My First Night at a Sex Resort


I stood up on my shaky legs, and knelt down next to her. "Let me help you with that." I said, pushing her to the ground, and placing my face close to her pussy. I took a tentative, soft lick, just to tease before turning to look at Peter holding his rock hard cock.

"You know what to do with that thing?" I asked him.

He grinned, as he slowly teased my pussy with the head of his cock, and I moaned. Pete was enjoying sliding slowly in and out of me, filling me up before pulling all the way out. While I wanted it hard and fast, I also wanted my time to taste Melissa again. I could not get enough of this woman.

I lowered my head to her pussy, and immediately stuck my tongue up inside of her, rubbing her clit with my thumb. Peter was now moving in and out of me harder and faster, causing me to thrust myself against Melissa harder and faster, and she moaned. I kneaded her ass with my free hand, and felt my breasts rub up against her ass and thighs as I moved back and forth. And the taste of her dripping into my mouth and on my tongue was heavenly.

I felt someone standing near us, and saw a beautiful woman with black hair and olive skin leaning to kiss Melissa. I felt a brief stab of jealousy that she was kissing a woman that I had developed a thing for, but was so focused on tasting her that I didn't think much about it. And then this beautiful woman lowered her pussy onto Melissa's waiting tongue. I pulled back a moment, continuing to rub her clit with my thumb, and moved my hand to slide two fingers in and out of her wetness as I watched Melissa's talented tonuge dance over this woman's clit and pussy. Melissa reached up to grip the woman's leg with one hand as she slid fingers inside of her, and sucked on her clit. I was mesmerized by the beautiful sight.

After a moment of watching, I moved my thumb from her clit, and wrapped my lips around it, flicking my tongue over her nub, sucking on it, gently nibbling it. I heard her moan into the other woman's pussy, letting me know I was doing it right.

And then I felt a small hand begin rubbing my clit. I paused to look, and saw another beautiful woman sitting next to me, watching the scene with a smile on her face.

"Do you mind?" She asked. I shook my head, and smiled. "Not at all." Before returning my mouth to Melissa's clit.

The whole scene was sensory overload, and it wasn't long before I felt myself coming. I moaned my orgasm into Melissa's clit, which appeared to trigger her orgasm because she tensed and moaned into the woman sitting on her face. I felt her muscles again squeeze my fingers in the pleasing way I've learned to love when a woman comes. The woman on top of Melissa began to moan and squirm, and I felt her collapse forward when she came. Just before she got up and moved, I felt her kiss the back of my neck and whisper "thank you" in my ear. She moved from Melissa's mouth, and leaned down and kissed her softly before moving across the room to check out another party. The woman that was rubbing my clit stroked my back lightly. I turned to thank you, and kissed her gently on the lips. She reached down and stroked my breast.

"What's your name?" I asked her in a whisper.

"Does it matter?" She asked, with a smile. "Just let me pleasure you."

Behind me, Pete groaned and thrust one last time into me, and I felt the telltale signs of his orgasm. He leaned against me to catch his breath as I laid my head on Melissa's mound to catch my breath.

The anonymous woman turned to Pete. "Do you mind if we play with your wife without you?"

I felt him move off of me and slide out of me. "Not at all."

I was sure I couldn't handle any more, and started to decline when I felt her began to lick me clean from Pete's cum. "Mmmmmm....I like this."

I was so sensitive from everything going on that it didn't take long for me to orgasm again. Melissa stroked my hair as I moaned into her stomach, pushing my breasts into her pubic mound. The anonymous lady continued until there was not a drop left (or at least it felt that way), and I seriously thought that I was completely spent and could not do anymore. With that thought in mind, I began to (shakily) stand up to again robe up.

Melissa took my hand. "Come shower with me. It'll make you feel better." She said.

"I'm feeling pretty damn good right now." I replied, laughing.

She pushed a bottle of water into my hands. "Drink this." She led me into an area where there were bath tubs and showers and a whole selection of body washes and shampoos. Melissa started a bath and poured some heavenly smelling bubble bath in it. She held out a hand to help me into the tub and joined me, where she washed my body gently, and kissed me tenderly.

When she was finished washing me, she helped me out, and we dried each other off with lush, soft towels.

"I have a surprise for you." Melissa smiled.

"More?" I squeeked. "I can't handle more."

"Trust me." She said, taking my hand and leading me to a room at the end of the hall with a table in the middle of it. Candles lined the room, and there was soft music playing.

"Massage?" I asked.

"Not quite." She replied, reaching for something and moving behind me. "Trust me." She repeated as she pulled a blindfold over my eyes.

My immediate response was to tear it off and run out of the room, but she ran her lips down my neck as her hands flowed down my body and I relaxed. She took my hands in hers and led me to the table, where she helped me lay on my back. It was soft and comfortable and warm. I felt her caress my body as she leaned down and kissed me. I loved kissing this woman. Her soft lips, her soft tongue. I was so engrossed in kissing her that I didn't realize that we weren't alone any longer until I felt someone's hand on my leg. I tensed momentarily until I realized it was another woman who's hand was working it's way up my thigh. She gently parted my legs, and splayed them out on either side of the table, exposing my pussy to whoever wanted to see.

"So pretty." She whispered. I wanted to thank her, but my tongue was still playing with Melissa's. I felt the woman spread my pussy open with her fingers and stick her tongue deep inside of me. I moaned into Melissa's mouth as the other woman started taking long strokes of my pussy with her tongue.

I pulled back from Melissa to whisper to her, "I want to taste you."

"That can be arranged." I heard some movement and felt someone join me on the table. I could smell her wonderful smell as her pussy lowered down onto my awaiting mouth. I began to reach up to touch her, but was stopped by another woman taking my hand and placing it on her pussy. I moaned into Melissa, and licked the length of her pussy with my tongue, dipping into the moisture to taste her.

She started grinding her pussy into my face as I felt another pussy settle into my other hand. I felt smooth soft skin, wet with lubrication in both hands, I had a woman sucking my clit and fingering me, a goddess was sitting on my face, and then I felt mouths on my breasts, licking and sucking. My orgasm began to roll over me, and I ground my pussy into the other woman's face. I was moaning into Melissa's pussy, but suddenly I wasn't the only one coming. I heard Melissa start to moan, and the woman in my pussy started to moan (I became curious about who was pleasuring her), and felt one of the women on my hands start to clench and roll around my fingers followed shortly by the other woman.

To my disappointment, I felt Melissa move from my face, and felt a woman disengage from my hand, kiss me gently and thank me. Seconds later, the other woman disengaged from my other hand, kissed me gently, and thanked me. I felt the woman who was using her tongue on my clit move up my body and kiss me, letting me taste myself on her lips. I thanked her. Shortly after two other women kissed me in succession, telling me how hot it was. Feeling that I was alone, I sat up, and moved the blindfold to see Melissa standing in the corner.

"Enjoy?" She asked, smiling.

"Yeah. Very much." I replied, reaching out for her. "But I need to hold you."

She took my hand. "Let's get your husband, go back to your room, and we can hold each other tonight."

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