tagRomanceMy Girlfriend's Facials

My Girlfriend's Facials


Giving my girlfriend a facial is a deeply intimate and erotic experience.

There is nothing about it to do with humiliation or degradation.

After our sweaty romp, I pull my girlfriend off the bed and have her kneel before me naked as the day she was born. I stand before her, my aching erection throbbing right in front of her face. Of course I am always considerate enough to grab her a pillow off the bed in which to kneel on. I can see how nervous this position makes her, but there's a slight sense of fascination that flickers through my girlfriend's eyes as she admires my penis. It's aching for her after all. I hope that it flatters her knowing how hard I get at the sight of her naked. Of course sometimes she finishes me off with a finely tuned blowjob, though it's not always necessary, either. She's so proud now that she can deep-throat and take all of me in at once. She even let me watch her practice this skill on dildo we both bought for her together at the store. She was so wet when we got home that she fucked herself silly right on the dining room floor before I could even touch her. But that's another story. Today, I want you to know how beautiful an experience it is to share a facial with the person you love.

I always make sure to remind my girlfriend that she is my whole world and that she feels like the most beautiful woman on the whole planet when she is with me. I tell her that I love her and she smiles back every time and reminds me how much it is that she is in love with me. I reach out and take my girlfriend's face into mine and tell her once again how beautiful she is. I can imagine how intimidating it must be for her, naked, my aching penis throbbing right in front of her face and ready to blow. I stand over her about now, stroking my penis, which is lathered in her nectar and saliva. I'm aching for release by this point, wholly captivated by my girlfriend's beautiful face, trying to appreciate every beautiful inch of it, every perfection and imperfection. My girlfriend's complexion is fair and pale, with just a few freckles scattered across her features. She also has the most gorgeous puppy dog eyes. I'm always sure to compliment my girlfriend on every individual part of her face that I have fallen in love with and explain to her how I can't wait to mark her. I want to cover her face because that is the most intimate part of her body, and the one I want to compliment sexually by erupting all over her.

I tell her that I want her to imagine my sperm swimming around in the semen that I am about to paint her with. How could giving my girlfriend a facial be deemed degrading or humiliating? Semen is such an erotic and powerful substance, one part of the miracle needed to create life inside her womb. I want to spill that essence across the delicacy of my lover's face where it is forbidden and taboo to do so. The visual stimulation of ejaculating onto your lover's face is euphoric, pure ecstasy. And my girlfriend by now knows this, which is just about when the begging kicks in.

That's right, she begs me for my semen.




She begs me for every last drop across every last inch of her face. And when she knows I am close, she holds her hair back and closes her eyes (as I am sure to seal them shut). When I am finally ready to ejaculate, I politely warn my girlfriend and prepare to cover her skin with my semen. Each facial is like a snowflake since no two are alike. The physical act of the facial is so enjoyable for me because my girlfriend is allowing me to use her delicate face as a canvas for my sperm. It starts when my balls constrict and I feel a surge down my shaft and an inescapable since of ecstasy knowing that my semen is about to land on the woman I love's face. I know my girlfriend likes it, because she shutters at impact each and every time. I love watching the different ways in which I can decorate my girlfriend's virginal face with a pearly white substance as beautiful as her, and in all the different ways it can connect different parts of her face too. Sometimes long thick strands of it will connect over her brow down onto her cheek, hanging awkwardly in front of her eye. My favorite is when I connect the tip of her nose to her chin or lips. I usually like to start with her forehead and work my way down, painting her nose, lips, cheeks, temples, and chin as much as I can. These are what I like to call all-encompassing facials.

Other times we'll focus just on covering one specific part of her face in semen. One time, I shot my entire load onto my girlfriend's nose and covered it with so much cum that it all eventually rolled off the tip and hung off her nose like a pearly white icicle. Other times I'll completely white wash her cheeks or dump my entire load all over her pouty little lips. Sometimes I will even cum over her eyes, when they are closed of course, and watch the thick pools of sticky semen roll over her eyelashes and down her cheeks. No two facials are ever the same, like I said.

And once I am through, that's when I can really admire my masterpiece.

I love seeing my girlfriend marked not because I want to control or dominate her, but because I want for her to physically enjoy my orgasm. I love the way she looks at me, right after, so vulnerable and shocked. To see her marked by something so forbidden as semen, wearing it on her face, like a sexual badge she has earned is a thrill every time. I don't immediately wipe it off her, or want her to run for the restroom, either. We share each other in that most erotic of moments, where I can admire what my girlfriend has just let me do to her. She would never allow herself be seen like this by her closest friends or family, but for me, she's all mine. And the facial signifies that level of deep trust between two people who love each other. As time goes by, my semen eventually liquefies and cools against my girlfriend's pretty face. Sometimes we will scoop the remnants into my girlfriend's mouth so that she may swallow and enjoy a small helping of sperm before bed. Other times she will leave it on her skin to dry overnight, a semen-covered mess. On particular occasions, my girlfriend likes to rub it into her skin like a moisturizer. The hottest thing she likes to do is play with it, like a small child who has made a mess. I love watching her run pearly white strands of my seed over and around her tongue that connect down from her upper lip or nose. Sometimes she'll grab small amounts of my sperm and try and place it on unmarked parts of her face, just to revel in the sensation of semen against her skin, my semen.

So you know my girlfriend? That pretty girl you see me with in the supermarket, or that I bring to parties? I love ejaculating on her empowered feminist face because facials have nothing to do with degradation. If you don't believe me you should see the pictures we've taken, or stop by some time.

Please leave comments if you're a girl who loves having cum on your face!


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