tagGroup SexMy French Revolution Ch. 02

My French Revolution Ch. 02


I woke up slowly feeling like I was in a thick fog, having no idea where I was. I had to fight to get my eyes to open and focus. I finally managed to get my head up and blinked several times until my eyes narrowed in on the reason I found it so hard to move. The voluptuous red head from the bar was naked and laying on me, her lips on my left nipple. The blonde's head was between my legs, her naked body diagonal on the large bed. A short haired brunette was using my flat stomach as a pillow. I looked around again and saw Pieter smiling at me, his naked body in an armchair.

"Morning Lola, you certainly were not kidding last night. A woman has never made Zoey passed out before."


"Yes you kept calling her your fuck toy but that is her name. She passed out, I put her on your stomach."

"Ah and the girls from yesterday?"

"Lane is on your magnificent tit and Zarina is between your legs. We thought you'd never stop cumming Bella, you squirt too, so very fucking erotic."

"Anya, wasn't Lola just spectacular?" Pieter asked.

"Mmmm, worth every penny."

I looked in the direction of the voice and found a naked girl with tits as large as mine smiling behind a video camera. I started to panic.

"Pieter, video camera, what the fuck...."

"Don't worry your pretty little head about it, it was for my private collection." He stood up and my eyes went straight to his hard 8 inch cock. He brought an envelope over to me, kissing me hard.

"You were right Lola, you are worth more than five thousand, so here's six."

I looked in the envelope and found it stuffed with hundred pound notes. I had no memory of asking for money, no idea of how I got from the bar to this room and I certainly should have remembered fucking three other girls. It hurt to think but try as I might the only thing I remembered was watching Pieter lick my cum off his fingers in the bar.

"Pieter, I don't....."

"Lola, you were so fucking wild last night. I've never seen anything like it before. I'm throwing a little party on my yacht Saturday night and I want you to be the entertainment. I'll pay you ten thousand pounds plus an extra twenty for every person you fuck."

My jaw dropped, he thought I was a very expensive hooker. I was about to protest when my brain and sex drive kicked in. "Sounds wonderful to me Pieter, where and what time do you want me?

"Mmm I knew my naughty little Lola would be up for a larger group. Since I'm the host I think it's only fair that I get to fuck you first."

"Baby, you can fuck me anytime, anywhere for that kind of money." I replied saucily.

"Such a good little slut. Here is the address and information, including what I'd like you to wear. I have business to attend to, see you Saturday doll."

He kissed me hard once more pinching my right nipple and slapping Lane hard on the ass. She woke up, smiled at his retreating figure and went back to my breast suckling it.

"Anya, where the hell am I? I have to call my driver to come get me?"

"Mmmm, you'll have time for that later darling, I've been waiting all night to have you fuck my pussy. Pieter never lets me have fun while I'm filming. Now that I know how talented you are, I must have you."

Anya got up from her chair and slapped Lane once more. Lane sat up and frowned. She reached down and pinched both of Zoey's nipples waking the girl up and slapped Zarina in the face.

"Bitches, you had your fun now get the fuck out. Lola is mine."

The girls practically jumped out of the bed and left the room naked. Zoey lingered at the door and turned around to look at me. "Lola, you are the best. See you Saturday."

"Anya that was a little harsh don't you think?"

"Ah, my brother's little whores get on my nerves."

"Your brother? Pieter is your brother?"

"Yes my twin, he's older by two minutes. I'm responsible for you being here though. I told him I wanted you the moment I saw you saunter in, those delicious breasts on display."

"You breasts look as good as mine Anya, 38DD too?"

"36D, I loved how you show yours off. I like a girl with exhibitionist tendencies."

"I love the attention. Anya did he give me anything last night? I don't remember a thing."

"That was me, I slipped you something to make your complacent, had I known I wouldn't have bothered. You were suppose to lie there and take it, not be the aggressor but damn, you were incredible."

"Thank you, but I wish I remembered it, at least the satisfaction I must have had."

"We won't drug you again Bella. I'll even let you fuck Pieter on Saturday."

"You mean I...."

"Enough with the chatter, make me cum slut."

Anya pushed me down on the bed straddling my face. I immediately swiped my tongue along her length from her tiny little asshole to her clit. I made this journey several times until she started moaning my name. I sat up and pushed her down on her back, getting between her legs and dipping my skilled tongue in her dripping pussy. My tongue darted in and out as her body quaked under me. I moved on to her clit, biting it hard, just the way I liked it and she came instantly. I lapped her up then thrust three fingers inside curling my index finger when I found her G spot. I fucked her cunt hard calling her every derogatory name I could think of while I feasted on her clit, ignoring her plea to stop. I worked my fingers as fast as I could, plunging a fourth finger in and sucked her clit so hard I thought she might just die on me as she screamed in ecstasy and pain. She was cumming like a faucet on full blast and I shoved my hand in to scoop up her juices depositing them on her lips.

"Eat your pussy my little fuck slut!" I demanded and continued to feed her all her juices.

When I knew she had enough I pulled my fingers out and licked them. He head had stopped thrashing from side to side and I bit down hard on her clit one last time.

