tagFetishMy Friend's Sister and Her Panties

My Friend's Sister and Her Panties


"What's going on, Mike?" I asked my best friend as I entered his living room.

"Not much, man, good to see you," he responded from his seat on the

couch. "What's new?"

"Umm, nothing much," I answered. "How bout you?"

"Well, Tracy just got back from college."

"Oh, that's good," I replied.

Tracy was Mike's younger sister. She was a tall, thin blonde with dazzling blue eyes and a killer body. I'd had the hots for her since I'd first seen her, about five years ago. She'd been a junior in high school at the time. I'd seen her grow throughout the years, and time had only made her more beautiful. Therefore, it was certainly good to hear she was back. In fact, I was thrilled to hear that news.

Once, when I'd slept over Mike's, I'd caught a glimpse of Tracy in her bra and panties as I'd headed to the bathroom and she had exited her room, also planning to use the bathroom. She'd been about seventeen at the time, and that image was still vivid in my mind. The panties had been cotton, with Donald Duck on the left ass-cheek. The bra had been a training bra...she'd developed a little later than most girls. Not that her breasts had gotten very large. I estimated them to be a full-sized A cup or perhaps a small B. But what they lacked in size, they made up for in firmness and perkiness.

I'd been frozen in place as I'd watched her hips swaying back and forth. She must have sensed me, though, because she'd spun around and gasped.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I'd apologized...it had been only a half truth. In all honesty, I was quite glad to have seen her tight, little butt packed into those adorable panties. They'd almost looked a size too small for her, and had clung tightly against her shapely behind. They'd fit so snug on her that I'd even been able to see the curve of each cheek.

"It's ok," Tracy had blurted out, turning red.

"You first," I motioned to the bathroom door.

Tracy nodded and darted inside, obviously embarrassed.

When she finished taking a shower, I headed back to the bathroom again and passed her in the hall. This time, she had a towel wrapped around her.

"Again, I'm really sorry," I'd apologized, staring at the ground, "I didn't expect to catch you in your underwear."

"It's alright, no big deal," She'd said. "Bathroom's all yours."

I'd nodded to her and headed in to take a morning shower...I couldn't get my clothes off fast enough. After that wonderful glimpse of Tracy, I'd been quite eager to round out a nut, even if it was in Mike's bathroom.

I must say, I'm glad I did. I think I pumped my rock hard cock for a good half hour while thinking about Tracy in those panties, and I shot a huge wad all over the wall. It was a good thing no one else needed to use the bathroom after me, because I was in there for a while cleaning up the mess, and I also used up the rest of the hot water.

Of course, Mike was oblivious to that as I took my usual seat on the couch next to him. He knew nothing of that episode, or the countless other times I cranked my dick while imagining myself pounding his sister's ass and shooting all over her panties.

"Yea," Mike continued talking as I pictured his sister naked, "She's getting awesome grades...straight A's. I'm proud of her."

"You should be," I told him. "She's a smart girl." Then, thinking to myself, I added, and she has an ass I'd love to rock for hours.

"Who would have guessed?" Mike laughed. "I always thought she'd end up as one of those ditzy fashion designers. But, so far it looks like she'll turn into a hell of a chemical engineer."

"Where is she now?" I inquired.

"Shopping with my mom," Mike answered. "We moved her stuff back into her old room since she's staying here for the summer and mom decided to go get some groceries."

"Oh, that's a shame. I was hoping to get to talk with her."

"I'm sure you'll see her around," Mike replied. I hoped he was right.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

"Hold on a sec," Mike told me as he jumped up and ran to get the door.


He returned a moment later.

"That was Mr. Kelsey from across the street," he explained, "He wants to use our extension ladder, so I'm gonna have to get it out of the garage. It'll take a few minutes, so sit tight."

"No problem," I told him. "I'll just watch TV, like we were gonna do anyway."


Mike headed into the garage and I could hear him making all kinds of noise in there. While I waited for him to come back, and fantasized about Tracy, a thought occurred to me: I was alone. With Mike in the garage helping his neighbor, Tracy shopping with Mike's mom, and his dad at work, I was the only one in his house. It was the perfect time to steal a pair of Tracy's panties.

