tagGay MaleMy Friend's Dad Ch. 03

My Friend's Dad Ch. 03


If you have been following my story, you now know that my friend's Dad had been having his way with me. Since he caught me snooping around his bedroom, he had used me to please himself for the last hour or so. From what he had made me do so far, I got the feeling that he was training me for a long term position in his life, instead of just using me for a quickie.

I had always sensed that he seemed lonely since becoming a widower and that he was missing that passionate sexual release in his life. I guess he intended on making me his sexual relief companion for the future. I hoped this was his plan. If this was to be my position, well, I really liked my role so far.

My throat was still sore from the deep reaming he had given it, and now my ass was tender from the butt fucking and butt fingering I had just received. I lay on his bed, with his semen leaking from my ass and running down my leg, wondering if we were finished. The taste of his and my own cum was still strong in my mouth as he got up, and I watched as he went to the restroom. I heard him turn on the tap water in the sink as he stood in front of it,

He hung his balls and dick over the edge of the sink and started splashing some water on them. I loved watching him attend to his cock. I would have done it gladly if he had asked or told me to. In fact, I was kinda jealous, it should have been my job to administer a soft soaping, a gentle powdering and maybe a dab of cologne on this beautiful specimen that had just pleased me. I would have gladly done this for him. I wanted to lovingly anoint and tend to that gorgeous piece of meat.

As he hung his balls and dick over the edge and splashed some water on them, he poured some scented liquid soap from a bottle onto his hand and lathered up everything. Massaging and stroking the soap in, he lifted his nuts and worked in the suds, sometimes stroking the soap up and down his tumescent cock. After he got a really good lather and was satisfied he was clean, he started splashing water on his cock til all the suds were all gone.

I felt really honored and privileged that he prepared his manhood so meticulously for me. So squeaky clean and fresh, ready for battle again. His cock wasn't fully erect, but it was thick and long. It still looked unsatisfied and hopefully ready for some more attention.

Ignoring me as he entered the bedroom, I heard him say, "Go clean yourself up. You'll find some soap and towels in the bathroom. Hurry up, get moving."

I hopped up and scurried to the restroom as he sat down at his computer. The first thing I did was take a leak. As I started to shut the door, I saw on the screen, he had started to watch the video he had just recorded of me giving him a blow job.

I kept the door cracked enough so I could watch it secretly as I soaped up my ass and cleaned myself of all his remaining cum. The warm water felt good, and as I peeked at the video I started to get excited again. By the time I finished washing and drying my ass, my cock was at full staff again.

I checked myself in the mirror and suddenly, looking deep into my own eyes in the reflection, I realized that I was a hungry little sissy faggot, like he had called me earlier. I had just pleased a 12 inch cock and not only had I loved it, but now, I craved it.

"Hurry up son. What the hell is taking you so long," he hollered at me.

As I entered the bedroom, he was sitting at his desk watching the video of me being throat reamed with his monster cock. While he stared at the screen, he tugged at his nuts and pinched his nipples. He gritted his teeth and made scouring horny glares at the screen. His cock was now fully hard again and poking straight up to the ceiling. Oblivious to my presence, I moved in closer by his side til he sensed me and pushed his chair away from the desk.

"On your knees and under the desk. Work on my knob while I watch this for a few minutes," he told me.

As I crawled under the desk on my knees, he pushed the chair back a couple of more inches. I positioned myself between his legs and opened my mouth wide. He smelled so good, like soap and scented oils. A big drop of sperm was just sitting on the tip of his dick. I stuck out my tongue and slurped it up. He patted me on the head and smiled at me. I knew I had pleased him and was so happy.

"That's a good girl. Never, ever waste a drop of that juice. From now on, any sperm that comes out of this cock, goes up your ass or down your throat and into your belly. Now, just suck on the tip real soft for me. Just the tip," he told me.

I put that fat swollen glans of a tip into my mouth and just nursed on it. I slowly encompassed the head of his cock with my lips and worshiped that big plum knob. Doing as I was told, and just working on the tip, I rocked my lips up and down while I polished that fully engorged helmet with my tongue. Swirling my tongue slowly and gently, I unabashedly massaged that sensitive hard head. I moved my mouth as slow as I could savoring the texture and hardness. The tip of his cock was a combination of velvet and steel. I could do this forever.

It made me feel so good to know that I was responsible for attending to this muscle. It was so proud and beautiful, so strong and hard, it was my duty to do this. It was up to me to keep this cock excited, this was my job and I wanted to do it perfectly. If I ever had wondered before in my life what my purpose was, I was sure now that I had found it. My calling in life must be to satisfy and excite this man's cock.

Sometimes I would scrape my teeth gently off the tip and then make a big production of slobbering and putting the head back in between my lips. He groaned when I did this. I let myself drool some to keep it wet and smooth. The head felt so swollen, like it was ready to burst. I would flatten my tongue out, right under the tip on his shaft, and pad his cock gently. I knew this was a very sensitive area. I could feel the ridges of the veins. I traced these blood filled vessels with the tip of my tongue but never straying off the head as I had been told.

As the video of me ended, he reset his camera and turned it on again. Positioning the camera, at us, with the bed directly behind us, he pressed the record button. Looking at the monitor he adjusted the camera so he could film our next escapade.

