tagBDSMMy First Submission Ch. 02

My First Submission Ch. 02


It has been a long month of training. Master has taught me the ropes of our D/S relationship. Since this is my first submissive relationship, it has taken some getting used to. There is something so natural that occurs, when I allow for Master to control every aspect of my life. He has taught me the balance between Master and submissive.

My days are perfectly scheduled according to pleasing Master. I have found complete peace from allowing him to dominate me. And when I am disciplined, I know it is because Master cares and wants to better me.

Today is Wednesday and my scheduled day is starting to become a habit. Master has already done his morning ritual and comes into the room where I am chained. His large hands unlock the chains and free my wrists and legs.

"It will be a lot easier to chain you, little, once you earn your collar," Master said and leads me towards the bathroom.

"Yes, Master," I respond.

"How are you going to earn your collar?"

"By pleasing you and only you, sir," I respond and am on my knees. I kiss each one of his feet.

Master walks me towards the bathroom as I follow on my hands and knees.

"It's time for your bath, my beauty," Master said.

Master takes off my see-through lace shirt and tugs on the nipple clamps. My nipples are hard and he tugs a bit harder. There is pain from him tugging, but I endure it. Before my bath, there were a couple of steps. I needed to get my spankings before I deserved my bath.

Master turns on the bath water and plugs the bath up. As we wait for the bath to fill up, he sits on the chair next to the bath. He grabs me by the chest and clit and brings me facedown onto his lap.

"Spankings," Master speaks loudly.

He starts off slowly and then begins to go a little harder. There is a numbing pain that exists as he slaps my bottom. The pain turns me on and I begin to get more wet. He lifts up my ass. Now he has a full view of my exposed self, he slaps my pussy a couple of times.

"Good, sub, you're such a good sub," said Master as he slaps my pussy with his hand.

"Thank you, Master. Thank you, Master," I say over and over again.

Master stops spanking me, when my entire ass is bright red. He carries me into the cold bath water. I let out a squeal of shock due to the cold water.

"I know, it's freezing water, my sub. You have not earned warm baths yet," said Master.

Goose-bumps appear all over my body and the cold water hardens my nipples. He grabs a bar of soap and gently starts to lather up my entire chest and body. He ties my hair on top of my head and cleans the back of my neck.

"Good pretty, you're a good sub aren't you?" He speaks to me.

"Thank you, Master."

"Alright, my pretty, you are going to shave yourself now," he speaks.

He hands me a brand new disposable razor.

"I do not want any hair," he said.

"Yes, Master."

"I will get ready for work, you will shave yourself. If it is not good enough, there will be a punishment," said Master.

Master walks out of the bathroom and leaves the door open. I begin to prep myself to be perfectly ready for Master. I take my time and finish up in the restroom. I dry myself off with the towel and repeat the daily routines for Wednesday.

Master appreciates anal on Wednesday. That means I must wear my butt plug all day long to prepare myself for Master's great treat. I open the drawer in the bathroom and grab it. I use a lubrication and insert it. My body at first rejects it, but then I relax my muscles allowing for it to smoothly enter.

The butt plug feels delightful because it reminds me I am preparing for Master's greatness. It is a full feeling inside me. After inserting it, I get on my hands and knees and crawl over to Master.

"Are you ready for your daily inspection?" Master asks.

"Yes, sir," I said.

I stick my ass higher in the air and put my face towards the ground. Master walks around my body and goes towards my ass. He spreads my two cheeks apart and inspects the butt plug.

"Very good, my pretty," Master said.

He comes up from behind and grabs my breast, while slightly twisting my nipples. Master grabs my breasts hard and squeezes them.

"You've been such a good sub today," Master said and lightly spanks my pussy.

"Thank you, sir."

"I think you deserve a treat," Master said.

He throws my body on the back of the couch exposing myself in the air. He comes up from behind me and inserts himself into me. He enters very slowly and I embrace him.

"Do you deserve me?" Master said.

"Yes, please sir," I said.

He puts himself inside of me. He starts thrusting deep into me. And my entire body feels bliss. He thrusts in and out, while I tell him how grateful I am. It is not everyday, I deserve a morning fuck.

