tagIncest/TabooMy Gal - Sal Ch. 02

My Gal - Sal Ch. 02


My Gal Sal concludes

The previous part of this story, which should be read first, tells how I came home from University for a brief break. My parents had divorced, my father now living with his secretary, and my mother, who had previously had a hysterectomy, and now aged thirty-seven, was living on her own. I had deliberately stayed away for most of my vacation, and only had three days left when I called on her to see how she was. Then, accompanied by an old pal, I went to the local "dogging" area, only to realise next morning that it was actually my own Mom whom we had been watching!

This second and final part of the story begins where she and I, together with two extremely intimate friends of hers, had now driven once more to the "dogging" area on the following evening.

We had not long to wait before another car drew up close by, but before we could do anything its interior light came on, this being the usual signal to announce that whoever was in that car was ready to be watched.

The other car in the park now opened its doors and a youngish couple got out and crossed to the illuminated one, and mutually we four also got out and crossed there, just as another car turned into the area.

As we approached a young couple got out and clambered into the back of the car whereupon the window was then wound down, and we all crowded closer to watch.

Reggie and I stood on the outside as Joan and Sal stood between us, peering through the open window, whilst the other four people sent to the other side were that window had also been wound down.

Inside the car the boy and girl were already kissing deeply, both of them fumbling with the buttons on her blouse, which finally opened to show that she was bra-less, her firm young breasts proudly standing out. As he fondled these her hand dropped to his waist then deftly unzipped his trousers to pull out an already engorged cock. Nimbly for such a confined space they now twisted so that she was lying on top of him, mouth encircling his rigid shaft, she herself kneeling astride his head, whereupon her deftly flipped her skirt to show her knickerless bottom as she sank into the classical "69" position. After a minute or so of this action there came another manoeuvre as with a sudden twist she was squatting over his monstrosity, making sure that her audience could plainly see as she allowed it to slowly penetrate her, holding up the hem of her skirt so that no-one's view was impeded.

We had quite an uninterrupted view throughout this performance, and all four of us seemed to snuggle even close together as we watched avidly.

Finally, though, with an extra frenzied bouncing he came and she delightedly knelt up to display her dripping pussy, as she eagerly scooped up the liquid onto her fingers to transfer them to her mouth.

It was then that Joan cried out, "Now it's our turn, everybody!" and she led the way to the van, where Reggie opened the doors and turned on the extra lighting.

"We'll go first, shall we?" asked Joan as she carelessly stepped up onto the van floor, heedless of the fact that he short skirt was riding up to show her delightfully bum cheeks and the thin strip of nylon which was doing duty as her panties, but which was the first thing to come off as she and Reggie stripped off completely, much to the delight of the small assembly, who gave a spontaneous applause for them.

Once stripped, Joan turned to face the spectators, squatting on her haunches to give them the best view of her pussy as possible, and then simply lay back for Reggie to fall on top of her and insert his already growing weapon with one huge thrust.

Spurred on by the comments from the audience he was soon pounding madly until with one final thrust he obviously climaxed, rolled off Joan, and as he acknowledged the approval of his audience Joan once more spread her pussy lips to show them the cum running out before scooping some onto her fingers to clean off in her mouth.

Then it was our turn. Sal firstly stripped off her top and skirt whilst still outside the van, throwing them negligently inside, and after kicking off her shoes so as to leave herself in just the jet-black stockings and the tiny g-string walked among the others inviting them to touch her.

And then, to her obvious delight, she saw that Jim had now joined the small gathering, and she deliberately (for she could now see that he had recognised her in view of the fact that she wore no wig this time) reached out for his hands and placed them on the elastic holding the tiny strip in place, and then helped him remove the so-called knickers. As she stepped out of them she tucked them into his pocket, kissed him, and then flaunted as much as she could as she joined me in the van, where I was already waiting for her.

It was obvious to Jim, too, that I was about to fuck my own mother! I could see him standing almost open-mouthed, wearing an expression which slowly changed from almost disbelief to delight!

By now I was stripped, too, helped by Sal, who now knelt in front of me to take my throbbing erection into her mouth, something which she had not done to me so far in spite of our previous intimacy. And could she take it? I thought she had swallowed the entire length, then realised that she had actually deep-throated me! What a sensation as I felt her throat gripping as her pussy had done on previous occasions!

But then she quickly pulled away and dropped onto her back as she grabbed at my cock to steer it right into her gaping cunt, which she was now holding wide open with her other hand.

