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My First Master


Breathing heavily I looked up at him as he suddenly stopped. Taking a quick moment to catch my breath and find my voice I opened my mouth to protest but before I had a chance to utter more than a sound, he slapped me suddenly, solidly, on the left cheek- making my eyes water as I looked at him exasperated.

"What. Did I. Say."

It was more of a threat than a question; he spoke harshly, his green eyes furious as he gazed down at me.

"But, I..."

He slapped me, harder this time, across the same cheek. I sat still and silent, eyes watering, my bottom lip quivering, awaiting his next words. After a brief silence, broken only by my uneven breathing, he spoke gently as he lightly stroked my burning cheek.

"You signed up for this baby. I know this is hard for you but you aren't trying to your full potential."

He spoke firmly now,

"You speak only when spoken to, or when I tell you to speak. Your one and only concern is to please me. You earned yourself another ten lashes just now for your disobedience."

I cringed and whimpered at the words 'ten lashes,' looking up at him, my eyes wide and pleading. He spoke harsher this time, determinedly holding my chin in his hand,

"I will allow you to choose where you are whipped."

He paused, awaiting my answer, but as I hesitated, he spoke loudly,


We met at a college party over a game of beer pong, while we were both in town visiting some old friends The instant we locked eyes I knew there was something special about him. He had an unmistakable air of power and certainty that made me almost tremble. He won the game and that's where it all started.

We went on a few casual dates that seemed almost like agonizing interviews- he could have had me the instant we met but he was far too disciplined for that. A few weeks after I left town I received the phone call that would eventually change my life.

"Be Mine."

That was all he said over the phone, it seemed more of an order than a question.

He drew me to him with a power that seemed almost out of his control, and was completely out of mine. Even though we lived a couple hundred miles apart we always made time to be together. From the very beginning there was an unspoken agreement that I was his, and only his.

I never knew if he slept with other girls, and didn't ask. I knew though, that if I was unfaithful, I would never see him again. The thought even now clenches at my chest. He was young but ambitious, at 28 he was already a successful business man.

He was stunning- tall and athletic with light skin and fiery hair. But it was his piercing green eyes that first caught my attention. It was as if he could see right though me to all the dirty little secrets I kept. I was torn apart by his eyes and absolutely captivated by them.

I am a little on the short side at 5'4", athletic, with auburn hair and bright blue eyes. I'm a B cup bra, but I've been told that my best feature is my ass- perky, round, and firm.

I wasn't really surprised when he was rough with me the first time he fucked me- he held my hands firmly together above my head as he twisted my nipples lightly yet hard enough to hurt, then spun me around to pin my wrists against my back as he teased me with the head of his cock until I, aching from wanting him for so long, uncontrollably begged for him to take me with the raw power I knew was inside him.

He liked to hear me beg. I had two orgasms that night, and drank his cum as he held my chin and filled my mouth with his rapture. It was the best sex I'd ever had. I was always intrigued by rough sex, and bondage, but had never had a lover who shared my interest.

He never even asked, he just took me, and I was enthralled by his power. Gradually our sex life became rougher and rougher until I was his willing and obedient slave in bed. Of course we always had a safe word, if I was hurt badly or uncomfortable. We began using toys and experimenting. Even now I think he was gently and gradually training me.

A few Fridays ago everything changed. I received a package from him.

Excited, I opened the package to find several beautiful sets of expensive lingerie, a black leather dog collar, handcuffs, and a ball gag.

I was wet and eager holding the lingerie in my hand and dreaming of the fun we would have when I noticed the blank envelope at the bottom of the box. I tore it open and read,

"Do you trust me? It's time for the next step. I will be at your house at 7pm on Saturday and I expect you to be awaiting my arrival in the black thong and garter belt I have provided you. Put the ball gag in, cuff your hands behind your back, and wait on your knees at the front door until I arrive. No safe word."

No safe word? I knew he was serious or he would have given me a chance to protest. There was an unspoken implication that if I were to refuse this offer, our relationship would end.

He knew me well enough to know how badly I wanted more, even though I was afraid.

At 6:45 I was gagged and cuffed, waiting at the entrance to the front door.

