tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy First Time Modeling Naked

My First Time Modeling Naked


Here's the way the deal went down. Believe me or don't believe me. It's up to you. All I can tell you is this all happened just as I'm telling you. Take it or leave it.

To make a long story short, I had made a bet with my friend Linda and lost. If I won she was supposed to take me skiing for the weekend. If I lost I had to help her out with her art project. I was an art major and she wasn't so she often came to me for advice on perspective and stuff like that. It was no big deal and it seemed like a safe bet to me since I helped her out all the time anyway. But this was not what I expected.

As I said, I lost, and I asked her what I could help her with. She said it was a drawing project she had to do outside of class. What kind of drawing, I asked. Figure drawing, she said. No problem, I said, where and when? Tomorrow, she said, drawing studio three, 4 PM. I agreed and thought nothing more about it. As I said, I was an art major, and I was pretty good at figure drawing. There was a lot I could show her. It would be fun.

Next day, 4 PM I show up and meet Linda outside studio three. Ok, I say, let's go in and get to work. Who's the model?

You are, she says. I figure she's kidding around.

No, really, I say, who's coming?

No one's coming, she says, you're the model today.

No way, I say. I don't model.

You do today, she says. A deal's a deal. She smiles at me, real big. She knows how I have this thing about my word being my bond. All she had said was if I lost I had to help her out with her project. I had assumed she wanted different kind of help, but I was wrong. Now I just had to keep my word. But I was a little pissed that she had tricked me.

Ok, I say, but not nude. Bathing suit or nothing. She agrees.

We step into the studio to find three other students already sitting around acting like they're waiting for something, all women, all attractive like Linda.

What's this, I whisper to Linda. You didn't say anything about anybody else being here.

You didn't ask, she says. If you want to know, I bet them all I could get us a male model for a few hours this afternoon and I just won, thanks to you. What did you win, I ask her, but she doesn't answer. Instead, she walks to the front of the room without another word to me and says to the other women, girls, this is Paul and he's going to model for us this afternoon. What could I do now? Run out of the room screaming that I was tricked? Not my style. Fuck it, I can pull this off.

I go behind the screen and change into a boxer-style bathing suit that's hanging on a hook. It's a little big on me but no problem, I'm not going to be swimming anyway, just sitting on a stool. The heat is turned up in the studio to keep the models warm. The sun is coming in a few upper level windows making everything bright and toasty. The girls are cute and I've got a suit on. What the hell, I figure, I'll just a have a good time with this. I step out from behind the screen. Linda is sitting around with the rest of the girls, waiting. I go up onto the little platform in the front of the room. There's a stool and a chair and a mattress draped with a white sheet on a metal bed frame. Where do you want me, I ask.

Why don't you start on the stool, Linda says. So I perch myself on the stool and take a nice relaxed pose that will be easy for me to hold for a while. I've got nothing on but the bathing suit. The girls are all looking me over, opening up their sketch books and moving around the room to find an angle they like. I've worked with models a thousand times myself, so I know what kind of poses work best for figure sketching. It's kind of weird being up there bare-chested and bare-legged and all in front of the four attractive girls, but I figure this will be good for me, actually. Help me appreciate my models more.

Over the course of the first fifteen minutes or so I change poses 3 or 4 times at the girls' request. They're just doing quick sketches first as a kind of warm-up. After that, for the next pose, Linda asks me to try a few lying on the mattress. I do a couple of quick poses lying back and moving my torso around in different directions so they can get good angles on the muscles in my back and chest and shoulders. Then one of the girls asks Linda if we can move the mattress down off the platform so they can get a view kind of looking down on me as I lay on it. It's been done before, no big deal. I help carry the mattress down onto the floor and the four girls arrange their chairs kind of in a circle around it and sit down. I lay down on the mattress and find myself staring up at the girls ankles and then their faces high up above their sketch pads. One of the girls, I think her name was Donna, is wearing a skirt and her legs are bare beneath it, primly crossed at the ankles with her sketch pad in her lap. All the other girls have on beat-up jeans, the standard uniform on campus.

