tagGay MaleMy First Time Fantasy Ch. 02

My First Time Fantasy Ch. 02


I had to leave on a business trip the day after that exhilarating night, and I had to be gone almost all week. I could think of nothing else while I was on my trip. I'd find myself daydreaming about him. I thought about how I loved spending time with him, his young sexy body, and our last night together.

I kept thinking about how good his cock felt in my mouth and the feeling as he came, and how I loved how he tasted. I got hot with excitement as I thought of someday feeling him inside me. I laid in bed at night rubbing my hard cock, and slowly feeling my fingers drift back to my ass, pretending it was him.

I got home and got ready, Zach was going to come over and we were going to do something together. We'd talked about staying home and relaxing so we could have some time in complete privacy.

I had an anal cleansing douche and used it on myself, getting nice and clean. Then I showered, taking time to get perfectly clean for him. I knew what I wanted, and I really hoped it would happen. I wanted this young lover so bad. Decades of fantasies were coming to a head, and I wanted this young stud, this young stud that I had come to love.

I heard him pull up as I was dressing, but I had left the door open for him.

I dressed and came out to the den. He was sitting on the couch, looking sexy in his casual pants & sweater. He got up to meet me and we kissed passionately.

"What do you feel like doing?" I asked. "If you're not really feeling like going out, we can hang out here and relax."

"That sounds perfect." he said.

After some chit-chat, I could tell something was on his mind. He seemed uneasy.

"Hey Zach, is something wrong?" I asked.

"Well, no. I want to tell you something, but I don't want to scare you away."

"I can assure you that won't happen" I said with a smile.

"Well, I really...I...love you" he said quietly.

I listened, then slowly smiled and said "Well that's good, because I love you too, Zach."

He was relieved. "I...didn't know how to say it. I've never been through this before."

"You're doing just fine" I said as our lips met.

We kissed lightly at first, standing in the den, sharing this tender moment. Our moist lips on each other's. Soon, our kisses became more passionate and we made our way to the couch and sat next to each other. Our hands began roaming each other's bodies as we kissed.

He had such a firm, young body; I loved how it felt to the touch, and how warm and smooth he was. Soon, our hands were under each other's shirts as we kissed, then we slid each other's shirts off as we kept kissing and touching, feeling our warm torsos touching and rubbing together. My hand was on his thigh, and I brought it up and lightly, slowly caressed his hard cock through his pants.

I desperately wanted to taste him again.

I reached down and slowly unzipped his pants, then slid them and his underwear down past his knees. His big, beautiful piece of man meat jumped free and stood.

I marveled at its size and thickness. It looked perfect its big head and long, thick, veiny shaft. I slowly kissed and nibbled my down his body, taking time to savor him. I kissed down past his cock, stopping to kiss and lightly suck the head, making him lightly moan.

I worked down his legs and removed his pants and underwear the rest of the way, along with his socks. Then I licked and kissed down his legs, kissed his feet and sucked his toes.

"Should we go lay on the bed where we have more room to play?" I whispered.

He rose and we moved into the bedroom, and stood next to the bed. We kissed passionately. I gently pushed him down onto the bed so he was lying on his back, naked, his large erection standing straight up. He had such a hot young body, all tan. smooth, and strong. I got on the bed next to him, and we kissed briefly, then I slowly kissed my way down. I kissed and nibbled his neck, then his torso. I wanted to taste his cock again SO bad. Just seeing it standing there inches from my face made my mouth water with hungry desire.

I held his big, hard penis in my hand and stroked it lightly, admiring its size and beauty. I opened my warm, moist, eager mouth and hungrily took his cock between my lips and into my mouth. I sucked the head gently, slurping as I sucked it. swirling my tongue on the underside where it was most sensitive. I took more in my mouth, and I got the shaft nice and wet.

I sucked his hot manhood, loving the taste, slightly musky hot in my mouth. I couldn't believe how much I loved the taste of his cock, and how I loved how it felt in my mouth as I worked it in and out. This was better than I'd ever fantasized, I had no idea I would love it this much. I can't believe I waited all those years.

I sucked him slowly at first, but picked up the pace quickly and sucked him harder as I sensed his excitement building. I sucked hard as I worked his big cock in and out of my mouth I think his anticipation had been building for a while, because it wasn't long before I felt him getting close. I sucked with more urgency as I thought about feeling him cum in my mouth again, I wanted to taste it so bad.

