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My First Time Gay


After having made love with over 63 women, I began to become more and more curious about guys and what it would be like to go down on a guy.

When I was younger, a neighborhood bully forced me into the woods behind his house, pushed me to my knees, and had me suck his cock until he came. He started slowly, telling me to kiss it and then finished with his hands on the back of my head, making sure I didn’t miss a drop of his cum. I remember only kissing his cock and don’t think I ever actually tasted his cum. That day was buried in my memory for the longest time, but as I dated women, I made sure each of them swallowed every single drop of my cum.

Now, 30 years later while exploring the internet I discovered M4M rooms, and learned that there are a number of men who, like me, are curious about exploring another side of life.

In the M4M local chat room I met Richard and chatted on and off for a couple of months, building up my trust level. I had discovered he was divorced, and gay, but preferred to seduce younger men. Richard was 63, a smoker (which normally I detest) and lived about two miles from me.

I opened up to Richard and told him of my greatest fantasy… to walk in to someone’s home, someone I had never met before, and drop to my knees and do as I was told orally. I told him I would do anything orally I was told to do. He asked if that included swallowing his cum, and my reply was, “yes, as long as you hold my head in place and tell me what you want me to do.”

Richard asked me if I was a sub, and thinking back to the time I was forced to suck my neighbor’s cock, I discovered then and there that yes, I am a sub.

One day while chatting he finally said, “Come over here today and suck my cock.” I had been surfing on line all day had been viewing photos of women going down on men, which always turns me on. I hesitated, waited an hour or so and he came back on line and told me how disappointed he was that I had ignored his command to come over to take care of him.

I jumped in my van and drove to his house in record time. I located the correct apartment, knocked and walked in, as I had been instructed to. He was smoking a cigarette and he knew I didn’t care of it, but he didn’t care, and actually, neither did I.

He was wearing a robe and told me to get on my knees and open his robe. When I had done so I discovered he was wearing only briefs under the robe. He told me to lick his cock through the robe, which I did and it started to harden. Then he commanded me to pull his briefs down and suck his cock.

I kissed the huge head, loving the taste and his fresh odor. He told me he didn’t want it kissed but wanted me to suck it like a good little cocksucker. I loved hearing those words and dove into his cock. The feeling of his cock hardening in my mouth was perfect, exactly what I was looking for.

He pulled me off his cock and ordered me to lick and suck his balls. I hesitated slightly, not expecting this, but he reminded me I told him I would do ANYTHING oral to him. I took one at a time into my mouth… a new but very thrilling experience that I loved. He made me lick and suck them for about 5 minutes before telling me to suck his cock again.

After a few minutes of this he had me crawl on my hands and knees across his old brown carpet and told me to lie down. From above me he lowered his body until his balls were on my lips. “Suck them, like you love them, “ he ordered, and I did. I must have licked and sucked his balls for another 5 minutes. He pulled away and then fed me his rock hard seven-inch cock, slowly fucking my face. He loved the control he had over me and I only wanted him to do more. He had me and could have told me to do anything, but he was more interested in feeding me his wonderful cock.

He stood up and walked across the room to his sofa and ordered me to crawl over to him. He lifted his balls up and as I started to move in to kiss them he told me to kiss his ass hole, reminding me again that I said I would do anything oral. I slowly kissed his ass, and then stuck my tongue up as far as I could get it. He had me fuck his ass with my tongue.

Then, he ordered me to suck his balls, slowly, and finally he had me suck his cock. This went on for nearly 30 minutes, until he was ready to cum. He asked me if I was going to swallow his cum and I said no… He looked a bit disappointed but then I saw something in his eyes. He started pumping harder and faster, and as I started to pull my head off his cock, he wrapped his hands around the back of my head and told me no one refused to swallow when they got him to this point. He blasted three very hot and powerful loads into my mouth and I could taste every single bit of his tangy, salty, wonderful cum. It was delicious in a special way.

As I got up to leave he told me he understood I was scared and hoped that the next time came over I would be willing to expand my curiosity, saying, “Well you little cock sucker, the next time I’ll have you swallow more than my cum.”

I simply told him I would do anything orally I was told to do. Anything! And I will, anything I’m told to do orally.

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