As I lay back on the mattress with my hands tucked behind my head, kind of flexing my pectoral muscles to make them more defined, Linda asks me to bend my knees and place my feet flat on the mattress. I do as she asks. Linda is sitting kind of alongside me and there's another girl on the other side. Donna, the girl in the skirt and another girl are sitting down towards my feet. When I raise my knees, the baggy bathing suit slides up my legs. Then Donna says, actually, can you lower one knee and just leave one raised? I do it. Then she says, now can you kind of move your raised knee towards Linda? I do that too, but I do feel a little exposed this way what with my legs spread apart and the bathing suit sliding up my legs towards my crotch. Luckily, the suit does have sewn-in underwear, so even if Donna or the other girl can see up it, which I'm pretty sure they can as the suit is hanging down away from my body leaving a gap up to my crotch, I won't be just hanging out in the breeze.

The girls seem to like this pose a lot and a long while goes by without them asking me to change it. Donna keeps staring at my thighs and the other girl by my feet keeps staring at my crotch. Just at that time, I notice Donna shift around in her chair and as she does, her skirt rides a little higher up her bare legs. She kind of tucks one leg under her and leaves the other one hanging down towards the floor and she kicks her sandals off at the same time. As she's sitting like this from my vantage point down on the floor I can't help but see the lovely soft pink flesh on her inner thigh exposed underneath her skirt. I guess I kind of begin staring at her bare legs. Can't help it. This is getting kind of boring and her thigh is a fine diversion. She shifts around again, resting her left foot on the rungs of the chair next to her. This separates her knees a little and now I can kind of see a little more up her short skirt and both of her fine creamy thighs. I'm feeling kind of fine at this point. Nice way to spend an afternoon actually.

Trouble is, the enticing view of Donna's juicy legs is beginning to have a predictable effect on my dick and this is not something I want happening while four girls are staring at my practically exposed crotch. They'll think I'm some kind of pervert who's getting off on modeling. I must look away from the bare legs and concentrate on something else. I try. But as I do I can't help but notice that now all four girls are staring at my crotch and I realize that I have been kind of getting hard for a while without even realizing it was happening. I blame it on my youthful hormones; I was hard half the time just walking around at that age. I sneak a look down at myself and can see that my semi-hard dick has made a small tent in the thin fabric of the bathing suit where before there was none. It's damned embarrassing and the embarrassment ends my half-hard-on immediately. Hopefully, it was over so quickly the girls might not be sure what they had seen.

Linda clears her throat. She suggests taking a little break and then we'll do a little more. During the break she takes me aside and brings me over behind the screen where she takes another bathing suit down off a hook. It's a bikini suit, or I should say, practically a thong, white cotton that looks very thin to me. Put this on for the second half, she says. I say, no way. She raises her eyebrows. You lost the bet, she reminds me. But you said no nudity, I argue. This isn't nudity, she says, this is a bathing suit. Yeah, right, I say, some suit. What can I do? I change. The suit is really small, with just a small pouch in front to hold my balls and dick. The sides are cut high, right up to my hip bones. The rear barely covers my butt. I step out from behind the screen reminding myself not to look at Donna's bare legs anymore. There's absolutely no place to hide an even partially hardened dick in this tiny thing.

They start me in the chair on the platform. At one point I'm kind of perched on the front edge of the seat with my feet flat on the floor, my knees well apart, my arms kind of raised out from my side with my hands up near my ears like I'm trying to impress someone by making a muscle with my biceps. Perched up like this on the seat, the pouch holding my dick and balls is not resting on the chair but is just hanging there out in space between my spread-eagled thighs. I could swear they're all just staring at the pouch and sketching what's hanging out there between my legs. They're all working pretty seriously.

