tagIncest/TabooMy Friend Rusty Pt. 02

My Friend Rusty Pt. 02


This story is a descriptive narrative that contains Incest, Anal, Vaginal and Homosexual content. If this is not what you are looking for, please go back and select another story. All participants in this story are to be considered over 18 years of age and all acts are consensual.


Rusty and I had been friends since the 2nd grade and here we are some 12 years later in bed with his mother.

My name is John and I'm an average kind of guy. I mean I'm athletic and strong, well built, 6'-0" tall and weighing around 180 lbs. Rusty on the other hand was a small boy, 5'-7" or so and around 120 lbs. He had always been a small boy and that's how we met, I saved him from a bunch of bullies.

Rusty had a fantasy of fucking his mother and at my insistence, he asked her for sex. She shot him down but told him if he wanted me to fuck her, then Rusty could watch. Hence, the situation we find ourselves in now.

I had fucked his mother and loaded her pussy full of sperm, which Rusty quickly licked out. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, Rusty is a transvestite, dressing in sexy lingerie. He wears them daily. He has expressed homosexual tendencies but we've never put any of those thoughts into action. I'm strictly heterosexual, or so I thought.

I have a severe nylon stocking fetish. I always insist that the women I fuck wear real nylon stockings. No pantyhose or those cheap thigh high stockings but the real thing. Black non-stretch, 10 denier, RHT or Full fashion stockings. Personally I prefer the FF stockings with a Cuban heal. Combine that with a black garter belt with eight fasteners and black four inch high heels and I'm as hard as a rock.

So, after fucking Rusty's mom, she blew us both and we were resting on the bed. Rusty's mom was in the middle and we were on either side of her.

Now Rusty had revealed to me his inclination toward transvestitism and homosexuality prior to us having sex with his mother. So he was dressed as she was. Black garter belt and black stockings. His mom was wearing RHT stockings but Rusty, who knew my inclination for Full Fashion stockings, was wearing those. He was visually taunting me! Now who's the bully?

When Rusty would push his rather small dick and balls between his legs, he actually looked like a girl.

Rusty's mom was hand stroking our dicks. Mine was getting hard again but Rusty's was spent. Soon his mother stopped rubbing it and he pushed it between his legs and started rubbing his mom's stocking clad legs.

I knew what I wanted next, that scrumptiously round butt. My dick was now hard again.

"Mrs. Wade, roll over and get on your knees, butt in the air, head on the pillow" I commanded.

"Please John, call me Rhonda. I think we are on a first name basis now, don't you?"

"Yes, I guess so."

To my surprise, both Rusty and his mom obeyed the command to get on their knees.

I got behind his mom and spread her stocking clad legs apart. I could feel the soft, smooth fabric of her stockings against my legs. Marvelous.

"Be gentle" his mother pleaded softly, "No one has ever done this to me before."

"Me neither" Rusty chimed.

Rusty reached over to the night stand and grabbed a tube of KY jelly and smeared it in and around his asshole. He then handed it to his mom who did the same.

"Rusty buddy, I'm not going to fuck your ass."

"Why not?"

"Because you're a guy."

"Do I look like a guy right now?"

I had to admit, he just looked like his mom from this angle but still, come on. I'm not fucking another guy.

I had been stroking her legs while she was lubricating her ass and now I was ready for action.

I placed the head of my dick against her well lubricated asshole and slowly pushed forward. I watched as the head of my dick disappeared into her ass and her rim hole closed around my thick cock.

"Slowly" she moaned.

I pushed forward a little more. Inch by inch I penetrated her ass until I was completely buried. I heard her exhale and I waited while she caught her breath. Pulling back I heard her moan and felt her tighten her sphincter muscle around my dick. Again I waited just a minute to allow her ass to adjust and then pushed back in a little more quickly. After a few more strokes, I was moving at full speed and she was moaning like a sick cow. I reached around, found her clitoris and squeezed hit had between my forefinger and thumb. Her body shook as she climaxed. Her juices were flowing down her legs.

"Rusty, lick your mother's legs."

He dutifully moved under her and did a good job of licking her clean.

"Lick her pussy" I commanded and he started immediately to do so.

"Oh god" she moaned, "I can't take this... too much... too much... oh god, yes, oh no, yes, yes, yes."

I felt her climax again.

"Please stop" she begged, "I can't take any more."

"Yes you can bitch" I snarled. "You take this and more."