He goes in and out, while my body begins to reach a climax. He continues to pound me hard from behind, while spanking my ass.

"Master, may I cum?"

"No, hold it," he said.

"Please Master?"

"No," he said.

Master continues to pound me from behind, while I try to hold back an orgasm. Master reaches his climax and grabs my hair and turns me over. Master pulls himself out and places it into my mouth.

"Swallow, sub, swallow," he demands.

It squirts into the back of my mouth and I gladly swallow every ounce of it. Master softens and takes it out of my mouth. He takes his dick and hits each side of my cheek with it.

"Kiss it. You better kiss it," said Master.

I kiss his cock a couple of times and Master slaps himself on my face some more. He pets the top of my head lightly and encourages me.

"Good sub, good sub," he says as he strokes my hair and back.

"Thank you, Master."

Master brings me to the ground and demands I get on my hands and knees.

"Stay here, my sub."

Master goes and gets dressed. He walks out into the living room with rope. Master ties my legs together and my hands behind my back. He then uses chains to lock me in place on the ground in the living room.

"You're a good sub," Master pleasingly smiles at me.

He walks out of the living room and into hallway. He turns around.

"I have a good surprise for you tonight. I hope you will be ready," he said and closes the door behind him.

The day drags on and I yearn for Master's powerful presence. I am roped on my hands and knees to the floor. I am soaking wet as I imagine Master emerging into me.

All day, I think of how I shall please him the best I can. I yearn to do everything that makes him happy. When Master gets home, I am instantly dripping with anticipation. Master quickly takes off all of his clothes and emerses himself into my mouth.

"Suck me off," he demands and shoves himself down my throat.

He grabs my hair and pushes my head back and forth. He moans a little bit.

"Suck harder, go deeper," he said and shoves my face into him.

I suck as hard as I can and lightly place my tongue all over his shaft. Master takes his cock out of my mouth and goes towards my behind. I am still chained on my hands and knees to the ground. Master spreads my ass cheeks a part and starts twisting my butt plug. He grabs some lube and puts it on his dick.

Master takes out the butt plug from me, leaving a perfectly open hole for him to enter. Master slowly enters into me and I let out a sigh. He does not like that I make a noise and grabs my head by my hair and brings my face towards him.

"Take the pain my sub, or you shall wear ball gag over your mouth," Master warns me.

"Yes, Master."

He thrusts his entire cock inside of me. My body engulfs him and I feel a pleasure reaching my entire body. I am in complete bliss as Master pounds me. He continues to moan in enjoyment.

"Oh, my beloved, oh," he moans.

He grabs my breasts from behind and starts pinching them hard. He continues to pleasure me. I am on the cuff of bliss and pain. Yet, the pain is only making me more aroused. Master brings his mouth to my shoulder and softly kisses it. Then, he gives me a powerful bite.

"Thank you, Master."

"You want more?" He responds.

"Please, Master. Please."

Master reaches towards my clit and vibrates his fingers on my clit. I shake in enjoyment as he continues to reach deep into my anus, with his cock. I can feel Master's cock throbbing inside me and feel his climax is about to occur. Master lets out a groan and lets his cum seep into my anus. He brings out his cock and lets the cum drip slowly out of my crack.

He gives me a quick smack on my ass. And comes over towards my face. He grabs my cheek and pinches it.

"You're such a good slut, but tonight we will see how committed to me you really are," said Master.

"Yes, sir," I said.

Master unties my rope and pushes me into a standing position. My naked body exposed to his masculine presence.

"Tonight, you shall prepare a dinner for me and my friend," said Master.

"Yes, sir," I said.

"You know, rule #12?" said Master.

"Yes, sir," I respond and try to remember what rule this was.

"What does rule #12 state?" Master asks and pinches both of my nipples.

I pause for a second and think of all the rules. I do not think we have done this rule before. I think quickly, rule #11 is branding, rule #12 is, I can't remember. Then, with a quick lightning strike, I remember.

"What is it?" Master starts to get impatient.

"Master, rule #12 states: Submissive must please Master and whomever Master wishes for the Submissive to please. Master shall share submissive with his friends," I respond with a shaky voice.

