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My First Time


I was not a virgin. The joke among my friends, in fact, is that I am a nymphomaniac. I'm not, but I love sex. My boyfriend never has to worry about me "having a headache" or "being too tired"--I am always ready to go, sometimes even more than he is. I am a moaner; I come harder if I can let loose with wild noise--moans, groans, screams, pants, dirty talk, you name it. Like I said, I love sex.

The only problem was that I had never had sex with a woman. I'd first admitted to my attraction for women a couple of years before, and was now at the point where I was comfortable with the idea--and very horny. Despite frequent masturbation, I was always turned on--my vagina wet at a moment's notice, sometimes sooner. My boyfriend was gone, I only saw him every couple of months, and frankly I thought I was going crazy. Until I met the girl.

I wasn't interested in love--I was already IN love--I just wanted sex. Not just anyone would do, though; for me, sex can't be random, even for a casual encounter. To feel attraction, the person in question must be special. I saw her for the first time at a bookstore, reading "Harry Potter", and I felt a small jolt in my back. I introduced myself and began conversation over the book. She was cute! Not too tall, but taller than me, dark blonde hair to her shoulders, blue eyes, freckles, and a nice figure. Lush breasts, small waist, large hips, very curvy and feminine. I wanted her almost immediately. She was smart and sassy, sarcastic and bitchy, silly and moody by turns. Perfect.

How on earth was I supposed to know if she was interested in me, though? Having never hit on a girl I didn't already know, I was confused. I didn't see any cross jewelry, but in this town, it's never safe to assume. Slowly, I steered the talk toward religion. Like me, she had once been a Christian, but had found it lacking. She couldn't really define her beliefs now, but they were not biblical. Perfect.

Now, how to see if there was any hope of something more? I took a deep breath. "Are you busy later? Would you like to grab something to eat?" (Strange how such a simple question required so much courage!) To my amazement, she said sure, let's go, and she lightly touched my arm on the way out. Butterflies flittered in my stomach and groin.

As we ate fast food, our talking began to slowly dance into flirtation. We talked about boyfriends, girlish matters, sex. I told her I loved my boyfriend, but was interested in something different. "Different? How so?" (Deep breath) "I want to have sex with a woman."

Her face registered no surprise. "Want to go back to my place?"

Caught off guard, I stuttered a yes, face beet red. In the car, she told me to relax. She'd been "experimenting" with girls for a year or so, had experience in such matters. Now I was REALLY nervous. Guys seem to like my body well enough, but would she? I was tense, tense, tense.

We popped a corny chick flick into the DVD player and cuddled up on the couch under a blanket, legs touching. I felt like I was 14 again, on my first movie date with a boy. After a million years of creeping, our hands touched, then held, palm to tingling palm. Then, she tucked her legs up into the seat and leaned them into my lap. I took my other hand and rested it on her knee, but as she shifted again it fell on to her thigh. Both still staring at the TV (though not seeing anything), we moved our clasped hands up into her lap. I stroked her thigh with one hand, and her soft belly with the other. Still avoiding each other's gaze, our heads tilted towards each other, and the softest of kisses commenced. Abruptly she let go, stood up, helped me up, and led me to her bedroom.

Heart pounding, pelvis throbbing, I barely noticed the decor--looked like rock posters on the walls, a tad girlier than my room. She led me to the double bed, sat me down next to her, grabbed my head in both hands, and kissed me with a sudden violence. My hands, left free, began to roam: shoulders down to silky arms, then up to soft breasts, where they lingered, lightly stroking stiffening nipples through her shirt. She took her hands and began to lift my shirt, interrupting the kiss only long enough to yank it over my head. Lift, yank, repeat, and we kissed in our bras, breasts rubbing, hands wandering freely and almost roughly.

I broke the kiss and traveled to her neck, which was so lovely I had to kiss it to be sure it was real. Feeling her breath quicken, I moved to her collar bone, lightly biting as I began to remove her bra. That gone, I licked down to her left breast, sucking and biting as her groans spurred me on. Then to the right breast, running my hand down her stomach to her pants zipper as I continue to suck. Oh, the glory of those breasts, so soft and white, so firm and erect, larger than apples, tasty and ticklish!

As I tried to unfasten her jeans, she suddenly yanked my head back by the hair and nearly tears my bra off, devouring my chest hungrily as I gasp and lie back. She unbuttoned my pants, slid them off, still biting me with fury as I squirmed and moaned. Then she moved, licking up my inner thigh all the way to my panties, yanking them down and taking one single, light, teasing lick of my whole pussy, before going back to my breasts. Mouth and teeth on left breast, her right hand tickled my clit, then eased two fingers into that drenchingly wet mouth. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM! as I could already feel myself rocking into the pressure of those fingers. In out, in out, my cunt making slurping sounds as she pumped her fingers in me and me moaning, writhing, hips grinding, on and on, faster, oh god, faster, until I saw black stars and quivered and shook and nearly screamed with the orgasm.

She grinned, licking off one dripping finger and giving me the other. I sucked my juices off her finger, then grabbed her and threw her down. I climbed on top of her, ripped her pants down clumsily, laughing because I could barely move my fingers well enough, but then she was naked, legs spread, and I just looked. Her body was white and smooth, faintly freckled on the shoulders. She was round, yielding softness, breathing fast so her large breasts heaved, and I thought she was beautiful. So beautiful that I wanted to take her, needed to take her, needed to make her come, but I didn't know if I could...

She sensed my nervousness and laughed. "Just relax! If you screw up, we'll laugh, and go on!" Well, okay, I was game. I decided to nibble her soft stomach, just below her breasts, rubbing breast in one hand and thigh in the other. Then I moved south, biting and sucking down her faint happy trail, getting ever closer to her beautiful cunt. I could smell her excitement and mine mixing. As I reached her labia, I began to alternately lick, stroke, and breathe warm air on them, seeing her back arch in response. Curious, I slipped one finger inside her, then began to lick and suck at her pussy. She moaned, bucking her hips, trying to grab me or a pillow or the wall... I felt around inside her, added a finger, till I found a spot on the back wall that made her groan. I found a rhythm, fingers and tongue working together, sucking at her, licking her, feeling her hips pump, hearing her cries, ohhhhhhhhhhhh. The taste of her was incredible, so salty, just a hint of musk; I wanted to drink her in, as I kept sucking at that soft ripe fruit of hers. All too soon, it seems, she climaxed, stiffening her whole body as I pushed my fingers in as deep as they would go. Then, she relaxed, and I slowly withdrew, dripping with her fluids. I licked her off my fingers, then went to kiss her. We were both sweating. I'd never worked so hard in sex and I was exhausted, but I felt incredible. She was so beautiful.

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