tagGay MaleMy Friend's Boyfriend Pt. 02

My Friend's Boyfriend Pt. 02


Hey guys, this is the second part to the fun, depending on how much I write I /probably/ could go for a part 3 too! Idk, anyway enjoy.


I woke up the morning after with a killer hangover and aches all over my body. Last night flashed before my eyes, the alcohol, the weed, kissing and then later blowing James... Charlotte was going to kill me if she ever found out. I had to talk to him and make him promise to never tell her. Although he had just as much to lose as me.

After a few minutes of self-loathing in bed I dragged myself downstairs for some breakfast. Or lunch. I'd slept through all of my alarms. My heart dropped when I saw Charlotte and James there, she was on the counter, legs wrapped around him and they were making out. James was just in a pair of pajama pants, tanned body broadcast for everyone to see.

They pulled apart, slightly embarrassed, and I made an attempt not to stare. Not to think of last night and kissing my way down his body and pulling down the waistband of his tight boxers... Fuck. I could already feel myself getting hard. I mumbled hellos and all but ran past them to the cupboard, pressing myself against the counter to hide the boner and opening the cupboard by my head to hide my blushes. This was awkward. This was a big mistake.

Then I heard Charlotte leave, only one pair of footsteps walking to the door. Great. He was still down here. Better get the awkwardness over with. I shut the cupboard door and turned to him, making sure not to look at his body this time since my dick had only just subsided.

"Look-" I started but he cut me off.

"I'm not gonna tell her." He said flatly, then followed her out of the room. As hard as I tried to stop them my eyes trailed down his muscular back, down to his ass, the top of which just peaked out from the pants.

I sighed and banged my head on the cupboard door in frustration. I was an idiot.

For the rest of that day he was all I could think about. I stayed in my room for the whole day, mixing uni essays and jacking off to the thoughts of James and last night. Our dicks in each others mouths. His tongue on my ass. It was all so hot, I was so horny.

I fell asleep in the same horny, confused and frustrated state that I fell asleep in. And was woken up the next morning with a knock on my door.

"Mark?" It was James.

I groaned silently and stumbled out of bed, all I wore was a pair of boxers but whatever.

Nothing he hadn't seen before.

On the other side of the door he just wore a towel wrapped loosely around his waist. I wised I could see him fully clothed at some point because this was torture. He was close enough to lick. I'm sure he wouldn't put up much of a fight or complain once he felt my lips back on his neck, his body, his cock...

I shook my head.

"What?" I asked, coolly. Glad the door hid the tent growing in my boxers.

"Uh, sorry," He whispered, "I can't get your shower to work."

I sighed and pulled the door open, following him into the bathroom. He was stood in the way, and the shower was in an awkward position in the corner so I had to press up close behind him to reach it. I hoped he couldn't feel my erection pressed against his ass. Just fabric between our skin. Or part of me hoped he could feel it. Just like part of me hoped he could feel my hot breath on his neck as I leaned against him, my chest against his back, trying to reach the shower nozzle.

"Sorry I can't reach it with you in the way," I muttered.

He shuffled aside and I leaned in, twisting the nozzle and finally turning the shower on. As I stepped back I felt his hands on my hips and his lips on the back of my neck. He practically growled as he took both of my hands and pushed me against the wall, pinning them up above my head. The towel had slipped by now and I could feel his rock hard naked dick on my ass, his body against mine.

"What are you doing to me," He growled in my ear. "I'm straight, I shouldn't want you."

I moaned quietly as his kisses got rougher on my neck, shoulders and back. They turned to bites. He swung me around and pushed himself against my lips, keeping my hands pinned to the wall and grinding our hard cocks together: his out but mine still trapped in my underwear.

I pushed him away and tried to regain composure, clearing my throat.

"I should leave you to your shower..."

"Join me." He said, staring me in the eyes and grabbing the tent in my boxers firmly. His hand started to massage it and I swear I could've shot then and there.

I caved, melted under his touch, gave in. Whatever you want to call it, he had me wrapped around his little finger.

He pulled my boxers down and my dick sprang free. We made out, tongues dancing together, rubbing each other's dicks as we retreated into the shower. The warm water raining over us only made us more excited. More hot for each other. We started out just lathering each other up. He ran his hands down my toned chest, over my hard dick, slid along my ass and I did the same to him.

We moaned and trembled under each other's touch until he pushed me against the wall of the shower, hands on my waist. The cold tiles made me arch my back and wince, but I adjusted quickly. His mouth traveled from my lips, he nibbled my ear and kissed his way down my neck, down between my pecs and my stomach. He got to his knees and his hands gripped my firm ass as he kissed and licked and sucked everywhere around my dick. Until finally I groaned and pushed his head to it. My hands wrapped in his blonde hair as he took my rock-hard dick in his mouth and I pulled him down further. He gagged at first but clearly he'd took on board what he learned the other day. My cock slid in and out of his mouth, his tongue swirled around the head and then I'd thrust my hips again.

