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My First MFM


I answered the on-line ad and was surprised to have gotten a response. Carl replied back stating that they had received quite a few replies and that he was trying to weed out the fakes. My situation matched their criteria, which was within the right age, recently separated, d&d free and in good shape. The ad stated that Kim and Carl were both married, in their early 30's and looking to experiment with a MFM for the first time.

After corresponding with Carl a few times, I learned that Kim was not exactly aware of what he was planning. What Carl had in mind was more of a surprise for Kim. Apparently they had been role playing in the bedroom where Carl would tie Kim's arm to the bed blindfolded and pretend to be a strangers having his way with her. The role play turned Kim on but she was not willing to let it happen in real life. Carl however was planning to push the game further into a reality.

I knew Carl did not want to rush into it, but our email correspondence stopped after about a week and I thought that he might have simply been one of the many fakes that post online. Then almost 3 weeks after our first emails, I received an email from Carl. He explained that he chose somebody else, but apparently the other guy was not who he described in his emails. Carl said that I was the other person that seemed normal and honest so he was hoping it would work.

He explained that the coming weekend they already lined up for the kids to stay with their grandparents, which would give them a night out - apparently they did not often get. He said that although he didn't like the thought of stranger coming to their house, if he suggested a night out at a hotel to Kim that she would become to suspicious and it would never work. To put his mind at ease, he asked if we could meet, just him and I, so that he was a bit more comfortable with the whole plan. I agreed and we met out the following evening after work.

Being that it was the first time I had every done something like this, I was nervous myself when we first met. After talking with Carl, he confessed that he was really nervous but after we talked for a couple hours, he was more comfortable as was I. I found Carl to be a nice guy, not some little wimp nor somebody full of himself. He seemed like just an average middle-of-the-road guy, much like myself.

Driving home after meeting with Carl I had some mixed emotions of my own. First off I wasn't sure how Carl felt towards me. Although he said I was a perfect candidate, I know how people can say one thing in person and yet mean something different. I was also extremely turned on of the thought that he was looking for me to be with his wife. From his descriptions of her she sounded very attractive. He didn't go into much detail other than he'd like to have her tied up and then have me come in and basically have my way with her as he watched.

I checked my email that evening and found a few email messages from Carl - one with an attachment. Immediately I opened the message containing the attachments to find three pictures of Kim. One picture was of her with the kids (the kids were shaded out). The other was of her in a bikini on the beach, and the third was of her completely naked. She wasn't a model but definitely attractive. She had a small, neatly trimmed pussy that made my dick get hard immediately.

Carl sent a few more pictures the next day after we chatted online, all of Kim completely naked and some of her sucking him and him fucking her. Needless to say I got extremely turned on seeing them and imagining what was planned.

Carl wanted to meet that Friday to talk in detail of what he wanted to happen and how he wanted it to happen. His plan was that he and Kim were going to go out for dinner and then back to their house to take advantage of the kids being away for the evening. He said that they'd have some wine and that eventually he would start the role-playing with her blindfolded and tied to the bed. I was to be waiting in my car at 10pm outside of their house. When he was ready for me he was going to send me a text message and then I would come in the back door, which he would leave unlocked. I would find their room and basically start feeling her up and hopefully, if all went well, fuck her and then leave.

He was torn about having me wear a condom. He wasn't comfortable with having me, a stranger, fuck his wife without protection. However he said that if I did wear a condom that Kim would know for sure since he doesn't wear one when they have sex. Although Carl and I were relatively the same body size, I questioned that Kim would most likely know I was a stranger and asked what he would do if she freaked out. He explained that they have been role playing this for a while, where he would even wear a strange cologne and even one time put on a wig to make it seem as real as possible. He also said that although Kim was highly sexual that it can take her forever sometimes to have an orgasm and that she liked it rough.

Saturday evening I showed up at their house as planned - a nice house in a quiet suburb. I was extremely excited as I sat there waiting in my car for Carl's text message. As I sat there I thought about how normal the neighborhood looked and how many other couples might be into this kind of thing but nobody really knows. I also thought about what Carl had said about Kim liking it rough and thought maybe he was too rough and possible the reason it took her forever to orgasm.

The time seemed to crawl as I stared at my clock, thinking that maybe plans were not going as Carl had wanted. Then at 11:13 I received his text. I entered the house and found the bedroom just as Carl had described it. I quietly entered the bedroom to see Kim blindfolded with her hands tied to the bed post. She was wearing a sexy see-through nighty and panties, and Carl was just in his boxers. Music was playing loud enough to muffle any sounds I might make that would set her off.

Carl motioned for me to move onto the bed. I slowly climbed onto the bed and gently felt Kim's legs. I was extremely turned on and wanted to just jump her and start fucking her right there, but knew I was playing a part and stayed to the script. I continued to gently feel Kim's legs, moving from her feet until I was gently rubbing my fingers along her lips. I continued back down her body, paying attention to her tits and nipples and then moving back down her body. I went with more of a soft massage technique, not even touching her pussy for quite some time.

