My Girlfriend's Rival Ch. 02


Later she came up to me. "You okay, babe?"

"Uh, yeah, why?" I feigned naïve. The sudden term of endearment threw me off my guard even worse.

"You looked totally spaced out earlier!" she smiled.

"Oh, um, sorry. I guess I just went brain-dead for a minute!"

She laughed and gave me a relieved look. "Oh good! I thought you were staring at my shirt like I had some messy stain on it!" she flushed a giggle.

I laughed lightly, grateful that the situation was diffused. But then she looked down at her shirt and grabbed her breasts, pushing them up and inspecting the fabric. I suddenly felt really nervous again, but I couldn't help ogling them at an even closer distance.

"I started staring at my shirt, wondering if I spilled something… I'd hate people to think I was some dirty girl," she pouted, rolling her boobs in her hands a little more before letting them drop back down.

"Yeah, you don't need to be dragging any more attention to those!" I offered jokingly. As soon as I said it, I felt like an idiot.

She grinned anyway. "Oh, who would want to look at these anyway?" There was a brief flicker in her eyes. I wasn't sure if I was imagining it or not, but part of me felt that she knew I had been gawking at them. She went back to some other task without saying anything else. I quietly fumed at myself for thinking about her so blatantly sexually.

Another awkward episode happened later in the week. I was walking behind her in the kitchen, and I watched her signature little sway as her hips moved from side to side. Even her walk is sexy. Does she even have to try to be so hot? A brief spout of jealousy hit me as I knew my boyfriend loved the way she moved. He tried to hide it, but I always caught him admiring her ass.

Normally I would have started to seethe, thinking she was deliberately trying to get him hard. But right then I was feeling reflective about her. I wondered if she liked to fuck doggy-style, and if so, who was the lucky guy that got to give it to her like that? Somehow I always thought of her as being in control. So even in a submissive position like that, I imagined her knowing smile as she let someone enjoy it…

I was off in my own little world, picturing her that way, when suddenly she stopped right in front of me. She bent over, legs still straight, to pick something up. Her ass pushed out enticingly and before I knew it, I had stopped too and just stood there. I was totally staring at her! I couldn't believe myself; I didn't even try to move and walk around her or anything!

She brought her body back up slowly, and I tried to hide the fact that I had been taking in her sensual pose. My stomach was full of butterflies and I felt flushed all the way down between my legs. I felt so excited, but I was self-conscious and didn't want anybody to realize it… Especially her! Was I actually crushing on her, of all people?

Taking a step back, I finally managed to compose myself a little bit. Monica turned around and gave me a smirk. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were trying to check me out!" She raised an eyebrow.

I laughed nervously. "Maybe you should get your mind out of the gutter and stop holding up traffic!"

With a wry smile she exclaimed, "Impure thoughts? Me?!" She moved her hands behind her back and struck an exaggerated pose of innocence. "I'm a good girl, just like you."

I laughed again and moved past her. I felt so anxious, like I was flirting with somebody I liked for the first time in school.

That night I went to my boyfriend's apartment. He was working on some big paper, but I was feeling frisky and needless to say, I was able to distract him away from his studies. We tumbled onto the bed and started to undress each other.

I complained that I hadn't seen much of him in the last few days. He agreed, "Is everyone at work missing me too?"

In my mind, I instantly associated his comment with Monica. "There's only one person you care about if they miss you," I said flatly.

"You're right," he responded smiling, kissing along my neck, "You!"

I should have dropped it then, but I felt my old jealousy spur me on. "Uh huh," I sarcastically agreed, "I'm sure there's nobody else ever on your mind."

I was starting to put myself into a bad mood and I caught myself. Trying to relax the situation, I said sympathetically, "But just so you know, she hasn't asked about you…"

He murmured, "Oh darn," and continued to kiss down my shoulder and to my breasts.

"Poor Monica," I faked a pout, "She's had nobody to flirt with, so she's had to talk with me instead…"

I saw his eyes light up as he looked up at me, clearly interested. I was sure he was hoping I would talk kinky about her. "I'm uh- It's good that you two are finally getting along…" he offered, moving to kiss back up my body.

