tagGay MaleMy Friend's Black Anaconda

My Friend's Black Anaconda


This is a fantasy. Yes, it's based on some intimacies between a good friend and mine, but this particular event hasn't happened. Keep in mind this is a story about two young men having sex. It's not a great novel nor is it a very quick quickie. It's my first publication on this site and I pray to get some positive feedback! And now, to the story:

My name is Blake, and I've always loved storms. They're so mysterious and powerful. I love the many colors lightning may come in. The most interesting yet was bright pink and pale purple bolts flashing in mad dashes and aerial gashes across the black sky outside my narrow bedroom window.

My neighbor and one of my closest friends, Keith, said he liked rain but didn't like it when lightning would knock the power out. He was always alone and would get scared or bored, depending on the storm. Today, when the thunder started to roll, he called and asked if he could come and spend the night so he wouldn't be alone. I said fine. My parents didn't mind. They didn't know that I was gay (yet) so they didn't oppose to me having a boy in the house, alone. I would tell them when I turned 18 and could sleep with men anyways. I mean, I'm no whore, I'm stilla virgin, but I wouldn't be able to kiss a boy let alone blow him until his eyes bugged out.

I'm about six foot, one inch. I'm kinda lumpy but not fat. I'd say about 190 lbs. My entire body is hairy except my crotch. It got way too hairy for me so now I shave it. My hair is shoulder length and I straighten it religiously, even during stormy weather. Otherwise, Shirley Temple would have less impressive curls. Keith is about three inches shorter than I and a few pounds lighter. He has a round, happy face and hair two milimeters long. His skin is the color of dark chocolate, but his face, especially his lips, are more milk chocolate. His eyes are a dull green. They seem to do more contemplating than Keith does. Its not that he's smart, he's just way more impulsive. He moved here 6 months ago and within two he showed me pictures of his limp cock for fun. It was easily 3 inches longer than mine, and thicker. For a nine inch wonder, he didn't seem to have problems fitting it into places - both male and female.

He never openly hit on me. Flirt and joke, yeah, but that was mutual. We were friends and could talk, and I was fine with that... okay, that's bullshit, I wanted that cock so bad... I not only wanted my chocolate cake, I wanted to eat it to!

So, my mother and stepdad left until the next day to drop my little half brother off with Dan's parents. They lived four hours away so they were gonna stay the night and let Jake stay there for a few weeks. He's an annoying runt and I was grateful they were all gone.

I'm not a very brave person so I just assumed I'd fantasize about taking advantage of Keith, and then jerk off in the bathroom after he went to sleep. When he got here, we played some video games, ending up in a tie against each other, and towards one in the morning, we were in the middle of watching some stupid softcore porn - the kind where you don't see anything except the woman's breasts? Well, lucky for me there were two men as well, one of them drilling the man drilling the woman. They were moaning pretty loud and I noticed Keith not really bothering to hide his erection... while sitting with me on the plushy pleather couch in my room. The lightning was flashing outside over the in-ground pool, causing lights I wish I could get rid of, but my room has no curtain. It broke off a few years ago and we never replaced it.

Eventually, the threesome were reaching a really loud, and really phony climax. How cliche it was that a huge, stone shattering, ripping crack smashed over my house and the lights went out as if they died of fright. I heard Keith gasp.

"Fuck," he said, "Now what?"

I could hear the frustration and a little fear in his voice. I'm not sure if he was afraid of the dark or of storms, but whatever it was, I scooted a little closer to him. He did the same to me. I felt a little weird... actually hot... so I was grateful he couldn't see the growing bulge in my jeans.

I put my arm around him and said, "You don't mind, do you?"

"Oh.. no, I don't, thanks," and I guess he started to feel more comfortable when he laid his head on my shoulder. After a moment of silence, he said, "You know, those guys really didn't know what they were doing, just bumping around like that. Sometimes I think it's actually one big fake - you don't even really see anything except the woman's breasts!"

Boy, did I understand the frustration with softcore porn. "Well, that may be true but it still gets you aroused. I guess when it leaves so much to the imagination you can dream up any kind of cock you want. It can be longer and smooth, with a shiny head, or it can be wider, rougher, with more veins. It's actually quite fun once you get the hang of it," I said.

"Yeah, I guess you're right... I mean... I know it made me feel pretty hot..." and I was quite surprised when his left hand found my right leg and very gently squeesed up my thigh... my cock really jumped at that... I think my breathing got a little louder, because he stopped squeezin and it felt like he was going to end it... so I set my right hand much higher on his own thigh, and I squeezed back. This time, he responded by reaching higher and placing his hand right on my crotch. Oh GAAWD!, that felt so good! I couldn't help but do the same... except... when my hand fell on his cock... it wasn't IN his pants, it was sitting right there, semi-hard and hot and fleshy and the last thought I had before I went insane was, "How in the world did he do that without me noticing?!"

When he took his head off of my shoulder and pulled my face to his it really dawned on me how much bolder Keith was than I. His milk chocolate lips melted over mine as he sort of pushed me backwards, but pulled me closer, my hand never letting go of that burning hot shadow that I couldn't even see in the lightning flashes.

He kissed me pretty gently, giving me room to begin stroking his really hot staff. That nine inches seemed to reach above ten before he had to take his pants off or else risk discomfort. He fully undid his belt and pulled his dark jeans off and kicked them to the floor. I stood up and pulled his shirt off, and he did the same to me. He was just standing there and I think he was about to try and get MY pants off, but that would wait.

