tagIncest/TabooMy First (Time) Taboo Ch. 34

My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 34


WOW, thanks to all my fans who said so many wonderful things. That meant so much to me you have no idea. So this chapter is completely for you. Now of course some fun things happened, but nothing like the huge party last time. For anyone new reading this, hey it's chapter 34, so you're probably going to be a little lost but I'll do my best to explain my situation as I go. (The situation is basically that I live with my mom and aunt and cousin and we all are lovers.)

Okay so summer was great. I'm back to work. School year is going well. I have mostly great kids, though a few trouble makers. Cheer has been going great. Great group of girls, and guess what. One of them is a lesbian. So no one at school knows I am a lesbian. I keep that a secret, but I do feel a special bond with her as I was in her shoes, though I never came out in High School like she did. She is so much braver than I was.

As for my home life, LOVING every day and night I spend with the best three women on this Earth. Since school has started Kristen and I spend every night in bed during the week, but we do tend to mix things up on the weekends. That's where my first crazy thing to write about happened. As you all know (or at least those who have been reading) I don't drink at all, but my mom loves to party. So I drove the four of us out to the bars the other night and also my mom had a bunch of friends meet us there.

Mandy and Stephanie were there too (who know all about us), but there were also four others, Melissa, Kimberly, Kelly, and Sarah (who didn't). When we had been there a while and Kristen had been putting some drinks down, I asked her if she wanted to mess around with the older ladies tonight, you know tease them a bunch and get them horny for us. She of course loved the idea.

Well at first we were pretty subtle. We danced with them, but nothing to wild. We flirted some mostly with the four that don't know about our family sex. They were definitely checking us out. So then after everyone was getting pretty hammered we stepped it up a little.

Kristen and I started getting pretty naughty on the dance floor. We started mostly with one another, lots of grinding, cupping of boobs, and looking like we were about to kiss and then not. Then we would act like nothing had happened and that it was all just dancing and nothing more.

Now my mom's friends were starting to get turned on by us for sure, but I could tell they were the type who wouldn't try anything cause they cared for my mom and they would never do that to her. Mandy was not like them of course, and she started to sort of get frisky with me at one point, but I pulled her aside and told her what Kristen and I were doing and so she sort of backed off, but she definitely got super cuddly with Stephanie. I think she was super horny. I promised her I'd make it up to her sometime.

So out of the four of my mom's friends, I definitely am not attracted to all of them. None of them are as old as my mom, but they are all in their late thirties. Melissa had the best body for sure, and of course (you know me) the biggest boobs. She liked to show them off too and a couple times when I would talk to her I would stand so close that I would press my boobs up against her. She wasn't beautiful, but she was pretty for her age.

That said she would not have been my first choice if I was going to pick one to have sex with. Kim was the prettiest of them, plus I just loved how she dressed and walked and acted. She is so feminine and OMG just adorable. She is only like 5 foot 5 (I'm like 3 inches taller than her I think) but she is so tiny, yet she has these amazing 32C chest. She doesn't have much in the butt department though, LOL. She's not like ultra-thin, but she is thinner than I usually go for. Still so, so, so pretty, just a beautiful face that I couldn't stop looking at. She has the best teeth, amazing smile and just these gorgeous diamond blue eyes and blonde hair. I don't even normally date blondes either. I can't explain it, she's just cute.

Now was I going to do something with her, I didn't know. Would mom be mad at me if I did? Would Kristen want me to, would Kristen want to join us, did Kristen want someone else? I didn't think about that too much, but it was definitely on my mind the more I started to get more focused on just flirting with her, and especially when she started to flirt back.

So I pulled my mom into the bathroom and asked her about Kim. My mom was very reluctant. She had been friends with them for years and she didn't think it was a good idea. And this was my drunk mom talking, so how could I not listen. I was disappointed some, but not horribly.

When I came back to the table Kristen was sitting on Kim's lap. That totally threw me for a loop. Kim looked like she was enjoying herself too. I wasn't jealous at all. I thought it was hot, but I had to let Kristen know I wouldn't be doing anything with Kim. I couldn't right away obviously.

