tagMind ControlMy Freshman Year Ch. 02E

My Freshman Year Ch. 02E


Chapter 2E, The Initiation, Back to the Dorm

Note: I know it is hard to believe this could really happen but it did. Things were different back in the seventies. Football was king on high school and college campuses and players could get away with anything. Sex was everywhere because AIDS and Herpes were just getting started and wasn't considered a big deal then. Birth control pills were easy to get and the sexual revolution was going strong, plus drugs were everywhere. I am just telling it the way I remember it.

When we left Chapter 2D, we all had just passed the initiation test to become members of the football team and we were about to be sworn in when one of the girls said she had to go to the bathroom real bad. Since we all had to pee, Bill said there were 3 toilets in the bathroom through the door across the room. When we heard there were only 3 toilets for 41 girls everyone ran to get there first. Amy and I were on the other side of the room so we were towards the back of the line.

Since only one girl could get through the bathroom door at a time, a line formed. I was towards the back of the line so I could see all the cute naked butts of around 20 girls in front staring at me, which was really erotic and turned me on. I noticed some of the guys going into the bathroom and thought this is interesting, a unisex bathroom. The line kept moving until I was now about 3 to 4 feet inside the bathroom when the line stopped. Wow, I couldn't believe I was in the men's restroom / shower room all naked and it smelled musty like men's testosterone which turned me on even more. I looked around and there was a tiled wall on one side that we found out later was a shower room wall. On the other side were 3 sinks then 3 stand up urinals with 3 guys going to the bathroom with a girl on each side holding there dicks while they peed. I didn't expect this kind of unisex bathroom. I could not see the 3 sit down toilets further down.

As we waited 2 guys came in and one stopped to ask if we were OK and one of the girls behind me asked how long before she could pee because she had to go real bad. The guy said there are about 25 girls in line so it will be around 10 to 15 minutes. She said she couldn't wait that long and would end up peeing on the floor. The guy said she could use the sink and she said right in front of everyone? He said other girls use the sinks every night because there are usually around 40 girls each night and they can't wait just like you, so we either watch you pee on the floor or in the sink. She had to go so bad that she said OK.

He told her to put her arms and legs around him as he picked her up and set her on the sink. As he backed away her legs were still spread so she put her hand between her legs so we couldn't see her pee. The other girls had to pee also so he lifted them onto the sinks. What a strange sight that was 3 girls peeing in the sinks.

The line moved up some and about that time the first guys finished peeing and 3 more guys came up. Amy and I were next to one of the guys and he turned to us and asked if we wanted to help him pee and hold his dick if we want to, of course Amy and I said yes. We got on both sides of him but there wasn't much room between the urinals so my butt was pressed against another girl's soft warm butt at the urinal next to me and our fronts were pressed against the guy. He put his arms around us and told us to put a hand on his butt so he can pull us in closer pressing our bodies together. It was fun feeling his butt. He had us lace our fingers together to support his now limp dick while he peed. Wow, it was so strange holding a guy's dick while he peed and I could feel the pee go through his dick. I had never even thought about doing something like this, but here I was and it even turned me on even more. As he peed he told us to think about this when we see him on the field Saturday during the game. After he finished he had us shake the last drops off his dick. I thought guys have it so easy; they can stand up and don't even have to wipe themselves.

Afterwards the line had moved up some more and I could now see into the shower room. I was surprised to see Bill and two of the cheerleaders in there. The cheerleaders were squatting over the shower drain in the middle of the floor taking a pee. Bill was standing between them as they held on to him for support. They were so close together, their knees were touching. One of the cheerleader's back was towards me so I could not see her pee, but the other one was facing me. In the squatting position, knees apart and shaved pussy, I could even see the pee coming out of her pee hole. Their pee streams even crossed paths. What a crazy sight that was.