I was too far gone, though, to be able to hold back for long, and as I started to pump she moved with surprising agility to pull me out, twist round, and catch the spurts in her mouth which was gaping wide to allow everyone else to see.

Our display was now over, and the others seemed to realise this, for they started to drift away, with the exception of Jim, who seemed to be in a trance as he began to grasp what he had just seen. His best friend with his best friend's mother!

Sal noticed this, and said something to Reggie before turning to me. "Reggie and Joan are going to go home, but as Jim will have his car here, do you think he might offer us a lift?"

Before I could answer, though, she had got out of the van, naked as she was, and went up to Jim who was just about recovering.

"Jim, dear," she began, "would you be so kind as give us a lift home? I'm sure you would like to join us in a drink there, as Al will be going back to University tomorrow. I'll get my clothes from the van, but you have my g-string in your pocket, so if it embarrasses you to know that I am naked under my skirt I can always put that on again. Or would you prefer I left it off?"

Jim had now recovered, and sensed what she had in mind as he agreed to take us home.

Even that journey was not uneventful, for although Jim was driving, Sal and I sat in the passenger seat, she sitting on my lap, where my uncontrolled erection pressed against her naked bottom, albeit through my trousers.

Once home, though, we all three entered the house as Sal, with no more ado, once again stripped off down to her stockings and suspenders, although these were a little torn and laddered by now.

"I feel I owe you an explanation, Jim," she said. "As you now know, I am so highly sexed that I am even fucking my own son. But I have always had one outstanding ambition, and that is that I have always wanted to become a sandwich. Do you understand what I am getting at?"

Jim looked a little puzzled, and I was not too sure what she meant, either.

"All right," she laughed. "I shall be blunt, as I'm sure you would prefer me to be that way. What I have always wanted to do was to have two cocks in me at the same time. Not one in my pussy and one in my mouth, though. What I mean is one in my cunt and one in my arse. Am I blunt enough?"

She was! We were both a little taken aback, both with her words and with her explanation. Immediately we both agreed, Jim's face lighting up at the thought of even just fucking my Mom!

Sal shot out of the room and quickly re-appeared with a tube of KY jelly, which she began to smear onto her bottom.

"I don't mind which cock is in which hole," she said, "but I want both of you to cum in whichever hole you are in, and after that I want to lick off whatever remains. Now, who is going to fuck which hole?"

I immediately said that as I had fucked her cunt a few times already I was ready to try a different one, and at the same time Jim said that as he had not fucked her at all yet he did not mind which one.

I lay on my back on the floor, and Sal gently lowered herself onto my once more stiffened cock, except that this time it was going straight into her bottom! Once it was in, she beckoned Jim to fuck her cunt, and through the thin membrane I felt him as he entered.

It was a strange sensation, but nevertheless one which stimulated even more than previously, and was probably due to the fact that not only was I once more fucking my own Mom in the arse, but that my best friend was at the same time fucking her in her cunt!

Neither of us seemed to be able to hold out for long, and combined with her screams of delight came our panting breath as we strove to pump into her eager holes.

Soon it was all over, and first Jim came out, to do as she had asked and presented his cock to her mouth, where she avidly licked off whatever was still coating it, both his juices and hers.

Knowing that I, too, was spent, she then rolled off me and in spite of where my cock had been she greedily closed her lips round it as she licked and licked at whatever remained there.

Finally, as we all three recovered, she asked Jim if could possibly stay the night, but unfortunately he was unable to do so on this occasion, although he did promise to stay the following night if she really meant it.

And she did.

We bade Jim goodnight and with no more ado tumbled into bed, where I managed to fuck her once more during the night.

Next day I was due to return to University. I had been somewhat reluctant to visit Mom (or should I now get used to calling her Sal) since the divorce, but now I started to wonder why Dad had left her. Was she too oversexed for him? I did not know, but he had evidently done me a good turn.

I was now determined that any free time in future would be spent entirely with Sal, and that my telephone bill would grow considerably as I determined to keep I touch from now on.

But one thing was sure in my mind. At least Sal would be well looked after in my absence. And I wondered – would she talk Jim into dogging with her whilst I was away?

He deserved my gratitude, and so did she. From now on I had a girl-friend of whom I could be proud in my own way. I am really looking forward to my next break here so that I can once more enjoy her pussy and possibly another threesome!

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