My Freshman Year Ch. 02E


As I was walking through the crowd signing autographs this beautiful girl came up to me, and I remembered I had taken her virginity one day last week. I smiled at her and told her I remembered her from last week. She smiled and asked me to sign her Tee shirt which she was wearing and even had a pen for me to use. While I signed her shirt, she whispered in my ear that she and the 4 girls behind her were having a slumber party at Cathy's house and 3 of them were virgins and they wanted me to find out which ones were. I looked and saw 4 of the finest looking girls in school. I had gotten one of the other girls before and had noticed the other girls on campus and wanted them, so I said I would love to. She told me Cathy's address and to come at 12:30. I knew the street and she said they would be waiting for me in a gold colored Malibu in front. I said I could be there at 12:50 and she answered they would be getting ready for me.

I went through the crowd a little further and 3 beautiful girls came up to me to get my autograph on the Game Program. It had a full page of my stats and a picture of me in it, so girls were asking me to sign my picture. I had been with one of the girls Vicki and while I was signing her Game Program she whispered that her friends were virgins and she had told them how good I made her feel when I took her virginity, so now they want me to take her friends virginity tonight. I looked at the other girls and asked if that was true, and they got embarrassed said yes. I told them to meet me behind the Music Store and they can ride out to the party with me. They got all excited

As I got to the end of the line I came across 3 of the cheerleaders. I was happy to see them, smiled and said it looks like I won, are you all ready to pay off your bet to me, and they said yes. I had been with all three of them separately and tried to get all of them together but they didn't want to. So I bet them that if I made a touchdown in their honor, just for them then they would all have to do me at the same time, but if I didn't make the touchdown then I would not bother them again about it. They all agreed and I made a Gold Line quarterback sneak touchdown right in front of them and now it was time for them to pay up. I told them to meet me behind the Music Store and they could ride out to the party with me.

The guys and I went to the Music Store right afterwards to meet the girls. We could get around 6 girls per car to ride out with us so there would only be around 5 cars going out there, plus it was off the main road. It didn't take long for the cheerleaders to arrive in a car. In a few minutes later the other three girls showed up, they had walked over. We all got into my mother's car because it was a 4 door and could hold more people. As we started out to the party it was quit, so to get things started I asked if they all liked the game tonight. That got all of them talking about how much they liked the game and me especially since we won. I asked the cheerleaders how they liked it and they said they like cheering for us. Then I asked them if they saw the touchdown I made for them in their honor. They said yes softly so I said that means you all lost the bet and you will have to pay up tonight and they said, we know. I explained to the other girls in the car about the bet and how the cheerleaders were going to pay up which embarrassed them. I told the other girls not to worry I would take care of them after I had finished with the cheerleaders. I said this is so fine, I have all the girls that I am going to make love to tonight all together in my car. Life doesn't get any sweeter than this and they all laughed

We finally made it to the party. I poured all of the girls with me a cocktail and I made a toast to all of them, to the team and to tonight so they would drink about half the cup and get them going. The party was going great, everyone was getting high from the cocktail and me and the guys were kissing and touching all of the girls and things. We even got the cheerleaders to lead us in some cheers. A couple of guys and I even help the cheerleaders do the cheer where the guy holds them up by their butts. Wow, I couldn't believe the male cheerleaders got to feel their butts so well.

It was now time to take the cheerleaders back to the master bedroom so they could pay off their debt to me. This room was reserved for me, but there were 4 other bedrooms available for other players. I gave the girls another drink as we went to the bedroom to get them ready for sex. Everyone could see us going into the bedroom and started cheering. I could tell the cheerleaders were embarrassed so I announced to everyone that this was not the cheerleader's idea. That I had been with each one separately and had asked them to do me all at one time, but they said no. So I bet them if a made a touchdown in their honor they would do me all together. As all of you know I made the touchdown so they have to pay their debt to me now. Everyone cheered as we left.

While we drank I told them how beautiful they were and I couldn't believe this was really happening, of course they couldn't either. Then I kissed them and had them kiss each other. Then I lay back on the bed and told them to take off their shoes and do some cheers for me especially the high kicks. Then I told them to take off their cheerleading panties and throw them to me. I checked out the crotches of their panties and saw they were soaked with girl juices. I showed them how wet their panties were and said they must really be turned on and had them lift their cheerleading skirts up so I could see their pussies. I was surprised to see they had trimmed their pubic hair even more than before. They already had a bikini trim to keep the pubic hair from sticking out around their panties, but now they had trimmed them even more. When I smiled they said they did it for me. They were going to do me together tonight whether I made the touchdown or not.

I told them to do some more high kicks flashing me their naked pussies. Then I had them turn around spread their legs, bend over and look at me between their legs, flip their skirts up and spread their pussy lips for me. Wow, that was great, 3 fine extremely wet pussies in a row. When they stood up, the alcohol went straight to their heads which gave them a tequila rush while they held on to each other to steady themselves and really got them even more turned on. Then I told them to dance to the music coming from the Den and take their cheerleading outfits off. They were pretty drunk by now and were giggling while they stripped until they were naked. I had them do some more high kicks which was really fine. I even had them turn around and bend over flashing their wet pussies to me again.

