tagGay MaleMy First Time...Ch. 2

My First Time...Ch. 2


We laid next to each other in bed, just catching our breath after that awesome oral session. I couldn’t believe that I had just sucked a nice big cock for the first time in years. I was getting turned on again just thinking about it. Then, I looked over to get a good glimpse of the cock that was just in my mouth. I reached over and touched him gently. He smiled and began to get hard in my hand, then jumped up and said, “let’s go smoke some more.” Fine with me, and I followed him back into the living room, both of us naked. We pulled some nice tubes and the combination of the weed, our nakedness and collective desire conspired to make us both start to get hard again.

This was my “moment” so I decided to seize it further and dropped to my knees, wrapped my hand around a now rock hard cock and began to lick his hot engorged head. I could still taste remnants of his cum and it made me even hotter. I began to fondle his now loose balls while slowly taking more of him into my mouth. His balls were nice and big and felt good in my fingertips. I now had him in my throat and was working his amazing cock in and out of my mouth, taking him as deep as I could, then sliding him all the way our, licking around his head, then taking him deep once more. Like the last time, I reveled in the taste of his pre-cum, fawning over his cock like a slave, wanting him to keep leaking that copious pre-cum onto my tongue, adding to the wetness of my mouth and throat which was now salivating to the point that our combined juices were running down his shaft and soaking his balls which I continued to tumble in my hand.

Suddenly, he pulled me up to a standing position and kissed me deeply, ramming his tongue almost into my throat and hungrily tasting himself there. My cock was now straining at the seams and he began to stroke me as we kissed passionately. He began to lick and suck my neck and slid up and tongued my ear and nibbled on my lobe. I was in ecstasy, loving every moment, every sensation when he whispered huskily in my ear.

“Come back to the bedroom with me. I want you to try something.”

I did the only thing I could do at this moment. I obeyed and followed him back. He laid me on the bed and started licking my cock which was by this time soaked with cum drooling out of my head. He lapped up this abundant juice, deep throated my entire length, then began gently sucking my balls. He then licked his way to my ass and began probing me with his hot, wet tongue. I never had had a real cock inside of me. I had only played with my wife’s vibrator when she was away. I liked the feeling and had fucked myself furiously at times, getting all of her vibrator inside of me without too much pain, but I had been afraid to doing “the real thing” ever since I had made the decision to see this man that night. I had been worried that he might want to fuck and unsure if I would or could go through with it. My fantasy, the thing that always turned me on, was sucking a nice hard, thick, long cock, worshipping a man with my mouth and tongue, extracting his cum so I could taste it and swallow it. Well, I had already accomplished that goal and really just wanted to suck him some more, but his tongue was really exciting me.

“I want to fuck you, you know.”

“I know,” I said. “I’m a virgin in that department.”

He grinned. “Even better. Do you want to try?”

“I guess, but please don’t hurt me,” I pleaded.

He reached over to his nightstand and grabbed some lube and a vibrator that looked to be six inches or so. He lubed it up and spread some on my ass as well, then slowly began to work it in.

“Relax your muscles and let it happen,” he said.

I did the best I could and it slowly sank into my ass. He began to slide it in and out, deeper each time, loosening me up. My cock was straining, it felt so good. I told him to go ahead with the real thing. He took out the dildo, spread some lube all over his hard cock, then raised my legs and placed them on his shoulders. I felt his hot cock at my opening and tried to relax the best I could. He pushed slowly and I felt his enormous head break my seal and fill my ass. It felt so much better than the dildo. His cock was on fire and the heat permeated my slick ass. I suddenly wanted all of him inside of me and grabbed his ass and pulled him towards me. He got the message and quickly filled me with the rest of his gorgeous rod. He leaned forward and kissed me deeply as he plunged his hard rocket in and out of me. I felt like his bitch, laying beneath him, fucking him for all I was worth, pulling his ass hard against me with each stroke, feeling his balls slap against me. I sucked on his hard nipples and got lost in the feeling. He must have fucked me for over ten minutes. I just reveled in the feeling. I couldn’t wait to feel him explode inside of me and begged him to cum for me.

His fucking got more urgent, harder, deeper. I gasped and opened myself up as much as I could, begging for his cum. Finally, he pushed harder than before and I felt him get even bigger, then a burning hot liquid filled my ass. I screamed out loud it felt so good. He continued to fuck me as he emptied himself into me, then slowly pulled out, grabbed my cock and sucked me fervently, deep throating me for all he was worth until I quickly came inside his mouth. He pulled me out so the second blast hit him square in the face, then rubbed my cock across his chest as I finished exploding. He kissed me and I licked my cum out of his mouth, off his face and chest. He rolled me over and started to lick his cum as it oozed from my ass, turning me on yet again.

We decided to take a shower to clean up and washed each other’s bodies. I had planned to leave after we were done, but the touching got us horny yet again. I figured that since he had broken in my ass, I might as well have another go at it so we dried off and headed back to the bedroom. I got on my hands and knees this time and he mounted me from behind, sliding quickly into my loose ass. I pushed my ass back into him hard and began to develop a rhythm of fucking. I think that I was actually getting pretty good. His balls, totally hanging after the hot shower, slammed into my own sac with each thrust. I was loving the feeling at this point and settled in and let him fuck me good, squeezing my ass muscles around his hard cock and milking him. He was even deeper than he was the first time and as he got close to orgasm, I asked him to cum on me this time. He rolled me onto my back, straddled my chest, and gave himself a few strokes before soaking me with another furious orgasm. I rubbed his cum into my skin as he fell back onto the bed.

I rolled him this time and slammed my cock into his waiting ass. He gasped as I gave him all I had. He was so tight and felt so good that I came in seconds, flooding his ass with my juice.

I couldn’t wait to see him again...

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