My Friend


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I met her at Rick's house, at a party he was throwing celebrating his youngest kid moving out of the house. I had planned to stop in for a quick drink to congratulate my friend and then quickly head home. My house was empty, the party coincided with my wife's annual trip to visit her "friend," a situation I disliked, but was unable to do much about.

Finishing a beer, I noticed an attractive woman across the room and asked my friend about her. He confided that she was a friend of his wife's, but he didn't know her very well. I considered going over and talking to her, but hesitated and then decided to let it drop.

I was walking out to my car when I heard a voice, "I live just down the street, will you walk me home?"

Turning, I saw her standing on the drive looking right at me.

"Excuse me," I replied, wondering if she actually spoke to me.

"I asked if you would walk me home, it's not very far.

"Ah... sure, I don't have anything else to do tonight."

The walk was short and our conversation was fairly light, mostly about my friend and how she had met them. I figured the exercise was nice, and it was fun getting to know this attractive woman. I was a bit disappointed when we arrived at her house.

I walked her to the door and was about to say goodbye when, in a blur, she leaned and I felt the lightest pressure on my lips. She opened the door and was about to disappear inside, when suddenly she turned and said, "Look, I don't normally do this, but would you like to come in?"

Without a word, I stepped through the door. I sensed a change between us as the door closed behind me, a tension hung in the air. She stood close to me, very close and without a word, she leaned her head to me again. We immediately embraced in a kiss, my tongue entering her eager mouth, tasting her. My hands combed through her hair as I pressed my erection against her body. In a moment, she pulled back, and turned as if to lead me upstairs.

I stepped to follow her, but then she stopped and turned, "No, right here," she gasped, pulling me against her. I lowered her onto the stairs and unbuttoned her blouse. The bra's clasp was in the front, but she deftly unhooked it and opened it up. I paused, gazing at her face... her breasts. I buried my head in the large, firm melons. I began sucking at her nipples. I heard her low voice urge me on, "Oh yes, yes. I want you now."

She had unbuttoned her dress and as I reached to pull off my shirt and unfasten my pants, she wriggled from under me, and took off her dress and panties. I pulled off my pants and, seeing her naked, I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me, burying my face in her pubic hair. Holding her tight to me, I lowered her back onto the stairs, and kneeling on the steps below her, I moved my mouth downward, finding her slit. She tasted... she tasted slightly salty and tangy. I paused only a moment and then continued. I circled my tongue on her clit as I felt her thrusting her hips up to me.

"Yes, that's it," she said, in that husky voice that turned me on so much. "I'm coming."

I slowed the movements of my tongue, but quickly slipped my finger inside her. I was transfixed, reveling in the pulsations inside her. I savored each movement, each sound, each fragrance, each taste of her, as the pulsations slowed, then stopped.

I stood up, and looking down upon her, her legs spread, her lips glistening, I pulled off my jockeys and moved toward her. She reached up and grabbed my erection, stroking the head. She stared into my eyes and spoke in her deepest tone, "I need you inside me... now!"

I collapsed onto my knees, leaned forward and she took my cock and guided it to her well lubricated lips. I pressed and felt the warm, wet, softness of her envelop me. I looked into her face as I slowly thrust deeper into her. The motion became the waves, rhythmic, liquid, building, pressing then withdrawing. I felt it rising within me, I pressed and withdrew, rising, and rising, closer and closer.

"Fuck me," she shouted and I released, forcing her body hard against the steps as I came. I shoved all my weight against her, between her legs, straining for depth. I wanted inside her, completely. I came and came, an endless splash of me... into her. In that momentary forever, she was, I was, we were...

I fell upon her and heard her moan. I felt a stinging sensation where her nails stabbed my shoulders. Only then did I feel the last of her pulsations subside. In a few moments, I rose up, stared into her face, closed my eyes and kissed her hard and long. As I dressed, she ran upstairs for a moment, returning in a loose fitting shirt.

Opening the door I told her goodbye and stepped onto her porch. She followed me, wearing only her shirt.

"Look, I know you're married," she said.

I felt my face flush, "Yes, but my wife and I..."

"I know about your agreement."

"You know about it? How?"


"Katie? Rick's wife?" I asked.

"Yes, she told me about your wife's trip."

"How did she know?" I was shocked.

She shrugged, "Look, my husband is off too. We don't have an agreement, but I know what he does. I finally decided it was my turn."

I stared at her, not sure what to say. "I... I don't..."

"Don't say anything. I enjoyed making love to you, maybe we can do it again sometime."

Smiling I replied, "Yes, I'd like that."

She smiled and waved as I headed down the sidewalk.

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