My First Time Modeling Naked


The other one, says, yeah, right here and she takes her finger and runs it around the edge of my cockhead too and then they're both holding it in their hands really gently while it is pulsing and jumping all around and they are both tracing one finger each around the sensitive edge of my cockhead and coming back again and again to rub the burning V spot underneath. I feel myself about to blow my wad. I consider warning them but figure, no, they're pretending nothing's going on, I'll pretend too and as they are all gathered around staring at my cock head the tiny hole at the tip spreads open before their eyes and a hot stream of milky white cum shoots out towards the ceiling as my cock continues to jerk wildly. Thankfully, the girls take pity on me at this point and two of them take my spurting dick in their soft caressing hands and begin to squeeze it giving me some resistance to slide against and as they continue to squeeze I keep pumping my ass high in the air shooting spurt after spurt of hot while cum all over the room. I've never had an orgasm like it, before or since.

Well, when I'm finally through coming, the girls wipe me off with the white cloth, and then stand up, pack up their sketchbooks, thank me and Linda, and leave. I'm still lying on the mattress totally spent. Linda looks down at me. So, how do you like modeling, she asks. Not bad, I say.

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by Anonymous

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by sensualstories12/13/18

Would love to be the nodel

Would love to be the naked model with a bunch of girls who want me hard. HOT story.

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