My First Sex Scene


Soon I was about to enter her again. This time I took control as I teased her with the head of my cock, dipping in a little for juices then rubbing them all over her pussy lips. I took a deep breath then, following Dean's example, I slowly slipped inside her, causing a wonderful squelching noise between our legs. Once again it was heaven, as directed I went slowly at first, emphasizing my engorged cock as it slipped into Emily's vagina. Soon I was picking up the pace, Emily spread her legs wide and gave me a lustful look as I pummeled into her pussy.

Rob had me fuck her at other angles; doggy was really difficult as every inch of my cock was being massaged by the walls of her pussy. I couldn't tell how much footage we had, I was enjoying myself too much, but Rob seemed to be happy, and wanted as much as possible. I had to tell him I was getting close so that we could move into the position I finished in.

Once again Emily lay on her back, one leg stretched over the rear of the chair, the other splayed towards the floor. I was still surprised that she was so wet; I thought she would be too used to this to get aroused, but it was clear she loved sex.

"Zack I'm close, just hold on that little bit longer and we can cum together," Emily whimpered, "just keep going and you can cum inside me, we've already got a wonderful cum shot from that willy of yours, I want to feel you cum in my pussy."

My breath caught a little at the thought of filling her with my seed, but I gathered my composure, tapped her throbbing clit with my cock, then plunged back inside.

The next few minutes were bliss as her beautiful pussy worked my cock and her physical beauty drove me closer to the edge. My cock was swelling now and Emily could feel it, she verbally urged herself on whilst telling me to hold back. I noticed the pale skin around her neck had gone pink with little blotches, then Emily screamed out.

"Now now now," she urged as her pussy contracted around my fragile sex. Her orgasm was incredibly cute, quiet guttural sounds escaped her throat as a gentle stream trickled from between her legs. Finally it was all too much for my poor cock, I swelled to my maximum girth, then after a brief pause, I exploded into her hot pussy.

I will never forget that moment, as I stared at the gorgeous body milking my loins. Pulse after pulse flowed from inside me, racing up into her heavenly womb. She pulled me close one last time and I was inside her to the hilt, my cock gently knocking against her cervix causing one last spurt. We kissed again, both our bodies shaking from the intense pleasure we had just felt. When we stopped I slowly pulled out as Rob had asked me to, causing a torrent of our mixed juices to flow from Emily's pussy. She giggled as she pushed the last of it out then scooped a little in her finger and sucked it clean, causing my cock to twitch one last time, despite my heavily depleted state.

"CUT!" Rob yelled and rapturous applause broke out again. I suddenly felt a little embarrassed before Emily hugged me and whispered into my ear, "that was the best debut performance I have ever seen, expect my agent to call this evening."

I didn't even think this was anything other than a one time thing; I had no idea that what we were doing was good. I cleaned up before getting dressed. Rob wanted me to sign some paperwork, but Emily told me to wait until her agent was free. Rob was pissed, but he knew he would make money from this film.

That evening I sat alone in my flat, just yards from where the greatest afternoon of my life had taken place. I sat with a beer watching TV, I wasn't concentrating though. I was quickly broken out of my daze by the door bell. I slowly got up and headed to the door. I opened it to find Suzie standing there with an unseasonably large coat on.

"Hi Zack," she paused, then opened her coat to reveal nothing but a necklace and a pair of sexy high-heeled shoes. Without a word she pushed me inside my apartment, took off the coat, tore my clothes from my body, then her tight pussy brought me to my third orgasm of the day. Something made me feel my life had changed forever...

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