Later on they have me go directly to the mattress on the floor, and begin my poses with me kind of kneeling and twisting my torso this way and that to show off the muscle definition in my chest and abs and back. Then they have me lay on my side resting my head on my elbow with my legs kind of crossed. Eventually they get around to having me laying on my back. Before I know it I'm back in the exact same pose I was before with one knee raised and my legs well apart and I guess by force of habit I look up to take a peek at Donna's legs, and there they are, just as I remember them, firm and slender and smooth as silk and I can see right up her skirt to her panties which are white and look to be about as small and flimsy as the suit I'm wearing. I feel myself starting to get hard immediately and I start to move to hide myself but as I do I hear Linda say, hold it, I need another minute on this pose and the other three girls immediately jump in and agree with her. I feel my dick rising even as I realize I'm trapped. My hands are tucked behind my head. My crotch is totally exposed behind a tiny piece of fabric. Donna's doing nothing to hide her fantastic thighs and sexy panties from my view and I'm too hypnotized to look away. What can I do? To my total chagrin, my dick starts to grow right before the girls eyes, straining at the tight little pouch holding it in place.

Nobody says a word. The girls just keep on sketching, looking up at me and then back down at their pads like nothing's going on. The fact that I'm lying on this mattress with four cute girls staring at my almost naked body while my dick is getting hard starts to stimulate me even more and I feel myself getting even harder. Donna's still flashing her cotton-covered crotch at me but by this time it wouldn't matter if I looked away or not. I'm just so excited by this whole situation, to my huge surprise, that I couldn't get soft now if my life depended on it. Well, ok, maybe if my life depended on it. But it doesn't. As I said, the girls act as though nothing is going on and pretty soon they have me doing all different kinds of poses on the mattress and on the stool and the chair, and the whole time my engorged cock is pressing hard against the thin fabric of the bikini and it's even started making a small wet spot where the pre-cum is leaking out. At one point they have me back in the pose on the chair where I'm perched right on the edge with my arms up in a body-builder pose and my balls and dick hanging out between my spread-eagled thighs. By this time I'm so hot I can barely keep from rubbing myself to get some relief. It feels like I might even cum without any manual stimulation or physical contact at all which would be a first for me as you can imagine.

Now Linda says, let's just do a few more poses on the mattress and we'll call it a day. I'm actually a little disappointed to think it might be ending as I am totally getting off on this attention and the girls don't seem to be minding my hard-on at all. I'm sure they've noticed it. I mean, I'm not huge, but I'm not tiny either and the bulge between my legs is completely obvious, but, for whatever reason, they've apparently all agreed it's not a problem. No problem for them, no problem for me. I lay back on the mattress. Linda comes over and kneels down beside me. She takes the waistband in her hands and rolls it down a little, saying let's see a little more of those abs, you've got great abs you know. Her hands are like three inches from my raging hard-on but she acts like it isn't there, goes back to her seat. They draw a while. One of the other girls says, could you roll the waistband down a little more? I look down at myself. The waistband is already down at the top edge of my pubic hair. There's no way she can't see all of my ab muscles. But what the hell, I'm in this far. I reach down and roll the waistband down a good couple of rolls so that most of the hair above my dick is exposed. My dick is still tucked down in the pouch with my balls and is straining like mad to get free. I feel like I'm about to explode as all the girls continue to study my crotch and their sketchbooks.

Just a little lower down, one of them finally says. I think it's Donna but I can't be sure as I have my eyes closed at this point just enjoying the sensation of my throbbing dick and my pounding heart. I roll the waistband some more but it's hard to roll it over my hard-on. Linda notices my difficulty and comes over holding a small white cloth that she's fished out of her art supplies. Here, she says. That looks pretty uncomfortable. Why don't you slip out of those and cover yourself with this. I look at the cloth in her hand. It's about the size of a handkerchief. It will cover my dick or it will cover my balls but not both. The thought of taking the bikini off entirely and covering myself with that tiny piece of cloth while I'm lying on the mattress in front of these four girls makes my hardened dick jump like a rabbit inside a burlap sack. I'm sure the girls can't help but see it move. I agree and ask the girls to look away while I remove the bathing suit. When I do my dick springs out from my body like I've never seen it do before. It is huge and red and already sticky from all the pre-cum. I try to cover myself as best I can with the little cloth Linda has given me and discover that my theory about what it would be able to cover and not cover is pretty much right. I decide to drape it over my dick which as I lay on my back is pointing straight up at the ceiling with a slight curve down towards my feet. Since it is so tall and rigid, the cloth hangs down barely grazing my balls and hiding just the tops of them. I rest my head back on the pillow, tuck my hands back behind my head so I won't be tempted to touch myself in front of them, take a deep breath and tell the girls they can turn around.