He was moaning and breathing hard, then I felt his legs stiffen as his juicy cock swelled. Suddenly I felt a huge gush of hot cum cover my tongue and fill my mouth. Load after load of the delicious, hot nectar emptied into my waiting mouth, and I swallowed all I could as I continued sucking him as his orgasm peaked, and he moaned loudly. I kept sucking him as his orgasm slowly subsided and his pulsing cock leaked its last drop onto my tongue. I slowly let his still hard cock slip out of my mouth, and lightly kissed the head.

I slid up next to him and he kissed me hard, as he was feeling the end of his orgasmic bliss, then he kissed my face and chin where some of his cum had trickled out of my mouth. We lay on he bed next to each other, lightly kissing and touching.

"Damn, that was so good" he sighed.

"I liked it, too. I love how you taste, and I really love making you feel good" I whispered. "I can't believe how much it turns me on."

He kissed me, then began lightly kissing my body and caressing me. It felt so good, I started breathing deeper and faster as his young hands and mouth explored my body, touching and kissing me all over. He worked his way from my nipples to my arms, then back down my body.

He kissed my stomach and tugged my pants and underwear down and off. He made his way down my legs, slowly removed my socks and kissed and lightly sucked my feet and toes. He worked slowly back up my legs, nibbling at my thighs and caressing my skin with his hands. We were now both completely naked together. He came up and lay next to me and kissed me again, turning me on with those soft, warm lips.

We were relishing the feeling of our naked bodies against each other. I was more turned on than I've ever been as our warm bodies undulated into each other and we kissed passionately. His hands roamed my back and lightly caressed the firm globes of my ass, turning me on even more.

Our cocks, both hard, rubbed together lightly as we kissed and touched each other. He slowly kissed back down my body, then kissed the head of my cock, letting his tongue dart in the little glans at the end, making me moan softly. He sucked the head, then took my hardness in his mouth, sucking me softly with that warm, soft mouth. I was so turned on, I was whispering his name and moaning lightly.

He let my cock slip from his mouth as his fingers caressed my balls, then he lightly sucked my balls, as his hand drifted back and joined his other hand, as he continued to caress the cheeks of my ass, exploring curiously. He caressed and lightly kneaded the taut globes, and slowly got closer to the crevice in between them.

I could tell he wanted to, but was unsure if he should explore further. I could tell he wanted to touch me back there and explore that part of me, and there was nothing I wanted more right now. I yearned to feel him touch me there and fulfill my deepest fantasies. He had no clue how I'd touch myself there when I fantasized, and how sensitive I am back there. I love feeling my ass being touched and stimulated. I touched myself so many times, but had never felt another's touch there.

I whispered lightly, "Oh yeah, keep going Zach. I want you to touch me back there" I whispered as I lifted my hips slightly, allowing him easier access to my naked ass.

His fingers slowly caressed my cheeks and explored lightly, making their way to the crevice between them. I was so hot and turned on, all those years of fantasies were finally happening. I felt his fingers lightly touch the valley between the two cheeks and my passion skyrocketed.

"Let me turn over for you" I said breathlessly as I slowly turned over so I was facedown on the bed, my back and ass exposed for him to see and do whatever he wanted to me.

He knelt next to me, and began rubbing and kissing my shoulders, down my back slowly. I felt him get to the small of my back, then lower, gently caressing the firm cheeks of my ass again. He rubbed, kissed, and licked his way down my thighs, to my knees, then my feet. Kissing and touching, giving me electric shivers all over. I was more turned on than I'd ever been, and my hips were slowly, involuntarily churning and grinding my hard cock into the bed as he kept touching me.

I wanted to feel his touch on my ass so bad, I'd never wanted anything this much. He slowly kissed and touched his way up nibbling at my thighs, as my legs spread apart slightly. I slid a pillow under my pelvis to make myself even more available to his touch, welcoming more of what he was doing to me as he made me hotter and more turned on with every touch.