"So whore where am I?" I asked with a smirk, wishing Pieter was there to fuck my ass.

It took her a few minutes to speak coherently. As soon as I knew where I was, I left her to recover on the bed. I called Jean Pierre and he told me he'd be there in forty minutes. I found my skirt and top and put my heels back on. I shoved my fee and next assignment in my purse and grinned wickedly, wondering how many other parties I'd get paid for. I couldn't believe my luck, I was getting paid ridiculous amounts of money to do something I'd gladly do for free. I was grateful that when amounts were brought up I'd said such an adsorbent amount. I found my way to the kitchen and ate some grapes and cut myself some cheese. I poured myself a tall glass of orange juice and drank it slowly. I went back upstairs and Anya was still lying on the bed murmuring to herself, her legs spread wide open as I'd left them.

Turn about is fair play, I thought as I moved my hand back and slapped her pussy hard.

"I'm done with you Bitch. You better eat me out next time or I'll never touch your filthy cunt again, you worthless whore."

"Mmmm yes Mistress Lola." She replied stroking her throbbing pussy.

"See you Saturday, my little cunt whore." I yelled on my way downstairs.

I waited outside for Jean Pierre for ten minutes. He gave me a look when I slid into the car.

"Lea, be careful with these people, they party hard and have a penchant for doing hard drugs. I don't want to find you full of heroin or cocaine in a morgue."

"I made her my bitch and I can handle him but thanks for the warning. I'll be careful, I promise."

"Good girl."

I opened the instruction envelope and read off what I was required to wear. I grinned, knowing that everything I needed was already in the villa and I wouldn't have to spend a dime.

"I need to go to a bank Jean Pierre and I'd like to do a little shopping at Chanel."

"Are you hungry Lea?"

"No, I find cum quiet filling." I laughed.

"Interesting protein choice, no wonder you are so skinny."

I changed the money into French Francs and opened an account. I loved the sound of 55,000 Francs. I asked out of curiosity what it was in Canadian dollars and gasped. $14,000 dollars for one night and part of a morning was awe inspiring. I found a black and pink Chanel jacket and placed it on the counter without even looking at the price. I picked up some makeup and paid for my purchases. Jean Pierre rolled his eyes at me.

"I've always wanted a classic Chanel jacket and now I have one."

"You must have saved months for that."

"Umm yeah." I lied.

When we returned to the villa, I went upstairs, stashed my money away, got naked and went down to the pool with a bottle of Dom. I decided to stay in that night and put my outfit for Saturday night together, I felt so incredibly sexy and ended up fucking myself hard with my new glass dildo, falling asleep on the carpet in the wardrobe room.

The next night I went back to the casino in a skin tight slinky emerald dress and fucked a gorgeous Italian stud in his cramped high rise condo over looking the Mediterranean. If only his sexual prowess was as good as his looks. I faked two orgasms and made myself cum on my own while he slept. I called Jean Pierre and left at three in the morning. Hours later I tried on my Chanel jacket with my jeans and as soon as I moved they fell down as they were now two sizes too big. I found a scale and was delighted to see that I weighed 117 pounds. I'd lost 13 pounds in a little over two weeks.

I took a long shower and had just begun to prepare my body when Marisol knocked on the door and placed a plate of steaming lobster tails and butter sauce in front of me.

"Cum can not be your only protein young lady."

"Jean Pierre has a big mouth."

"What would your mother say if she had to read that you were found dead at eighty pounds, cum in your mouth and heroin marks on your arms?"

I thought about that for a moment. My parents had forbidden me from dating until I was eighteen. If they only knew what I was up to now they'd die.

"Earth to Lea, come in Lea."

"Oh sorry, I was thinking about something. I don't do drugs. Well I've smoked some pot from time to time but that's it."

"Make sure that's it. I'll let you be the nympho you obviously are but you won't overdose on my watch."

"Don't worry, I'll be a good little girl. I do love seafood, except I'm not crazy about shrimp."

"Eat!" Marisol ordered and left me alone.

I polished off the lobster and went back to my preparations. As I applied the lip plumper to my lips, I wondered if it worked in other places and coated both nipples. The tingly sensation felt great and I dipped my hand down and started playing with my clit then applied some plumper to it. This felt even better and I made a mental note to stock up on more plumper. I curled my hair tightly and then raked my hands through it messing it up for that just rolled out of bed look. I put on the multicoloured jewelled collar and matching cuff bracelets from my hosts costume jewellery collection and added the earrings that went with the set. I slid my feet into a pair of six inch gold sandals and stood in front of the mirror enjoying the view of my outfit for the evening.

I started thinking about how many cocks I'd have in me, how many tongues in my pussy and asshole, how large my audience would be and started to cum. I started thrusting three fingers in my wet pussy and stopped to go put a few rings on and continued enjoying the feeling of the rings on my walls. I looked at the clock on the vanity and hurriedly cleaned myself off. I grabbed a short green silk robe and wrapped it around myself, grabbed the purse from last night and a hurried downstairs.