"You take directions good baby girl. Polish that knob for me sweetie. Wax that head. You are so good, I'm going to give you that little treat I promised you. You want me to play with that little pussy some more? I bet you do," he teased me.

He stood up in front of me and grabbed his cock by the root. Grasping my hair, he slapped his hard cock against my cheeks. I just closed my eyes and held my mouth open as he smeared that heavy wet cock all around my face. Sometimes, he would jam 5 or 6 inches into my open waiting mouth, and then pull it out, only to spank my face again. I had turned into such a whore.

"Get up on the bed now. You know the routine. Bun's up kneeling, shoulders and face flat on the bed. Stick that pussy in the air and wiggle it around for the camera. Let's get a good show here," he directed me.

As I got into position, I felt him stand behind me and he smeared globs of petroleum jelly onto my hungry little smooth hairless ass. He paid special attention to my ass hole, coating it with excessive amounts of lubrication. Greasing his entire hand and all his fingers, he tugged on my hard cock and tight balls hanging between my spread knees a few times. A couple of more tugs and I'm sure I would have cum, but he stopped and started tickling my sphincter hole.

"Look at the camera bitch. You're going to be a star. Show me what you can do," he directed me again.

I saw myself on his monitor. My ass was wide open and facing the camera as I turned my neck and showed my face. His face and head were too high to be captured on the recording, but I'm sure that was the way he wanted it. I didn't care, because what he didn't realize was, that I was so willing to get his attention and his cock He would never have to black mail me to get me to satisfy his cock or sexual desires. I knew then and there, that I would drop whatever I'm doing and come running if his cock was hard and needed pleasing.

He slid two greased fingers deep into my rectum. I was still a little loose and opened from the ass pounding I had just received. I groaned so loud and pushed my ass back til those fingers bottomed out. I humped my ass back on those fingers. That's just what I needed.

"Yea baby girl, work that hungry pussy. I'm going to get my fist up there and work you good," he teased me.

He took a third finger and eased it in. I could feel my ass stretching open and I was feeling so good. This is what I wanted. I wanted to be used. I wanted to be stretched out. I wanted to be full.

He twisted his three fingers around, slowly and gently grinding them in and out. Pulling them almost all the way out and writhing them back and forth. I humped my ass back on his fingers while I just groaned and squealed. He was going so slow, too slow for me. I wanted more and I wanted it now.

"You like that huh. You're gonna get it all before I'm finished with you. I told you I'm gonna turn you out and that's just what I plan to do," he teased me again.

He put all four of his fingers tightly together and started twisting them into my ass again. Very slowly and gently he eased them in all the way til the last knuckle rubbed my opening. With my sphincter muscle hugging his fingers he wrenched his hand ever so slowly from left to right and back again. Over and over I felt him massaging my hole, as the bumps of his large knuckles felt so good when they would pop in and out of my tight ass. Only his thumb was exposed as he probed deep in my ass.

I was in heaven. Nothing had ever felt so good before in my life. I started to get that feeling again like I was going to pee, but I had just peed. The feeling was becoming overwhelming. I wasn't sure I could hold out. I really had to release from somewhere, but my emotions were so mixed up. I knew something was happening but again it didn't feel like a regular orgasm.

He smoothed all four fingers over my prostate, gently kneading and massaging it. For several minutes he just stroked my prostate. I was so relaxed and so horny as I pushed my ass back against his fingers. My hard cock hanging between my legs just drooled sperm. The pressure to expel was getting so intense.

I felt him withdraw all his fingers and knew what was coming next. He put the tips of all four fingers and his thumb together at the opening of my ass. Slowly he started twisting from left to right, gradually inserting more and more. I felt my ass open so wide to accommodate his hand and openly groaned as he went deeper.

He was up to the knuckles when I suddenly felt that hand just pop into my ass. All the sudden, it seemed like my ass just sucked it down. I swallowed it up so quickly that my ass just snapped down and gobbled it up to his wrist. I could feel my ass clamp down on his wrist and I wriggled back onto that fist just drooling and slobbering. I never felt so full and so sated in my life.

"Good Lord girl, eat it up. That's what I'm talking about. That is one starving little pussy you got," he exclaimed.

The feeling was overwhelming. Something was happening inside me. I can't even describe the feeling. It was a cross between ejaculating, peeing and expelling. I didn't know what to do.

He started to twist his fist ever so slowly inside my rectum. So slowly I could feel his knuckles rub over my prostate and churn a billion nerve endings into mush. In the next few minutes with his slow wrenching fist in my ass, I had lost control and felt my ass muscles trying to push his hand out. I bit a pillow and just held on as he took his other hand and started jacking my cock roughly.

Then it just happened, I became totally spasmodic. I shook and trembled all over.

"Oh God, don't stop, please don't stop," I screamed.

Juice sprayed out of my cock violently as my ass clamped down on his wrist. Everything went black and I started crying. I screamed and hollered. I grunted and groaned. I spurted and spurted all over the bed while he just laughed and kept twisting his fist so slowly. It was like having two orgasms at once. One was taking place with the convulsions in my ass while the other was taking place with the spasms in my cock.

I collapsed on the bed with his fist still in my ass. Gasping for breath and heaving, I just laid there planning to compose myself. He unclenched his fist and slowly slid his hand from my ass. I felt my ass gaping open but was to weak to even cover myself. I just lay in a puddle of my cum and was so exhausted, I drifted off into a deep sleep.

To be continued...

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