My Girlfriends 58 Year Old Mom


'Becca said you needed a hand and given your circumstances I thought I'd help' I smiled.

'Ha' Sue snapped back 'I think you've done enough damage – if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be fucking pregnant would I? I'm 58 years old, having a baby. The father is the 23 year old boyfriend of my daughter and I've had to tell my husband that it is his. This is a bloody mess – all because I let you fuck me without any protection'.

By this time I had grown used to the idea of my girlfriends' mother carrying my baby and was actually starting to think how I'd exploit the situation rather than worry about it.

'Sue listen' I said quietly, 'You seduced me ok. You told me to fuck you bareback and to be honest at your age you should know better. I'm surprised a woman of your age can even get pregnant. You need to remember that this is your problem not mine. You're having this baby so live with it. You've told all the lies to your family. I haven't told anyone' I smiled at Sue in a sarcastic way. 'If I happen to tell people what really happened then you'd lose everything. You'd look like a right slag, shagging your daughters' boyfriend just for the sake of it and then being stupid enough to get pregnant. You'd be a laughing stock'.

Sue looked shocked 'what are you saying Dan' she questioned

'Look' I said, 'you're an attractive woman – even at 58. I have needs, and there are times when I might just need a quick and easy way of relieving those needs'.

'What the hell are you talking about Dan' Sue replied.

'It's simple Sue' I said moving closer to her and putting my hand on her pregnant bump, 'In return for me keeping your secret quite, then I want to be able to come over here whenever I like, and when I'm here you can put your sexy mature 58 year old body to use shagging my brains out'.

I looked at Sue and smiled.

Sue shot me a worried look back 'You wouldn't dare tell anyone' then realised that I might.

Sue thought for a moment and then said 'Dan, please don't tell anyone, please.'

I looked over my shoulder and pointed towards the downstairs toilet. 'If you want me to keep my mouth shut, then come into the toilet now', I walked away into the toilet.

Sue followed right behind me. I locked the door behind us and turned to her 'Starting from now you do whatever I want. In return I'll keep my mouth shut and not say a word. Now, kneel down in front of me and suck my cock', and with that I pushed down on Sues shoulders.

Sue sunk to her knees looking defeated. Her hands went up to my crotch; she undid my trousers and pulled out my hard cock. Sue then started licking my cock half heartedly with no effort whatsoever.

'Hey' I said as Sue looked up 'Suck it like you really mean it or else'

She then looked up at me with contempt and said 'You bastard Dan' before taking my cock deep into her mouth and sucking me like her life depended on it – it felt fantastic and within about 1 minute I had exploded my spunk into her mouth and down her throat.

Sue stood up and wiped her mouth. She looked a little sweaty and her make up needed sorting out. I moved closer to her, my hand went up her skirt and down the front of her trousers in one swift motion. Her pussy felt nice and wet.

'You seem to have got yourself all excited and wet' I said

I kissed her hard 'Thanks Sue, that was fantastic. Same time next week'

With that I unlocked the door and left to rejoin the party.

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