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My First Massage With A Man


My name is Robert and I am now married to Ania, who I have written true stories about, but this story is about my first gay experience. While I was living in the West Country I learnt massage as a second income to my small business that I was running. It only took few lessons to learn massage and as I am sure you realise it good fun. Touching ladies and having fleeting touches in various places and they are never sure if it was on purpose, part of the massage or just an accident.

Anyway I put an advert in the local paper advertising a nice relaxing massage after the hard day at work. I had a few ladies phone up but I had one guy who phoned up and for some reason I thought it would be OK. So I arranged a time and turned up at his house. His name was George, medium height, slightly over weight, balding and he was in his early 50's. I arranged my massage bed in the middle of the room, pulled the curtains and dimmed the light.

I rubbed some oil into my hands and started the massage. George wanted his back massaged first, it was unusual as massaging the back relaxes you the most. First on one foot then the other working my way up his legs, all the time he kept on lifting his arse off the table and open his legs slightly. I didn't take any notice. I got to his shoulders and he started to breath louder. I had only massaged ladies up to this day and they just lay their and enjoy the feeling of the massage. Once again I didn't take any notice, as long as he was enjoying it the more I got paid usually.

I asked him to turn over and I gave him a small towel to cover his middle he said it didn't matter if I didn't mind, so it was left off. I started at his feet again and worked up, as I got to the top of his thigh he opened his legs so I could get to the muscle. I brushed his balls as I was doing this and he gasped out loud. He started to get and erection his dick was only about 3 inches long when erect. When I got to his chest I rubbed around his nipples, as there is no reason to touch them, this excited him as well. I must be very naive, as I didn't realise what was happening to him. When I worked down his arm I was laying it against me leg for support and this gave him the opportunity to touch my leg. All the time he was apologising for the erection and touching my leg he said it was the best massage he had had and it was very stimulating.

When I got to the other arm he was getting more advantageous as he was lifted his arm slightly, which I hadn't noticed and this allowed him to brush my dick end. It was then that I realised what he was up to. I didn't move away as I knew I was in control of things. When I finished he asked if I would like a massage and he said he would pay me double. I agreed and got on the table. He made an excuse about the table being to high for him and he set some cushions on the floor and I laid down on these. He started to massage me back first rubbing right up the legs straight away. When he got to my arse he kept on running his fingers up and down the crack. When he massage my fleshy bum cheeks he pulled them a part and massaged my arse hole very lightly. He must have been in sheer heaven to have some lay there and let him touch them. When he got to my waist he pushed his hands under me and touched my dick, it was getting hard at this point.

When he had finished he told me to turn over. He told me not to worry about the erection, so I just lay there with my eyes closed. When he go to my arms he held it in such a away that it was brushing his small dick all of the time. I had never touched a guy before and it felt strange but not bad enough to pull away. He started to comment on my dick as it was fully erect at this point. it was bigger than his about 8 inches long and not a bad width either. I've never had complaints anyway. When I though he had finished he said I will sort that out for you if you want. I just nodded. He gripped my erection and wanked me off into the towel. After I cum I got dressed, got paid and left.

Two days later he asked if I wanted to go back so massage him, I said yes and returned that afternoon. Then same happened again for few visits. Then after about 3 visits he got more adventurous and told me to close my eyes and think and I felt him give me my first male blowjob. It was good but strange to see a guy have his head in my lap. The visits got longer with him licking me all over, sticking his tongue into my arse, using his finger s while he sucked me.

At one stage I told him to put an condom on and I sucked him, as it was small it was no problem. I had often thought what it would be like to suck a dick, I must admit it was good. As it went on he wanted me to use pegs on his nipples wank him off as he sucked me, and spank his arse while massaging him. It was good money as I was enjoying to as well.

I lost contact with him for while as I moved abroad but each time I got back to the UK I looked him up. While abroad I went to porno cinemas and had guys wank, and gobble me, but that is another story.

The second chapter is when I took my young wife to meet George.

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