Still not touching her pussy, my fingers made their way back to her lips and I gently let my middle finger sink into her mouth. She gently sucked my finger and let out a soft whimper. I was surprised at how turned on I was simply from that. I slowly drew my finger from her mouth and trailed back down her body, this time gently brushing my fingers over her pantie covered pussy. Her hips jerked slightly at my touch. I then rubbed her pussy a little harder and she pushed her hips upward to meet my rubbing fingers.

I have to admit that I wasn't comfortable that Kim would buy the whole thing, but now I was pretty sure that she was OK with it, and I'm also pretty sure that she knew it wasn't Carl touching her. Although the music muffled some noise in the room, there were a couple times that Carl made some noise and I would think that she heard and knew it was coming from the corner of the room.

Anyway, as I was gently rubbing Kim's pussy through her panties with one hand, my other hand gently massaged her tits. I then leaned down and started gently kissing her inner thigh and legs. I slowly kissed my way up her stomach to her tits. Her breathing grew much heavier and light moans would occasionally escape her. I slowly kissed her nipples as my other hand continued to rub her pussy. I then continued kissing my way up her neck and she squirmed under me. I gently kissed her neck up her cheek and briefly kissed her lips, not knowing if I was crossing any boundaries.

I kissed my way back down her body and slowly pulled her panties off to reveal her gorgeous pussy. As I pulled her panties off I stood and removed my own cloths. I looked over to see Carl with his cock in his hand and he simply gave me the thumbs up sign. It was apparent that he was enjoying this as much as I.

I then climbed back on the bed and knelt over Kim as I gently ran my hands up her legs, over her very wet pussy, to her tits. I then leaned down and again kissed her neck, letting my cock poke her thighs and gently touch her pussy. Again I kissed up her cheek and this time kissed her lips gently a few times before slowly kissing my way back down her body. I kissed down her tummy and around her pussy.

Her pussy was perfect! As I teased her, her hips were gyrating wanting me to go directly to her most sensitive of areas, which I eventually did. As my tongue touched her clit she let out a loud moan and her hips arched as her head buried back into the pillow. I gently licked her pussy and I thought she'd orgasm immediately. I licked her a short while and then again kissed around her pussy, wanting to prolong the moment and continue to teas her. Her hips continued to move, wanting me back where I just was, but instead I again kissed my way back up her body.

Again my lips ended up at her neck, as I made sure she felt my hard cock poking her thighs. As before I kissed up her chin but this time she was lost in the moment and pushed her lips to mine. As we kissed I felt her pussy moving against my cock and then it pushed in and she let out a loud moan. It was too early and I didn't want her just yet. I wanted to taste her more and make sure she had a satisfying orgasm before I did. I broke our kiss and again moved down her body to her pussy. My tongue made it to her clit as I licked the length of her pussy. I then pushed a finger and then two into her as I sucked and licked her clit. In what seemed like seconds after inserting my fingers, her body shook with an intense orgasm.

I then got up and knelt next to her and guided my cock into her mouth. I looked over and Carl had he had a satisfied look on his face as I continued pleasuring his wife. Seeing Carl there, and Kim's sexy body and the feeling of her sucking me and I was ready to cum. Even though I didn't want to just yet I couldn't hold back. I let out a few moans to let her know - not sure if she was the swallow type or not, so I wanted to warn her without saying anything - I was about to cum. She just continued to suck me and didn't skip a beet. I exploded and she skillfully sucked every drop from my balls.

I looked over at Carl and noticed he too had spunked all over his hands. I didn't want it to end though and was really hoping Carl wouldn't put an end to it just yet. I climbed back on the bed and went straight to Kim's pussy again. She let out another loud moan as her hips met my tongue. I fucked her with my fingers as I licked and sucked her clit. With all of the excitement, I remained hard and wanted to fuck her before the night was over. But she tasted so good that I couldn't pull myself from her pussy. It took a little longer this time, but Kim did have another orgasm while I licked her. An orgasm just as strong as the first.

After her orgasm I again kissed my way up her body much like before, but this time as I kissed her neck I let my cock press against her pussy. Our lips met and my cock found her wet pussy as I pushed my cock slowly all the way into her. She let out another loud moan as our lips parted and we began moving in rhythm with one another.

We started out fucking with slow movements and eventually reached a steady rhythm. Within a few minutes Kim's body started moving like she was going to have another orgasm. Then from the back of the room I heard Carl trying to hold back his voice as he said "Oh..YES..." and shot another load of his cum onto the floor. I couldn't hold back any longer myself. Seconds later I pulled my cock from Kim's very wet pussy and began to shot my own warm stream of cum onto Kim's tummy, tits and pussy.

Shortly after I came, there was little awkward moment as I wasn't sure where things would go from there. But realized that things went exactly as they were supposed to and it was time for me to leave. I looked down at Carl's sexy wife panting with my cum dripping off of her tummy and down her swollen pussy lips, kissed her briefly and then left.

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Pretty good

This story is pretty good and based on a nice scenario. Usually I like the shorter stories but this one is too short. It ended too soon.

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