My next surprise was that Aunt Jill didn't even seem to care that her daughter was flirting with Kim. In fact Jill was as drunk as my mom and hardly even seemed to notice. She was just laughing and having a great time. I'll be honest that seemed totally out of character for her as she usually is the worrier of the group.

The next time we were all on the floor Kim and Kristen were dancing super sexy together. It was a total turn on. I sort of put myself between Stephanie and Mandy and though they were grinding on me, they weren't doing anything too crude. I noticed my mom was starting to get a little handsy with Melissa and I'm not sure Jill liked it, but she was still having fun.

So soon enough everyone was hammered and I was driving everyone home. We had a mini-van and since I was the only sober person I had to drive the drunks home. I have no clue how they got their cars the next day and I didn't care. I also have no clue how we fit everyone in the van. I know we had four in the back seat for sure, but I think there were people sitting on laps and on the floor. It was a mess.

I wish I had been able to see what all happened in the back of the van for most of the drive home, but I guess my mom flashed everyone and people were touching her boobs including Kristen which got a big roar, though I didn't know what happened until she told me later. I dropped Kelly and Sarah off first who lived together, then Stephanie and Mandy next. Then before I could even get directions to the next place, my mom said to Melissa, "Well why don't you and Kim crash at our place?"

I heard both of the girls give an affirmative so I swung the van around and started heading home. At a light I turned to look at Jill who was sitting next to me and she wasn't smiling. I couldn't tell if she was mad or just really drunk. I looked back at Kristen and she was kissing Kim. That settled it she was getting some that night. My mom didn't want me sleeping with Kim, but certainly she wouldn't care if Kristen did. I wondered though what my mom had planned for Melissa and if Jill would play along.

When we got home everyone was hanging out in the kitchen for a while and I gave Kristen and Kim space. They seemed to be getting along really well and were totally connecting. Melissa made some comment about my mom's boobs and of course my mom whipped them out again. I heard Jill say, "Yes, Patty has us all beat."

But Melissa said, "I don't know, you (referring to Jill) and Lucy are pretty big too."

To which I yelled, "Big boob contest," and started taking off my top. My mom didn't seem to care so I ripped my bra off next and got close to Jill. "Come on Jill, let's see 'em," I said.

Jill wasn't going to take her shirt off, so my mom tried to take Jill's shirt off and Jill wouldn't let her. So I just pressed my boobs up against my mom's and said, "Well I'd say mom's the winner."

My mom actually put her hands on my waist and held me up close to her. I was so crazy hot for her right then. I wanted her so bad. The thought that neither Melissa nor Kim had any idea that mom and I were lovers, and yet mom and I were holding one another half-naked in front of them was beyond a turn on.

I wish it had lasted, but it didn't. I wish more had happened too, but soon we were all getting ready for bed. So Kristen took Kim to my room and I was sort of confused just where I would sleep or where anyone would sleep for that matter. My mom and Jill sort of disappeared for a bit and I think they were having a big talk.

Next thing I know Melissa is in the guest room. My mom and Jill are in Mom's room and I am stuck on the couch. It wasn't exactly my idea of how the night would turn out, but I certainly didn't want to do something that would upset my mom. Jill was a little upset I guess and getting jealous. I wasn't surprised, but I guess Jill just doesn't really like Melissa which was most of the problem. And of course mom didn't want me sleeping with her either.

So the next morning I woke up really early and no one else seemed to be. I sat down stairs and read for a bit, just to keep the house quiet, but soon I snuck up to my mom's room to see what was going on. When I opened her door I saw Jill laying in the bed fast asleep, but no mom.

I had a feeling she was in with Melissa and doing so behind Jill's back. I wasn't sure what to do. I crept down to the end of the hall and listened at the door. I didn't hear anything. I decided to take a chance and slowly opened the door. Melissa was laying there sleeping, but no mom.

So then I went to my room and again slowly opened the door. There was Kim sleeping in my bed. No Kristen and no mom. I stood there for a second staring at Kim. First because she was so darn cute laying there sleeping and secondly because I was trying to imagine where Kristen and my mom had gotten off to. As I did Kim woke up and saw me looking. I must have been checking out her body, because I didn't see her eyes open immediately. I felt embarrassed and said, "Sorry."

She just smiled and squeezed my pillow and asked, "Where's Kristen?"

