My Fuck Stud


I strutted into that dance club with just one goal in mind. Before the night was over I was going to have a huge, hard cock buried balls-deep in my cunt. And I didn't much care who was attached to that cock, as long as he had the body of a god, and the eyes of a devil.

Spastic lights pulsed color across the dark club in time to the music. I could feel the thumping bass sending vibrations throughout my body, drawing me into the crowd of writhing bodies on the dance floor. Perfume, sweat, and cologne mingled in a sweet collage of restless desire and the promise of sex.

As I danced my way toward the bar, I took note of every hungry eye leering at me in my tight white mini-dress. Several men, and a few women, couldn't help but marvel at my long smooth legs, tight ass, and plunging neckline. The nearly sheer fabric of the dress was stretched across my modest b-cup breasts, accentuating my stiffening nipples.

Just as I reached the bar I spotted my prey. Tall, tan, broad shoulders. A classic dumb jock type. Good thing I wasn't looking for him to stimulate me with his conversational skills. He quickly noticed my appraising stare and made his way to me.

"Wanna dance?" he shouted over the blaring music.

"Buy me a drink first, stud," I demanded. He got the attention of the bartender and I ordered us each a shot. While they were being poured, I finished off the rest of his beer.

"Tough day?"

"Shut up and drink!" We downed our shots and I pulled him out onto the floor. The warmth of the liquor spread out from my tummy and through my body. Muscles relaxed, my brain started to loosen, and I let the music take me.

I moved in close to him. His hands reached for me, settling on my hips. I twisted and gyrated within his grip. With my back to him, I pressed my ass against his crotch, grinding him to arousal. Oh yeah, he's got what I need.

Someone handed me a Jell-O shot and I swallowed it in a single gulp. It made me think of what else would be sliding down my throat tonight. I turned back to my fuck stud and pulled him down so I could whisper into his ear.

"I want your cock inside me."

The look on his face was precious. Confusion and hope in equal measures. I just nodded and straddled his thigh seductively. He suddenly lit up, finally sure he heard me right, and began dancing with a renewed vigor.

Three songs and three more shots later and we were out in the street hailing a cab. We were all over each other in the backseat of that cab. Hands groping, mouths tasting, tongues exploring. The ride was less than ten minutes, but my pussy was aching for attention. I was two seconds away from fucking him right there in the cab when we pulled up in front of his apartment building.

We hurried into the elevator and as soon as the doors closed our hands were once again all over each other. At the tenth floor we stumbled laughing into the hallway and made our way unsteadily to his door. He fumbled for his keys, dropping them twice. He must have had more than a few drinks at the club before I showed up.

We finally made it inside. His place was small, but nice. And surprisingly clean for a guy. I screamed when he grabbed me from behind and scooped me up over his shoulder. He playfully spanked my ass as he carried me toward the bedroom.

"Help, help!" I cried in mock distress. He dropped me roughly onto the bed and pulled his shirt off. I kicked off my shoes and hungrily admired his toned torso. Shoulders, chest, abs, arms, all perfect. Mission accomplished. He lowered himself on top of me and our mouths once again found one another.

We rolled back and forth on the bed, a passionate wrestling match that was going to end with him pinning me to the mat with his throbbing cock deep inside me. I managed to get on top, astride his athletic hips, holding his wrists down against the mattress.

"I'm going to visit the little girls room, and by the time I get back I want you naked, hard, and ready to fuck my brains out. Got it?" He nodded eagerly and waggled his eyebrows in a way that would have annoyed the hell out of me if I wasn't so horny.

I skipped to the bathroom, stripped out of my dress, slipped off my soaked panties, and used the toilet. The alcohol mixed with the anticipation of the coming pleasures combined to produce a giddy feeling of unreality. I freshened up at the sink and admired my lithe figure in the large mirror. I was built to fuck.

I turned off the light before coming out of the bathroom. I moved slowly toward the bed, like a stripper working the runway. I knew he could only see the highlights of my body in the dim light shining in through the window. I reached the bed and cat-crawled my way to him.

That's when my night hit the wall. He was lying on his back totally naked, as instructed, but limp as a noodle. The fucker had passed out on me!

I gave him a shake. Nothing. A few light slaps on the cheek. Nothing. A punch in the gut! He gave a faint grunt, followed by a resounding snore. Just fucking great. The perfect end to my totally shitty day.

I sat there staring at my useless fuck stud lying there and fought away the tears. There was no way I was going to get dressed and go back to the club fishing for another cock. But there was also no way I could go home without releasing all this pent up sexual frustration.

I could have just fingered myself to orgasm, but that just wasn't going to do it for me. I reached over and gave his soft cock a flick. It flopped to the side, and his balls stirred a bit. Hmmm, I wondered.

I took hold of his shaft and gave it an experimental tug. Guys can get hard while they're asleep, couldn't they? I gave it a few more strokes and definitely felt something happening there. If I wasn't sitting there completely naked with a sopping wet pussy dying for sex I may have considered the ethics of what I was about to do, but circumstances being what they were I was going to get laid one way or another.

