tagLoving WivesMy First Time at Anal

My First Time at Anal


I nervously twisted my hands together as I awaited Randall's arrival. After a week of separation, we had decided to talk and see if we could work it out.

Randall's car pulled up. He stopped, but didn't get out. So I switched off the ignition and got out of my car and into his.

"Hello, Randy."

"Hello, Lynn."

I thought I knew what I wanted to say, but just looking at Randall -- the short red hair, the familiar brown eyes -- was enough to make me tongue-tied.

"Randall, I -- "

"Let me put it this way, Lynn. Do you want this to be over?"

I looked him straight in the eyes. "No, Randy, that's not what I want. We're married. I want us to be together. But things are going to have to change."

"Things will, Lynn. I promise. I won't hit you, I won't yell at you, I won't pull your hair. I won't slap you or handcuff you ever again."

"Randall, do you want me to come home?"

"That's up to you."

I thought about it.

"I thought you might come over tonight," Randall said, breaking into my thoughts. "I thought you might last night. I heard a car, and I got up and went to the window to see if it was you, but it wasn't."

"If I do come over tonight, don't read more into it than there is."

Randall nodded, and pulled me close for a tentative hug.

That afternoon after work, I went to my house, the one I shared with Randall before he kicked me out.

We talked, and after Cici, his daughter, went for a walk, Randall asked me to come over and sit beside him. I did, and he wrapped his arm around me, just like he used to do when we were dating.

Then he took my right hand, which lay in my lap, and put it on his crotch, pressing down. His cock was hard.

I looked up at him. We hadn't fucked in three months. He leaned down and thrust his tongue in my mouth. I touched it with mine, and we began some deep and heavy making out, with my hand covering his crotch. He moved his hand up to cover my tit.

Suddenly, he pulled me up and led me to the bedroom. I could feel the crotch of my panties soaking through with my pussy juice.

We started tugging at each other's clothes. Finally, we ended up in a heap on the bed, him nude, me in my shirt and bra. He reached under my shirt and unsnapped my bra and we kissed again. Then I straddled him and guided his cock to my cunt. We both sighed as it slid in, a perfect fit.

We fucked each other for what seemed like hours, until he blew his nut into my little pussy. I came with him at the same time.

The next night, I was over again. It wasn't any different. We fucked each other's brains out, and he took me from behind. Then he begged me, as he'd been doing for months, to try anal. I wanted to, but when he tried to enter my ass, I got scared and cried. Then he just held me.

The next morning, right after we woke up and fucked each other silly, though he hadn't cum, I was determined that to make him happy, I would try.

"Baby, you've just got to relax. If you tense up it will hurt. All you have to do is relax."

"What does it feel like, Randy?"


"How many times have you done it?"


I bit my lip and thought it over. "Okay, Randall, I'll try."

Randall grinned and turned me over onto my knees, and I wrapped my hands around the bedpost as Randall oiled his cock with baby oil, then rubbed oil into the crack of my ass. Then he began to ease it in. I clenched my teeth, and forced myself to relax.

"Just relax, baby. Oh, Lynn, I love you so much. I love you, butterfly. Just relax."

Randall's soothing words helped as he eased his cock in. When it could go no farther, he stilled for a moment. "Does it hurt, baby?"

"A little. Just wait a minute."

The pain eased and I nodded. "Okay, Randy. Fuck my ass."

Randall began pumping his hips into mine. I could feel his burning hot balls slapping my ass.

"Oh, yes, baby! Oh, I'm fucking you in the ass!"

"Fuck my ass, Randy!"

He continued thrusting his big hard cock into my tight little ass. "How does it feel, Randy?"

"OHHHHH GOD! It's so tight and hot, baby! Squeeze, baby! Squeeze it!"

I tightened my ass muscles. "OHHHHHHHH GODDDDDD! Yesssssssss, baby! I'm going to cum in your ass! I'm going to blow my nut in your hot little ass!"

"I'm gonna cum, Randy! God, I love you, Randy!"

"I love you, Lynn! Cumming!" Randall yelled, shooting his cum deep into my asshole.

I came and collapsed forward, onto the mattress, and Randall collapsed right on top of me.

I rolled over when Randall moved off of me. We smiled tenderly at each other. I'd finally done what I wanted to do for him to be happy.

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