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My First One


This is a story about my first sexual encounter with a man. At the time I was working nights in a local store during holidays from university, stacking shelves whilst the store was closed.

There were usually three of us there each night; me, another lad around the same age named George, and the night manager Paul.

On the night in question George had not turned up so it was only Paul and myself present, with no one else in the store. Paul was a bit older than me, about two inches taller and about thirty pounds heavier, although it was all muscle. He worked out a lot, and you could just see a little bit of coarse black hair out of the top of the shirt he wore without a tie.

Let me tell you a bit about myself; at the time I was twenty years old, around five foot eleven with light brown hair. I was very thin and athletic, with hardly a hair on my body. People used to joke that I had not yet reached puberty. I had had sex with girls on many occasions, and enjoyed it, and had had a girlfriend for a while.

I had always wondered though, what it would be like to have sex with a man. If I'm honest I think that I craved the feeling of being owned completely by someone else's cock, being used as a fuck toy for another's pleasure.

I didn't know that Paul had any gay tendencies, but I had always acknowledged that I kind of fancied him, his strong muscles and confident manner impressed he, and I always laughed long and hard at his jokes, even if they weren't very funny.

That night being alone with him kind of excited me, but I didn't think that anything would happen, not in a million years.

I was in the warehouse when he put a call out on the P.A. system for me, calling me up to the manager's office. When I got there I knocked and walked straight in, and found Paul apparently in the process of getting changed. His torso was bare and his great physique was on display, a perfect triangle of muscle. His arms were great, big biceps that you would feel safe held in. I blushed deeply and was suddenly very aware that there was no one else around.

Paul looked at my blushing face and grinned.

"You can suck my cock if you want to" Paul said with a smile playing on his lips. "And if you do a good enough job I might just fuck your sweet little ass afterwards."

I could feel my cheeks turning crimson, was it a joke? I felt like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car, and I simply couldn't take my eyes off Paul's sculpted body and blue eyes.

The look of amusement stayed on his face as he reached down and began unbuttoning his trousers, and as his hand reached into his boxer shorts I could feel my head spinning and a strange glowing feeling in the pit of stomach, like the most powerful butterfly sensation ever.

As he removed his cock, already fat and semi hard, I believe I actually let out a small whimper, which caused Paul's grin to widen into a smile.

I had never seen a real cock in the flesh and blood, aside from my own of course, but now it looked as if my curiosity, hell why lie, my fantasy might be finally indulged, so head swimming I took two steps forward and slowly sank to my knees before Paul, lifting his rapidly swelling prick towards my eager lips.

The moment I took him in my mouth for the first time was pure excruciating pleasure, the feeling of that hot hard cock in my mouth created a sensation in my lions that I cannot accurately describe, suffice to say that I thought I would come there and then, but somehow didn't. That would be saved for later.

Slowly I took the length of him once, twice, then began licking and kissing his bell end, balls and sides of his now rock hard manhood. This is what I had wanted, all the time, just a mouth full of dick, and now I would do anything to please Paul and his beautiful cock. I would fucking worship it.

"That's it," Paul sighed, "I knew that was what you wanted", and he laughed a wicked laugh.

I really started to suck and kiss and caress his cock, treating it with the reverence it deserved, a reverence that so many girls I had know seemed incapable of.

I was aware of my inexperience and so tried to image exactly what he would enjoy. Of course I'd seen girls giving blowjobs in straight porn, and tried to copy the technique of some of the better ones, attempting to give him as much pleasure as a could and all the time hoping that he would keep his promise to screw me. I desperately wanted my ass to be filled with this wonderful fucktool. I took him so deep that I choked and span my head on his cock as I bobbed up and down. I think that my enthusiasm must have shown and it turned Paul on, he began groaning in pleasure, and this in turn sent me into raptures, so happy that I could service him.

As much as I wanted to feel his hot come in my mouth and down my face I desperately wanted to be fucked, and Paul would not disappoint me.

He looked down at me, and turned his head to one side,

"Do you want me to fuck you?"

Looking up with my mouth crammed full of his wonderful dick I could only mumble my assent. 'Oh God. Yes please'

"How much do you want it?" the smile was back on his face "Beg me for it you fucking slut"

My answer was instant, his cock slipped out from between my wet lips and I stared up at him, eyes wide.

"Please, please fuck me" my voice was small and hoarse "I'll do anything you want".

"Of course you will," he laughed. "Take your clothes off, and go get the tub of Vaseline out of the top drawer of my desk."

As I got up and turned to walk away he squeezed my ass, hard, and I felt a little pre-come dribble out of me. "Fucking amazing ass" he said "It's gonna look great with me hanging out the back of it"

I slipped out of my clothes quickly, and was well aware as I bent over to take off my trousers of Paul's eyes burning into me. You would have thought I would be past embarrassment by now but the knowledge that a man desired me caused another deep blush.

As I picked the Vaseline out of the drawer Paul walked over to me and took it from my trembling fingers. He rubbed it all over his cock and then, heaven; he began to rub a large dollop around my hairless asshole. He stuck a finger inside, and slowly began fucking me with his hand, and I could not help but kiss him hard, feeling out his tongue with mine, and running my hands all over his richly toned muscles.

He pulled his finger out and roughly span me round, forcing me to bend over the desk with his hand in the small of my back, his strong muscles shaping my body into position. I could feel his prick now edging at the entrance to my hole, and was for the first time worried that this might hurt. "Be gentle with me," I whispered. And again he laughed; "I'm going to fuck you so hard that you won't be able to sit down for a week." As he spoke these words his cock end forced it's way into my virgin hole, and the combination caused my dick to explode, love juice running everywhere.

Now Paul began fucking me, slowly at first, and yes it did hurt and yes it did feel so, oh god so, fucking good. I finally felt complete, bent over double with a fat cock plunging in and out of my ass, I tried to relax as much as I could to allow him deep access to me and began whimpering and moaning like a girl, unable to control the groans that came with each stroke of his wonderful prick.

I could feel the upper part of legs slapping against my ass cheeks now, and he switched things up a level, grabbing my hips hard and pounding away at my little ass, causing my moans to turn to screams. My cock was rock hard again and I knew that I would orgasm again soon, meanwhile Paul seemed to be close, he had slowed down to hard, firm strokes, puling his dick all the way out and back in again. His voice was husky; "do you want my come?" he said. My feet were nearly off the floor by now, I was stood on tiptoes impaled on Paul's rock hard dick, and I looked back over my shoulder at him, mouth gaping, " yes, yes, please give it to me, give me all your come, that's what I want."

He came in my ass, and the sensation of his spasming cock made me come again, even harder than before.

We lay there for a second, him bent over me on the desk and then he pulled himself out of me and began scooping up the come that was dribbling out of my dilated fuckhole. He shoved it in my face and I lapped it up gratefully, trying to swallow as much of his juice as I could, till it ran down my chin.

He slapped my ass playfully and told me to clean myself up, then pulled his trousers on, put on a shirt and strolled out of the office.

I lay there for a while, revelling in the afterglow. My ass hurt a little, but I felt truly satisfied, blissful, and all it had taken was some cock. Now I knew what my life had been missing, and I knew what I would crave from now on, a nice hard prick filling me up.

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