tagInterracial LoveMy Gianni...

My Gianni...


****working on finishing the conclusion to Natasha and Gianni's story...got sidetracked in my writers block and decided to write about this amazing guy, my inspiration....my Gianni

but not to worry. i'm finishing up la dolce vita soon!

names have been changed.****

June 22, 2007

Sobbing I kicked off my stilettos and shimmied out of the black silk dress. Instead I shrugged into an oversized men's shirt I'd borrowed from my brother upon painting his apartment. I pulled on a pair of black leggings and slipped my feet into my puma running shoes. I wrenched the pins from my hair, the dark locks falling over my shoulders only to mash a baseball cap on my head.

I left the lights on in the bedroom and turned the music on low. I locked the door after I slipped out of the room. I wanted him to think that I was still angry with him and locking him out of the bedroom. Yes, I was angry but I was afraid too. I didn't know what he would do if he'd known I was leaving. He was in one of his terrifyingly unpredictable moods tonight. I didn't want to test him. I was trying to give myself some time. I had hurriedly packed my things into the overpriced Hartmann luggage set and crept out into the hall.

I had thought about taking my car but then halted. It was in his name. He could report it stolen and that was something I couldn't see myself dealing with at the moment.

The steps creaked as I tried to quietly move down the stairs. I winced halted listening for his movement or some indication that he'd heard me but he was seated in the breakfast room, his paperwork spread around him, the television on too loud for him to hear my movements. I moved clumsily, my laptop bag crossed over one shoulder, overnight bag over the other, as I struggled with the weight of my suitcase in my hands.

The alarm was on the front door. I froze. He would hear me if I deactivated it. So I slowly, quietly slid to the basement door and slipped down the stairs. The alarm would be on the basement door too so gently lowered my bags from the window which I'd slid open. And then I waited in the darkness.

It wasn't long before my cell phone buzzed against my hip, tucked into the waistband of my leggings. "Hello?"

It was Aiden. "I'm here."

I pulled a chair over to the window and climbed out with all the grace I could muster before dropping to the ground and nearly tripping over my bags laying there. But I recovered quickly, my heart in my throat as I realized that even in the back of the house I would be setting off the motion sensor lights that ran around the perimeter. I just hoped he would think it was a deer or raccoon like it usually was and he had not gone to check the bedroom yet.

I stepped off the patio off the back door and stumbled over the pathway. The footstones leading around the side of the house hadn't been tended and were overgrown.

I emerged from the side of the house and sighted the taillights of the car that had pulled up right past the edge of our property. When he stepped out of his sleek black sports car it occurred to me...he's my Gianni. He wore a black cap over his dark hair, the bill pulled down low over his eyes, a black sleeveless t-shirt, and black adidas track pants. The muscles stood out sleekly but visibly in his arms. The tattoo stood out vividly on one muscular shoulder. There was shadow on his cheeks. His eyes were heavy lidded with sleep but the dark orbs were alert. It was nearly 1am but he's shot up in bed immediately upon hearing my voice tearfully rippling across the phone lines. "Just get ready to get out of there, Olivia. I'll be there," he had said.

He stalked around the side of the car and opened his trunk and took my bags from me. I slid into the passenger seat next to him and he flicked on the overhead light. Gently taking my chin in his hand he turned my face to him. I wouldn't meet his gaze but he lifted the bill of my cap to peruse my face. "You okay?"

The warm strength of his voice soothed my frayed nerves almost immediately. His mouth tightened and his honey colored eyes darkened with anger as he noted the tears streaking my face and the way my lips trembled.

He released his hold and the lights flicked off. The powerful engine roared as he made a u-turn and tore down the street. I leaned back and turned my face to the window as I watched the street lights pass by as the highway sped by. I usually hated that he drove so fast, but now I could only think that the faster I got away, the better. I could feel his gaze on me, see his reflection in the window.

I glanced at him as he drove. I took in the firm set of his jawline darkened with stubble, the sensual curve of his mouth below the patrician nose. His changeling eyes were thickly lashed with dark fringe. The passing streetlights washed amber light over his deeply tanned skin. This man was beautiful, I'd thought so since his little sister and I were twelve. I would see him coming and going but I had never been a part of his world until the last couple years and he'd moved back to town from graduate school. He'd become one of my very best friends., unfailing in his loyalty.

