tagFetishMy Flatmate is a Panty Pervert Ch. 02

My Flatmate is a Panty Pervert Ch. 02


"Hi, John. I've got a little surprise for you under my panties." I said. I was wearing just my singlet and a black thong." You want to see?"

"Yes please."

I led him to my room where he quickly removed his outer male clothes to reveal a black lacy padded bra, stockings, suspenders and a black g string that clearly showed his bulge.

I pushed him back on the bed.

"One of my boyfriends came around after work this evening and he fucked me twice without a condom and of course came inside me!"

I straddled his chest and slipped my panties off.

"Oh my!" he exclaimed, seeing a pair of panties inside my pussy with just a little bit of the material protruding.

"Use your tongue to extract them!" I ordered.

He had to lift his head slightly up from the pillow so he could get his teeth into the material before he could slowly force them out of my hot and very wet hole. It didn't take him long and when he had them out I took them from him and put them over his mouth and nose so he could taste and inhale the juices.

"Do they taste and smell nice?" I asked

"Oh yes."

"But there is a lot more male cum than my juices. You like male cum too, don't you, you panty pervert! I told him about you and that excited him because he is bi and wants to fuck you. What do you say?"

"I don't mind if you are there."

"I'll be there as I want to watch the two of you in action."

I took the panties off his face and wrapped them around his cock after lowering his panties.

"You have 20 seconds to cum. If you can't in that time you will have to do yourself!" I slid the panties up and down his swollen length several times before he blew into them- just in the nick of time!

He was still horny, but I needed to go to the toilet. I remembered seeing in his porn collection pictures depicting water sports.

"I tell you what if you want to be my toilet I'll relieve you again."

"Yes please!"

I had a wicked idea. I put on my discarded panties, crouched over his mouth

"Open wide!" I let out a stream of yellow pee that soaked into the gusset of the panties until they could hold no more and slowly seep out straight into his awaiting open mouth. He swallowed it all as it came through the sexy flimsy material as fast as I could provide it- and I had lots to give-until I was empty. I then just sat down on his cock and rubbed my panty covered pussy against him until he had ejaculated for a second time.

I removed the panties and ordered him to change the sheets and clean the room while I went and showered.

On Wednesday Ian was due to come over. About a half hour before I had John kneeling at the foot of the bed wearing his bra, stockings, suspenders and a dental floss like panties that just about covered his cock. His wrists were tied to the frame and I had his legs spread wide. I was kneeling behind him lubricating his anal opening with some Astroglide poured onto 2 fingers. I finger fucked him a few times before putting some more on.

Now his sphincter was more relaxed, I strapped on my well lubricated dildo and slowly slid just the head inside. I felt a little resistance, but pushed it gradually in, withdrew a bit and slid more of it in until it was all the way in.

I had just fucked him about three times when the doorbell rang. I unstrapped the dildo leaving it in his hole and went to the door.

"Hi Ian." I reached up and gave him a kiss. I led him to the bedroom.

As soon as he saw John he let out a gasp, went over and started to fondle him all over starting with his bra and moving down to his panty covered crotch where his hand lingered for a couple of minutes.

He started to undress and revealed that he was also wearing some panties- no doubt his wife's-although they were crotch less. Nevertheless he was rock hard.

Without saying a word he put his cock in front of John's mouth. John opened it and Ian shoved it up to the hilt grabbing the back of his head to guide him. In and out he slowly thrust his erection.

I must confess the sight of them together made me very wet and I was soon fingering myself thru my gusset until I had orgasmed.

"Suck it, cocksucker, this is what you've always wanted, isn't it, you little cocksucking slut, suck your boyfriend's big cock for me, baby, eat it up!" I taunt to John.

John is sucking, and swirling his tongue on Ian's cock and slowly bobbing his head back and forth. I am twisting my erect nipples and rubbing my soaking pussy. I wanted so badly to watch Ian fill John's mouth with his seed. The bedroom is filled with wet sounds of sucking, slurping with men moaning as he sucks his first cock. After watching John suck cock for 15 minutes, Ian is ready to explode.

I watch another man unload into another guy's mouth. Ian is cumming directly into the back of John's mouth. I watch as he begins swallowing rapidly as his cheeks draw in - sucking hard on the spurting cock. Then Ian grips the base of his cock and pulls out of John's still sucking lips and begins dripping the last of his load onto his lips and chin. His mouth is completely coated in another man's thick, gooey sperm. I orgasm again as I watch him lick his lips clean. Once his lips are free of sperm, Ian pushes his still erect cock back into John's mouth and tells him to lick it clean.

After a short rest I watched as Ian pushed his hard cock into John's ass. Ian savagely fucked John's ass as he begged for it. The night of gay sex ended for John as Ian pulled out John's' ass and came in his mouth again.

Ian left soon after that. John. However was still tied and had no sexual relief. I peeled my drenched panties off, untied one of his hands, put the panties over his mouth and nose so he could taste and inhale my aroma.

His hand immediately dropped down to his cock and he took it in hand and quickly strokes it releasing a load of cum onto the sheets below. I untied his other wrist and left the room.

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