I placed a hand on the back of his neck and lightly dug my fingernails into him. "Oh, so you admit you flirt with her?"

He furrowed his brow, "No- I…"

I dragged my fingers from his neck to the top of his head and gently pushed him down my body. "Whatever… just… shut up…" I was annoyed but still turned on anyway.

He obediently followed my guiding motion and started kissing down my body, past my stomach. "Hmm…" he mused coyly, breathing between my thighs. I didn't want to hear another word out of him. I just wanted to feel good; fuck his opinion!

"Shh…" I told him, pulling his face into me. He dutifully started to kiss around my lips and blow on my slit. I felt really hot down there and was excited for some oral. When he finally started laying his tongue across me and licking me where I liked it, I gave out a blissful moan.

I relaxed my body and curled my hand in the back of his hair, keeping him down there to please me. Closing my eyes, I enjoyed the sensations of his mouth. Before I knew it, I was picturing work that day and replaying Monica bending over in front of me. I imagined her posing like that and showing off that cute butt in a thong for some horny guy, making him drool over her hot little body. I wonder if she'd make him beg…

With a little envy, I wondered if my boyfriend had ever fantasized about going down on her. He must have… He probably was right then, since I brought her up. I scratched my nails into the back of his neck with a little spite, but it just encouraged him to shove his tongue up further inside me. I shuddered with approval against my will.

She was really hot. Even I was staring at her tits the other day… I started picturing them there in front of me. What would it be like to see her topless over me right now, while my boyfriend ate me out? I bet he wouldn't mind if I sucked on those nipples right then. Hell, the bastard would probably do anything to be near her. My hips started to thrust against his face as I thought about it, despite whatever emotions I was feeling.

Then I pictured her body moving down mine. What if she was between my legs right now? What would a girl be like…? God, I don't know if I had ever been so wet from oral before. Normally it's just foreplay, but tonight I was going to come. My breathing got hoarse as I continued thinking all these dirty thoughts about the girl that just a week ago I hated. Fuck, maybe I still did. I don't know; she's just so sexy… I pursed my lips shut and tried to stifle involuntary moans as I started to come against my boyfriend's face.

He eagerly lapped and sucked against me the whole time, grabbing my ass and helping to pull me closer to him. When I finished, I pulled his hair back and looked at him wildly in the eye as he caught his breath. It felt so wrong to be thinking about that. I tried to displace my confusion onto him.

"W-were you- ah- What were you th-thinking about?" I panted at him.

He got up on his knees, one hand holding onto his hard penis, stroking the base of it a little. When I asked him, he got this confused look on his face; it was clear he didn't want to talk, just fuck.

"It was- was her, wasn't it?" I almost growled.

"W-what are you talking about?" he grunted, getting irritated.

I quickly pulled myself up and onto my knees, turning around and facing away from him. I felt like an animal all of the sudden. I didn't give a shit. "Here, I'll make it- hmm- easier for you…" Sliding my chest down onto the bed and burying my face in the pillow, I pushed my ass up and offered it to him.

He didn't resist. I felt him excitedly guide himself into my soaking pussy.

"Here asshole, fuck her- oh- however the- uh- the hell you want!"

His only response was grunts as he angrily grabbed onto my hips and rode me. He wasn't gentle at all; he thrust into me with hard, fast jerks. I was positive he was thinking of her. I didn't care anymore. I thought of her too. In my mind, I pretended I was her; like I was the seductive little bitch who could make anybody cave for her. It didn't take him long to lose it and cry out in orgasm.


That weekend I went to the gym. I was just wearing sweatpants and an exercise tank-top; nothing fancy. I was there to work out, not impress. So anyway, I was jogging along on a treadmill when I noticed her. Monica had come into the cardio room wearing the tiniest running shorts and just a sports bra. I swallowed hard as I looked at her body, admiring her perfect feminine curves that accentuated an otherwise small, tight frame.

I knew all the boys in the room were checking her out too. Some did it discreetly; others were so obvious it was almost creepy. She carried herself with blasé indifference until she saw me. With a cute smile, she waved and trotted over, taking an empty machine next to me.

