tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy First Time with a Woman

My First Time with a Woman


**Here goes my very first real experience submission... I'm nervous! :-) Names have been changed.**

I grew up in a small town as a very shy nerdy girl. The topic of sex made my cheeks turn bright red so I would literally run away from my friends trying to discuss it with or around me. My parents never gave me the birds and bees talk so anything I knew about sex came from dad's not-so-hidden porn mags.

After graduating high school I knew I had to go to a college far enough away from my family's tight grip on me so that I could relax. I was excited about living in a dorm 3 hours away from my parents and little brothers - I was about to begin a new chapter! But little did I know those first few days what I was really going to learn in the next 4 years.

As a freshman in my particular school they started socializing us from the very beginning. We were often taken as a freshman class and told to sit through a presentation or watch a band or we even had a class with a bunch of other freshman where we read and discussed a book. I just do not remember first meeting Dina.... I do remember that we became friends quickly and that we shared some common friends. She was so much fun! Much the opposite of me she was from NYC and was not at all shy! In the first weeks of knowing each other we often watched tv together, went to the cafe at night together, even had sleep overs in my room since my roommate stayed at her boyfriends all of the time.

I remember that Dina was very carefree and easy going. We would have deeper conversations sometimes and I remember once that we talked about bisexuality. I had no idea if I was or wasn't, how could I know? I knew the naked women in my dad's mags made me really wet but I never knew what to do about that. Was I bisexual? The convo that night led to sleep and uncertainty for me, although I wasn't bothered by it since I had no dates lined up male OR female. I was just shy, very single me and I was fine with that.

So... on with the night in question... Dina knocked on my door one evening as usual and asked if I wanted to take a purity test on the computer. They were very popular and silly and I was always the most pure in the room but I agreed. Not even 5 minutes after she had knocked on my door another knock was heard. I wasn't expecting anyone but Dina jumped up and answered the door. Her friend Roger was standing in the doorway and Dina asked my permission to have him hang out with us. I was fine with that so Dina introduced Roger and I to one another and I sat back down on the beanbag chair. When I looked back up toward my desk I saw that Dina was sitting on Roger's lap on the chair in front of my computer. I was a bit uncomfortable but we started taking the test and it was fine.

AGAIN I was the purist person with somewhere in the high 80 percent IF I fudged the answer to a couple of questions. Dina and Roger had much lower scores than me.

Then Dina looked at the clock and a tv show she liked was on so we turned on the television. Dina and Roger laid side by side on the bed now with their face facing the television and I was on the bean bag chair right beside them. This time I saw that there was a little touching involved on the bed so I'm sure I was flushed and I know I was feeling uncomfortable. I just wanted to run away! The touching was innocent enough... holding hands and rubbing non-sexual parts of the body....but I still wanted to hide.... what if it went further? Should I just leave? Then they started kissing... luckily it was only for a minute or two!

Not long after I started thinking about my exit plan I got my answer... Roger sat up and then got down onto the floor as Dina got on her knees on the bed and looked down at me. She extended her arm toward me and asked me to get on the bed with her so she could kiss me. She reached further for me but at this point I was red and my head was whirling. I was SO scared and uncomfortable that I said no...and that is not the answer Dina wanted.

Dina got up and bolted out the door. I slowly got up and sat on the bed as Roger kept trying to convince me to say yes once she came back. My head was still spinning!

Roger seemed to be really nice and he seemed very willing to let Dina help me explore my sexuality. (And YES, I was THAT naive...)

Maybe 5 minutes went by and Dina walked back into the room and while standing by the door she asked me again if I would join her on the bed... nervously I agreed.

I had never noticed Dina's beauty until right now. She was about my height at 5'6" and had curves in all of the right places. Her skin was a deep chocolate and it was so smooth and perfect. She wore her hair in braids, at least that night.

Dina got back on her knees in the middle of the bed and asked me to do the same. We faced each other. She told me not to be nervous and then moved her mouth over mine. She slowly taught me the way she liked being kissed so I imitated and WOW... I wasn't nervous for long because her lips and her tongue felt so perfect kissing me. I completely forgot about Roger sitting on the floor and just let her lead the kiss to a 15 minute make out session.

We were both breathing heavier at this point and Dina pulled her face away from mine and while hoarsely whispering asked me to take off my shirt and bra. I slowly did what she said while she did the same.

As an aside I had seen my friends naked breasts plenty of times before... even taking showers with female friends into my early teens so this wasn't new to me...but this night was different. First of all - Dina has the most perfect size C breasts! Well... they were nice and firm and perky...but we were only 17 and 18 years old so I guess that's normal.

Dina asked me to mimic on her what she was about to do to me. She looked into my eyes as she moved one hand to a nipple and started playing with it. No one had ever done that to me before...I couldn't believe how good it felt! I did the same to her nipple... at first we were just rubbing a finger over the nipple area, exploring... and then we were rolling and lightly pinching, bringing the second hand up to play with the opposite breast. I felt like I was in heaven..

Then more suddenly Dina's head bobbed down toward my chest and she started using her tongue on my nipple and I think this is when my eyes closed and my head fell back... and at this point I just remember a lot of kissing and nipple play for at least another half hour.

When the position on our knees got too uncomfortable Dina sat down on the bed and asked me to lay on the floor with my feet toward the bed and I did what I was told. Roger was still just laying on the floor near the couch but I wasn't paying much attention to him at all. Dina caught her breath for a minute and just looked at both of us. She came down to the ground and straddled Roger, bringing her mouth to his and making out with him for a few minutes. I heard a zipper while Dina moved herself to the side of Roger away from me and then I watched as she slowly freed Roger's very erect cock from his tight jeans. Dina moved her apparent expert right hand up and down the length of Roger's cock while I just stared. I then noticed Roger was now in his own little world with Dina and I was no longer in the room. Dina moved again back over Roger in between he and I, never moving her hand away from his hard member. She then started playing with my nipples which apparently woke Roger back up as he stared at us....I strangely no longer felt uncomfortable.

Dina kept up her massage of my breasts then moving her left hand to my pussy and rubbed me from over my clothing. At this point I hadn't learned how to masturbate yet so I really didn't know what she was doing. (Again - YES, that naive!) I knew it felt good and that's what mattered.

After a few minutes of this Dina took her hand from me and then moved herself right in between Roger's legs indian style. She then started to pick up her pace on Roger and it didn't take long for him to arch his back, let out a little grunt and then spit cum into the air, hitting Dina's breasts and stomach.

I think that's when we all felt a bit awkward after a minute of just sitting around so everyone got redressed and Dina and Roger decided to leave while I was left with a head full of new questions and desires.

Dina and I never even kissed again after this incident. I do realize now it was a complete set up but I'm happy it happened! I now have a hot story with a hot girl to remember forever....

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