tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy First Time Being Watched

My First Time Being Watched


When I was at university I was a bit of a slut to put it bluntly. I used to think I knew everything there was to know about sex, but then would often get myself into situations way over my head. I'm a lot wiser now but still get turned on thinking about what I did. The story I am going to share is from a night when I was completely drunk out my skull. I remember it in parts but have a pretty good idea what happened.

When I was 19 and just a freshman in university, I thought a good way to get a man interested was to make him jealous. There was a lad at the uni I fancied so with this in mind I went out one night with him and his mates wi the specific intent of making him jealous. I didn't want a relationship with him, I just wanted to fuck him. So I wore a short skirt, some heels and tight fitting vest. I had this half cup bra that I had got in Ann summers and thought it was the sexiest thing on the planet and so always when I wanted a guys attention I'd wear it. I was only just starting to find exhibitionism a turn on and I always knew if a guy were to see down my top, he'd see my nipples as the bra wouldn't cover them. I remember wearing it this night too under my tight vest. You could probably see my nipples through the material.

Anyway so I went to the student union bar, thinking I was the best thing when really I probably just looked like a cheap slut who was trying too hard. I met up with the guys and began to flirt with one of them to make the other guy jealous. Except, as usual, way in over my head. I drank far too much and quickly lost all inhibition. I sat in the guys lap trying to get the other guys attention. He started bouncing me on his lap, obviously trying to give the other guys a good look at my bouncing tits in my top. Me being the stupid drunk slut I was, thought it was just him flirting with me, not me making a massive fool of myself. As the night went in I got drunker and wetter. I could feel the guys hard dick through his jeans. I remember being shocked at how big it felt - certainly bigger than I'd had before.

As I got drunker, I guess I lost track of my plan to make the other guy jealous and his mate ended up leading me outside. We went behind the student union bar and started kissing. One thing lead to another and he ended up getting his dick out and pushing me down in to a squatting position. He had me backed against the wall and I remember just being shocked at how big it was. Even bigger than what it had felt like through the trousers. It wasnt so much long, just very thick. He put his hands in my head and made me suck his dick. I struggled with the girth but he got it in. It was then that I had the most degrading experience of my life, and probably the most eye opening too.

He gave me the hardest face fucking I have ever had. It was brutal. It wasnt so much in and out with his dick in my mouth. He just rammed it into my mouth and started thrusting into my throat. There was no pull out. I gagged so many times but he just kept going. I was really really drunk and it was a lot rougher than I was expecting. I remember him pulling his dick out, covered in my gag reflexes and spit and slapping me in the face with it. He rubbed his dick all over my face then rammed it back in my mouth. My tits must have caught his eye from his angle at this point as he reached down and just yanked my vest downwards, exposing my nipples. My tits were now sticking out the top of my vest. I was squatting with my back to the wall. Because I was wearing a skirt, as I squatted it had ridden up around my bum. I remember him asking me to stand up, so I did and he began sucking my nipples. His hands found my pussy quickly. I was wearing one of those silly little gstrings and he pulled that up so the string went through my pussylips, then he gave them a few slaps and pushed me back into squatting. He began to fuck my mouth hard again, this time holding my hands above my head in his hands.

So there I was. I can only imagine how it looked. Squatted, tits out, skirt pulled up, gstring pulled up in between my pussy lips, having my face fucked. I can't even describe how rough the face fucking was. I had tears in my eyes from gagging so much. It wasnt as if I could move either as I was properly wedged between his dick and the wall. It was then that I realised there was a window not far from us and there were lads watching. It was a window from the student union so I can only assume it was people from our university. I couldn't make out their faces. It was dark, my eyes were running and I was drunk. I don't know if the lad knew they were there or not, of it was planned, or if he didn't know. I wanted to stop, not because I didn't want my face fucked, but because suddenly I felt humiliated. But in an odd way it turned me on. Even if I wanted to make him stop I couldn't. He was big and my mouth was just impaled on his dick. It was like his dick was so thick my mouth was only just wide enough to accommodate it and so my lips just hung around it unable to stretch any further as he raped my mouth. Looking back I think he knew the other lads were there as he used his knees to spread my squatted legs further apart - thus giving everyone a view of my pussy in my gstring.

It went in for what seemed like ages. Eventually he went completely still and rammed his dick right to the back of my throat. If it felt like I was stuck before, now I was properly stuck. Head back against the wall, mouth full of dick and then just stillness, then just the feeling of his dick rising a little and my throat filling his cum. I gagged big time but he kept his cock in. He was leaning forward against the wall at this point and stayed there for ages, his dick still stuck in my mouth. I was just his cock sucking whore. he didnt care about taking it out off my mouth, he just kept it there whilst he got himself back together. I could feel the saliva dribbling out of my mouth.

He pulled it out eventually and wiped his dick on my face, zipped himself up and was gone. I looked at the window and all the other lads were gone.

I went the rest of university not knowing who the other lads had been, had it been his friends, had they planned it, who had been there that night and who had seen what. Did they see me get face fucked or did they see everything - me impaled on his cumming dick? I never knew but to this day it's probably one of the sluttiest things I ever did and gets me Soaking wet everytime.

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