To my amazement, again, they say not a word. By this time I realize they all must have agreed beforehand to just play this cool silence game with me and act like nothing's going on so I decide to go along with them. So there I am with this tiny thin white handkerchief draped over my rock hard cock, my legs spread nice and wide apart with one knee raised and my balls which are hard and taut and aching pretty much exposed especially to Donna and the other girl down by my feet. As I lay there with my hands behind my head, my cock starts jerking up and down like its reaching out for someone to please grab it and do something quick. As it moves, the little piece of cloth bounces with it, and before too long it slides right off of me and comes to rest on my belly. Now I really am completely nude and harder than I've ever been before or since with these girls just sitting there and watching me and I'm sure by this time just pretending to be sketching. Still no one says a word. I start squirming around on my back. I can't help myself. The effort to not touch myself is using up all my will-power. I begin arching my back and lifting my butt off the mattress, pumping the air above the engorged head of my cock. I'm so excited the pre-cum is just oozing out of me all over the place. I feel like I'm about to explode and still no one has said a word or come close to making physical contact.

Suddenly Linda gets up and moves towards me, kneeling down next to my legs. I'm still squirming and moving my legs all around, spreading them as wide as I can and trying to fuck the air above me. She takes the head of my cock gently in her left hand, not squeezing but letting it continue to bounce around in her palm, and in her right she still holds her pencil. She says, girls, when you draw a man's erect penis, it's important to get all the major blood vessels right, and with that she uses her pencil to trace one of the veins in my swollen balls up from way underneath, up the root of my bouncing cock, up the underside and right into the most sweet and most sensitive spot at the bottom edge of the head. Here's one, she says. And here's another, and she moves her pencil down to my balls again and slowly draws it up along the shaft of my bouncing cock and right across the most sensitive spot again. Just then, Donna comes over on the other side of me and kneels down with her skirt sliding way up her juicy thighs. I roll my head to the side to get a good look up her skirt. I can see that her panties are wet and have begun to slip between the pearly lips of her young love-hole. I begin to thrust in the air even more wildly. She says, can I see that, and she leans over till her head is practically between my legs and I can feel her long blonde hair brushing against my thighs. With one thin finger she replaces Linda's pencil and begins tracing a line ever so softly up from between my spread-eagled legs, around my balls, and up the underside of my cock till she stops just on the sensitive spot which is shaped like a V at the bottom side of my cockhead. This is a hard spot for me to draw she says, and she takes my cock gently in her right hand while with her left she moves one finger back and forth across this spot as if she's examining it carefully. Well, this finally does it for me, and in about fifteen seconds I'm humping her hand as best I can lifting my ass high off the mattress and straining to find something to fuck, anything will do at this point.

The girls never for a minute act like there's anything other than a drawing class going on and this is making me even crazier. It's like they're totally innocent and don't realize the effect they're having on me. Of course, it's all a game, I realize, but a really awesome one and I struggle to control my orgasm as long as possible to keep it going. Pretty soon the other two girls are kneeling beside me also, acting like they're just calmly examining my legs and crotch and ass and then one of them gets between my feet and takes my knees and rests them up on her shoulders, one on either side of her face, and then as I lift my ass off the mattress on a thrust she moves forward and slides her bent knees underneath my ass so that my exposed balls and cock are practically up at her eye level. In this raised position with the girls all kneeling around me, my ass and thighs and crotch are about six inches from all of their faces as they lean in around me. Suddenly eight female hands begin caressing my ass and my legs, fingers sliding up between my ass cheeks and between my legs, talking very seriously about this muscle and that muscle like I'm getting a really good physical exam from four lovely nurses, but at this point no one is touching my balls or cock. Then one of them starts to run a single finger up from my asshole between my legs around my balls and up my cock and stops at the V spot. She says to another one, is this the spot you're having trouble drawing?

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