tagMatureMy Girlfriend's Mom

My Girlfriend's Mom


I was living with at my girlfriend's parent's house two years ago when this particular event happened. Jessica my girlfriend who was three years younger than me at the time had just turned twenty and we had been together for a couple of years. Jessica is a size eight, tall, had long legs with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes and she was just drop dead gorgeous. She was shy and still a virgin when we met but after we started sleeping together it was like she turned into a nymphomaniac within a couple of weeks as she was begging for dirtier and dirtier sex. She was like dog in heat every free minute she got Jessica was fucking herself on my boner and we were pretty much naked at every opportunity as well.

On the night in question I had got home from work early but Jessica wasn't home yet. Ian who was her dad was also still out but her mums car was in the drive. I let myself in and shouted hello but heard nothing back so I figured her mom June was out in the back garden. I went into the bathroom and there she was lying in the bath with a huge dildo in her pussy. To say I was speechless was an understatement. She was stunning, tall and slim very much like her daughter Jessica. I'd known that much for ages but the rest was a mind blowing view. Her tits were huge with only a little sagging for her age of thirty-eight. Her nipples were a light pink in colour and rock hard from the playing she'd been doing. And as for her pussy it was clean shaven which is something I'd been trying to talk Jessica into doing for months.

I stuttered an apology for walking in on her and started to back out of the bathroom very slowly never taking my eyes off her cunt as the dildo never stopping pounding in and out of her.

"Come in and shut the door behind you," She told me.

"Did you want something?" She asked.

I was nervous and needed to pee that's what I'd gone in there for in the first place.

"Am bursting for a pee," I said back to her.

"OK, don't let me stop you just go ahead and pee," She smiled back at me and watched as I flopped my cock out of my jeans which was already semi hard.

I calmed myself down enough so I could pee in the bowl and not all over the place. Her eyes never left my cock, she watched as the jet of piss flowed out of me.

"Come here," She said as soon as I was finished peeing.

She leaned over the edge of the bath and took my cock in her mouth tasting my pee and started to suck. My semi very quickly became a raging hard-on and she cupped my shaved balls in her hand as she took more and more of my dick into her mouth. I'd never been deep throated before and my cock isn't huge its only around seven inches long with a thick girth to it. I'd never been with anyone as good at sucking cock as June was. Her tongue seemed able to wrap around my shaft even as the tip of my cock disappeared into her throat. I couldn't believe my luck but my confidence was coming back so I reached down and pinched her nipples then ran my hand down her flat stomach and tickled her clit gently. It was hugely engorged. June continued to pump the dildo in and out of her pussy while sucking harder and harder on my cock.

I knew that this wasn't going to last for long if this kept up and I didn't want this to end anytime soon. So I pulled my hips back fighting the suction to release my cock from her mouth then pulled all my clothes off quicker than I've ever done before and climbed in the bath tub with June. After a little silly groping and wriggling to get into a decent position June got on top of me with my twitching hard cock positioned against her pussy and her tits in front of my face. She lowered herself slowly down onto me and I felt her pussy muscles grip around and pull my cock deeper and deeper inside her sopping pussy.

She was amazingly tight, and so wet. Her pert rock hard nipples were in my mouth and were wrinkling as my tongue passed across them which caused moans of pleasure from June's lips. She was riding me like she hadn't been fucked for a long time, which I knew wasn't true as Jessica and I had over heard her having sex just yesterday! She eased her tits away from my mouth and stuck her tongue in deep. I felt her pussy spasms increase as she screamed into my mouth as she came all over my hard throbbing cock which was was more than I could take.

"Am gonna cum," I cried out, expecting her to lift herself off me but instead she just built up the pace fucking me harder as her orgasm passed and I flooded her full of my spunk.

We lay together in the tub for a few minutes as June was clearly not done with me yet. She stood and let our combined juices drip onto my chest, then climbed out onto the bathroom floor and leaned over to lick me clean. I joined her on the floor and cleaned her pussy up with my tongue making her cum again all over my face as my tongue played around her clit and three of my fingers probed into her stroking her g-spot. Just as June came for the 3rd time we heard the front door open. We didn't know if it was my girlfriend or her husband who had arrived home. We dressed and left the bathroom one at a time... it turned out to be her daughter Jessica who had arrived home but we were ok she had no idea what had been going on.

That night as I lay with my gorgeous girlfriend naked on my chest we heard her parents going at it again through the wall which made me harder and hornier than the twenty year old nymphomaniac I was in bed with. Jessica took my cock in the ass for the first time that night but she got angry when I asked if she'd ever fuck a woman for me. But I never even mentioned that I had one particular woman in mind for her.

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