tagGay MaleMy First Time Ch. 02

My First Time Ch. 02


*As my username will say my next story and series will have bondage*

I woke up the next day my arm over Jake's strong chest my ass-hole hurt my head was spinning. Me and Jake were pushed together our bare skin sweating on each other,

"Jake?" he woke up turning his head to kiss me.

"Morning I should be getting up shouldn't I?" I pulled my arm off him and we both got up to get to work on time.

While we were at work and I saw Jake looking at me winking. I went back to my work smiling like an idiot! I got up to go to the bathroom seeing Jake follow my nerves became jumpy. As I swung in the bathroom I saw one of our other co-workers Dylan looking at us smirking as Jake swung me into a wall. I almost got to ask what he was doing when he kissed me swiftly! I felt his hand wind into my hair holding my head to his. I felt his soft tongue in my mouth as I pushed into his, our tongues danced around in each other's mouths kissing like high school lovers. We unlocked our lips and our tongue's dripped some of our spit into each other's chins. Dylan was staring at us his mouth wide open a bulge clear in his pants!

"Um hi?"

I felt the heat rising to my face as Jake let go of my body. We started to apologize when Dylan walked over to us his mouth parting as he kissed Jake! I felt my own erection grow as Dylan kissed my new found lover. Then he walked over to me pushing his body against mine. As he kissed me I noticed his lips were fuller and wetter than Jake's. We broke apart and I stared at both of them wide eyed! Then Jake said to both of us in a sexy tone

"I think I know who's coming with us tonight!"


The following night I was laying on my bed Jake and Dylan on either side of me both of them leaning into my chest. Then I felt 2 hands on my crotch! I looked over to both of my friends and only Jake was looking at me, I about asked what happened to Dylan when I felt my cock spring free of my boxers and pants. Jake held me down lightly as the hand started to pump my erection sending fire through my body!

"Don't wake up the neighbors here" Jake took his pants off and I felt the tip of his head on my lips. The salty pre-cum leaked through my lips into my mouth, I took his hint and took the first inches in my mouth looking up at Jake sucking and licking slowly. I saw Jake close his eyes and bite a knuckle yelling at me to stop teasing him!

My jaw almost closed on his cock as Dylan slid his lips over the head of my penis! As I got sucked and sucked I felt my ass-cheeks tense up and my cock grow! Dylan moaned through my cock and Jake let out a large animal like growl. A hand went to the back of my head pulling me onto his hard rod!

The head went deep into my throat until I felt his chest on my nose balls on my chin. I stayed on the cock for maybe20 seconds then I started to gag and choke around the meat in my mouth. Jake didn't let me up as I coughed and gasped around his cock, I started to panic when he didn't let go of me and my eyes rolled back in my head. Finally he let me go! I coughed and gasped unaware that as I was choking my hips had started to thrust shoving my cock in and out of Dylan's mouth.

"Sorry!" Jake and Dylan switched places as I started to become harder. Dylan seemed uncertain as I held his hips pulling his cock to my face,

"Don't worry I can deep throat" he blushed and I pushed his cock into my mouth. Dylan's tool wasn't as thick as Jake's but it was a little longer his was 7 or so inches with a 1 inch girth but it still fit in my mouth and my lips could wrap around it fairly well. I thrust my hips up holding Jake down gaging him! I heard him choke and gasp through Dylan's moans, we all let each other go knowing we were all rock hard! Dylan was looking down at me with sexy eyes

"Fuck me now!"

I was under Dylan his mouth over mine telling me how sexy I was and how good I was going to feel. Then he pushed into me, I gasped and arched my back sinking my nails into his back. Jake kissed me stopping me from screaming out. Dylan's tool penetrated my ass-hole spreading me slightly less than Jake but forcing deeper into my body. I felt his cock's vein's pump as he shoved more of his cock into me, after him pushing on me harder his pubic hairs touched my ass! "Oh yes god!"

Jake pushed his cock into my mouth as I moaned his pre-cum leaking out faster as I was pounded harder and faster than I was used to! Dylan panted his eyes wild, he lurched forward bending legs almost to my shoulders sending a new type of ache into my body,

"OW! Don't do that pl-," he thrust his hips hard shoving his cock into my hole! I screamed out as he pushed my legs further his cock pounding my ass super-fast! The bed moved under us as Jake added his own thrusting into my mouth.

We were all moaning and sighing as Dylan pounded my ass Jake face fucking me. Then I felt my body giving in to the thrusting, I shot my cum on my chest. At the same time Jake shot his load into my mouth, he had so many strings of cum spurting out I had to swallow twice to make room for more cum! Dylan panted loudly,

"Let me taste his cum!" I lifted my head up and kissed Dylan pushing the cum into his mouth he smiled to Jake making 'mmm hmm' sounds as he flicked the cum in and out of his mouth. Jake licked his lips in an attractive way as Dylan started to pump his hips again. Then he stopped his cock ripped out of my ass-hole sending a shock through my body. Dylan's cock shot strings of cum onto my chest and into my pubic hairs making a mess on me,

"Sorry Sam!" I shrugged and got some of his cum on my finger tasting the sweet salty mix.