After debating the idea for a minute, I realized that I had to act quickly or I'd lose this opportunity. The last thing I wanted was for Mike to come in and catch me snooping about through Tracy's dresser. Quietly, I rose and hurried to her room. I spotted the dresser and took three steps toward it then halted: her clothes hamper had caught my eye, and my plan instantly changed. Why take clean, washed panties when I could get used ones that still had the scent of her pussy on them?

I zipped over to the hamper and began to feverishly rummage through it. Upon seeing a yellow bra, I opted to take a look at the tag. I was right! She was a full-A cup! Impressed with myself and my knowledge of breasts, I smiled and continued fishing through the hamper. The first pair of panties I came across was a black thong! As I felt the silken material, I began to get hard; when I held the panties to my nose and sniffed the slightly-stained spot where her pussy constantly touched, I got an instant boner. I debated taking the thong, but realized that she might notice if it was missing. After all, how many black thongs could she have? I didn't have her pegged as a thong girl and figured she only wore them when she was trying to look sexy for a boyfriend.

Thus, my search continued. After pushing two pairs of blue jeans and a pink sock aside, I came across some cotton panties...and not just any ones: the one's with Donald Duck on them. The same one's I'd seen her in!

Impossible, I thought excitedly as my dick hardened even more, How could she still have these after all this time?

I might have been wrong, but as far as I knew, twenty two year old girls didn't wear cartoons on their underwear. At least, the one's I'd met didn't. Since becoming young women, they'd all graduated to sexy looking, more mature types. I was puzzled as to why Tracy still had them, yet I knew I'd found the object of my desires. Stuffing them into one of my pockets, I rose and exited her room.

These are so old that she won't miss them at all, I thought cheerfully, knowing I would put them to good use.

Returning to Mike's couch, I sat down and pretended that I'd been watching TV so he wouldn't be suspicious of anything when he got back. While I waited for him to return, I wracked my brain for an excuse to go home. It felt like Tracy's panties were burning a hole in my pocket. They were calling to me, and my cock wasn't about to calm down until I shot my jizz all over them.

When Mike came back a few minutes later, I'd come up with a great reason to leave.

"Hey," I told him as he appeared through the doorway, "I just got a phone call from my uncle. I was supposed to help him move a new couch today and I'd forgotten all about it. I'm gonna have to get going."

"Damn, that sucks," Mike replied. "Well, give me a call when you're done."

"Sure will," I answered. After clasping his hand and giving him a pat on the shoulder, I hopped into my Dodge Neon and was home within minutes.

It was around 4:00 in the afternoon and I had a solid hour before my parents would return. Rushing into my room, I closed the door, locked it behind me and took out the panties.

"Oh yea," I grinned fiendishly as I pressed them against my face, "I can't believe I actually did that." After taking in the scent of Tracy's pussy for a few minutes, my cock was harder than it had ever been I simply had to stroke it.

When I took off my pants, my nine inch dick came springing out. The tip was already moist. I wrapped Tracy's panties around it and rubbed them back and forth. The feeling was electric. Turning the panties inside-out, I then rubbed the spot that her pussy had stained against the head of my dick. The idea of being closer than I'd ever been to her pussy almost got me to cum.

I managed to take a few deep breaths, though, and calmed down enough to restrain myself. I took it easy for the next few minutes as I rubbed Tracy's panties against my dick, savoring every second. Although I'd only been masturbating for ten or fifteen minutes now, it was already the best session I'd ever had.

Finally, I decided to try the panties on. I slid them over one leg, then over the next. As the came up to my hips, they got quite tight, which turned me on even more as they made me think about how tiny Tracy's waist was and how much I'd love to fuck her. God, I wanted her. I knew she had to be wicked tight, and doubted that I'd even fit inside her.

Slipping the panties over my hard cock was more of a challenge then I'd thought, simply because they weren't designed to hold a cock. I pushed my dick down and slipped them over it. When I let go of myself, my cock strained up against the hot fabric, trying to rise up, and forming a nice sized bulge. The tight panties held it in place, however, and the resistance they offered was wonderful.

Groaning loudly, I forced more blood into my dick and felt it push hard against the panties, watching it stretch them as it did. How do girls even wear these without cumming? I wondered.

I had no answer for my question, but knew that I wanted to see what I looked like in a mirror. Walking as best as I could, I exited my room and went to the bathroom across the hall. Carefully locking that door behind me, I examined myself. It was a weird sight, but my dick looked quite impressive as it strained Tracy's panties around it. Turning to the side, I stroked my cock hard for a minute and imagined Tracy cheering me on: Bigger, bigger, yes, you're so hard.