"Good, bitch, good," Master pets my face.

Master walks over to the hallway closet and opens it. He brings out a tiny lace apron and ties it around my body. My breasts and ass are completely exposed. He leads me into the kitchen.

"It's time you make dinner for Master and his guest," he speaks to me.

"Yes, sir," I respond.

"Tonight is the ultimate test. If you are truly committed to your Master, then you shall succeed," he said and leaves the kitchen.

I begin to make dinner, cooking the steaks, baking the potatoes and cutting the lettuce for salad. Then, I hear a knock on the door. Master yells from his bedroom to open the front door. I am hesitant, for my breasts are bare and so is my ass. But, I trust Master's decision and open the door.

A tall man, with large muscles is in front of me. He looks me up and down and licks his lips.

"So, you're the pretty sub, yum," he states.

"Please come in," I respond.

"You can call me sir," he demands.

I bow to him and let him come into the house. Master then walks into the hallway and smiles big. He shakes hands with the man and has him sit at the dinner table. They both sit across from each other at the dinner table.

"Serve us our meal, slut," Master demands.

"Yes, sir," I said.

I bring out their food and let them have their time together. Master looks over at me and gets up. He opens the fridge and puts spaghetti into my bowl. He snaps at me, telling me to get on my hands and knees. He gets my bowl and puts it on the ground. Until I can prove myself, I must eat in my bowl on the ground without silver ware. I inhale the food at a rapid rate and lick it up.

Master's friend looks me up and down and stares at Master.

"You've got a good looking woman," he tells Master.

"She's gone through her training pretty well, only minimal problems," said Master.

"That's great," said his friend, "her tits are so big, too."

"Yes, her body is quite the delight, and she's ready to fulfill our fantasies," said Master as he takes a gulp of beer.

"It's going to be a great night," said the muscular friend.

I eat on the ground and listen to their conversation. I feel so special to have pleased Master, thus far. I just hoped I'd be willing to do the next task in order to earn his full respect. I finish up my food, while Master and his friend eat.

"Sub, crawl to the table please and serve my friend," he says.

"How shall he be served?" I ask.

"Sir Walter would enjoy a nice warm mouth around him. Wouldn't you my friend?" He charmingly asks Walter.

"That would be a delightful way to finish my steak," Walter smiles with delight.

I crawl over to underneath the table and unbutton Walter's pants. I slide them to his ankles and his boxers too. His cock is soft and I place it in my mouth. I begin to lightly suck at it and bring my mouth deep into him. Master and Walter casually continue to eat and talk to each other.

Master speaks to Walter, "is she doing good enough?"

"Mmmm, it is delightful, Jackson," he responds.

"Very good, remember if she misbehaves, we shall punish her. Huh my sub?" Master looks under the table and spanks me as I engulf Walter.

"Mmmm, it is good, very good," Walter admits.

"Yes, I'm really hoping after the training, we can get our lovely subs together," Master speaks to Walter.

"Absolutely, after she completes training though," Walter said.

"How many subs do you have again?" Master asks with a sense of curiosity.

"I have three great subs, they are all pampered very well, truly dedicated to their Master," Walter sort of brags.

"Well, you know my last sub and I ended our relationship because it wasn't working," Master speaks to Walter.

"Oh, I know, sometimes they aren't the best fit, but when they are..." Walter trails on and let's out a great moan from my blow job.

"You about ready, to give this sub a good banging," Master speaks to Walter.

Walter quickly pushes my head off his hard on. And I crawl over to the chains in the middle of the living room. Master chains my feet and hands to the ground, I am on my hand and knees. Walter grabs a whip from the hallway closet. Master grabs one too.

"Alright, our slut," Master says.

Walter walks all around me and poking my body with his whip. He inspects my entire body and begins to whip my ass. The leather whippings hit my ass and I embrace the pain.

"Thank you, Sir Walter," I said.

Master takes off his clothes and thrusts himself into my mouth.

"Walter go on, you get her pussy," Master encourages.

Walter puts himself inside me and lets out a moan. I am pulsating with complete pleasure.

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