He kept massaging the hard, muscular cheeks of my upturned ass, using a circular motion, and I could feel my cheeks spread apart with every outward movement. I knew it exposed the pink little ring of my anus, and I knew he was looking and seeing the tight, puckered little hole. It turned me on even more knowing he was seeing these forbidden parts of my body. He slowly worked his fingertips to the crevice between the two globes of my ass and lightly touched between the cheeks, then he lightly traced his finger up and down between them.

"Ohhhhh yeah" I whispered lightly. I was as turned on as I'd ever been, and wanted nothing more than to feel him keep touching me. My hips were writhing and my pelvis was grinding my rock hard cock into the pillow, as my turned on, hot body seemed to behave on its own. There was no way to control my passion as this young stud continued touching me.

"Is this okay?" he asked as he continued to lightly trace up and down the crevice of my ass.

"Oh yeah, I love how it feels. Please keep going, don't stop." I begged breathlessly.

He kept moving his finger up and down lightly in the crevice. Slowly, he began using a little more pressure, slowly working deeper. I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube and handed it to him.

He put a little on his finger and squirted some in the crevice. He began rubbing his finger in there again, up and down. He worked further and further in as his finger rubbed up and down, nice and slippery from the lube.

I shuddered as his finger rubbed across the tight little anal opening for the first time. It felt so erotic, and I moaned and jumped slightly every time his finger rubbed across the puckered little hole. His movements got smaller and he began to rub right over and around the puckered, hot little hole, and traced around the rubbery ring. He worked his finger over it and rubbed it with his fingertip as he began applying pressure.

"Keep going baby, that's so good." I breathed. I was beyond turned on, and I thought of nothing but the feel of his touch, and how badly I wanted to feel him inside me.

His ring finger was working over the hole, and I moaned in sensual delight as I felt his finger enter the hot, tight, clenching little hole. It slid in me, then slowly worked in and out."Ohhhhh yeah" I moaned as his finger moved slowly in and out of my hot ass.

He worked his ring finger slowly in and out, going in further and further, it felt sooooo good. Soon he replaced that finger with his index finger, slipping it in and out of me, then eventually took that out and inserted his middle finger. I was so hot and turned on, and I couldn't control the moans of pleasure escaping me.

He took out his finger, and rubbed two fingers up and down, around, and over the hole. Slowly, I felt the little ring relax and I felt the tight passage give way and his fingers slowly slipped into the hole, stretching the tiny opening as I let my muscles relax. He worked the fingers in and out, slowly at first, moving his fingers around to loosen my anal muscles. I loved how it felt as he kept fucking me with his fingers.

I moaned and writhed in ecstasy, and I was red hot with pleasure and passion. I knew my ass was ready for him. I wanted to feel him inside me so bad, I got hotter just thinking about his big cock entering the tight little passage. I'm not sure if he was expecting it to happen tonight, but there was no stopping now. I'd been fantasizing about this for decades, and now it was about to happen with such a sexy young stud.

"Come lay up here" I begged. "Lay next to me." He let his fingers slowly slip out of my ass, and he lay next to me. We kissed and I grabbed the lube and applied it to his rock hard cock and to mine. Our bodies were undulating into each other and our cocks ground together. I slowly rolled on top of him, and we ground our cocks together as we kissed and slowly humped into each other, feeling passion neither of us had ever experienced. We were breathing hard and moaning in animal passion as our bodies took over.

"Zach, I want you" I whispered breathlessly.

"What?" he said, somewhat unsure of what I meant.

"I want you, I want to feel you inside of me. I want to feel you fuck me, Zach. Can we do it? I want you so bad." I begged.

"Oh yeah, yeah, I want you, too." he whispered with a little surprise, I don't think he expected this to happen yet, but I could also tell he wanted it as badly as I did.

I got up on my knees and straddled him, and I rubbed his cockhead along the shaft of my hard cock, then across my balls, and slowly maneuvered it back behind them. I felt it brush between my ass cheeks. I rubbed it up and down between them, slowly working it in the crevice, feeling the big head sliding up and down, spreading the cheeks apart.

I raised up and applied a little more lube to his cock, and rubbed some on my little love hole. I slowly sank back down and worked the big head further in, rubbing it up and down and slowly applying more pressure. I jumped slightly as I finally felt it rub across the little hole, making me hot with passion and anticipation.

