tagGay MaleMy First Time...

My First Time...


My First Time (At Least, In A While...)

It was a normal Friday night, as normal as most others, except my wife and kids were out of town visiting relatives over summer vacation. I had to work, so I stayed behind this time. My wife and I have a great sex life, but I have been turned on by the thought of sucking cock since I was in high school. I did it a few times then with a friend and had been a “virgin” ever since. I would go through fazes over that 10 year period when I would suddenly imagine sucking on a nice hard cock while masturbating and almost instantly cum. Those fantasies had come more regularly lately and I had begun to explore them further.

I had chatted with some guys online, sought out pictures of well-hung men, and even put a personal ad online, but never went through with the actual act. I’m not sure what was holding me back.

I grabbed a beer after work and headed up to check my email. While online, I checked out a few chat rooms and found a guy in my area looking for some action that night. What the hell, I figured, this might be my chance. I sent him a message and we chatted briefly. It turned out that he lived only a few blocks away (although I lied and told him that I lived in a town nearby). He said that he had just “cut the grass” if I knew what he meant and asked me if I was interested. I assumed he meant that he had just scored some weed and decided to go for it. I got directions and arranged to meet him in an hour.

I slammed that beer and grabbed another. Then, I went back upstairs to get ready. I climbed into the shower and turned up the hot water. I used some aromatic body wash to clean myself from head to toe and was getting hard just thinking about what was to come. I scrubbed my cock good to make it all the more tasty for my man and even washed my ass thoroughly. I had never been fucked before and wasn’t sure if I wanted to, but just in case, I figured I should be ready and as clean as can be.

I used some fragrant cologne all over (I mean ALL OVER) and dressed in some nice shorts and a button down, denim shirt. I took one last look in the mirror and decided that I was going to be quite a treat for my new friend.

I got to his house easily, knocked on the door, and waited. He opened it, smiled, and asked me to come in. He asked if I wanted a beer and I said sure. I followed him upstairs to his TV room and sat next to him on the couch. He had the bong ready and packed me a nice hit. I looked over at him more carefully. He had short hair, a nice body, jeans and a t-shirt on. He didn’t look overly manly, but he was no priss either. Perfect, I thought.

After smoking the bowl, I leaned back and sipped on my beer. As the buzz set it, he reached over and put his hand on my thigh. Then, he slowly moved it up inside my shorts until he almost reached my hardening cock. I turned to him and as I placed my hand in his crotch, he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I wasn’t ready for that but opened my mouth anyway and accepted his tongue. What a sensation!!! I pushed into him hard and stuck my tongue as far into his mouth as I could. My cock felt huge!! I grabbed his hardness and we kissed and groped one another for a while. Then, I couldn’t take it any more. I had to get my mouth on his cock!! I pulled away and asked him if we could go get more comfortable somewhere.

I followed him into his bedroom and stood next to him beside the bed. He turned and we kissed again, hard and deep and he started unbuttoning my shirt. Once he was done, he pulled it off of me and began to suck my nipples. I was in heaven. He unbuttoned my shorts and pushed them to the floor and took hold of my cock as I stuck out of my boxers. He pulled them down, then stepped back to remove his shirt. I fell back into the bed and watched him take off his pants. When I first saw his cock, I knew I had to have it. He was almost 8 inches long, and so very hard. He climbed into the bed and started to sit down on my cock. Wow, this was happening fast. I told him that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to fuck, but would he please let me put his cock into my mouth. He straddled my chest and I grabbed his shaft and eagerly licked his wet cock head. MMMMM, he tasted so good. It was just what I wanted, just what I remembered. The taste was heavenly and I slowly took more of him into my wet, hot mouth. He started fucking my face slowly, then more urgently as I took him into my throat, gagging slightly but loving every second. I wanted more control so I asked him to roll over and then climbed between his legs and grabbed his shaft again and stroked him while I licked and gently sucked his balls. They felt so loose and heavy and I wanted to make his load a big one. Then I licked my way back to his head and began to suck him vigorously, taking him deeped each time until my nose hit his pubes with each stroke. I could feel him building and caressed his balls until I felt them begin to tighten. When I felt the cum rushing up his shaft, I pulled back so I could taste all of it in my mouth. He erupted ferociously and copiously and I savored every drop.

When I finished, he rolled me over and sucked me like I’ve never been sucked before. Deep throating me like no one ever has and seemingly giving me a hand-job at the same time. The pot kept me going longer than I thought I could, but then I felt the orgasm boiling up from inside of me and erupting into his waiting and willing and wanting mouth. When I finished, he sat up and kissed me deeply, sharing my huge load with me. Satiated (for now), we both leaned back to catch our breath.

To Be Continued...

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