While Jean Pierre drove me to the Monaco- Hercule docks, I slid my fingers between my legs to make my pussy glisten. My nipples were already as hard as they got and I smiled thinking about how hot I'd look stepping onto Pieters yacht. The Bentley came to a stop at the slip number I'd provided and I got out of the car. I started walking towards the dock and was meet at the entrance by an older gentlemen in a tuxedo.

"Miss Lola?"


"I'll take your robe and purse and make sure they are placed in your cabin. You are requested to walk to the yacht in your costume only."

I took off the robe and handed him the purse spinning around to show myself off.

"So lovely, enjoy the party my dear. I know the guests will enjoy you."

I strutted down to the yacht and smiled wickedly when Pieter dropped to his knees. He kissed me and leaned down to bite both nipples turning me around to caress my shapely firm ass.

"Lola, you are a vision of epic erotic proportions. I wish I hadn't invited anyone, they'll never want to leave you."

"Thank you."

"Mistress Lola, I'm getting so wet just looking at you." Anya said coming up from below deck with a glass in her hand.

"Hello my little cunt whore. Loose the dress, I want to watch you masturbate for me."

Pieter looked on in awe as his usually dominant sister quivered and did exactly as she was told. No one had ever dared to call her a whore, let alone a cunt whore. She complied with a smile on her face.

"Lola, I bought you a little present that I'd like you to wear for the duration of the party. I have a feeling you are just the type of naughty girl who will love it."

He stepped in front of me and flicked my right nipple hard. I noticed what looked like a beaded earring in his hand. He smiled and leaned over placing it on my hardened nipple, the metal teeth digging into the sensitive flesh. The pain was excruciating and left me speechless, seconds later my left nipple was under the same torture and I found myself shaking as an enormous orgasm was building inside me. The pain was unbearable yet I loved it. I screamed and fell backwards as I rode the wave of the orgasm. Pieter had caught me in his arms, spent I slumped against him, still moaning from the exquisite pain I was in. I knew you'd love nipple clamps Lola, he whispered in my ears.

"Tug on the beads darling."

"Cunt whore come clean my pussy!" I ordered and Anya was on her knees underneath me in seconds.

I fingered the four multicoloured beads now hanging from both nipples and began turning them. The pain increased and I tugged on them, screaming once more.

"Cum again my little slut." Pieter whispered and I tortured my nipples tugging and pulling until I started to feel sweet release. I could feel Anya greedily lapping all my juices up. She looked up at me, my juices on her chin and thanked me.

"Stay there Anya, I'll give you the honour. There is one more piece Lola."

He tossed something down to his sister as she fingered my engorged clit. I moaned and a fraction of a second later I felt the most vicious pain as metal teeth seemed to pierce through my clit. My scream was so raw and animalistic it scared me as I slid down Pieters body, my cum now squirting all over Anya. I couldn't seem to stop squirting or thrashing on the deck as the most intense series of orgasms set me on fire. I felt a hard tug on both nipple clamps and screamed in pleasure. I felt myself slipping towards unconsciousness and fought it wanting to feel every second of this extreme painful pleasure. Anya was in heaven licking up every drop wondering how I could cum so hard and long.

Pieter dropped down to his knees and kissed me. "You love the clit clamp don't you Lola?"

"Fuck yes." I moaned.

"Good, you can keep them. If someone takes them off you fine, otherwise I want you to wear them until you get home."

"Mmmm, I might never take them off Pieter. I'm sure Anya has done a great job cleaning me but could I go freshen myself up?"

"Certainly, I'll show you to your cabin. You'll find your payment on the bed. I'll give you your bonus once I've tallied up your fucks."

The cabin was much larger than I expected and I found my purse and robe on the bed beside a white envelope. I looked at the cheque for ten thousand pounds and tucked it in my purse after writing my name on the top of it. There was a bottle of Cristal sitting on a table and I popped the cork downing half the bottle at once. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and couldn't believe how erotic I looked with the clamps on. I pressed on the right one and removed it examining the tiny puncture holes on my nipple. I put it back on and my knees buckled with the pain, I felt myself cumming once more and quickly grabbed a tissue to clean myself up. I finished the rest of the champagne, refreshed my lipstick and went back on deck. I found a small box shaped stage on the back deck.

"Perfect timing Lola, please get on the stage, I want all my guests to see you when they board." Pieter requested.

I climbed up and stood with one hand on my hip, the other just below my breast. Pieter quickly came over and had me put but both hands on my head, arch my back and jut my ass out. It was an incredibly uncomfortable position but Anya told me that I looked sexy as hell. The reaction from the guests varied from open mouths, lustful stares, lip licking and blown kisses to jealous glares, indifference and looks of pure hatred. I lost count of how many people were on the yacht and wondered where on earth they'd all fit. Finally, after about an hour of being in the contorted pose, Pieter stepped up on the stage with a microphone and stood beside me.

"Hello friends and welcome to my Hot July Party. The delectable slut beside me is Mistress Lola and she is by far my greatest find. She is the ultimate party favour and I know you'll enjoy her sexual prowess. If Lola can't make you cum, no one can. Let the party begin!"

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