When they had finished they asked Bill for some toilet paper. Bill looked at Gary over by the toilets and asked for a roll of toilet paper, which Gary threw to him. That is when Bill saw me standing there watching. He smiled at me knowing his cum was still inside me, that is when I came again. The cheerleaders finished and stood up and then held his dick as he peed. He even had them lace their fingers together under his dick to hold him just as we did with the other guy. I was going crazy with lust and that is when I felt Bill's cum oozing out of my asshole. I wanted to keep it in me as long as I could so I squeezed my asshole shut to stop the flow.

About that time the line moved up enough to where I could see around the corner to where the toilets were. There were the 3 toilets with 3 naked girls sitting on them all exposed and in some state of going to the bathroom. That is when I noticed there were no stalls. I looked on the floor and wall and saw the bolts sticking out and knew they must have taken the stalls out. One of the players Gary was standing in front of the toilets directing girls to the next empty toilet. Since there were no stalls, there were no toilet paper holders, so every time a girl finished peeing she had to ask Gary for toilet paper. He would roll off 2 pieces and hand it to her. There is not much a girl can do with only 2 pieces of toilet paper. Gary said don't worry about it, we will take care of you. The girls had used their hands to cover themselves peeing but had to move them and spread the legs a little to wipe their pussies, that is when we could see their open pussies. Gary would even watch them wipe themselves; I could tell they were embarrassed.

I couldn't help but notice everywhere I looked people were going to the bathroom all around me, girls and guys. What an erotic sight that was. That's the way it was all night, either we were all getting naked together, sucking guy's dicks or screwing at the same time and now going to the bathroom together. Wow, it was really crazy. It appeared the guys planned it this way.

One of the girls asked where the stalls were, and Gary said that last year with the stalls in, girls would take several minutes to pee and it took a long time for all the girls to pee, so they took them out. With no stalls for privacy girls only take about 20 seconds to pee especially with everyone watching them and with 30 girls having to pee then they need to speed it up. He said it does help that you all are already naked, so it saves around 5 seconds not having to pull down your panties and lift up your dress, you just have to sit down and pee, and when you have to pee real bad 5 seconds is a long time.

Finally it was my turn, and I had to pee so bad I almost ran over the other girl as she was leaving. As soon as I sat down my asshole opened a little and some of Bill's cum oozed out of me. I squeezed my asshole shut to keep his cum in me which put pressure on my bladder and made my pee come out even harder. When I finished I was so embarrassed having to ask Gary for toilet paper. He only gave me 2 pieces and even watched as I wiped myself like he had with the other girls.

When I got up there was another girl ready to take my place. Gary told me to go out to the Den. There weren't too many girls left in the bathroom now. As I walked into the Den there was another line of girls outside the bathroom door. I noticed there were 4 girls bent over the tables with their legs spread like we were during the Finale. There was a guy sitting behind each one on a stool and another girl standing next to him as his assistant. She would spread the ass cheeks and lips of the girl bent over as he used a wet wash cloth to clean her up. Then he would spread this ointment on her anal, slit and pelvic area. Then the girls would trade places and he would do her.

There was a guy, Robert, at the front of the line like Gary in front of the toilets that was the gate keeper. He would direct 2 girls at a time to the next open position. He explained that he and the guys had been a little rough on us tonight, which had made us a little raw and sore in some places. So they had to apply this ointment that was an antiseptic to kill any germs to keep us from any infection. It also had a moisturizer to replace our natural body oils that had been rubbed off from all of the activity from fingers, tongues and dicks. It is really important for the recent virgins to be treated because of their freshly torn hymens. This will help you to recover faster because you will be sore in the morning. In fact we will give you a sample tube of the ointment and we want you to apply it to yourselves in the morning like we are doing now, so watch what we are doing. We have to take care of our girls.

As Robert explained everything to us we would watch what the guys were doing to us. All the girls were in a different stage of being treated. The guys would take a moist wash cloth and clean our drying girl juice off of us so the ointment would stick better. Then they would apply the ointment starting with their clits, slits and work their way up to their assholes and even worked it into our holes. Before leaving the guys would take of bottle of Chloraseptic spray, have the girls open our mouths and spray some down their throats in case any girls were raw from dick sucking. They also told the girls to use it after cheering at a game.