"Rusty keep going buddy. Make her cum so much, she won't be able to walk. After this, she'll be begging us to fuck her every day."

"Yummy" Rusty whispered.

I could feel him licking and stroking her pussy.

I was ramming her ass at full speed now, not holding anything back.

She climaxed again, shaking so badly that I almost lost control but she didn't say anything else. She just kept moaning and sighing. She was making an "oomph" sound now every time I stroked her ass.

"I can't stand it any longer" Rusty complained as he got back on his knees. "Fuck me too."

"I told you buddy, no, I'm not fucking a guy."

"Helloooo, do I look like a guy wearing these Full Fashion nylon stockings and a garter belt? Fuck me please John, please?"

I hesitated for a moment. Looking at his butt in the air and his seamed stockings my mind was whirling. Damn him for wearing full fashion stockings. He knows I can't pass that up.

"Yes John, please fuck Rusty" his mother said softly. "I need a break."

I weighed it over and rationalized that it was just like a girl's ass and moved over behind Rusty.

"Oh thank you..." he moaned as I placed the head of my dick against his asshole.

"Just shut up Rusty. Don't remind me that it's you I'm fucking."

I pushed in and he was so relaxed that it slipped all the way in without harm.

"Wow, have you been doing this a lot? I mean, should I be wearing a condom?"

Rusty chuckled, "No, I had a cucumber up my ass all day in anticipation."

"A what?"

"A cucumber. I've seen you in the shower at school. I knew how big you are, so I got the thickest, longest cucumber I could find at the store, lubed it up and pushed it up my ass. I was hoping this would happen tonight."

I started pumping his ass without mercy.

"Oh sweet Jesus" he moaned.

Like with his mother when I reached around and found her clitoris, I reached around his little waist and found his penis. I stroked it a few time and he climaxed right away.

"Oh thank you..." he moaned.

Rusty's mom was still on her knees, butt in the air with her head resting on her pillow.

I pulled out of Rusty and went back into his mom's ass. I quickly stroked it about ten times and then moved back over and fucked Rusty's ass about ten strokes. Then I started going back and forth between them, ten strokes each.

Rusty reached up and started pulling his penis in an effort to cum.

"Stop that" I commanded. "Put her hands under your head and leave them there. You do not have permission to fondle yourself."

Rusty instantly obeyed.

A couple of back and forth trades later and Rusty climaxed on his own without touching himself. His mother climaxed two times before I was ready to cum.


"Yes sir?"

"Do you want me to cum in your ass...?"

"Oh yes please."

"Or do you want me to cum I your moms ass and you lick it clean?"

"Oh... cum in moms ass. I would love to clean that out."

"You're a sick puppy" I smirked.

Pulling out of Rusty, I went back to his mother and jack hammered her ass until I cummed, filling her ass with spurts of hot, fresh semen.

When I pulled out, I fell backwards, almost tumbling over the edge of the bed. His mother fell forward, exhausted.

Rusty quickly got behind her and spread her legs.

"More mom" he stated as he pushed on her legs and she moved them further apart.

He then dove, tongue first into her ass, licking up my semen and her anal fluids.

I was rubbing my limp dick against the back of her stocking clad leg. I was going to use her feet to rub against but they were still covered in Rusty's semen. I still wasn't ready to rub my dick across another guys cum. No sloppy seconds for me.

I was watching Rusty lick his mom's ass and thinking that I might have gone too far by fucking Rusty's ass.

Rusty finished and his mother didn't move.

"You okay mom?"

She sighed, "Yes honey, just tired and sore. John rode me harder than I expected. My ass had never been penetrated before and I've never had a man as big as John fuck me. Your dad never was much for worrying about my feelings. He was more of the 'get on top and cum' type. Often I would have to finish by masturbating but between you and John, I'm real happy right now."

Rusty curled up next to her and was stroking her hair.

My dick was getting hard again. Hey, I'm young and it just recovers quickly.

Rusty noticed my dick and said, "Would you like for me to blow you?"

"No!" I said, shocked.

"It's no different than when mom does it" he said, "Close your eyes and you'll never know the difference."

I looked down at my hard dick and thought, 'What the hell, I've gone this far."

"Rhonda, do you feel up to sucking my dick again?"

"If Rusty wants to do it and you don't mind, I'll just rest a little while longer."

I rolled onto my back and Rusty eagerly descended on my erect penis.

