My Friend Sophie Ch. 01


Anna relaxes. Mr Marshall pulls out of me. "Nearly done, Sophie. I have to say you're doing better than I had expected. Stay on all fours now, but turn so you are facing off the edge of the bed. Anna, get ready."

I had thought Anna was well and truly finished but as I shift position I see her get off the bed, go to her handbag and take from it a frighteningly large strap-on dildo. In a businesslike way she puts it on and gets on the bed behind me. Meanwhile Pedro and Mr Marshall, both naked now, are standing in front of me with their hard cocks in their hands. As thay move towards me, Anna shoves the strap-on into me and I gasp. It's the biggest thing I've ever had inside me. She could really hurt me if she's not careful but she stays just the right side of that, thank God. I am just about getting used to being fucked by something so massive when the two men shove their cocks right in my face. "We both need sucking off, Sophie," says Mr Marshall.

What's a girl to do? I'm absolutely drunk on arousal now, it's all completely unreal. I don't rate my chances of giving a decent quality blow job to both at once so I have a dilemma of etiquette - do I start with Pedro as the birthday boy or Mr Marshall as my boss? Happy birthday, Pedro. I take his big swollen knob into my mouth and swirl my tongue around it. He says, "That's awesome, Sophie," which is kind of nice. At this point Anna could make my life really difficult but, in the world's least likely gesture of female solidarity, she is keeping her thrusts of the giant dildo slow and steady, no surprises. Cheers Anna, I owe you one.

After a short while Pedro lifts my head away from his cock and steps aside to let Mr Marshall in. I very carefully roll back his foreskin and give him the same treatment I gave Pedro. I hear Pedro say, "She's some cocksucker, huh Steve?" Mr Marshall says "Not bad at all." And you know what? I glow inwardly with pride.

So I carry on like this for a bit, switching between the two cocks on demand when suddenly Mr Marshall says "Sit up, Sophie." Anna pulls the dildo out of me - which is a fucking amazing sensation in itself - and I sit on the edge of the bed. "Both at once," says Mr Marshall.

Oh fuck. How to actually do this? They must realise that I'm a double-fellatio novice as they make it easy for me, standing close together at a slight angle so their knobs almost touch. Hmm. It occurs to me briefly that this whole episode is about the three of them using me as a medium through which to have sex with each other. I put such philosophical musings to one side and begin doing my best to lap at both cock ends at once. You know, I actually have a long tongue and it is certainly coming in useful this evening. They do not force themselves into my mouth (I think they know it would be no fun for anyone concerned) but let me lick and flick with my tongue and I can hear them breathing deeper and this is not going to take long now.

Ah, here we go. Well done, gentlemen. I wonder how they practise simultaneous ejaculation. It's an impressive trick. There's fucking gallons of it from both of them. Spurting, spraying, dripping all over my tits. I mean really all over. They wank themselves to get the last drops out. My boobs are just smothered with cum, it's dripping down onto my thighs and belly, getting everywhere. You hear the term in porn, "cum soaked slut". That's me, right there.

Then I realise - the pearl necklace. This is the long-delayed punchline of a visual pun. Quite the comedian, Mr Marshall.

He wipes his cock on my face. Pedro does likewise. My head is reeling. I've gone beyond orgasm into some state of weird transcendent horniness where climax ceases to matter and my whole body and mind are consumed by arousal. Still, let nobody say Mr Marshall is not considerate to a woman's needs. He says, "Sophie, if you need to come, feel free to masturbate."

He and Pedro are cleaning their cocks with towels from the hotel bathroom. Anna is pouring some more drinks. Now they've had their fun they seem oblivious to me so I lie back on the bed and start to play with myself. It takes me about ten seconds to reach orgasm and strangely it's not that intense. Just a very slight turning-up of the dial of my arousal which is already near its maximum. But the release still does me good. I lie there for a moment, getting my breath back. The spunk on my body, Anna's cunt juice around my mouth and my own secretions are drying. The smell of sex in the room is intoxicating. I look up and see that Anna has only poured three glasses.