Indeed, I was. I was so aroused I could hardly stand it. Yet I didn't want to cum too soon and ruin this, as every instant was pure bliss. I turned again and examined my ass. "Oh yea, look at that," I commented, feeling quite sexy. My ass kind of reminded me of Tracy's, it was a similar shape, anyway. Not nearly as nice though. But it still looked hot. I pretended it was hers and slapped it hard.

Not wanting to get caught in the bathroom like this, I headed back to my room. At least then, if my parents came home, I'd have clothes to change into.

There, I knelt down on the floor with my legs underneath me and rubbed my hard dick, using my hips to enhance the sensation.

"Ohhh..Tracy," I blurted out. As I moved my hips and the panties ground against me, I realized I didn't even need a hand on my dick. The sensation felt incredible by itself and the panties provided enough friction to stimulate me. I bucked harder and faster, moaning louder as I went. The tip of my cock was so wet with precum that it soaked right through the cotton. Reaching one hand in to the opening in the side, I started to squeeze my balls. "Tracy, yes, squeeze me balls, oh yes," I yelled. It was all too much for me: I began to cum harder than I could remember.

Finally, after emptying my balls and messing the panties thoroughly, I took them off and used them to wipe the end of my dick.

"Shit," I groaned, "That was fucking awesome."

The next thing I heard was a door slam. Christ, my mom's home! Opening a bureau draw, I hid the panties underneath a pair of shorts and rushed to get my clothes on. As I slipped my shirt over my head, I turned on the TV, to make it look like I was doing something other than pleasuring myself. My mom knocked on the door just as I buckled my belt.

"Yeah?" I answered as I opened the door.

"Hi sweety," she said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek. "How'd your day go?"

"Oh, good," I replied bluntly.

"Anything interesting happen?" She asked.

Does she know what I was just up to? Impossible.

"Not really," I lied. Truthfully, stealing Tracy's panties and shooting a massive nut inside them had been the most interesting, and fun, thing I'd done all week. I was growing a little anxious for her to get going.

"Oh, ok. Well, you'll be home for dinner, right?"

"Of course."

"Good, because I'm making pork chops and I know how much you love them."

"Yum," I exclaimed as she turned around and left. I breathed a sigh of relief.

The next weekend, I went over Mike's.

"What's up?" He said as he answered the door. "How was the couch moving?"

"What?" I asked, forgetting about my lie. Then, remembering what he was talking about, I hastily recovered, "Oh, it was okay; nothing really interesting. By the time we were done, I figured it was too late to hang out you. That's why I didn't call."

"I figured something like that," Mike replied. "Hey," he added a second later as we walked into his kitchen, "I'm just about to go pickup lunch from Marco's Pizza. You want a sub or something? My dad's paying."

"In that case, I'll take a small veal cutlet, light on the sauce," I responded.

"You got that, dad?" Mike asked.

"Yep, his father answered while reaching into his wallet. Then, handing Mike the cash, he added, "There ya go. Don't speed on the way there, either. The last thing you need is another ticket."

"I know," Mike answered.

"I hope so," his dad replied with a look of doubt.

"Alright," Mike said as he turned to me," I'll be back in about twenty minutes."

"I'm not going with you?" I inquired.

"Not this time, my man. My car's full of exercise equipment that I'm dropping off at Mr. Regan's house along the way...that's how I managed to convince dad to spring for subs."

"Good move," I complimented him, "Guess I'll be watching some TV then."

"Make yourself at home, kiddo," Mike's dad offered.

"Ok, oh, and thanks for the sub, Ron," I addressed him: he was one of those dad's who preferred to be called by his first name.

"No problem, kiddo."

Mike left and I went into the other room, where I sat on the couch as usual and watched TV by myself. I was only in there five minutes when Tracy came walking in.

"Hey there!" She exclaimed as she ran up and hugged me, "How you been!"

"Oh, I'm great," I answered. "Good to see you. It's been a while."

"Yes, it certainly has. But, I'm sure you've been up to no good, as always, right?"

She asked with a smile.

You only know the half of it, I thought as I looked her over. God, she was fine. Today, she was wearing a lime-green halter top that exposed her tight, perfect belly and a pair of black jean-shorts that revealed a good part of her tanned, toned thighs. Her hair was in a ponytail, tied back with a pink scrunchy, and she'd used a lipstick that matched it.