I closed my eyes and felt his lips close around my penis as he slid down my shaft. He worked his way back up and then started going up and down on me. I could tell the difference. Rusty was totally inexperienced. It was nowhere near as good as his mother's blow job but it did feel good. I don't know if it was his inexperience or me having my dick sucked and fucked all evening but I wasn't near ready to cum. Poor Rusty dutifully sucked my cock. Five minutes. Ten minutes. Fifteen minutes. Finally I felt cum building up inside of me and I just let it come. It surprised Rusty when I spirted in his mouth. He tried to capture it all but couldn't and it dribbled down his chin and into his cupped hand.

He wiped his chin with his hand and then licked cum off his fingers like he was finishing a fine meal.

His mom was still resting, face down on the bed, legs spread, pussy exposed.

I laid down next to her and started rubbing her stocking clad legs. I moved up and was rubbing her buttocks. I slipped my hand down to her pussy and pushed two fingers in. His mother didn't protest. I started finger fucking her as I wrapped my leg around hers and pushed my dick against her stocking clad leg. I was humping her leg like a dog while finger fucking her. Pretty soon I heard her start to moan.

"Please don't... not again... I need rest..."

I pushed three fingers in her pussy.

"Please" she moaned but I noticed that she was moving her hips, pushing back as I finger fucked her.

She moaned several more times and then tensed up and climaxed. I continued to hump her leg.

I held my hand out toward Rusty. He sniffed at my fingers and pulled them close and started licking them.

"Get over here and clean your mother up."

Rusty crawled across us in a flash and was licking her pussy, which made her start humping again.

"Go for it Rusty, make her cum again."

"No... please... I can't... too much..." she moaned but Rusty kept that tongue darting in and out of her.

"I need to cum" she stated and soon thereafter climaxed.

We were all spent now. Rusty gently but thoroughly licked his mother's juices and he move over to the other side of me.

My dick wouldn't get hard again. It was about half full and was leaving cum smeared on her stockings, which I liked because it made it so much more enjoyable.

We all fell asleep.

I woke in the morning. It was a sun shinny day. I could hear the birds chirping outside the window and it took me a second to get orientated. I looked around. No Rusty, no Rusty's mom.

I rubbed my head and then felt of my dick. I had a morning woody. I went to the bathroom and relieved myself and then took a shower.

I had a towel wrapped around my waist as I went back into the bedroom. I could smell bacon frying.

Rusty came into the room, dressed as a guy.

"Oh good, you're up. Mom said to tell you breakfast is ready."

"I'll dress and be right down."

I found my underwear and then my pants, socks and shirt. Once dressed I headed for the kitchen.

His mother was standing at the stove, frying bacon and cooking scrambled eggs. She was dressed as usual. A nice dress, tan stockings and tan high heels.

I walked over to her and kissed her neck.

"Boy you smell good" I said.

"It's the bacon perfume, draws all the boys" she giggled.

We all laughed and I sat down at the table.

We ate breakfast and talked about our plans for the day. No one mentioned our sex orgy the night before.

"Well, thank you for breakfast Rhonda" I said as I got up from the table. "I guess I'd better head home."

I stepped in and kissed her passionately.

"I hope to see you again."

"Soon" she said, "Very soon, like this afternoon or tonight? I've already washed my black stockings and they're ready to go whenever you are."

"Okay, I'll see you around 4PM today. Is that okay?"

"Oh yes" she cooed.

"Oh yes" Rusty added.

"Rusty, you and I need to talk" I said as I headed for the door.


"Yes now."

I kissed Rhonda again and headed for the door.

He followed me outside and we sat on the front porch steps.

"You know I can't keep doing what we were doing last night. I just can't do that again."

"Why not? Did I do something? Did I offend you?"

"It's not anything you did and you didn't offend me..."

"Then why not?"

"Because, guys don't fuck or suck each other" I told him.

"You don't have to do anything. I'll do whatever you like. You can fuck my ass. I'll suck your dick. No complaints. I loved it. You tasted so good."

"Stop it Rusty, that right there is the reason. Guys don't talk about how good the other guy's sperm tasted."

"But I'm not really a guy" Rusty pleaded. "I'm a girl. I'll have my dick cut off if it offends you."

"No, Rusty, please don't do that. I'm just saying..." I could feel that I was losing this battle.

"We'll talk about it again this afternoon. Think about what I said."

"Okay" Rusty said dejectedly, "But you think about what I said too."