The girls that were being treated on the table next to where we were standing had finished and Robert directed the next 2 girls in line. When one of them bent over the table I could see thick milky juice oozing out of her asshole which was a guy's cum. The guy behind her said it looks like you were a virgin tonight, and she said yes she was. He said he could tell because the guys only came in virgins tonight. Who came in you and she said Larry the lineman and he said well lucky Larry. To confirm she had been a virgin he spread her vagina open and said look at her freshly broken hymen and we could see what was left of her hymen which still had traces of blood on the torn parts.

The guy said it is a shame to let his cum go to waste and told his assistant to sit on his lap and lick Larry's cum off of her asshole. She did as she was told and sat down, spread the other girl's ass cheeks and licked Larry's cum right off of her asshole. Then he told her to press her lips to her asshole, roll her tongue like a straw and stick it in and suck his juices out, which she did. He had her stick her tongue out to show us how much guy juice, which was a lot. Then had his assistant kiss another girl and shared Larry's cum with her. Now 3 girls got to enjoy Larry's cum, that's so fine. The guy said this is so hot, just think that cum was shot into her asshole then sucked out by another girl then shared with another girl. The guy then finished up with her then they traded places. Since all of us virgins had been on the other side of the room, we were all together at the end of the line, so the rest of us girls were recent virgins including me. This happened to every virgin.

It was now Amy's and my turn and Amy went first. I had to sit on the guy's lap and lick and suck Jim's cum out of Amy's asshole. It was really crazy and his cum tasted spicy. I even shared Jim's cum with another girl. He finished up with Amy then did me. Amy licked Bill's cum off my asshole then stuck her tongue in me and I could feel his cum being sucked out. Wow, what a crazy feeling. Luckily there was still some of Bill's cum way up inside me still. The guy cleaned me up like he had the other girls then spread the ointment on my slit and anal area. When he finished up with me and Amy he did the last 2 girls.

It didn't take long till all the girls were done, so Bill got up to start the swearing in ceremony. Bill and the guys all stood in front of the room where we could see all of their naked bodies. Their dicks were about a quarter hard but not as hard and sticking straight out like when they were fucking us, but I liked looking at their naked bodies, especially Bill knowing his cum was still inside me. Bill said all of you were perfect tonight and you can be proud of yourselves. You all learned a lot tonight, especially the virgins that went from 0 to supersonic speed and to nirvana in a couple hours. You all passed the initiation with flying colors and we are going to love making all of you even more perfect like the rest of the team because we will be your Zen masters and teachers. It is important to start with perfect girls and what makes all of you perfect? To start with you are all in a sorority and they only take the best girls. You have to be beautiful, smart, come from a good family and be fun to be with to be in the sorority so they do the first cut. From looking at all of you, you are very beautiful and have fine-looking bodies. Your Sorority seems to pick out the best looking girls in school. Smart is important because you will have to learn, study and practice Zen and will have homework and be tested, and you have to be fun to make us happy.

This is important because your job on the team is to inspire me and the rest of the guys on the team to victory. Remember the coach said that 60% of winning is mental and half of mental preparation is Zen and the other half is inspiration which will come from all of you. That means you all will contribute 30% to preparing us to win every game which is a lot. We believe Zen and all of you girls are our secret weapon to a perfect season that other teams don't have, and we don't want them to find out. So it is important that all of you are perfect because since the team has a perfect record, then that means all of us players must be perfect, and we need to be surrounded by perfect girls to stimulate and inspire us to the perfect season. One way to reach perfection is to get to know each other personally and intimately. So each time we have a mixer I will pick several girls to tell us her most embarrassing or best or wonderful experience or dream of your life. I will go first so all of you will know what to expect. So I will tell you my dream to create the perfect girls how it started and how it will happen.