"I don't know, I was looking for her?"

Kim sat up and looked around the room, and was quick to bounce out of bed. She was wearing one of Kristen's night shirts and looked adorable. I was so wishing I had joined them. From the awkward silence and the staring between the two of us, I was sort of picturing that she might have been wishing the same. I got bold and said, "So did you and Kristen have fun last night?"

"Oh wow, I can't believe what happened last night. Do you think Jill is going to be upset with me? I have never done this sort of thing before especially with someone so much younger than me. We were both so drunk." She made a cute face right then, sort of gritting her teeth, and started looking around for her clothes I think. "Oh I don't know if I can face Jill."

I saw her dress and grabbed it off the floor and walked it over to her. She was sitting on the edge of the bed and I stepped up close so my boobs were near her face and said, "I think she's a pretty cool mom. Though she probably wishes she had made love to you instead."

Kim smiled at me and I could tell she was trying hard not to look at my cleavage. Soon we were headed down stairs. Kim needed some aspirin and a drink of water. I was thinking maybe we'd find a note from my mom in the kitchen, because I was still confused where mom and Kristen had gotten off to. There was no note. Kim excused herself and went to the downstairs bathroom. On a whim I opened the garage door to see if my mom's car was there. It was there, but the first thing I saw was my mom's bare ass. Mom was wearing a strap-on. Kristen was bent over the hood of Jill's car and my mom was fucking the hell out of her. It was totally hot, but I was scared to death. I swung the door to, but not shut. I was hoping Kim hadn't seen, but I also didn't want my mom to see that I had found them either. Kim was gone. I pulled the door back open and then knocked on it lightly.

It took a few knocks, but my mom heard and whipped around to see who had caught them. She immediately showed relief seeing it was me. Kristen looked back and smiled at me. I whispered, "Kim's down here looking for Kristen. You two need to knock it off."

They did. I shut the door and it was a while before Kim came back into the kitchen, but when she did we both heard the garage door. At first I couldn't figure out what my mom was trying to do, sneak out maybe, but then Kristen and Mom walked in from the garage and my mom said, "Oh good morning you two sleepy heads. We were on our way to the store, but then I realized I forgot my purse."

Kim seemed to buy it, but she didn't have a lot of time to think about it before Kristen was all up on her. They kissed and with great passion and I could tell Kristen was still super horny.

We all had breakfast when Jill and Melissa came down stairs. And no one ever brought up how my mom didn't return to the store. I suppose Kim wouldn't think for a second that Kristen and her aunt would be up to anything. I do want to point out that when Kim asked for Kristen's number, Kristen told her it was best that they not make this more than what it was. Kim seemed disappointed, but I think she completely understood.

Okay so now a bunch of time passed before anything else exciting happening. On a Thursday though, Mandy came down to my room after school was out and she fondled my boobs and rubbed my clit as I sat on my desk in my room. We had locked the doors up, so as to take less of a chance of getting caught. She talked dirty to me a lot and during it she brought up Kayla and Carol.

So when I got home that night I called Kayla. We talked for a long time and I found out she had moved out and was living with a friend. I told her I wanted to come and visit. She took it the wrong way and assumed I wanted to come have sex with her. That got us talking about Carol, and she informed me that they had hardly ever spoken about the orgy night at my house, and when they had Kayla had never admitted to her mom that she knew what Carol had done to her. So I had to ask, "Do you miss it? Do you ever wish it could happen again?"

"The party or you mean Mom and I?" Kayla asked.

"Well I meant Carol, but yea either."

Kayla started talking about the party right away and admitted that she wouldn't mind coming to one if I wanted to invite her, but I had to ask her again about her mom.

Finally she admitted, "If she was at the party . . ." We both laughed and talked about the last time. It was making us both horny. We talked a little about her friend before we hung up. She was also a lesbian, but there was no relationship at all other than friendship, in fact Kayla didn't find her attractive in the slightest.

Well Kristen and I went to see Kayla that weekend. I met her roommate, Audrey. She was sort of boyish. She had on jeans, a tank, and then a denim shirt that was horribly unflattering. She had a Miley Cyrus type haircut, but not even as cute. I think she was trying her best to look like a boy. I know some lesbians do this and to each their own, but I like girls to look feminine, that's what I am attracted to, and I think Kayla thinks like me. Still Audrey was nice and easy to talk to. She had a decent body, though it took me a while to see it through her baggy clothes. I just couldn't stop thinking that Audrey was trying to look like Justin Bieber, ha.