He had a key so I had left the door locked in case anyone happened by and saw me so vulnerable. I was nervous, yet excited. I was wet and aching already but I knew it would only get worse. At 7:10 I began to get anxious. Did I get the date wrong? He had not sent a key with the handcuffs and the ball gag was firmly in place. I had no way to free myself. I was completely and utterly at his mercy.

My knees were beginning to hurt, and the gag was uncomfortable, but I knew that the moment I moved to a different position in order to get more comfortable he would walk in, and I had no intentions of disappointing him at the very beginning. At 7:20 I heard a car outside, and seconds later a key in the door. My heart beating furiously I straightened my back and looked up intently. As his frame filled the doorway my skin tingled.

He solidly shut the door and stood over me, smiling wickedly as he reached down to hold my chin in his hand.

"Good girl,"

He said approvingly, his eyes sparkling. He gently patted my cheek twice and set the duffle bag he was carrying down beside me then walked past me to the kitchen. Unsure what to do, I sat still and apprehensive, my eyes down, waiting. I heard him pull out a cup and fill it with ice, he opened what I could only assume was the liquor cabinet and poured himself a drink. Walking purposefully toward me he knelt down to remove the gag from my mouth. He put the scotch to my lips and allowed me a drink. Daring to look up at him I said,

"Thank you sir."

He smiled,

"you deserve that much my filthy little whore."

All business now he spoke intently,

"Tonight you are nothing more than my slave. You will do what I tell you, when I tell you. If you hesitate, or fail to do what is required of you, you will be harshly punished. This is not going to be easy for you, but I know you can do it."

"Do you have to use the bathroom?"

I nodded, I knew the scotch would race through me and this might be my only chance in hours.


I paused, not sure if he would remove the cuffs or not but as he stood and looked down at me expectantly I knew better than to ask. I awkwardly stood, my movement hindered from the uselessness of my arms.

In the bathroom it was hard to pull my thong down. I hurried, knowing that if I took too long he would be angry. Finally I was able to relieve myself and hurriedly walked into the living room where he was sitting relaxed on the sofa holding a small whip.

I knelt in front of him awaiting my orders. I was a so nervous my whole body was shaking.

After what seemed like hours of him casually assessing me he spoke.

"You will receive twenty lashes on those beautiful tits. You will count every lash through your gag, other than that I don't want to hear a sound from you. For every sound you make, it will be another five lashes. Do you understand me?"

I nodded, trembling.

He sat forward pushing me back holding the whip ready. He moved his wrist slight and as I tensed he chuckled.

After a quick moment he smacked my left tit harshly as I swallowed a scream.

"One, thank you master."

For the first eleven I was able to obediently follow orders. Never setting a pattern for his lashes he surprised me each time.

By number twelve my nipples were extraordinarily sensitive and he whipped me hard enough to make me cry out through the gag. He actually laughed at my pain,

"That's five more sweetheart!"

He sounded excited and as I looked down at his crotch the unmistakable bulge sent my heart racing even harder and I was aching deep inside. I knew my panties were soaked already.

I wanted his cock. Even just to see it, have him touch my face with it. I wanted to please him, wanted so badly to be allowed even a glimpse of his cock. He could see in my wide eyes how excited I was, and it instilled him with a ruthless passion.

The next thirteen strokes were agonizingly painful. I managed to barely scrape by with a few uncontrollable whimpers that he graciously let slide unpunished. I was breathing sporadically, and trembling in anticipation when he finally finished.

It felt like hours but knew it had barely been ten minutes. He stared down at me for a few minutes then slowly opened his fly to reveal his raging erection. His cock was large and thick, about 7 inches long. I was involuntarily whimpering, begging for him to use me.

He pushed me abruptly causing me to fall backwards. I awkwardly scrambled to my feet but the moment I gained my balance I know that I had done something wrong.

"Did I tell you to stand?!"

he roared at me. I dropped immediately to my knees, eyes down, afraid of what was coming next. I knew that I would be punished harshly for my unintentional insubordination.

Growling, he reached between my legs to feel my wet pussy.

"...Do you think you are special?!

...did I

...TELL you

...to STAND?!"

Afraid, I shook my head no.

"Turn around."

I complied immediately and he spoke urgently,

"put your head to the floor, your ass out. I'm going to whip your pussy ten times. You are allowed to scream through your gag but I expect you to count each stroke and thank me."

I was afraid of the pain yet ecstatic that he would help me to obtain his forgiveness through punishment.

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