/18

will do that soon

I will be going out of town on a business trip for the first time in a few years. I plan to arrange hook-ups with a few men and be a sissy submissive faggot cocksucking slut all weekend. Looking forwardmore...

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by Anonymous08/23/18

It is hot!! I have a fantasy with me in the hotel bar and after a while i decide to get inthe sauna! I open the door up wnd hang my towel on the hook and sit down ! Ther is nobody in there so i start jerkingmore...

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by MyColours05/23/18


Correct your spelling and grammar mistakes, and fill it in a bit more. You are jacking off while writing and half of the story is still in your head.

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by Anonymous04/16/18

want it to happen to me


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by Anonymous04/16/18


This is an excellent simple story that comes close to reality. Over the years I've had a few hotel hook-ups and whilst they didn't all go well when they did they were great.

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