I leaned in and slipped his limp cock into my mouth and began to suck it. I worked my mouth up and down his flaccid penis while I tickled his balls with my fingernails. It took a minute, but slowly he began to stiffen. Damn, I was good enough to even get an unconscious guy with whiskey dick hard!

As I continued to suck on his growing cock I shifted so I was on top of him sixty-nine style. As I circled my tongue around the head of his cock I nestled my pussy against the tip of his chin. I could feel the barest hint of his whiskers rough against my clit and it was like jolts of electricity were being released from between my legs and shooting through my whole body.

I continued rubbing my cunt against his chin in small circles as I finished bringing my fuck doll to full attention. I sat up to admire my handy work. His cock was long and thick, its swollen head glistening in the moonlight. I held onto it and gasped with delight as I maneuvered so that his nose just barely poked into my vagina. If he only knew what he was missing!

I couldn't stand it any longer, I had to have his cock in me. I stood up on the bed and turned around, then squatted down so that my pussy was hovering over his cock. I gave it a few quick pumps by hand to make sure it wasn't wilting, then guided that luscious length of erect flesh toward my waiting pussy.

I rubbed the head of his cock against my wetness, sliding it up and down my slit, teasing the stiff nub of my clit, then back to my hole. I eased myself down onto his now lubricated hard-on. There was a moment of exquisite pressure as his large cock pressed into my tight pussy, then suddenly there was penetration.

I clenched my pussy, firmly clutching his cock while I slowly glided lower exulting in the sensation of each and every centimeter of him. It was several nerve thrilling moments before I had all of him inside me. I raised myself, again as slowly as I could bear, taking equal pleasure in the aching emptiness left behind as his cock withdrew from my cunt.

I settled down onto my knees and gave in to my lustful cravings. I plunged down onto his cock and began to fuck it. I could see the drying pussy juices on his slack face as I rode him. I started with a gently rotating motion that gradually quickened. It was exactly what I needed.

It was all for me. Only for me. No need to please him. No cause to be self-conscious. I could take my pleasure without hesitation, without holding anything back. I was totally free. I drove him deeper and faster into me. I leaned forward and let the tips of my dark brown nipples just barely brush against the small patch of curly hair on his chest. My ass jiggled with each frantic thrust. I licked his nipple and rubbed mine against it.

"How do you like that my handsome fuck doll? Do you even know your big, hard cock is in my wet cunt right now? Your cock is mine, and I'm going to cum all over it." I couldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth. I never talked like that during sex before. What a rush!

Almost without warning my entire body convulsed in an all-consuming orgasm. I rose up and arched my back, pressing him even deeper. I rocked against his erection, draining every last ripple of pleasure it had to offer. Then with a gasp of pure fulfillment I collapsed on top of him.

My breath came in ragged gulps, and I could feel my heart pounding against his chest. Even though that may have been the best orgasm I had ever had, I could still feel that achy sensation begging for satisfaction.

"I'm not done with that cock yet fuck doll. You're going to make me cum again." I slowly swiveled my hips, finding that sweet spot. Right there. Slowly. Round and round, in and out. Not too fast. That's it. I squeezed his cock as hard as I could with my pussy and slowly, very slowly, let my next orgasm build.

I resisted the urge to start humping him like crazy and maintained slow control. Second by second the pleasure built. I ran my hands over his finely muscled arms and shoulders. Moans and grunts of pure carnal delight were the only sounds in the room. I fucked him ever so slowly to the edge of ecstasy, then suddenly I was over the edge.

I screamed with an animal intensity as the first wave shuddered through me. I continued my grinding ride on his cock in rhythm with each successive wave until my orgasm eventually subsided. Finally. Total release. Complete satisfaction.

It was several minutes before I climbed off of my obedient fuck doll. Now that I was satiated, I felt guilty that he didn't get to experience any gratification. But it didn't last.

"Fucking asshole. I'll teach you to fall asleep on me."

I moved between his legs with the intention of trying a little trick a nurse friend of mine told me about. I forced his legs apart and spread his cheeks. I spit on my middle finger and eased it into his asshole. Good thing he was so relaxed or it would have been more difficult.

I worked my finger around until I found the right spot, then began to massage. After a few minutes I was beginning to think this wasn't going to work, then all of the sudden I felt a tiny contraction. I squealed with delight as semen began to flow out of his softening penis and puddled on his belly.

Once the flow of warm cum stopped I pulled my finger out of his ass and quickly collected his spunk into the palm of my hand. I carefully moved up to his face and smeared his own cum on his lips, making sure that a little bit dribbled into his mouth.

"That ought to give you something to think about come morning," I teased him as I ran my fingers through his hair, wiping the remainder of his cum from my hand.

"Sweet dreams, my little fuck doll."

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