tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy First Time Flashing Alone

My First Time Flashing Alone


HI! This is Valerie; and it’s been a while since I sent in a story without help of my husband, Darrin.

I had never flashed until I met Darrin, and for the first year or so of our marriage, I never flashed unless my husband was around. It wasn’t just for the comfort of safety. I also got a thrill off his reactions. I always got horny when I flashed and I always wanted relief quickly and I could always count on a quick fuck when he was around. We had sex in some very public places, and we were very lucky not to get arrested. But we were caught a few times. The first time I was bending over a park picnic table and a jogger caught us. I just dropped my skirt and ran to the car.

Another time, we had been at the river flashing my tits at the passing boaters. We were on the trail next to the river and I was naked straddling him while I was facing him. When another couple around our age came around the bend a hundred yards from us. Darrin couldn’t see them but I did. I thought of running but then I thought they probably wouldn’t care so I kept riding. I quickly reached an orgasm but didn’t stop moving while I looked right at them. They stopped and stepped into the bushes as it not to be seen. I had an audience and this fired my pussy even more. I became very vocal and more energetic on top of Darrin. I came hard when he shot his load deep in me. I even waved to the couple as we got dressed and left.

My first time flashing without my husband around happened one weekend in the spring. I remember it had been a cold and rainy week. Darrin had to work all weekend and I was home alone. The sun broke out Saturday afternoon and promised a nice Sunday. Darrin left about 6am and when I woke around 8, I was very horny. I took care of myself in the shower but still wasn’t satisfied. I remained naked around the house, like I still normally do, until about noon.

I had noticed how nice it was outside when I took out the garbage. The sun felt good on my naked body, so I decided to enjoy the sun and get some rays. I went inside and got a large towel to put across the lounge chair. I set the timer on the little clock I brought out with me. This was my first time in the sun this year and I didn’t want to burn, so I set it for 15 minutes so I could roll over. The sun felt very good on my skin. It brought back memories of my fun in the sun last summer, which got me horny again. I was wishing Darrin were at home so I could get the cock I so badly needed. After my time in the sun was up, I took an outdoor shower in the shower Darrin put the backyard last summer.

I had to go do my weekly grocery shopping and decided to go ahead and do it, so I reluctantly put some clothes on and went to the store. I knew I wanted to wear one of my little summer dresses to the store on this beautiful spring day, but which one. I finally picked out a light blue halter dress made out of thin cotton, which came about mid-thigh. I wore nothing but white sandals with it. Which was nothing new to me because at that time, as it still is. I rarely wore underwear.

I had never flashed in this store before. Darrin had told me not to flash in stores I shop at frequently, because the stores’ employees might give me a bad time in the future. He said it was best to flash where you don’t know people and that you would probably not see them again. I know he was right. But being as horny as I had been all morning, I was getting a strong urge to flash. There were a lot of women and children in the store today. I knew I shouldn’t and Darrin wasn’t with me, but the urge was strong. I wanted to and decided I was going to flash somebody today!

I continued to shop in my short dress and was careful of how I bent down. But I was also waiting to NOT be careful. I finally found my victim. He was pushing a cart while I guess his wife was filling it. You could tell he was busy checking out the women as his wife shopped. It made it almost too easy. When the aisle between us was empty, I left my cart and walked back about 10 feet and squatted to get something from bottom shelf. I watched him, and when he spotted me, I pulled my dress up and spread my legs. His eyes opened wide when he saw my uncovered pussy. I then reached down and rubbed it, then standing, I put my fingers to my lips, winking at him as I walked past him.

A few minutes later, I got another chance to tease the poor man. As his wife pasted me, I lifted the front of my dress and gave him another look. I could fill my juices beginning to run down the inside of my legs. He and his wife were about three registers from me as I checked out. I was putting my groceries in my car as they went to their car directly behind mine. His wife had her back turned as I put my last bag in. I bent at the waist and pulled up the dress and gave him a view of my entire ass. He watched as I got back in my car so I lifted my dress to my waist and climbed in. I backed out of my spot and stopped next to him before pulling away. He looked down to see my dress still around my waist and my left hand busy at my pussy.

I parked again way out in the parking lot and fingered myself until I came. I then untied the halter-top and bared my tits and leaving my dress pulled up, drove home. I know two guys in a pick-up got a good look when they stopped next to me at the light. I rubbed my pussy and squeezed my tits for them before the arrow turned green allowing me to turn left.

I called Darrin after putting groceries away and told him how much I missed him and what I had just done. As I told him I was using the big dildo that Darrin had bought me and I told him so. I rarely use it because Darrin usually takes care of me, but I was very horny and needed it.

I don’t flash as much as I use to, but not because I don’t want to. The old body isn’t as good as it use to be. The last time I flashed was last week. Darrin has this large gray polo shirt he doesn’t wear but I like to. It has 6-inch splits on the bottoms sides. The front bottom edge comes to a couple inches below my pussy. I hemmed the back bottom edge up about 3 inches. You can just see the bottoms of my ass cheeks, but you can’t tell if I’m wearing a thong, g-string, or nothing at all. But I’m always pantyless.

Anyhow, I was lounging around the house in it when Darrin said he wanted a Pepsi. I said we were out but would go get some if he wanted me to. I when to put some shorts on and he dared me to go like I was. I said I would but that he knew what he would have to do to me went I got back. He smiled and grabbing his crotch said he would be ready when I returned. He then told me that the store at the truck stop had 24-packs on sale. (Truck stop means horny truckers!)

I walked straight into the store and to the display in back of the store, past half a dozen truckers. I deliberately picked up the one on the floor. I felt the breeze on my ass as I bent over to grab it. I walked to the front and paid for the Pepsi, all the time feeling dozens of eyes on my ass. As I left, I couldn’t resist the urges to lift the back of my shirt.

When I got home, Darrin was still on the couch but with his shorts around his ankles. I walked straight to him, grabbed his hard-on as I straddled him and wrapped my wet pussy around it. I LOVE THAT MAN!

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