My Friday Night


A true story, though the names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent...


"Why don't you get dressed?" I suggest, knowing that he had been waiting for me to tell him to change. Wanting it.

Earlier, as we settled into our room, he had stripped down to his shorts so he could put on the chastity device, and gave me the key. We lay on the bed for a while, watching "Story of O." Female submission is something that goes against my nature, and so I found it difficult to really get into the film. I was also finding it hard to concentrate as I lay there in lingerie, he in his white t shirt and boxers, knowing that beneath the cotton was a cock caged in metal rings and leather straps - mine, to do with as I pleased.

Wanting to be closer, I sat up and positioned myself so that his body was between my legs, knowing that he would touch them, wrapped in thigh high fishnets as they were, with little black bows along the seam that runs up the back of my calf. They were held up by garter straps attached to a black bustier with pink accents. I put on his collar. (Later, in the throes of my orgasm, I would grab and pull at that collar to the point of nearly choking him - no safe word was uttered, so I didn't hold back.) We watched the movie a little longer, and I idly ran my fingers through his hair, around his collar, over his shoulders.

Then, I told him to get dressed.

I watch him get ready. A pair of black panties. The black slip with lace at the hem and neckline.

"These are the slutty ripped stockings from last time," he remarks as he searches for the second thigh high in his bag.

"I like that they're ripped. They make you look like a whore," I tease. I'm glad he saved them, since we inadvertently left the pile of other stockings in last week's room after we sorted through what he calls the travel version of Caligula's sex pit, paring it down to one laundry basket of lingerie, shoes, restraints, and the little cardboard box of dildos that occasionally turn themselves on when jostled in the backseat of his car while he's driving. Bzzzz.

As he pulls the second stocking from his bag, another item trails along.

"What's that?"

"Garter belt."

I'm sure my eyes light up. He hasn't worn a garter belt for me before. "Put it on. I want to see."

He moves away from the desk, so I can't see him around the corner, but I can see his reflection. Bent over, hair hanging over his face, putting on the piece. "I can see you in the mirror..."

He disappears into the bathroom for a few minutes. I smile, finding it endearing that he was embarrassed to have me watch him put it on. When he emerges, he clips the leash to his neck.

"Show me." He barely lifts the hem of his slip. "Show me more, I couldn't see! Now, turn around and show me the back." He complies, then shuffles over to the bed, kind of ducking his head in that self conscious way he has when he's in sub-mode. In every day life, Nick is an outgoing, confident guy, which he reverts to as soon as I make him cum. But when that lock clicks shut and it's time to play, he's a little sissy cross-dresser who wants nothing more than to lick my pussy and let me use his body any way I wish. And that's what makes it so damned sexy.

He lays next to me on the bed and we kiss, our hands wandering. I run my hands over the smooth fabric of the slip, imagining that he likes the feel of it moving across his skin, and I am delighted by the sharp intake of breath that I hear when my fingers barely graze his caged cock. Usually, I like to take my time and use my hands and mouth all over his body, lick and suck on his cock through the leather and metal device, and drive him absolutely crazy with lust. But I decide that tonight, I will begin the tease by avoiding his cock.

His fingers stroke my pussy lightly over my panties, and his touch makes me want more. I tell him to put his fingers inside of me. I know that he wants to taste, but I like making him wait.

Most men would beg a woman to stroke him, to suck him, to let him fuck her. But this man, he begs to be told to eat pussy. He will lick and suck until he has to come up gasping for air. I can tell how much he loves it because he is so fucking good at it, and it turns him on so much it makes his cock drip.

When I need a break, I sit up, and he is on his knees near the edge of the bed, waiting to be told what to do next. My juices are on his face, and I kiss him, reaching down to run my thumb over the tip of his cock, knowing that it will be slick with precum. I slide my thumb between his lips, then cradle his face in my hands, kissing his mouth, his jaw, his face.

"You are so fucking beautiful, you know that?" I murmur as I kiss his mouth.

"What?" he asks softly.

I turn his face so that I can speak into his ear. "I said, you are so fucking beautiful."

"Thank you, Goddess."

"Now lay down."

"Yes, Goddess," he whispers, laying face down in the pillows.

I use my lips and hands to explore his body, starting at his neck and shoulders, and then moving lower, sliding up the back of his slip to expose his panties, which he has pulled on over the garter belt. I know that he wants me to fuck him. I feel like I'm unwrapping a gift as I slide his panties down to his thighs, exposing the black lace of the garter belt, framing his sexy ass, and I can't help smiling. I know that many people would not understand why this sight is so erotic and beautiful to me, but those of you reading this will need no explanation.