"I will buddy" I said as I got up and walked down the sidewalk, heading for home.

I started not to go back that afternoon but then decided I wanted to fuck his mother and have her wonderful mouth around my dick again.

Around 4PM I was knocking at Rusty's door.

"Come on in John" I heard Rusty say.

I stepped through the doorway and closed the door behind me.

Rusty and his mother were sitting on the sofa, both wearing a dress, black stockings and black high heels.

I just couldn't help but laugh, not in an insulting way but rather in a disbelief way.

"Well John" his mother stated, "You have two very anxious ladies here that need a strong young man to satisfy them."

"Am I supposed to choose?"

"Oh heavens no! We're both here at your pleasure. Whatever you want to do, we want to do too" his mother stated.

"Really?" I said.

"Yes, Rusty and I talked about this. I agree that he, well she is more comfortable as a girl. She will be wearing a dress and stockings when at home. Over time, maybe we'll venture out and let her get used to the world as a girl but today, we're both here ready to service you."

"Okay, off with the dresses."

They both jumped up and started taking their dress off. They took them off and laid them on the chair near the door. They were not standing next to each other wearing garter belts, stockings and high heels. Neither had on a bra or panties.

"Okay ladies" I said and I saw Rusty's eyes light up when I called him a lady, "I want to see some action. Sixty-nine position. I want to see you suck each other."

Rusty's mom laid down on the sofa and Rusty got on top. He instantly started licking her clitoris and pussy lips while she pulled his hips down so she could suck his dick. After a few minutes I noticed that Rhonda's hips were moving as Rusty licked her. Then I noticed that he was humping her face as she sucked his dick.

"I don't care if you cum but don't stop until I tell you to."

I could tell that Rusty was going to cum first and I wanted to make sure she kept sucking him, even after he climaxed.

Sure enough, Rusty pushed down and creamed his mother's mouth with his semen but she wasn't too far behind him. I notice Rusty placing his open mouth over her pussy as she bucked up against him, filling his mouth with her juices.

I watched as they continued to suck each other for another five minutes.

"Okay ladies, I think you are both well lubricated." I pulled my clothes off and tossed them onto the chair with their dresses.

My dick was sticking out straight, all eight inches, like a flag pole.

Sitting in the winged chair near the sofa, I said "I want both of you over here, on your knees and take turns sucking my dick. I'll decide who the lucky recipient of yummy semen will be.

They both followed orders well enough and were licking and sucking my dick. When it was in Rhonda's mouth, Rusty was licking my balls and the base of my shaft. When it was Rusty's turn to suck my dick, Rhonda did the same as Rusty had done. This went on for about five to six minutes and I knew I was ready to cum. When it was Rusty's turn to suck me again, I grabbed his head and forced him down onto my dick, pushing the head of my dick to the back of his mouth. Rusty tried to keep sucking as I impaled his throat. A few bucks of my hips later, I sprayed his mouth with fresh, hot semen. He made some choking sounds but never tried to pull away. He swallowed all of it.

"Let's move this show to the bedroom" I said and we headed that way. I had a plan in mind and I wanted to see if it would work.

We all got up to move to the bedroom and I noticed Rusty and his mom kissing. She wanted some of that cum too.

"Rusty, take your position sitting in the chair" I said.

I could see he was pouting but he did as he was told.

"Now Rhonda, on the bed. I want to ream that pussy out."

She jumped on the bed and knowing that she was well lubricated, I took my now hard again penis and shoved it in her pussy, going straight down to the hilt.

I heard her gasp but she didn't make a sound as I started fucking her pussy. It was hot and soft. She was using her hips in conjunction with my thrusts and we were a great fucking team.

I lasted longer than the night before and she was beginning to beg me to stop.

"Please..., John..., I'm..., still..., sore..., down..., there..." she moaned out a word with every thrust. I didn't care if she was sore or horny. I was going to do what I wanted to do. Period.

"You should have thought of that before you asked me to come back this afternoon" I said unsympathetically.

Now was the time to put my plan in action. I pulled out of her and moved up the bed, pulling her face toward me I sank my dick into her open mouth. Her tongue was dancing around my shaft. It felt wonderful.

I turned toward Rusty and holding one fingers making an 'o' shape and using my other index finger going in and out of the hole, signaled for him to fuck his mother.

At first he didn't understand but then it dawned on him and he immediately got onto the bed. He pulled his mother's knees up and pushed them apart.

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