tagBDSMMy First Soapstick Punishment

My First Soapstick Punishment


Sometimes I seriously question my sanity.

I found myself doing just that as I drove to your house, my hands trembling as they clutched the steering wheel tightly. Why on earth would I agree to meet a strange man off the Internet? A man I first encountered on the Literotica web site, at that? A man who had, in no uncertain terms, had made it clear to me that he intended to "punish" me for acting like a dirty slut on the Internet?

Was I crazy? Maybe. Horny? Definitely. And when my hormones take over, they all too often overrule common sense.

I parked outside your house, and then took one final look at myself in the rearview mirror. I hardly recognized myself. Normally, I wear my long blonde hair loose, cascading over my shoulders and down my back. And I usually like to wear a fair bit of makeup. But, you'd instructed me to wear my hair in pigtails, and to limit myself to a little mascara and a dab of clear lip gloss. Oddly enough, I felt vulnerable - naked, even - without my long hair and heavy makeup to hide behind.

I shuffled up to your door somewhat clumsily, not used to the Mary Janes I'd stopped wearing way back in middle school. I tried the front door, and found it unlocked, just as you'd said it would be. I paused. This was it. This was my last chance to change my mind. Did I want to?

I considered this for a moment. My mind screamed for me to get back in my car and hightail it out of there immediately. But my freshly shaven pussy throbbed, dripping in anticipation. While my head was terrified at the prospect of "surrendering" to you and letting you have your way with me, my body was thrilled by the idea. I took a deep breath, steeled myself for whatever fate awaited me, and ventured inside.

Although I'd never been to your house before, I immediately knew where the master bedroom was; it was the only room in the house with the lights on. I walked slowly down the hallway, my Mary Janes tapping loudly on the hardwood floor. I was suddenly aware of my nipples poking through the sheer fabric of my white blouse, erect partly due to the cold night air and partly due to my undeniable arousal. I crossed my arms over my chest self consciously as I entered the room and found you sitting in a sturdy armchair near the fireplace.

Since first communicating on Literotica, we'd sent each other pictures - some of them rather explicit. Although you were every bit as attractive in person as in your photos, I was immediately taken aback by your presence. Even though you were sitting down, I could see that you must be nearly a foot taller than me, and you looked to be in very good shape. Clearly, you were someone who could easily dominate me; you could pin me down and have your way with me if you so desired. I was simultaneously frightened and delighted by the thought.

Would you respect my limits? I guess I was about to find out...

"Arms at your side," you murmured, breaking the silence of the room. Your deep voice was calm; soothing, even. But it also had an air of authority to it, implicitly informing me that you expected me to comply with your orders immediately. So, I did.

As I uncrossed my arms, I was once again painfully aware of my erect nipples, straining against the material of my tight top. And I wasn't the only one who noticed. As your eyes traveled from my face to my full, round breasts, I saw a faint smile of amusement play across your lips. I felt myself begin to blush as you made me stand there in front of you while you undressed me with your eyes.

I tried my hardest to look sexy and confident in a weak attempt to make myself feel sexy and confident, but it was difficult to do in the ridiculous, demeaning schoolgirl outfit. This realization was confirmed when, all of a sudden, one of my white knee socks rolled down. With shaking hands, I quickly moved to pull it back up.

"Leave it."

I obediently straightened up, feeling downright foolish standing there with one knee sock rolled halfway down my leg. Maybe it sounds silly, but I felt more naked standing there, fully clothed, than I ever had before.

Without warning, you reached out and pulled me to you. Your hands were gentle, but insistent as they firmly guided my hips until I was lying down across your lap. You didn't touch me for several long moments, instead leaving me to lie there feeling childish and afraid, violating my vulnerable body with your eyes.

"Tell me why you're being punished."

I gulped, and meekly answered in a tiny, strained voice, "I took pictures of my private parts and posted them on the Internet." My admission was met with silence from you, which prompted me to reluctantly go on. "And...and I talked about nasty, dirty things with you in the Literotica chat room. And I sent you naughty emails, telling you what I fantasize about when I touch myself. And...and I played with my pussy on webcam while you watched." My voice broke at this last confession, shame washing over me as I remembered how wantonly I'd displayed and pleasured myself for you.

"Mmm," you murmured disapprovingly, although I could hear a smile in your voice. "Such a filthy little girl. You need to be taught a lesson." With that, your hands moved up the back of my thigh, pushing my short pleated skirt up over my back. My panty-covered bum was now exposed to you, and I clenched my cheeks in fear and embarrassment.

"Spread your legs wider," you commanded, your big, strong hand stroking the sensitive flesh of my inner thigh. As I complied, your fingers traveled to my panty-covered mound, lightly rubbing my puffy, smooth outer lips. It was there that you discovered my secret. "What's this?" you asked, as your fingers traveled up and down my slit. "Your panties are wet! Are you getting off on this?!"

Sheepishly, I murmured, "I'm sorry." But, you didn't seem to be satisfied by this. Your fingers grew more insistent, pushing my white cotton panties into my wet gash. I blushed as my fleshy outer lips were exposed to your gaze, but couldn't help but also feel a twinge of excitement as the material pressed against my hard, swollen clit.

Your hands moved to my ass, squeezing and kneading the soft flesh of my ample cheeks. You tucked my panties into my crack, your fingertip running teasingly over my asshole. I gasped at the sensation of being touched in such a forbidden, naughty place, and sighed with relief when you turned your attention back to my pert cheeks. My relief, however, was short-lived.