I run my hands over his ass cheeks and down his stocking-clad thighs and calves, touching and kissing. Nick has told me that he had never experienced domination quite like my style - that I make him feel subjugated and yet adored, when I'm the one who is supposed to be worshipped. But this is just how I am. This is how I express my ownership of him, my love, my appreciation for his willingness to give himself to me and please me. Yes, I can and will use his body to make myself feel physical pleasure. But there is a feeling of power in bringing a man to a state of arousal where every caress of my fingers or lips or tongue or teeth on his skin make him gasp with pleasure. It goes far beyond the arousal that one feels by simply turning on their partner.

I lay my cheek against his skin, running my fingers across the light layer of soft hairs on his cheeks. "I love seeing your hairy ass in a garter belt and stockings, with your panties pulled down like a little whore."

"Do you want me to shave my ass?"

"No! No way, I don't want you to look like a woman. I want a man dressed in lingerie. And men have hairy asses." I straddle his hips and lean forward to kiss his neck and shoulders as I tease him in that quiet, calm tone of voice that I use when I'm talking dirty.

"You are so sexy, face down, with that collar, and your panties pulled down, and your ripped stockings." I start moving my hips as he moves his ass beneath me, letting me know that his ass is mine, that he wants to be used. "You want me to fuck you, don't you Nick?"

"Yes, Goddess," he murmurs into the pillows.

"You want to be my little bitch, don't you? You want to be fucked."

"Yes," he breathes.

I go to my bag for my small dildo - it's slender, and about 6 inches long - and I tell him to get up so that I can sit at the head of the bed and position him over my lap. He is on elbows and knees, face down in the pillows once more, and his caged cock is between my thighs, his ass on beautiful display, framed by black lace and garter straps. I drizzle lube onto his skin, letting it run down the crack of his ass, and use my finger to rub it over his asshole, then slide my finger inside of him. I move in and out, then slide in as deep as I can go, running my free hand over his back, asking him if he likes it, if it feels good.

I want to fuck him, I want to use my strap-on, but for me, the preparation is a huge part of what turns me on about assplay. I have a fetish for male ass, I enjoy taking my time, but I also want the experience to be pleasurable for him. I don't just want him to LET me fuck him, I want him to WANT me to fuck him. And so, I take my time to lube him up and stretch him. Too much lube is just enough, when it comes to anal.

I pour some lube onto the dildo, and it drips down onto him, and onto my thigh. I grab his left ass cheek with my left hand so that I can have a look at his asshole as I position the toy and start to press inside of him. I move the dildo in and out, slowly moving a little deeper each time, asking him if he likes it, enjoying the groans and the way that he's moving his ass back, wanting more.

Hearing his deep, sexy voice as I work the toy inside of his ass, telling me to fuck him, telling me to go deeper, is such a turn on. The entire dildo is inside of him, my fingers are slick with the lube, and I pull the dildo out, then slide it back in, fucking him slowly, and he tells me that he feels like he's going to cum.

He had told me in the past that he had never had an orgasm while locked in chastity. I don't want him to cum yet, so I stop moving the dildo and leave it buried in his ass. I can't help teasing a little, pressing on the end, and caressing his skin, taking a moment to appreciate the sight of this man, bent over my lap, dressed in lingerie, and on the verge of having an orgasm without having his cock touched.

And then, it happens.

"I'm going to cum," he groans, and I watch in disbelief as an orgasm overwhelms him, and I am fucking loving it. I have made a man cum before with my fingers inside of his asshole, without touching his dick, and it was an extremely gratifying experience. Nick had clenched the toy, wanting to keep it inside of himself, and after how close he had come to orgasm while I was fucking him with it, it was just enough to put him over the edge.

He sits up, and I look down because I want to see his load on the blanket. I reach down and feel the cum on my left inner thigh, on my stockings, and look up at him, smiling. "I've got cum on my left leg and lube on my right."

He laughs, and is embarrassed that he came so quickly, but he hadn't masturbated all week... Though I like to think that even if he had, perhaps he still would have cum like that, like a sissy bitch, bent over my lap with a dick up his ass, locked in chastity...

Because I'm good at what I do.


As always, would love your feedback. Please take a moment to rate my story if you loved it! I've never posted a true story before... hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed living it ;)

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