I grabbed his throbbing rod again, and sat down on the couch. Thankfully, the heights were close enough to where his cock was right in my face when I was sitting down. I breathed it in as I stroked him, and breathed hot air all over it. I kissed the tip and slowly licked it. That was when I realized his was, to my satisfaction, the kind of cockhead that was smooth and sensitive. He was cleanly cut, like myself, so I pulled his foreskin as close to the head as I could and brought four inches of it into my silently moaning mouth.

"Oh man," he whispered, "God that feels so good."

I thought to myself, "You ain't seen nothin' yet." I slowly pulled two more inches into my mouth, and then, I wrapped my teeth in my lips and closed tightly. As I sucked with all of my strength, I pulled his foreskin down, pulling up to his hot, sensitive head and sucking my strongest right there. He kept gasping as I felt his hands on my curly brown head. They pulled me down and I went, sucking with vigor.

I would need to warm up before deepthroating, so I went at it. I would pull up his foreskin and slowly suck my way back up, then go down and slurp him until I couldn't fit any more at the back of my mouth. He didn't try to force me further down, but I did have a surprise for him. As I sucked my way up I used my right hand to pull the spit down, moistening his entire tool while my left hand rubbed his full sack, which tighted with anticipation.

When I felt good and ready, I pulled off and took a very deep breath. I relaxed my mind and cleared my throat. When I went down, I slowly pushed beyond my six-inch limit, and I felt him slipping into my throat. He realized what I was trying to do and began pushing his hips and pulling my head down, very slowly, while I kept sucking it down. It was very hard to breathe, and I just kept pushing. My gag reflex kept making a cracking noise in my throat but I ignored it. I stopped where I was at eight inches and forced air in through my nose and then, I used both hands on Keith's hips and I just pulled him towards me with one full suck, and there I was, my nose burried in a very light dust of his pitch, black pubic hairs. My reflex resisted but I knew I conquered it. Once I got it all the way down it would just stop soon. I slowly pulled up, knowing I could still lose control, and then took a great big breath. "Oh my God," Keith said.

"We're not done yet," I said, before sucking in his tasty, slick knob and began sliding down again. Pulling his hips and sucking down I managed to get all nine inches down my throat again. His cock was the thickest I'd ever sucked and I felt sooooooo good at having been able to do it. I began to destroy my gag as I sucked him, going all the way down and pulling up a few inches to breathe and going back down again, sucking his entire, delicious black snake for all I was worth. I could taste his sweet leeking precum whenever I came back up and sucked on his tasty head. He was too sensitive to play tongue games, and I was too impatient for those sliding skin kisses. Right now I had a delicious candy and I was going to suck this lollypop until I got to the creamy center.

Keith was thoroughly enjoying this: "Oh FUCK man! Oh shit! That's just soooo good, ooh! Ohh yeah! Fuck! Suck that cock! Suck it, harder! Oooooh, shiiiit!" The dirtier he talked the faster I went, until my neck was sore and my jaw was aching. I knew it had to end soon, so I kept going all the way down and sucking it, not letting up for 30 seconds at a time, and I just kept the faith. His fingers got tangled in my hair, not pulling it but pulling me down, while his hips kept going forward without my help. He was fucking my mouth and I couldn't have felt any better... or so I thought.

I thought he was getting close because his body kept racking and he started getting a little louder. I was so grateful there was no one home and a thunderstorm was still roaring outside. It made it seem all the more powerful. In the darkness I could barely see his body, the flashes of lightning often surprising me as to where I was on his cock. When it seemed bigger, I mentally roared at the challenged and forced him down, and when he seemed smaller I started to savor him more, before I felt it... a thudding sensation inside the belly of the beast in my mouth... I pulled backwards, sucking hard, feeling this hot fluid filling my mouth and I was so overjoyed at the taste. Most cum was tolerable at best or so salty it started my gagging again but THIS was a gift from God - flavorless as far as salt goes and hot, thick, and almost sweet, but bitter enough to enjoy. It was delicious and I let it fill my mouth, but he didn't stop. It kept coming and I started to swallow - OH my FUUUUCKING GAAAWD that's a great sensation!!! He was huffing as my stomach rumbled with the thunder - his steamy fluid bubbling in my body. He stopped thudding as the flow of the most delicious manjuice began to subside, much to my disappointment. I kept sucking his cock, but slowly, swirling the tastiest drink of life I've ever had throughout my mouth, before I had to finally let it slide down my happily abused throat.

He grew somewhat soft in my mouth, but he never lost his semi-erection. Once I'd fully cleaned him out of all of his cum, I pulled off, kissed his head and looked up at him. I could barely make out his eyes and mouth, but he was smiling. He pulled me up and kissed me. When it ended, he pulled my arm and we walked behind the couch towards the bed at the back of the room.

"We have so much more to do tonight, before that storm ends the screams don't have any more cover," he said wickedly. Damn this is going to be the best night with one of my best friends yet. Though I don't think he's just a friend anymore. Thank God I had the sense to buy my own lube and condoms and have them stashed away for such an unexpected occasion... heh heh heh heh hehe...

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by Anonymous

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by Spadger211/15/17

Absent Parents

Seems the kind of thing young boys get up to while the parents are absent.
Blackness seems to add to the excitement.
But it wasn't a love story, as such - just a sexual encounter.

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