tagBDSMMy First Time Being Choked

My First Time Being Choked


One thing I love in bed is to try new things and pushing each other's boundaries to create new experiences. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a partner that you trust enough to neither have safe words nor hard and soft limits with...only making the rules as you go on; and in the process get to experience the pleasurable but scary staff?

I always love to walk that fine line.

I was already in bed perusing Tumblr for erotic inspirations. Some blogs really have good short videos and some GIFs that are to die for. Helping one get ideas on what they might try out in bed.

Eli comes in from the bathroom and hop in bed next to me. He doesn't say a word. Just stealing some sneak glances into my laptop; curious as to what will interest me this time.

He continues reading his book silently.

Tired of lack of any interesting staff, I decide to seek inspiration elsewhere. So I close my laptop and put it on the night stand.

I look at my boyfriend. Then I reach out to him moving to straddle him on the bed.

He closes his book and give me his undivided attention.

I remove his glasses and put them on the nightstand. Then I kiss him gently on the lips; my hands cupping his jaw to keep him in place. He deepens the kiss and draws me close to him; his hands moving up and down my back in a soothing erotic motion. I relax in his arms.

He grabs my breasts through my tank top and sucks them. Needing direct contact, he removes it impatiently and took one nipple into his mouth while squeezing the other with his hand. My hands tighten on his head, keeping him in place. Then his hands glides to my thighs climbing higher to reach my pussy.

He starts to rub my pussy through my pajama bottoms. Creating a friction that is so delicious. Feeling him like this makes me squirm in his arms.

He flips me over to my back; removing my panties and my pajama bottoms in one swift movement leaving me naked under him. Then he takes care of his clothes too.

I hold him close as his hands continues to caress everywhere while kissing me passionately. Meanwhile, I wind my legs to his waist aligning my pussy perfectly to his hard cock urging him to slide in, but he continues his slow teasing on my clit with its head; making my head spin with tiny tremors of pleasure.

Putting me off my misery, he slides in, slowly. Inch by inch. I gasp at the sensations. He buries himself to the root; and starts to move with long measured strokes. God, he is sinking so deep but the tempo is so slow; creating a rhythm that is blowing my mind with ecstatic pleasure. I relax my legs on his waist to allow him to sink deeper. Then he changes the angle, and I lose myself in pleasure.

He moves fast sensing my orgasm approaching. He knows he has to do something to bring it out, but doesn't. Making me desperate. My body on fire.

"Please!" I beg him.

"What do you want mind me to do?" he asks feigning ignorance.

"Touch me or bit me! Just do something and make me come!" I breathlessly scream my response to him.

He continues to move hard and fast, and then rise a bit supporting himself on his hands. I close my eyes relishing the pleasure of knowing he is going to do as I request and make me come. That is why I don't see his move until he is upon me.

He puts his hand on my neck and squeeze. Hard. Choking me. My eyes fly open, surprised; but he doesn't give me time to acclimate myself to the sensation. He squeezes harder, and I feel pain on my neck but mostly, I can't breathe. I look at him trying to convey that; but he squeezes harder adding more pressure.

I feel lightheaded and all thoughts vanquish from my mind except, I need to breathe.

So I start struggling. I reach onto his hand on my neck and try to pry it off, but his grip on me is iron tight.

At this point my vision is red, so I start punching him instead. I don't know how much time passes but my fight is more desperate; hitting his forearms and chest; he does his best to duck some of my blows. Suddenly, he removes his hand on my neck.

I rise myself slightly, trying as hard as I can to draw in a much needed breathe. My head is spinning and I am overwhelmed with sensations as I feel a buzzing a sound on my clit- the magic wand. The onslaught of my first breath after the denial, then the vibrations on my clit and the deep thrust of his cock inside me makes me come hard. I scream at the top of my head. Struggling to breathe and feeling my body float somewhere like I have been thrown off a cliff; squirting all over his cock.

Then it's too much, and I try to push him away so that I can get control of my body. He won't have it though; he pushes me back on the bed gently and hold me down onto it with his hand on my neck. Not chocking this time, but just holding me still. The vibrations on my clit are still present making my orgasm go on and on.

"No more, please!" I beg him my eyes watering with tears as a result of being overwhelmed.

He reduces the vibrations but doesn't take the magic wand away. I am panting at this point. Then he switches it off after seeing I might pass out.

He thrusts one more time and withdraw with a guttural groan, fisting his cock with his hand and come all over my stomach and breasts; painting me with his come. Making me dirty and naughty all at once.

I look at myself and shift my gaze to him. His eyes are soft on me and so tender. I cannot believe he chocked me. I came and squirted on his cock.

He doesn't say anything and neither do I.

He goes to the bathroom to draws a bath for me. Then comes back to the room and pick me up making his way there with me in his arms.

My last thought of the night is that was my most intense orgasm ever. And I can't wait to be choked again.

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