"Yeah," I answered her coyly, "I just can't keep the women off me and they seem to always no how to cause trouble."

She giggled and slapped my shoulder. "You're too funny....and we're not as much trouble as we seem."

"Sometimes," I replied with a shrug.

"Hey," she said suggestively, "Can you help me out with something for a minute?"


Motioning for me to follow, she led me into her room. When we got there, she closed the door.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Can you help me get something out from under my bed?, It's too heavy for me to move." She replied.

"Alright." I walked over to her bed and knelt down, angling my head so I could see under it. Oddly enough, there was nothing under her bed. She knelt down next to me and whispered into my ear, "I know you took my panties."

"What...." I sprung up and smacked my head hard on the bottom of her bed. "Ahhh, Jesus!" I blurted out. As I rubbed the injury, Tracy gave me a solid push, knocking me onto her bed. Before I could rise, she was sitting on my chest.

"Want to know how I know?" She asked.

"How," I answered stupidly, realizing that I'd just given myself away.

"Because you were the only one here all week who would have, and I'd worn them just the night before.

"I...Ummm...." I couldn't think of anything to say. I knew I'd never be able to show up at Mike's again after this.

"You know," she went on, "Those were my favorite panties. They were so comfortable and cute. I knew they were missing the instant I did the wash. It took me a few days, but I eventually concluded that you were the culprit...Mike told me how you were alone in the house while he helped the neighbor. Don't worry," She added upon seeing my look of worry, "He doesn't know anything. I just kind of brought it up in a roundabout way."

"Oh, good," I sighed...yet there was still the matter of getting Tracy to somehow ignore this whole embarrassing situation. I had a feeling it would cost a lot of money. She was a smart girl, after all. I knew she'd be able to blackmail me quite effectively. "So...uhhh...I can, uhh, give them back and apologize, I suppose...I'm...uhh...."

"Oh, yes," Tracy said with a grin, "You will be giving them back to me, but not until I see you wear them."

"What?" I asked, dumbfounded.

"You heard me. You're a dirty little pervert and I want you to pay for it. You'll be so embarrassed, it will make up for your act."

"Alright, fine. I'll wear them. Just don't say anything to Mike, please."

"No one else will know as long as you follow through. Now, we'll go up and eat, then you can go retrieve my panties and come back later tonight. Don't worry about anything...Mike and my parent's are going out for dinner tonight and I'm planning on staying here. So it'll be just you and me. And I'm going to pay you back."

"Ok," I nodded.

I couldn't get out of there quickly enough. During lunch, Tracy kept shooting me knowing glances, and I did my best to keep my mouth full of veal. After spending a few more unpleasant hours at Mike's house, I went home, retrieved the panties, made an excuse for where I was going, and went back to meet Tracy.

Just as she'd said, no one else was home. She opened the door with a mischievous smile plastered across her face. The second she shut it, I held the panties out to her, hoping to get out of the situation as soon as possible. "Here you go," I said. She laughed and pulled her hand away.

"Not so fast, pervert," She told me. "We have an arrangement. If you don't want Mike, or my dad, to kill you for your dirty little deed, then we're going into my room and I'm going to see what you look like in them."

"Fine," I answered.

We entered Tracy's room and she locked the door behind me.

"Strip, pervert," she told me.

"You'll probably want to turn around," I suggested.

"Nothing I haven't seen before," she said. "I mean to embarrass you completely. I want you turning red whenever you see me. That involves seeing your naked winky. So strip now, otherwise I tell Mike."

Sweating like a pig, I nervously unbuttoned my pants and took them off.

"Now your shirt," Tracy commanded.

I slipped it over my head and let it drop to the floor. I was now standing in my briefs under Tracy's scrupulous eye.

"Keep going, you disgusting pig," Tracy ordered. Keeping my eyes to the floor, I lowered my briefs, allowing my dick to come swaying out. "Look at me, pervert." Tracy told me. By now I was bright red. I looked at her. She was grinning pleasantly.

"Your dick is much bigger than I'd thought," She said plainly, "But you're still a pervert. I bet you cummed in my panties, didn't you?"


"Answer me truthfully or I'll tell Mike and all my friends. You won't be able to show your face in this town again."

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