My First Semester


My hands rubbed his hairy chest; he was thrusting faster into me. My hands ran down to his and held them on the bed beside his head, I was bouncing against his hips, both of us breathing heavy. Steve slowed down, his hard cock deep in my ass; he had his hands on my hips and held me still. I could actually feel his cock swelling and then a warm feeling deep inside me as his cum spilled out. He was shuddering and moaning as more and more cum filled me. I raised my hips a little and looked down between us and pulling my balls to the side I could see some glistening on his cock as it ran out around it. I fell forward and lay on his chest, feeling both our chests rising and falling, straightening out my legs on top of his. We stayed like that for awhile until he started to get soft and pulled out of me. I rolled over on my side next to him on his back. Kissing his neck I whispered I was glad that he was my first. He ran his fingers through my hair and held my cheek and told me he was glad too.

We fell asleep like that for about an hour. He showed me where the towels were and I took a shower to clean up. I had to run some errands but asked if maybe I could come back later tonight.

"Terry, you are welcome here anytime."

And there was that wonderful smile again.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/08/17

So turned on

I want my first time to be like this. With an older experienced man to show me the way and then take me from behind. I wish I was 20 and doing this. Now I am 45 and divorced and so ready.

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