I couldn't help myself, I was so fucking horny.

"You turn me on so fucking much," I whispered to him. He didn't say anything but he moaned around my dick so I took that to mean "you too".

He was determined to fit every inch of my cock in his mouth, every time I thrust he'd use his grip on my ass to pull me even deeper in until finally I felt his nose in my pubes.

"Fuuuuck." I moaned, panting with pleasure as the steam rose around us and the shower kept pelting us with water. His hair was drenched and for some reason that made him even hotter. I pulled him back up by his hair and kissed him again. We were hot together. Really hot.

"So," he said between kisses and heavy breaths, "you seemed to like when I licked your ass the other night." As he said it he slapped my ass and gripped it, tight, drawing more moans from me.

"Yeah, do you want to do it again?"

He paused for a moment and nibbled my bottom lip before whispering in my ear,

"Do it to me."

I didn't need telling twice. He maneuvered himself and bent over, leaning his arms and face against the wall and extending his muscled ass and back out behind him, towards me. His legs were spread wide.

I gripped his ass and kissed my way quickly down his back, not wasting a moment. I was hungry for this. I stopped at the small of his back and kissed it gently, then slid my tongue out and glided my way down his crack. He yelped and twitched as my tongue grazed his puckered asshole but settled back down again. Then I slid it back up, slowly and teasingly, eliciting the same reaction but this time with a low moan drawn out from him too.

"Do it." He whispered to me, pushing his ass closer to my face, "eat my ass."

I drew my tongue back to his tight hole and flicked it quickly, back and forth and gaining speed. He was trembling and I could tell he wanted to moan louder if it wasn't for the girlfriend upstairs.

"Fuck Mark, that's amazing," He groaned, panting.

I pushed it further in, circling his hole and thrusting my tongue in and out of it, my hand traced its way down his taint teasingly and rubbed his balls, causing him to tense up and moan more. He was totally under my control. I slowed everything I did down and felt every tremble, every moan, every pant. My hand gripped his solid cock and slowly started jacking him off as I feasted on his ass.

I remembered the way he writhed when I slipped a finger in the other night, so I pulled away slightly, nibbling his ass cheeks a little as the hand not gripping his cock slid up his leg and stopped at his ass. I teased him, rubbing around, up and down, along his taint. Then I gave him what he was pushing his ass out further for and finally slid it in his tight hole. First one, but he opened up more, panting and groaning and begging for it so a second finger slid in too. He bucked and writhed under my control and my other hand jerked him off too.

He whispered something under his breath, all I heard was 'fuck' so I assumed it was just a moan of appreciation. But then he whispered it again. Louder.

"Fuck me, Mark."

I stopped everything I was doing in shock.

"I mean it, fuck, Mark I want it."

"Are you sure?" It felt wrong. Blowjobs were one thing, it felt like a step further. He was begging for it, It was fucking hot.

"Fucking do it." he whispered again, pushing his ass out further.

I pushed all thoughts of Charlotte out of my mind and focused my attentions on the hot, horny, naked guy begging for my dick in front of me. I ate his ass again, going to town and used to shower gel to lube his ass up, along with my dick. When we were ready I slid my dick along his ass, pressing against his hole slightly each time it came in contact. He was shaking, ass out as far as it could go and waiting for my dick.

He groaned again and I finally pushed my dick against his asshole, forcing it in as slowly as I could and kissing his back, his neck, his shoulders as it went in. The further it got the more he trembled. He winced at first but soon he was bucking against my dick, moaning with every thrust. Finally I was all the way in and he thrust back whenever I thrust forward. He'd never done it before but his body knew what it wanted. I was so horny it didn't take long. I thrust and pounded into his ass and made him moan under me, my hands met his on the wall as I pounded, slowly, building up speed and then slowing down again. I grunted in his ear, nibbled it. He begged me to fuck him harder and I would. His face turned to me and we kissed, our tongues dancing, the shower carried on soaking us. Groans rumbled between us.

I slid one hand down his tense back and along his waist until I found his dick, leaking like a faucet. He was loving this. Every grunt, every moan and more pre-cum poured out from his solid dick. I grabbed it in my hand and jacked it off at the same pace I was fucking him and before long our dicks were tensing and throbbing and we both whispered 'I'm cumming.'

We moaned and I covered his mouth to muffle his scream as I shot my load into his ass, once, twice, it carried on and his cum sprayed along my hand and shot up the shower wall.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," we both groaned as our shooting came to a finish. We both panted, I leaned against his back and he the wall. Trying to regain our breath and gain control of ourselves.

"That was amazing," He whispered, turning around and wrapping his arms around my neck. We made out against the wall for another few moments, tongues dancing and bodies grinding together.

Then we washed each other and stepped out. We dried each other off in the steamy bathroom and he spanked my ass again as he went upstairs.

This was such a mistake, but neither of us could help ourselves.


Hi hope that was good lol, I have an idea for another chapter if anyone wants it, whatever. Hope you enjoyed!

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