"Hi!" she chirped.

I greeted her back, feeling mixed emotions from seeing her. I was jealous that she was dressed so skimpy and getting all that attention. I was envious of her perfect little body. But most of all, I think I felt a little weirded out and restless because I had fantasized and come to her image since I last saw her. A twinge of distrust shot through me as I mused how hard my boyfriend would get seeing her like this… But then a tingle of guilt replaced it. Would I be thinking of her again soon…?

We worked out together side-by-side for the next thirty minutes or so until I had to leave. Before I went, Monica offered, "We should come here together next time. We are BFFs after all, right?" She said it so girly, but there was this sensuality that still radiated from her.

I laughed at the term that little girls use for Best Friends Forever but agreed without thinking. We scheduled to meet up again in two days. As I left, she parted, "See ya later, sexy!" and blew me a playful kiss.

I felt my cheeks blush a little as I smiled and walked out of the room, keenly aware that at least a couple of guys were overhearing us talk and giving those dumb grins boys give when they see girls be flirtatious with each other. I noticed one girl roll her eyes at the situation. She's just jealous, I gloated inwardly. What I didn't realize was I had barely spent any time with Monica and she had already melted any ice I held against her for the day…

That evening I swung by the athletics store and splurged on a pair of little running shorts. I almost bought the exact same pair that Monica was wearing, but I decided to get a different color instead at the last second. I knew I'd look good in them… I just hoped I looked as good in them as she did. I also decided to pick up a flashy sports bra. Not that I was trying to compete with her or anything… but why should she have all the fun? Maybe I wouldn't wear anything over it next time, who knows?

Well… I didn't. I felt totally self-conscious at first walking into the gym. I dressed in my new skimpy workout clothes but sat in the parking lot for a few minutes, too shy to actually get out. At the last minute I thought, fuck it, and just walked right in. I immediately felt everyone's eyes on me. Not that I'm a stranger to getting my fair share of attention, but this was more than I had ever got because I had never paraded my body like this before.

I was looking around for Monica, but I didn't see her right away. I felt stupid, wondering if she hadn't really wanted to work out together at all, or if she had stood me up. Then I felt even stupider for thinking about the whole thing like a date! I decided to go for some free weights when suddenly I felt a light spank on my butt.

For a brief second I was livid, thinking it was some cocky asshole trying to hit on me. But before I could swing around, I heard Monica sing, "Ouch! Too hot to touch!" I turned and saw her waving her hand as if she'd burned it by swatting me. I colored red a little bit. She was wearing a similar outfit as before, and so we were both dressed the same.

She noticed, posing her body opposite of mine and smiling at me, "We're twins today!"

I giggled in agreement and we worked out together, first lifting some weights, then back to the treadmills. We made small talk some of the time, but a lot of it was spent in silence. I noticed all the guys give double-takes as they saw two hotties working it alongside one another. It was weird, but I felt kind of empowered because of it. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to contend with her; she's so hot. But I was definitely holding my own. I think I may have felt even sexier with her near me. If you had asked me if I would ever dress like this in public, let alone done it with Monica? Well, I would have thought you were crazy.

As I jogged on the treadmill, I started to zone out. What would my boyfriend think if he saw the two of us now? I wondered if I dared tell him about it. How the two of us were at the gym, wearing next-to-nothing the whole time. I almost felt guilty about it, like I was showing myself off to other people… But it wasn't like I was trying to hook up with anybody.

Well, to be honest, a couple boys might have tried to hook up with us… Two guys had approached us and introduced themselves. They were pretty cute, and it was obvious they were going to try and ask us out. Before I could even mention having a boyfriend, Monica flatly said, "Sorry, we're lesbians."

The boys got this weird look on their face. I think it was some mix of shock, interest, and disappointment. They tried to play the comment down, but Monica rolled her eyes, showing zero interest. They ended up wandering off, dejected.

Once they were gone, I looked at Monica and with an open mouth. "I can't believe you said that!"

She gave me a sultry smile, "What? You mean you aren't one?"