Jake started to wipe my chest off as I panted feeling spent! Dylan was panting hard like I was his hand was on Jake's chest while we stayed on the bed panting and feeling amazing.

"Come here!" Dylan pulled me on top of him our nipples flicking each other as we kissed in a frenzy of love. Jake ran a hand down my back and slid 2 fingers up my ass making me grunt through Dylan's lips then I felt Dylan bite my tongue holding me to his mouth Jake started to pump his fingers as I was held and moaning,

"Now you can fuck me!"

I looked down at Dylan who was looking up at me his green eyes staring into mine Jake stopped playing with me long enough for me to get Dylan's ass lubed and shiny, doggie style naturally! Jake moved up to Dylan's face forcing his iron rod into Dylan's waiting mouth,

"Get it in me!" Dylan begged me as Jake slapped his face with his thick cock "Okay get ready!" I pushed the swollen head of my cock onto Dylan's tight hole! After a little pushing the head popped in! Through Jake's organ I heard Dylan scream and moan as I pushed farther,

"Oh god Sam if you keep fucking him I might want you in my ass soon!"

I smiled up at my lover who was slamming his member into Dylan's wide open, free, begging mouth! I shoved my cock to the base waiting as Dylan screamed and yelled,

"DON'T! Please don't move!" he had a small tear in his eyes as I rested, the muscles around my shaft was tightening and loosening every second as we waited,

"Okay I'm ready you can move!"

I started to pump my hips having trouble moving at first then Dylan loosened up a little "OW! Go faster please!"

I moved faster my cock enveloped in a warm sponge like wall inside Dylan. The pre-cum dripping out of my shaft made it easy for me to ram all of my power into this small virgin ass! Dylan was moaning and screaming writing in a mix of pain and pleasure under my hands keeping me trying to slam him harder "I'm...oh yes! Oh I'm cuming!"

I shot my stuff into Dylan as he finished Jake off "It's so warm!"

I rolled off Dylan as I laid on my back Jake crawled over to me crouching over my dick! Dylan lowered his cock to my mouth as I lubed my dick for Jake. I pulled Jake's hips to mine feeling his warm sponge flesh wrap around my dick! I pulled Dylan to me starting to suck him hard taking him down my throat and slurping anything I left behind.

After some time of this I started to buck my hips to meet Jake's thrusts and Dylan matched me as he face fucked me furiously! I moaned slightly my mouth still full of a man's meat! Jake's moans drowned out Dylan's as Dylan shot his load deep in my throat! I gulped faster as he kept squirting the stings in my mouth, then I felt my own balls tighten and tingle. With one final thrust I started to squirt my own stings into Jake once again.

I pulled my cock free and kissed Jake letting him taste cum. All three of us laid on the bed in our own areas panting and stroking our rods lightly. Then Jake asked the question on all of our lips,

"Who wants to get both cocks?" Dylan stopped rubbing his dick and shrugged rolling onto his stomach to face us "I don't care as long as I get to be on top!"

Jake raised his hand and said almost like he didn't want to "I want to be bottom!"

I looked around and shrugged thinking wow I get all the gay experiences in 2 nights! "Sure I guess I'll be middle just one at first though!"


I laid my back to Jake's chest as he slid into my hole slowly, there was a pinch of pain less than the first time but still there. Dylan sat back and stroked himself as Jake started to buck his hips penetrating me deeper and harder than he normally did "AH! GAH KEEP GOING!"

Jake stopped pounding my poor ass as Dylan spread my legs further sending a rush of cold air to my stretched sore ass-hole "Go easy!"

Dylan took no notice of me it seemed as he touched his head to my spread hole ready to send me into a new world! I braced myself as he pushed further, the fire that flew through my hips and legs was almost like having sex for the first time maybe worse. I screamed out closing my eyes biting my lower lips holding in tears, Dylan pushed further his cock sliding in next to Jake's, I moaned again then felt the first inches slide in finally. Jake was moaning a little as Dylan pushed further, my hole was spread and split farther than it has ever been the pain was back and it wasn't going away!

After a few pushes Dylan was in to his hips along with Jake,

"OW! It hurts!" Jake asked me his mouth right next to my ear but with all the caring in the world "Should we pull out of you?"

I shook my head and whispered my voice like a piece of string,

"No if you move the pain will go away!"

I steadied myself as Dylan and Jake started to move their hips. I felt both tools pushing and pulling on me sending more fire into my body as Jake lifted my ass so he could pound me harder and faster along with Dylan! Slowly the pain went away and it was replaced with pleasure the type I loved! As my 2 best friends pounded my ass I screamed out as they timed perfectly so they both slammed into me at the same time. "Should we keep going you look like you're hurt!"

I gasped, heaving loudly, "No!" I lifted myself a little so I could rock my hips to take both cocks into me deeper! I heard both men yell,

"I'M CUMING!" Jake yelled out sweat on his brow "SAM! YES OH GOD!"

I felt both cocks twitch then explode! My bowel was filled past what I thought it could take as the men pulled out of me lightly. Jake laid on my chest closing his eyes as Dylan rested under my arm sleeping. Me? I fell asleep cuddling both my lovers this was the best night I've ever had by far!

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