tagGay MaleMy First Time With Another Guy

My First Time With Another Guy


I was a sophmore in college. My best friend Don who was a senior, and I were driving around in his car talking about girls at school that we thought were hot. Somehow our discussions always ended up talking about girls and the sex we wanted to have but weren't. It was just another Saturday night where we hoped, but really already knew that we weren't going to meet any girls that would be interested in a couple horny guys.

Don had been at a party the previous day and said that someone gave him a gag gift - a small jar of KY jelly. He had it in the car and showed it to me. Maybe it was my nervousness but I thought it was the funnies thing I ever saw. After we both laughed, we had a minute or two of awkward silence as we drove. Then he broke the ice. In a really unsure, nervous voice he asked if I ever used it. Seeing that he was clearly uncomfortable asking me, I didn't want to embarrass him more so I said, "no but I'm sure it's pretty cool."

Right away he said that of course he never tried it either but agreed that it would probably be fun. Then he asked the question that in retrospect could have either ruined our great friendship, or brought us into a completely new one. He again took a real leap of faith and asked, "do you want to try it?"

My heart was pounding in my chest and the only thing I could get out of my mouth was "like how?"

"You put a little on your hand when your jacking off... wanna try it?"

He had made his intentions perfectly clear and it was now up to me to say yes or no. Before I could really think (or maybe before I tried to think), I blurted out, "yeah, definitely."

I'm pretty sure he had already planned this out. We drove to the street behind his parent's house. It was a new development and only half of the street had houses. We parked at the end of the street where there were just wooded lots. We walked down a few lots and he led me to a spot in the middle of the trees that was pretty well hidden. It was an early fall night, but the sky was clear and the air was getting cool, so we both had jackets on. There was a large log on the ground that we sat on.

On our walk into the trees, I kept thinking, "oh my god, what am I doing?" My heart was still pounding and my mouth was completely dry. Not to mention, my dick was so hard it was uncomfortable in my jeans when I walked.

When we finally sat down, he became completely confident and comfortable with the situation. I guess it was because his secret desire was already out in the open and I didn't shoot him down. We sat so that we were both facing somewhat away from each other. He unzipped his jacket and matter-of-factly, undid his button and zipper of his jeans. For me, this was the moment of truth. I was so horny at this point that nothing short of a cop car pulling up was going to stop me. I fumbled around and finally undid my jeans and pulled down my pants to my knees.

He was already a step ahead of me and had opened the jar of KY and put some on his right hand. He then turned and looked at me and offered up the KY. With my hand shaking, I took it and tried to act like it was no big deal - "thanks."

I dipped my fingers in and rubbed a little bit on the top of my cock. Then put the cap on the jar and put it on the ground. I wanted to look at him touching himself so bad, but I was so nervous that I couldn't bring myself to it. For a few minutes we were silent. Two friends sitting in the woods, masturbating together. Holy shit, it was unbelievable.

I didn't know what to say or do so I basically waited for him to again take the lead. He commented on how the KY felt great - better than doing it with just saliva. Again I just nervously agreed.

I realized that I was getting close to cumming and I somehow hadn't planned how to do it. What will he think if I moan or say how awesome it felt? Maybe it would be safer to just not cum at all. I could run home and jack off in the bathroom or something. Then, in a low, quiet voice, he moaned "oh god is that good." As soon as I heard that I felt the twinge in my balls and that feeling of going past the point of no return. Oh shit - I can't stop if I wanted to, I'm about to cum in front of another guy!

I leaned my head back, held my breath, and shot a load with such great force it must have gone 6 feet into the trees. The night was quiet and you could hear my cum spurting onto the nearby leaves. I was in orgasmic bliss.

As he heard me cumming, he let out a long drawn "yeah... do it...." and came himself. I listened to his breathing as he came but didn't dare to look. It was a tremendous turn-on.

Finally we wiped up with a few paper towels he brought, zipped up and went back to the car.

My face was still flush with sex, and again I was at a loss for words. But now that we had both cum in front of each other, my nerves were completely calmed.

He then started making light of it, probably thinking that I was still a bit freaked out. "My dick is way bigger than yours" he said.

I then joked back "What are you talking about? Were you watching me? I'm sure if I did look, mine is much bigger."

Then with a smile he said, "well, next time you'll have to look."

I was hooked.

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i was 14 and a friend of mine was16. We were on a camping trip on a beach of a small town in mexico. there was an open style shower high up on the cliffs near the beach. My friend and I were showeringmore...

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