So anyway, we actually went over to Carol's house, and Kristen, Kayla, and I had dinner over there with Kayla's mom and dad. I snuck one kiss with Carol behind a closed door and I told her how much I wanted her to come up and visit again. Later sitting around the table I snuck a hand down between her legs and rubbed her while the four of us girls were talking, and the idea that her husband was in the next room made it so exciting.

Carol of course asked about my mom, and Jill too, and I said my mom talks about the two of you all the time, which wasn't entirely true, but it got Carol excited. We made plans right then for them to come and visit. I even called my mom to confirm and Carol had to speak to her on the phone. I could tell my mom was talking dirty to her too, but of course Carol couldn't say anything or her husband might here.

I knew it wasn't going to be an orgy like the last time, but I admit I was excited about them coming too. Very excited, as I suddenly wanted to have sex with the two of them right here and now.

When my mom was off the phone and we were sitting around the table again, I put my hands between Carol's legs again, but this time I found my way inside. Everyone could tell by the look on Carol's face that she was being pleasured. It got quiet and maybe awkward for Kayla, but I just kept going. Carol was leaning forward with her hands in her face, and I said, "Maybe we need to go someplace."

"Kayla, what about your apartment?" Kristen asked.

"I can't with Audrey there."

I pulled out and licked my finger and said, "Well we could get a hotel."

"I can't be away all night, but I have an idea," Carol said. We loaded up in her Van and drove out of town and we parked. As soon as we had our lights off, I started to undress. My shirt wasn't off me before Kayla was licking my nipples. I crawled into the very back row and slid down my shorts and Carol beat Kayla to it. She was crawling down the center isle and smiling at me. She put her head between my legs and began licking me. Kristen crawled back and started kissing Kayla. I enjoyed watching their silhouettes as they kissed. There was barely any light at all. Luckily the moon gave us some.

I started sucking my own nipples, but Carol soon climbed up and joined me. It was sexy as hell, but I immediately missed her tongue on my clit. Still I had a better idea. I pulled Carol up on the bench with me and then had Kristen come back and sit on my other side and as the two of them sucked my nipples Kayla began to lick my pussy. Oh wow I was so floating on air. It didn't take me very long to cum, and when I did I kissed Kayla. I just leaned forwards and pulled her up to me and tasted my juices on her mouth. We kissed for a while and I felt Carol and Kristen doing things behind me. I yelled switch.

Kristen was quick to take my place and we did it all over again. I could see Carol sucking at her nipple and it made me so horny. It was hard to see Kayla down between the seats, but I occasionally put my hand down on her head or just above Kristen's clit. Kristen soon orgasmed too, and she also kissed Kayla. I reached across and started to play with Carol's boob and said, "So who is next?"

Kayla said "Me," and I could see Carol's eyes get a little wider, though I couldn't quite make out the look on her face. Kristen and Kayla switched positions and soon Kristen was lapping up Kayla's lips. I started right in on Kayla's firm 34C's. I was doing my best to attend to both of them, but when I started focusing on the one closest to me, I was absolutely shocked when Carol reached up and started to rub Kayla's left boob.

Kayla never looked at Carol. She had her head back and was looking straight up at the ceiling. Carol never did much, but when Kayla finally came which seemed to take a while, Carol pulled her hand away quickly and Kayla rolled her head and started kissing me.

We kissed for a long time, and finally Kristen interrupted us and said, "Hey I might get jealous if this keeps going." She was teasing of course, but it stopped us. Then Kristen said, "Carol's turn."

Kayla and Carol switched places. It was so hot watching them crawling over one another trying not to touch. Dang that was sexy.

Kristen dove right in and Carol started making noises. I think it had been a while for her. She watched me sucking on her nipples and then like before I focused just on the one nearest me. Kayla just watched for a while, but soon enough she reached out and put her hand on Carol's boob. She sort of just cupped it and held it for the longest time, but then she surprised me and leaned forward and started sucking Carol's nipple.

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