That is when I moved to the end of the bed so I could feel them up and play with their bodies. We kiss each other while I put my arms around them to squeeze them together pressing their bodies together. I got them to do everything I wanted them to do to each other and to me. This was the first time I had gotten 3girls at the same time, so I wanted the other 2 girls to participate in the love making so I got them to hold each other's legs open for me, just like we did tonight. Also being with 3 girls at one time made me think of the assembly line idea that we did tonight, especially with the other girls holding their legs apart. When I had finally satisfied all the cheerleaders we all got dressed.

Afterwards I was in the Den getting a drink when the other 3 girls came up. I asked if they were having a good time and they said yes. Then I asked if the virgins were ready to become women and they embarrassingly said yes. I said then let's have a toast to becoming women tonight and poured them another cup of Margarita and had several toasts. They were all feeling good when I said time for all of us to go to the bedroom. Vicki asked "all three of us together" and I said why not. I just took all three cheerleaders back to the bedroom so why not all 3 of you, you won't be the first girls to do it. Plus, since Vicki has already told you how good I made her feel taking her virginity, now she gets to show you how good it feels, so I will take her first. This way you virgins will not be scared when it is your turn, in fact you will be begging me for it. With a little help from the Tequila they all agreed to go as everyone saw us going back to the bedrooms. I pretty much did the same thing to them as I did to the Cheerleaders except no cheerleading.

I could tell they were nervous so to break the ice I told them they could take my clothes off first which they did. Since they were on the knees when they pulled my pants down they ran their fingers over my hard dick. Then I lay on the bed so they could finish taking my pants off and told them to get to know Max (my name for my dick) because he will be the one to take their cherry. I did Vicki first then the virgins. I even had them hold each other's legs apart and do the assembly line thing just like with the Cheerleaders. When I told them I was doing them on the same spot on the bed that I had done the Cheerleaders it seemed to turn them on even more. Since everyone was having sex back then, group sex and even orgies were not uncommon then especially after the 60s. I got through with them right around 12:30 so it was time to take them back to their cars. Most girls had to be home by 1:00.

On the way back to town I got the cheerleaders to take the other girls home. This way I could go directly over to Cathy's house. I got there right at 12:50 like I said I would. The 2 girls were waiting in the Malibu and took me around back of the house into the Den. I had brought a quart plastic jug of the Margarita Cocktail from the party and 6 cups for refreshments to get the girls going. As we were drinking and getting to know each other they said they wanted me to come to their party and knew with so many girls wanting me the only way to get me was to offer me something special, so they offered themselves.

I noticed a string strung across the end of the room with a bed sheet hanging over it. I asked what that was for and they said it was where I was going to take each girl. As we drank the Margarita and some help from Tequila again I convinced them that losing your virginity was to be shared and celebrated because it is the second most important time in a girl's life except being born, and you were naked then too. Plus I told them they could see me do their non-virgin friends first so the virgins knew what to expect and not be scared when it was their turn and they finally agreed. This is when I realized that I could talk multiple girls into having sex with me at the same time. I could tell they were only wearing T shirts so it didn't take long to get them all naked.

I did the 2 girls that weren't virgins first so they could show the virgins how wonderful sex could feel and not be scared. It was fun discovering which girls were virgins. With 5 girls together I had a chance to test the assembly line idea and it worked out great especially with the girls holding each other's legs apart just like we did tonight. I finally left to go home around 3:00 AM dead tired.

This night ended up to be one of the most memorable and pivotal nights of my life to that point. To begin with, this was the first time I had 11 girls in one night, but I had 41 girls tonight. So you can see how far I have progressed since then. Second was the first time I had 3 girls at one time, also 3cheerleaders at one time, was the first time I had 5 virgins in one night and 3 virgins at one time, but I had 8 virgins tonight so you can see I have always had a steady supply of virgins. Also the first time I had 5 girls at one time, so I got to test the sex assembly line idea that we used tonight. Since it was the first time I had used girls to hold other girl's legs apart it made the assembly line idea possible. So as you can see a lot happened that night, in fact things really got going after that night, especially the spring semester when I didn't have to practice football.

When I got to college, girls were even got more sexually aggressive. We were having parties in the Den at the Athletic Dorm my freshman year. Then last year everyone kept telling us how lucky we were because we could have all the girls we wanted on campus, so we thought we would see if they were right, and they were. We had sex with almost 1,000 different girls last year and over 90% of the girls we asked to have sex with us did so, I would say it was a success.

Bill explained for some reason he has this charisma that attracts girls and gives him power over us. Just look at tonight, me and the guys had 41 girls without even trying. All of you wanted to be here tonight didn't you and we all answered yes. Did you like it and we answered yes. This is the way it has been for me most of my life. It just happens and I don't know why but I like it and so do the girls.