This year is the pinnacle of my efforts to create the perfect girls. You see I have been studying girls, their sexuality, their bodies, what they like, what turns them on and how to make them orgasm ever since I was in Junior High School. It started in Little League Football and I was good at football even back then so a lot of girls liked me. Our elementary school fed the Junior High so I already had a cheering section when I got there. I remember in ninth grade, which was still Junior High back then, girls would come up to me in the hall and whisper in my ear that they were a virgin and they wanted me to make them a woman, so I couldn't let them down and if not me then some other guy would do it, and not as good as me.

Several of them told me that there was a secret club on campus made up of ninth grade girls that were popular in school including several cheerleaders in the club. To be in the club you had to have been with me, and if I liked them then they could be in the club. Of course most of them were virgin back then. I didn't have much time for girls during the fall semester, but during the spring semester, I didn't have football practice every day so I was able to have girls after school and on Friday and Saturday I could get a girl at night also.

I had the perfect place to take girls. My parent's house had a detached garage with a garage apartment on top and a utility ally in back for trash pickup, so I could sneak them in from the ally. There was a queen size bed and privacy so I could take my time to get to know and explore them, play with them and see what they looked like. This is where I learned about foreplay, how much girls liked it and how much it turned them on and got them ready for my big dick. As you can see from tonight, foreplay is still an important part of our lovemaking.

When I got into Senior High School girls became more aggressive. After home games on Friday nights we would have an "after game party" at this guy's parent's ranch about 15 minutes outside of town. When we came out of the dressing room after a game there was a crowd of students, mainly girls waiting for us. The other players and I would walk through the crowd signing autographs. If we saw a girl we liked we would ask if they wanted to party with us, which they usually did, that is why they were there. So we would tell them to meet us in the back of this strip center about 3 blocks from the stadium, so girls could drive or walk there. Everyone knew this strip center because it was the music store owned by one of the player's parents. The back parking lot was secluded so no one could see us in the back, this way the girls could leave their cars there and not be seen.

So we would pick the girls up in our cars and take them to these parties. These parties are where I learned that when girls got drunk on Tequila, it made them lose their inhibitions and wanted to get naked and screw, so I started making the Margarita cocktail. The first time I made the margarita I used cheap Tequila which made people sick, pass out and gave a bad hangover the next day. The next time we bought the best Tequila, no one got sick or had much of a hangover the next day. We also limited the girls to just one drink in a big red plastic Solo cup when they first arrived so they wouldn't get too drunk, just drunk enough.

Then I learned that girls liked sweet drinks so I put a lot of sugar in the cocktail and girls did like the Margarita better. That is when I noticed that girls got a sugar high which gave them a lot of energy and realized we had a bunch of drunk, horny and wide awake girls ready to party. This made things more fun. We would give girls another Margarita Cocktail right before going back to the bedrooms to get them ready for sex. So that was the start of what has become the Margarita Cocktail today with a few extra ingredients added.

In fact now that all of you are ready to be sworn in, I can tell you the secret ingredient. We start out with the best Tequila, then Cointreau, then Lime juice, then lots of sugar for energy, then lots of powdered Caffeine (about 4 cups of coffee in each drink) to keep you awake and the secret ingredient is Quaalude to make you horny then some water to help dissolve and mix everything and to help in the absorption of the cocktail into your blood stream. We are able to get powdered Quaalude so we only put about a ¼ of a tablet into each drink. Alcohol increases the effect of Quaalude so we only have to put just enough to get all of you really horny and sexually excited to where you want us to fuck you. If we gave you a whole pill you would pass out. Did you like it tonight and we all said yes.

Then about half way through our senior season we came out of the dressing room after winning the game and there were all the girls waiting for us to ask them to the party. I just thought, look at all these fine girls just waiting to be with me and the other guys, and I knew I could have any of these girls I wanted and this was going to be a special night tonight.

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