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My First Time


This is a true story and not to be construed as any type of dream whatsoever. This is a story that is about the first time I ever felt the wonderful joys of having a man suck me to total oblivion.

Shortly after leaving the Navy in the early 70s I obtained a good for nothing job that was about 3-miles from my home. Not having a lot of money as the pay sucked and wanting to save for a car and better place to live I opted to walk to work rather than take a bus.

A month or so after starting my job I elected to try and hitch a ride one day as it was colder than a witches tit and I wasn't really dressed for the weather. After a few cars a guy in a LTD stopped and offered me a ride. Looking in the door I felt the guy was safe and hopped in. This guy was relatively easy to chat with and in the time it took to drive 2-miles in 6-inches of snow I felt I had known the guy forever. We exchanged names and he told me that if he sees me on the street he would just stop and offer me a ride anytime I wanted. Not expecting to ever see him I shook his hand and was off to work at my boring and low paying job.

Low and behold the next day this car pulls up next to me and it is him again. I hop in and we exchange pleasantries as he drives me to work. Being as how it is another raging snow storm he ask me if I would like a ride home at the end of my shift. Not being a fool I quickly say sure but am not able to pay as I wasn't really flush yet. He was quick to point out that friends don't pay friends. Thus a friendship was born in that instance.

At the end of the day he picks my up and heads toward my home while chatting about nothing in particular. On the way he ask if I have any plans for the next day as he was in need of help with installing a ceiling in his kitchen and we decided on a time for me to hoof on over to his home.

The next morning I rise and hoof it across town to his house and we spent the better part of the day installing his ceiling while talking about life, dreams and such. It was also at this time I realize this guy is about 15-years older than myself and am shocked as he looked younger and more my age but I didn't care and he was a friend after all.

A year or so goes by where I visited his home often and we would sit around drinking, watching sports and occasionally rough housing in the living room. Then I met this girl and immediately was madly in love. When I asked her to marry me she said yes and I was better off financially so could afford to do so with pride. I stopped at my buddies house the next afternoon and informed him I would be moving about 100 miles away and that I was getting married. Expecting joy and happiness from him he instead got real quiet and when I asked what was wrong the story of my life really began.

He sat there and his eyes could barely meet mine and then he just let loose with how he had to tell me something and begged me to not be mad at him. I said not a problem as we were friends and he then proceeded to tell me that he was in love with me and new it was a one sided thing but he couldn't help it. Being young and stupid I told him I wasn't real sure what he meant and then he hit me with the words that I shall never forget. He proceeded to tell me that he was gay and had never acted on his feelings but wanted more than anything in the world to fondle and suck my cock.

Being taken aback I just looked at him as explained that I never new and was not really into it. That was the end of what had I thought was going to be a nice evening with a friend. I went home feeling totally out of sorts and not knowing what to say of do. Waiting and thinking about it I finally decided that what the heck I have never had a BJ before and what could it hurt with letting a friend have his way with my cock now and then.

The next Saturday I hoof it on over to his house and he answers. We sit and kill a couple of shots of liquid courage and start watching TV. I noticed he had some books next to the couch and after picking them up find that they are all erotic stories. Knowing my friend for some time I felt comfortable enough that I start reading a couple of stories and the next thing I know I am sprouting a hardon the size of NYC. Occasionally rubbing myself over the outside of my jeans he is watching me and I guess I was hoping or better yet praying he would ask me once again if I wanted my cock sucked. Thank God for the books and his strong desires because he moves over on the couch and places is hand in my lap and caressing my cock ask if he can take my pants off while I read my book.

Now I'm no prude and surely not one to pass up a good thing so I say sure and he starts fumbling with my belt and zipper. He then grabs a pillow and ask me to remove my pants and lay on the couch and read while he enjoys himself. I quickly stand up and take my pants off and lay down on the couch and grab my book again. My friend then kneels beside me on the couch and proceeds to take my throbbing, dripping cock in his hands and toys with me ever so gently. Slowing stroking me, tilting my cock side to side admiring its beauty as he said and how large it was. Not being one to ever had a desire to compare cocks or whatever as I always felt we were all the same size I just grunted and started reading again.

It was when he leaned over and took my cock head into his mouth that I knew then and there that nothing in life could ever compare to what I was now experiencing. The way in which he gently sucked my cock and swirled his tongue around the crown and then slowly took me deep into his mouth made me want to explode almost immediately. I drew my hips down to pull away from his moist sensual mouth and he stopped and asked if I was okay. I told him that I was so close to coming that if he didn't stop I was going to cum and that I was not ready as it was only about 90-seconds worth of pleasure. He toyed with me some more and allowed me to relax a little before starting again. Taking me deep inside his mouth, licking my precum off the head caressing my thighs while I resumed reading. The moment was probably less than 5-minutes but it was a moment I will never forget.

All the sudden I felt the most powerful orgasm building deep inside my groin and threw the book the floor as I grabbed his head and thrust my cock deep inside his mouth while begging him not to stop. Telling him how superb it felt, how he could suck my cock any time he desired and anywhere. I shot a load deeply into his mouth and finally fell back against the couch in total exhaustion while he held my cock in his mouth and sucked the remainder of my cum dry.

I knew then and there that I would never forget that moment and it has been over 35 years now. The amazing thing is, is that it was only 24-hours before I showed up at his door and repeated the same scenario again. This went on for years and I mean many years. He never wanted to be touched of have me go down on him. I did marry shortly after that first time but always made time for my special friend at least every couple weeks or so.

After a couple of years of his sucking me to total bliss I finally explained to him I was not comfortable with our special time only being one side and he agreed that he would allow me to caress and stroke his cock as he was sucking me if I desired and was comfortable with it. Thus we proceeded to the bed and would lay in a kinda of 69 position. He would lean in and make ever so sweet love to my always throbbing and dripping hard cock while I toyed, caressed and stroked his. I cannot that he ever had an orgasm from my stroking him but he did get exceptionally hard. He would always get me so excited I would not be able to touch him for fear of hurting him and then as soon as I would explode in his mouth he would jerk his cock so hard I thought he would break it before shooting off in his hand.

My friend had a heart attack a couple of years ago and has since lost all interest in sex. Now he like me only has fond memories that we will both remember forever more. I truly wish I could meet someone like him again someday as I truly am not into giving oral to another man. My fetish is truly orally pleasing a woman and could lick a woman for hours at a time.

So that's my story and it's all true...

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