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My First Male Fun Time


This story is a work of fact and not a figment of my sexual imagination. However if you are under 18, or offended by frank, open, graphic sexuality of all adult types then please do not read it.

If you are not offended please enjoy.

My first experience with a cock as a sex object (rather than seeing others in the showers) was when I was on holiday in America on a family exchange. I stayed with a couple in their late 30s in Georgia. After about 3 days he had business up in the hills and so he and I went up there..planning to stay the night. We ere staying at a motel but the business was with the motel owners so we went to see them first. We arrived about 4pm. There were 3 guys there. After introductions and chatting we had a few drinks. I was tired (jet lagged still) but had some more...then one guy started reading a magazine and I asked what it was. He said "nothing" but another guy snatched it and said it was gay porno and they all laughed. I was still naïve and thought nothing of it. About 6pm one guy asked if I wanted a sleep before a meal at 9pm so he showed me into a bedroom. I always sleep nude so stripped and dropped into bed. And fell asleep. I was very naive..

Sometime later I woke with the feel of a hand on my thigh and toes playing on my feet. I woke more and looking realised it was the guy I had come up with. He asked if I was ok and I said yes. Then before I could move his hand moved and held my cock which was instantly hard (if it hadn't been before he touched it) I was on my back and he was on his side facing me under the covers. Then he smiled and started stroking my cock..up and down the shaft. When he first touched me I was confused but after a few seconds I was loving it......I was bi!!! I admit I didn't last long.... I came..strongly...hard, and a good cum load all over my stomach.

After I had come back to earth I reached out for his cock and he rolled on his back. Nothing had been said..so I started pumping his cock. It was much bigger than mine..maybe 8iches, cut. After a while he grabbed my hand. Obviously I wasn't experienced at jerking another cock so he gripped by hand and some of his cock and moved my hand up and down the shaft as it teaching me what to do. After a few minutes of this his breathing changed...his cock stiffened and he came. By now the covers had been pushed down and I watched as I wanked him and his cream shot out his cock slit about 5 times followed by a good flow of ivory cum cream onto his stomach. After he had finished and relaxed he still held my hand and rubbed it in the cum pool and he wanted me to rub it in. so I did.

If this was Fantasyland, at this point the three other guys, would come into the room and all sorts of fun would follow. But this was real and they didn't. But before we left the bedroom my pal said the other guys wanted to join me in bed but he had said no as he wasn't sure how I would react. (Then I was worried in case it developed to something more – maybe frightening -but now...4 men in a bed + me.......now I'd say "Yes please!!!"

After a few minutes he got up and went into the en-suite shower and I heard the water run. He shouted for me to join him so I got up and walked in the cubicle. We washed and a couple of times he held my cock...and asked me if I enjoyed that...I blushed, smiled...yeah I had. And he said that there was a girl staying in the motel that night that would share a bed with me if I wanted. So?? Of course I wanted her. But I also thought of his cock.

We went back to the living area and the other guys and the boy were still drinking and reading porno. They asked if I had a good sleep. And all smiled then laughed, even the boy. Later we all ate around one table in the restaurant including the girl (who was about 28yo) but no more happened. I slept alone in my motel room sadly. The next morning we went back to Atlanta to his wife and no more was said. I always wondered if his wife knew he was bi. Or if all the guys were gay. Now if I had that time over again....

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