He glanced at me and caught me looking. He moved his hand to cover my knee, his fingers lightly caressing...soothing. He turned his palm up, his gaze on the road, and I tentatively slid my hand into his. His fingers closed warmly around mine and he gave my hand a slight reassuring squeeze.

I sighed and let my eyes drift closed as I lay my head back against the headrest. ***

He placed my bags inside the foyer and turned to face me as I stood in his doorway. Smiling faintly, he took my shoulders in his hands and drew me towards him. I gazed mutely up into his face.

"It's going to be alright," he said running his thumb over the tear streaks on my cheeks. He grinned, showing off perfectly white teeth against tanned skin. He drew me inside, closing the door behind us. "Hungry?" he asked as he padded towards the kitchen and disappeared around the corner.

I didn't answer. I stood in the doorway a moment, feeling as thought the energy were draining from my limbs. I walked down the familiar hallway and walked into his bedroom.

The room was wholly masculine, the whole room in dark subdued blacks and dark greys. Dark wood furniture with smooth clean lines, black and white photography on the walls. I paused at a picture on the dresser. I didn't remember when it was taken. My own face smiled back at me as I was looking over my shoulder at the camera. His arm was slung around my shoulders, the other hand wrapped around mine and held against his chest. I was surprised to see that there amongst the other pictures of friends and cityscapes.

A large bed dominated the room, it's bedding black and grey. I slipped out of my sneakers and tossed my hat on his chair. I pulled the shirt over my head, pushed my leggings down my legs and stood in his room in bra and black bra and black boycut panties. I moved to the bed and pulled back the covers before sliding between the cool sheets. I sighed in relief and closed my eyes, willing myself to stop the trembling which seemed intent on taking over my limbs.

"Comfortable?" He was standing in the doorway, a small smile curving on his lips.

The sight of me in his bed was not unusual. After a night out, it wasn't unusual for everyone to head back to his place to crash and he would find me asleep in his bed. He would slide beneath the covers and keep to his own side of the bed. If anything, he was always unfailing in his self control. I was his little sister's best friend, off limits. I would wake in the morning, finding that I had migrated to his side of the bed. I would find myself laying against his chest, his skin warm beneath my cheek, my arm thrown across the hard ripples of his stomach and my leg thrown over his own.

He would wake and ruffle my hair. "Morning, kid," he'd grin before slipping from the bed.

Aiden stepped into the room and pulled his shirt over his head. I couldn't help my gaze from skimming over the hard planes of his body before averting my gaze.

I scooted over in the bed and turned my back to him as I heard him stripping down to his boxers and the light switched off, tossing the room into darkness. He slid beneath the covers and settled into bed.

I had expected him to keep to his side of the bed as was our custom but I was surprised to feel his heavily muscled arm encircle my waist as he dragged me into the curve of his body.

His breath was warm against my neck and he pressed a small kiss against my shoulder as he pulled me tightly against him. "Shhh," he soothed. "You're safe, baby. Go to sleep."

I sank into the warmth of his arms and sighed. I'd never felt safer in my life. I'd all but fallen asleep as we lay in bed, him curled protectively around me when he groaned and rolled away from me.

I turned to him in the darkness. "What?"

He shook his head. "Nothing, baby girl. Go back to sleep."

I stared at him. He lay on his back gazing at the ceiling. My voice was tentative. "Come back over here?"

He shook his head again. "I'd better not, Olivia."

I was hurt and i couldn't help the pout that entered my voice. "Why not? Did I do something wrong?"

He sighed. "No honey, it's all my fault."

Confused, but feeling stubbornness rise in me I scooted closer to him and snuggled against his side. I nestled my head against his shoulder and rested my palm against the smooth hardness of his chest. I threw my leg over his own only to come into contact with the hardness jutting from his center. I had done that? My mind reeled.

He groaned and squeezed his eyes shut. His breath hissed from between clenched teeth. "Please, baby, just go back over there."

I stared up at the him, at his stubbled jaw.