As Bill continued talking to us, he said the other reason for having so many girls last year was he needed a large sample of girls to study, compare and pick from, to see which ones he liked best for sex, best looking, best bodies and most fun to be with, like an audition. These were the girls we were looking for to join our group this year in my quest for creating the perfect girls, so we needed to find the perfect students to start with. That is why I told all of you tonight about my study of girls, because I kept trying to find the perfect girl but couldn't. So it appeared to me that I would have to create the perfect girls and being with new girls every night did not work. So I want to be with all of you every week and get to know all of you personally; mind, body, spirit and sexually. Through the teachings of Zen and my experience with girls I am going to create the perfect girls, and all of you are going to be those girls and we all let out a cheer. The perfect guys attract perfect girls, together we will have the perfect season.

So from all the girls we were with last year, your sorority had the best girls along with 3 other sororities. Sororities already screen and select only the best girls to begin with, and from what I can see, your sorority knows how to pick the most beautiful girls. Also from what I see, Sororities girls have the best looking bodies because you're all in the perfect shape, just look at each other, which we did. Sorority girls are smart because they come from nice high class families so they make better grades. Smart is important because we like being around smart girls to stimulate our minds so we can talk and communicate with you plus all of you will have to learn Zen. You will have homework and have tests. Sororities also like girls from rich families, so they are high class, and we like doing Daddy's little rich girls, only the best for me and the team. Sororities also have the most virgins which I like. It is also good that all of you already know each other so you are friends and get along better more like a team.

Another reason for being with so many girls last year is I got to practice and perfect the way I make love to girls and how to take them to nirvana. Then I taught perfection to all the guys on the team. So the loving you experienced tonight is the culmination of years of studying and practicing. That is why I told you about my life, to understand my dream of perfection. I also wanted you to know how perfect my life has been and how I share my perfection with the people around me like the football team. So I plan to share my perfection with all you girls, so you can experience what perfection feel like, just like we did tonight. Did you like the way you felt tonight and we all gushed yes. That is due to all of you experiencing my perfection tonight and it will get better the more we are around each other. Also I wanted to show all of you how much experience I have with girls, because girls like guys with experience, it turns them on.

So to be perfect we need all of you to give yourselves to us completely, mind, body and spirit. The other players and I will be your Zen teachers and masters, so all of you will have to obey and submit to all our commands. Since the team is perfect that means all of the players are perfect which means we are qualified to teach all of you to be perfect so we can surround our selves with perfection. In Zen it is required that all students be completely loyal and obedient to Zen and their Zen masters. That means we will have complete control over you and your body. We will tell you what to wear and when to wear it, tell you what and when to eat, what to think, what to say, when to study, when to have sex, who to talk to and when to speak. This will all be necessary to teach all of you to be perfect. Do all of you agree to this and want to give yourselves to Zen, the team and your Zen masters and we all let out a yes. Then we will teach all of you perfection and this will make you a better person.

In fact all of you had your first Zen lesson tonight and that was to learn about your bodies, what they are capable of and how good they can make you feel. I bet you all didn't even know how good your body could feel or about nirvana before tonight did you, and we said no. So this is just the beginning of learning about your body and how to control your muscles to make you and your partner feel good. This will help all of you to discover your bodies and your selves. When you start understanding Zen then you can incorporate Zen into your every day life. Zen is a state of mind. Bill had me so mesmerized and spell bound that I just hung on to every word he said, this is why I can remember everything he said so well.

Right now your bodies are at their peak physically along with mine and the other guys on the team. During my years of studying girl's bodies I observed how they have developed to what they are today. When I was in 4th grade I met 3 girls that lived in the neighborhood and we became good friends and we still are today. We were just friends back then so nothing happened, but I would see them in bathing suits during the summer at the city pool, so I could see what their bodies looked like. I noticed when they were around 11 years old they started growing in height and were even taller than me. They got all lanky and skinny because their bones grew first. After they reach their maximum height right about the time they reach puberty, their bodies start to develop. Girls get meat on their bones and their breast start to grow. This continues until they were around 17 or 18 years old, except their breast continue to grow until around early 20s. So your bodies are fully developed and at their peak right now, but your minds are still catching up to your bodies. So you're learning about your bodies now and since girls bodies are very complicated we are here to teach you about them and what they are capable of. I went through junior, senior high school and even college with these girls and still see them today. In fact one of the girls is the first girl I made love to, so we lost our virginity together. I even saw them last week, so I got to watch their bodies develop into womanhood together. So as you can see I know all about girls' bodies inside and out.

Your bodies are as perfect now as they will ever be, and me and the guys want to enjoy them and teach you about them to make you more perfect. Another reason why the guys and I took so many pictures of your naked bodies tonight was to document and prove that Zen and I can create the perfect female body. So I need before and after pictures to show and compare how more perfect you will be and to prove my experiment works. So when you compare the pictures at the end of the semester you will see the difference and will love it. Plus I have learned that girls like showing off their naked bodies and having pictures taken naked because girls are exhibitionist, especially when their bodies look like yours.

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