My First Time Ever


"That's all right, we have today and tomorrow to be together. Now what do you say to some breakfast, we have to keep our energy levels up you know."

We had breakfast in bed, and I dozed off, I was tired never having used up this much energy before in my life. When I woke Sean wasn't there and I panicked until I heard him come back into the room. He held in his hand at least six packets of condoms. "Do you think that this is enough?" He had a grin on his face.

"I don't know about that, we'll have to see won't we." I was really getting in to this making love thing and wanted more, much more of it. And I got it.

I noticed Glenda staring at me, and it could have had something to do with the fact that I was walking funny because I was so sore between the legs. "Natalie, you look like you've been doing something naughty."

"What do you mean?"

"Don't come the innocent with me girl you've been with him all night haven't you?"


"And you've been, you know?"

"Yes, oh Glenda it's so wonderful being with the man that you love and loving him in every way."

"Don't you think that you're rushing things? Just how many times did you and he do it?"

"Hundreds, it just didn't stop once we started, and I don't want it to stop, ever. He told me he loved me."

"And you've got visions of a happy ever after life with him. You are so naive, men will tell you that so that they can make love to you but can you be sure that he means it?"

"Yes I'm sure." At least I thought that I was sure.

"Are you seeing him again tonight?"

"Yes, and all day tomorrow."

"Remind me in a couple of months not to say that I told you so."

"You're just jealous that you don't have anyone to love you!"

"How would you know? I don't tell the world about my conquests."

"No! Who, and how long has this been going on?"

"Brett's one of my brother's mates and we've been seeing each other for six months now and have been doing it for the past three."

"But why have you said nothing?"

"I guess that I just wanted to see if he's stayer before I said anything."

"What's it like doing it with him?"

"Later, we'd better get out there and feed the hoards before we get the sack, one thing I won't have to tell you to do is smile."

We didn't get a chance to talk later because Sean and Brett were waiting to pick us up. For a while there I thought that there would be a drag race to see who had the fastest car and I was scared but Sean caught the expression on my face and pulled out of the car park in a leisurely fashion. We drove to his apartment and after a quick cup of coffee were soon in bed where we remained until lunch time on Sunday. We had made a serious dent in the supply of condoms, at this rate he's have to buy more.

Sean dropped me home before my parents arrived home. He came in with me and we sat on my bed kissing for some time before he had to go home. "When I pick you up on Friday do you want to have dinner before . . .?"

"No I want you. By Friday I'll be desperate for you and your cock." A week ago I might have thought that but there was no way that I'd ever say it, not even to him. He kissed me and left.

This week was Orientation week at Uni and I was kept that busy that my thoughts of Sean came in fleeting snatches between sorting out my lecture and tutorial schedules, buying text books and checking out the public transport system for suitable connections. One problem I would have was a late lecture on Friday but it did solve another, and that was how to meet with Sean without my parents knowing about it. After a week I invented a group of friends to explain my lateness in getting home.

I did have one concern though, my period was late. I didn't want to mention it to anyone until after my next period was due and if that one didn't arrive I was in deep trouble.

Sean and I still saw each other on Friday nights for a short time, long enough to make love at least twice, but then one Friday night he didn't arrive as expected. I was frantic, what if something happened to him. I rang his mobile and left several messages but he didn't reply. What was I going to do if my period didn't come?

It didn't and I bought one of those home pregnancy test kits and my worst fears were confirmed and to make matters worse the message that I got when I rang his mobile was that it was no longer in service. I went to his apartment to find a notice out front announcing that it was for lease. I was really getting desperate.

"Natalie, what's the matter?" Glenda asked at work on Thursday evening.

"I'm worried, I didn't see Sean last Friday and I haven't been able to contact him. I'm scared that something might have happened to him."

"That's not really what you're scared of is it?"

"No. Glenda, what am I going to do? I've missed my last two periods and I'm pregnant."

"Fuck! Sorry about that but didn't you take precautions?"

"We didn't on the first night, but he gave me a morning after pill the next day and since then we've used condoms every time."

"Have you tried to find him?"

"I went to his apartment building and his apartment is for lease and I called his office and was told that he no longer worked there, and was asked if someone else could help me."

"Doesn't your father work for the same company?"


"Then maybe he knows where he is, why don't you ask him?"

That night as we sat around the dinner table and Dad was telling Mum about something that happened at work I slipped my question in. "Dad, that guy that you invited to dinner a couple of months ago, how's he getting on with his troubles?"

"That's the weird thing, do you know how he told us that he and his wife weren't together? Well it seems as if he wasn't being entirely truthful about that, she was in Ireland but on a visit to her family, it seems as if her grandfather was very ill and not expected to live so she went to see him before he died. It seems as if the old guy hung in there for longer than was expected so she was away for some time. But, and this is the worst bit, the reason that he was transferred to our branch was that he'd got himself into a spot of bother with a young girl that worked in head office. She got pregnant to him and the CEO, who just happened to be Sean's father, was furious and got him away from the place while the company went into damage control. She eventually settled for allowing them to pay for her abortion and gave her a cash settlement and arranged for her to get a job with another company that had ties with ours. I feel sorry for her because he tricked her, it appears as if they didn't use protection the first few times and only began to use condoms after she told him that she wouldn't do it unless he wore them, at least until she got on the pill. He apparently gave her aspirin and told her that it was the morning after pill, but she must have been pretty naive to fall for that line. I feel that the education system is letting kids down these days when they don't have Sex Education as part of their curriculum. Kids don't save themselves for their marriage bed anymore, so there's a greater chance of them getting into trouble. I hope that he hasn't done anything like that while he's been here."

"Daddy, we have to talk."

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2nd Part

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