The first smack caught me completely off guard. Your big hand came crashing down on my naked cheek hard, and I let out a little squeal. You waited patiently for my bottom to relax once more, and then another smack on the other cheek was quick to follow. I wiggled and writhed on your lap in discomfort, and soon I could feel your cock hardening beneath me.

After a few more blows, my ass was getting really sore, and I decided I'd had enough. "It hurts!" I whined as you continued to punish my poor bum. "That's enough!"

"I'll decide when you've had enough. Now be still and take your punishment like a big girl." With that, your hand came crashing down on my burning flesh once again.

I began to struggle in earnest, trying to climb to my feet. You, however, simply wrapped a muscular arm around me, pinning me in place across your lap. Your leg locked across my leg in similar fashion, effectively immobilizing my lower body. Your cock throbbed underneath me as you listened to me cry. The tears weren't really about the discomfort, but rather about the helplessness I felt being restrained over your lap while you gave me a spanking. I both loved and hated the feeling, and that's what you were counting on.

Finally, the spanking was over. Your hands rubbed my reddened bum soothingly, massaging my stinging cheeks as I struggled to choke back my tears. Then, with no warning, you pulled my panties out of my ass crack and down to my knees, exposing my genitals.

"Hey!" I protested feebly, but there wasn't anything I could do to stop you. Your hands grabbed my fat bum cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing my defenseless anus. I tried in vain to clench my cheeks, but the wide spread of my legs made it impossible to deny you access to my most private hole. The tiny, puckered orifice went into a series of spasms as your calloused thumb ran over it slowly, teasingly. "Please don't," I whimpered pathetically, thoroughly mortified. "Don't touch me there!"

"I'll touch you anyplace I want," you replied unapologetically. "Now get ready for the rest of your punishment." I heard you reach for something in a dish of water, but from my position across your lap, was unable to see what it was. I felt lukewarm water drip onto my still-burning ass cheek, and then the object moved down to nestle against my tight, pink anus.

"Oooh, don't!" I gasped, as you began to apply pressure. I tightened up my muscles, determined to prevent the foreign object from invading my virgin anus. But, the object was slippery from the water, and I soon discovered I was fighting a losing battle. You just kept applying more and more pressure, evidently enjoying my helpless struggle. Then, the object popped past my tight little sphincter muscle and into my unwilling asshole. I let out a low moan as my bumhole was violated, the muscles involuntarily struggling to accommodate the intruder.

You just sat there, unmoving, seemingly waiting for something. I soon found out what. "Aaeeii!" I shrieked, "it burns!"

You let out a low, appreciative chuckle as you watched my reaction. "It's a buttplug carved out of Ivory soap," you informed me, rather gleefully. "It won't cause any lasting damage, but the soap will burn your tender asshole."

"Take it out, take it out!"

Your grip on me was firm, and you forced me to lie still and endure the burning in my poor, abused hole. After a minute or two, you seemed to take pity on me, and slipped a hand underneath me to play with my still-dripping pussy. A thick finger slid into my slick folds, gathering moisture from my greedy hole and spreading it over my throbbing clit. The little bud pulsed and swelled under your ministrations, and soon I was gyrating on your lap. I could tell from the change in your breathing that my grinding was bringing you closer to the edge.

Your fingers abandoned my clit and moved back to my asshole, where they tapped and tugged on the soapstick, causing fresh waves of discomfort. You painstakingly slowly pulled the plug out, only to brutally thrust it back in. My tender anus clenched and unclenched on the awful soapstick, and soon I felt the unmistakable urge to release my bowels.

"Please let me up!" I cried in desperation. "I have to go!"

"You'll do no such thing," you replied. "I'll let you up, but you will stay here and hold the soapstick in your filthy little asshole, understand?"

Miserably, I nodded. You helped me off your lap, soapstick still firmly embedded in my clenching bottomhole. "Kneel," you ordered. As I did so, you untied your robe, and I came face to face with your cock for the first time. Its impressive size temporarily distracted me from the urgent need to expel the soapstick. It seemed I wasn't the only one with an urgent need for release, because you immediately commanded, "suck."

Eagerly, I obliged, running my tongue up and down the length of your shaft, and then kissing the purplish head of your cock. You eased your swollen organ into my hot, wet mouth, moaning your approval. I relaxed my throat muscles as best I could to enable deeper penetration. You grabbed a fistful of my hair with one hand, and placed your other hand on my neck possessively. Then, you began to facefuck me in earnest, careful all the while not to hurt me. The next thing I knew, your hips thrust forward and you filled my mouth and throat with your hot sticky semen. I greedily swallowed every last drop of it as you caught your breath.

"Please, can I take the soapstick out now?" I begged once you opened your eyes again. "It burns sooo bad!"

You smiled, and helped me to my feet. Then, you reached down and pulled my panties back into place. You slipped an arm around my waist tenderly and guided me out of the room and back into the hallway. "Where's the bathroom?" I demanded, the sense of urgency increasing.

You shook your head, enjoying my discomfort. "Bad little girls don't get to use the bathroom. You'll drive home with the soapstick in your asshole, and think about your punishment. I hope you've learned your lesson. Goodnight!"

With that, you pushed me out onto the front step, and shut the door behind me.

The drive home was excruciating -- even though I was in agony, I couldn't bear to pull over and "go" at the side of the road! When I finally arrived home, I made a mad dash to the washroom, just barely making it in time. My poor asshole was tender and sore for two days after the soapstick punishment!

Oddly enough, the insistent burning in my asshole also made me insatiably horny. Over the next two days, I masturbated multiple times as I replayed the night's events over and over in my mind.

So yes, call me crazy. I probably am. Because I can't wait to see you again. And I can't stop imagining what you might do to me next time.

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