"That'll be all, thank you Sophie," says Mr Marshall. "There's a car waiting to take you home. I'm afraid I'd like to reserve the shower and towels here for Pedro, Anna and me, so you'll have to get cleaned up once you're home."


I pull my underwear and dress on. Of course they get cum smeared all over them. My thighs are still sticky from my own juice. There is dried semen crusted on my chest (which the dress shows a lot of) and face. What the fuck am I going to look like walking through the hotel bar? I think I know the answer.

Anna, still naked, kisses me on the cheek. "Bye Sophie. You were good. You'd could be a hell of a fucking hooker, babe, if you ever wanted to."

Pedro, also naked, pecks me on the cheek. "Sophie, you were great. It was nice to meet you. Take care." Seems like a genuinely nice guy, under the circumstances.

Mr Marshall, with a towel round his waist, is more reserved but has a slight smile on his face. No kiss from him. "You did well, Sophie. I appreciate that. Rest up over the weekend and I'll see you at work on Monday."

I'm keeping my job. The deal has worked. Mr Marshall - stern but fair.

I leave the room. As the door closes behind me I'm sure I can hear the three of them laughing. Now, I suppose, he will sell some software.

I go down in the lift. I walk through the still-crowded hotel bar, not only dressed like a tart but with dried sperm visible on my face and breasts. What a fucking disgrace. And yet I feel exalted inside. The car takes me home. I go to bed naked, without showering, and masturbate myself to sleep.


Finally, Sophie paused. Her face was flushed - I'm sure she had become aroused. I certainly had. But she was also, clearly, extremely drunk. The telling of the story had given her some focus and momentum but now that was over I could see there was nothing much behind her eyes. I was pretty smashed too but I - sometimes to my own annoyance - have a sort of safety mechanism that kicks in and sobers me up if I realise someone with me is further gone than I am. I'm the one who looks after everyone else. It was late and the pub was closing. I called a cab.

"Sophie," I said gently, "we've had a few drinks. I can't let you go home alone like this. We'll get a cab to my place and you can stay in the spare room."

"Nonono Lee I'm fine I'll get the bus honest I'm fine."

"C'mon Soph, that would be crazy. You can crash in the spare room, yeah? Come on, pet ..."

She stood up, staggered, stopped herself from falling by grabbing the table. Smiled crookedly at me. "Yeah OK Lee, cheers. That's kind."

She fell asleep in the taxi and had to be shaken awake when we got to my place. Paul was away. I parked Sophie in the kitchen with a glass of water and quickly made up a bed in the spare room. I left there one of Paul's old t-shirts for her to sleep in, a towel, a new toothbrush, and a metal waste paper bin tactfully and tactically positioned by the bed in case she was ill in the night. I went down to the kitchen.

"Soph, your room's first right at the top of the stairs. Bathroom is opposite. Take a glass of water if you like."

She seemed to have sobered up very slightly, or at least realised how drunk she was. "Thanks Lee. You're right. Best to sleep. Listen babe, I hope you didn't mind me talking so much."

"Not at all, sweetie. It's fine."

"You could write that story, couldn't you, Lee? Send it to your porn story website thing? Sophie the submissive slut. That'd be good."

"Maybe, Soph."

"OK. G'night, Lee."

"'Night Sophie."

She made her way slowly to bed. Once movement up there had ceased I went upstairs myself. Now Sophie was safe I could feel how drunk I really was. I cleaned my teeth, drank some water, got into bed naked. When Paul is away I usually masturbate before I sleep. And given the incredibly sexual nature of the evening's conversation, it was no surprise that I was reaching for my clit almost before my head hit the pillow. I played with myself stealthily, needlessly conscious of Sophie in the next room - she was certainly dead to the world by now. And as I approached climax it was not sex with Paul that I was thinking of. Instead, my mind was filled with the image of Sophie's naked rump, raised up to receive punishment and reddening under a hail of slaps ... from whom? The entirely fictitious Pedro and Anna? The no doubt idealised Mr Marshall? Me? Paul?

Drunk, horny, excited and disconcerted, I made myself come and fell into a deep sleep.

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