I worked it back and forth, and over and around the puckered little anus, massaging the rubber ring with his cockhead. I slowly worked it to the middle of the hole and applied pressure as I softly gyrated on his cock head. It felt huge against the little opening, and part of me wondered if it would fit.

With lovely satisfaction, I felt the resistance slowly give way as the little ring relaxed and slowly expanded. Finally, I felt the hot, tight little love tunnel open for him as the head of his big cock entered me.

"Ohhhhhhhh" I softly moaned as I felt a cock enter my ass for the first time and his cockhead entered my hot, tight ass. It was a glorious feeling as the head of his hard manhood sat buried in my hot ass. I held still for a few seconds with just the head inside me. getting used to the sensation and allowing my muscles to relax around the large, invading member.

Slowly, I began to ride slowly up and down on the first couple inches of his big cock. It felt so good as it slid in and out of the tight little hole, sliding in and out, getting better with each stroke. I could feel every ridge and vein as it slid in and out, my anal walls squeezing and massaging his big hot member. I was red hot with passion, and knew nothing except the feeling of his hard cock in my ass.

We were both moaning in desire as we felt the hot passion consume us. My body was so hot and turned on, I just rode him in pure pleasure as I felt his hot member slide in and out of me. I started sinking a little further down with my downstrokes to take a little more of him inside of me slowly.

Nice, soft gentle strokes, his big cock sliding slowly in and out of my tight ass. I was consumed by passion as I rode him, as our bodies became one. We were both lost in the ecstasy and passion of this beautiful fuck. Soon, I had half of him in me, then more. I couldn't believe how good it felt, and how erotic this was; his cock felt wonderful as it slid in and out of my tight, clenching ass.

My nerve endings were sending pleasure signals throughout my body, and I could feel every part of me tingling, all the way to my toes and fingertips. I was moaning as I felt this young stud fucking me. I wanted to feel all of him, I wanted to feel his entire cock buried in me. I slowly sank down the entire length of his shaft, and moaned in pure animal delight when I had his entire cock inside my ass. I felt my balls press into his soft pubic hair, and I stayed there, loving the feeling of his cock buried in me.

I slowly began churning my hips, touching parts deep within me, giving me even more pleasure. Then I began moving up and down again, riding him and feeling him sliding in and out of me. Up and down, a smooth, steady pace. Then our pace quickened slightly as it felt better and better.

I'd ride him up and down, then sink down all the way and feel his entire length inside of me. We were both moaning and breathing hard, I leaned down and our lips met as we kissed while his big cock was buried in my ass. It was so damn good, I couldn't believe it could be this good, so much better than in my fantasies.

"Baby, I'm getting so close, I feel like I'm gonna' cum" I moaned. "Are you close, too?"

"Oh yeah, oh yeah. You're so good. Do you want me to pull out?" he whispered.

"No baby, stay in me. I want to cum in me" I said. "I want to feel you cum inside me."

I was riding him faster now, and he was raising his hips to meet my downward strokes as our passion built. I could feel him touching me deep inside when he raised his hips, and it was pushing me over the edge. It seemed to send a pleasure signal throughout my body and directly to my cock. I reached down and stroked my cock as I felt my orgasm starting deep inside of me. My breathing got faster yet, and I heard myself moaning loudly, but I couldn't stop. It was building into the strongest orgasm I had ever felt, building and building from my core and spreading out to my entire body.

His movements began to lose control and I could feel him getting close. He fucked me as he breathed faster and faster. I felt his cock swell inside of me as he went over the edge.

I slammed down and my tight ass took his entire cock inside me again. I churned my hips and his cock was touching me somewhere that gave me more pleasure than I'd ever felt. It pushed me over the edge as I felt the powerful orgasm releasing.

"Oh, Oh, Oh" I cried as I felt my cock swell, and the first load of hot cum shot cross his stomach and chest.

"Ohhh Brad! Ohh, Ohhhhhh" he moaned as my ass convulsed around his cock. I felt him explode deep inside of me as he groaned and bucked. His cock spurt load after load of hot semen, and I felt it fill me as he came and came in my hot ass. I felt gush after glorious gush of his hot love juice filling me deep within.

My ass was convulsing around his cock as wave after wave of orgasm coursed through me. I shook and shuddered as waves of pure bliss consumed me. Load after load spurt onto his stomach as I rode him up and down.

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