We had both slowed down our pace on the treadmills to a measured walk, and her comment almost made me stop in my tracks. For a brief second I felt a rush of anxiety bubble up in my stomach, but then her face broke into a dazzling grin and she laughed.

I laughed too, relieved.

"Well we have to have some excuse… Two babes like us? Every guy here is going to want us. At least this way we only have to worry about the few girls that have been checking us out…" She said that last part quietly, like a dirty whisper, which told me she wasn't completely joking.

I was taken aback, suddenly feeling warm down there again. God, is she actually turning me on? I tried to tell myself it was just the situation; that knowing a bunch of guys all wanted us was getting to me. But were some girls checking us out in that way too? That was so naughty! I briefly scanned the room, trying to see if there were any females that were sneaking glances our way. I couldn't believe I was actually entertaining the idea!

We finished off our workout by doing some sit-ups. Usually I just do them alone, but Monica insisted we spot each other. I went first, with her kneeling at my feet and playfully counting me off as I crunched up to her. Admittedly I felt a little silly about the whole thing, like we were in gym class or something, but I still thought it was cute. Her pretty smile radiated down at me as she watched; her eyes never looking away. I started feeling warm again, wondering who was checking us out; one hot girl leaning over another.

Next we swapped our positions. I was there on my knees, watching Monica pull herself up to me. I was cheerfully counting her off like she did to me. But I found myself losing interest and my voice getting quieter as I got lost in watching her body. Her stomach was so nice and flat when she was on her back. And when she pulled up, I couldn't help but stare at her breasts…

It dawned on me that she might know I was gaping at her body again, and I felt completely embarrassed. Still, I couldn't ignore the pressure between my thighs as I knelt there. I secretly tried to squeeze my legs together; it felt really good. I hoped nobody noticed how turned on I was… Especially Monica. Why does this keep happening? I tried my best to look casual and smile harmlessly as she finished her sets.

Once we were all done, we walked out to the parking lot together. "We should do this more often!" she piped.

"Yeah, definitely!" I agreed enthusiastically.

"Hey, I know!" she suddenly perked up, "A friend of mine is having a party next weekend. We should totally go together!"

A shudder of excitement shot through my stomach and legs. I couldn't help but think about the last party I went to… The memory of dancing with Monica and her surprising me with a kiss flared in my mind. "Umm, that could be fun…" I considered.

"Yeah, let's do it!" she pushed.

"I dunno if my boyfriend had any plans…"

"Psh! He can handle one night without you!"

"Well, true…" I tried to sound coy, but I really did feel like it would be weird if I went to a party without him.

"Don't worry, I'll be your date! We'll go as lesbians!" She laughed as she said it and wrapped an arm around my waist as she teasingly bumped her hip against mine.

I breathed out a little chuckle and agreed. Feeling really girly, I blurted out, "Okay! No boys allowed!"

She agreed and gave me a quick little hug before we parted ways to our cars.

As soon as I got in, I shut the door and exhaled a nervous sigh. My body trembled a little bit from all the nervous energy bottled up inside me. I felt like the whole trip was such a rush! I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. I realized I had started to squeeze my legs together again, still feeling turned on. Then I got a naughty idea.

I grabbed my cell and called my boyfriend to make sure he was home. I told him not to go anywhere, 'cause I was coming over.


It was hard not to speed over to his place, I was so wound up. I knew he was going to flip as soon as he saw me in my little gym outfit. I knocked on his door and he let me in. His eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw me!

"Wow!" he blurted out, "Is it my birthday!?"

I gave him a sly smile, "No silly, I just came from the gym."

He raised an eyebrow. "Dressed like that?"

"Sure, why not?" I said indifferently.

"Well uh- you just… Normally don't- um…" he stammered, trying to find a tactful way to say it.

"Dress like a slut?" I interrupted him offhandedly, "Yeah, I was there with Monica. I had to fit in, right?"

His jaw hung open a little bit as he stood there dumbfounded. Boys are so easy!

"What, does that surprise you?" I said, faking irritation. I stretched my arms up and gave a sexy moan, like I was really stiff. He eagerly checked me out as I did it. It was obvious he was already getting hard.

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