He swallowed thickly. "I intended to leave you alone tonight. I just wanted to you feel safe and protected. I wanted to restrain myself from touching you in that way, not when you're feeling vulnerable." He cleared his throat and shifted. "I'm going to the couch."

I wrapped my leg around one of his own and tightened my arm over his chest stilling him when he would have risen from the bed. "Please don't." I whispered. "Please?"

He lay still, his gaze still fixed on the ceiling.

I gently traced my fingertips over his jaw, over the warm softness of his mouth. I cupped his cheek in my hand and turned his face to mine so that our faces were mere inches apart and we were staring at one another in the darkness. I buried my fingers in the dark silken locks of his hair and pulled his face down to mine and pressed my lips against his. He groaned against my mouth, his arms coming around me as he turned and crushed me against his body. The hardness of his erection pressing insistently against my stomach.

He skillfully took over the kiss, his tongue teasing the seam of my lips before delving into the heat of my mouth. He swallowed my moans as he rolled me onto my back. I accepted the weight of him pressing down onto me gratefully as my hips cradled his own. I reached down between are bodies and wrapped my hand around the thick heat of him. His size surprised me but I felt sweet warmth curling in my stomach and south of my bellybutton.

"Aiden," I breathed in between kisses. I placed my hand on his chest and he pulled back as I insistently pushed him onto his back.

I quickly shimmed out of my underwear beneath the covers and rolled over to straddle his hips. He groaned and arched as he felt the heat of me pressed against his boxer clad cock, only the thin material between them.

I rocked my hips slowly, causing his breath to catch in his throat as I placed my hands on his chest and leaned down to press my lips to his once more. With a growl he reached up and buried his hand in my dark locks as he kissed me back with fervor, his lips demanding. With his free hand he reached down into his boxers and pulled his rigid cock free. He brushed the tip back and forth across my slit, the head becoming slick with my wetness. I whimpered at the exquisite feel of the head of his cock brushing against my clit before settling against my tight entrance.

Wrapping one arm around my waist to hold me in place, Aiden pressed his hips upward sliding past my folds into the tight heat of my pussy until my clit was pressed against his pelvic bone and he was buried deep inside of me.

"You feel so good, baby," he moaned as he grasped my hips and slowly rocked me back and forth, moving so that my clit brushed against him with each thrust.

I cried out and he smiled.

Rising, my hands on his chest, I began to ride him rocking my hips. Aiden watched in fascination as I rode him, pleasure evident in the small perfect 'o' of my lips.

God, he loved her mouth. He reached ran his hands over my breasts, brushing his fingertips over the taut nipples. His hands trailed down her hips and lifted me slightly only to pull me down hard onto his cock, impaling me over and over again.

"Ah, fuck," he gasped and drew me down so that my breasts were within reach of his mouth and he took one tip into his mouth and then the other, swirling his tongue around the bud.

Suddenly he grabbed my hips and held me aloft and in place. I gazed down into his face only to cry out in pleasure as he thrust up into me hard. He pistoned his hips against me, driving him self hard and deeply into me. I cried out as he took me hard.

Without warning he rolled me beneath him and thrust into me. I wrapped my legs around him. He moved against me, his chest rubbing against my breasts, my clit rubbing against his body. I arched beneath him, feeling waves of pleasure rippling through my body. "Aiden," I gasped as I felt my sheath tighten around him and the orgasm flooded through me and I came hard, my sheath squeezing and rippling around his thickness.

Aiden pressed his hips against me and I felt his cock twitch inside me. He buried his face against my neck and low groan wrenched from his throat as he thrust hard and emptied himself inside of me.

He lay still a moment, my arms and legs still wrapped around him, keeping him in place before he rolled onto his back again, pulling me to lay pressed against his side.

He sighed and he let out a small chuckle, "You have no idea how long I've waited to do that."

I glance up at him questioningly.

He grinned. "You have no idea how hard it's been sleeping next to you all this time, and you rolling over and rubbing up against me in the night. I never got any sleep. I just have to concentrate on not rolling over and burying myself inside you."

I smiled at that. "That why you always duck out of bed so fast in the morning?"

He tightened an arm around me. "Cold shower," he answered and I laughed.

We both smiled contentedly in the darkness and his fingertips trailed lightly up and down my arm before we both gave into sleep for the first time.

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