tagTransgender & CrossdressersMy Girlfriend's Sissy Roommate Ch. 06-07

My Girlfriend's Sissy Roommate Ch. 06-07


Chapter 6

"So, you're the famous, or infamous Jessica, then?" Larissa teased my wife as she stepped inside her house.

"And you're ... Larissa, my husband's new mistress or girlfriend or whatever. Who is she? That woman! Wait ... is that ... Rain? My God, you look like a woman! So ladylike, so exquisitely feminine ... wearing a wig, makeup, and lingerie, too? Damn, you're actually gorgeous!" Jessica declared aloud her thoughts as she realized how much of a girl Rain really was, something that I had neglected to mention to her.

"Yeah, part of me is wondering just how male Rain really is at times. Rain acts more like a girl at times than like a guy. Rain has a very feminine aura, wouldn't you say? Hard to think of Rain as a guy at times, or just one of the guys, or anything. I could always tell Rain secrets, always confide about various lovers, that kind of thing. We would have movie nights, snuggle up together for warmth, that sort of thing. We'd do very girlish things together, speaking generally. If you and I get along well, and you do the same with Rain, it will be like ... three gal pals all hanging out together. Poor Stan will be outnumbered!" Larissa winked at me as she said this last part.

"A good thing that we have three bathrooms here, right? Stan's gonna need it," Rain joked a little, feeling a little more comfortable in his (?) own skin.

"Three ladies in the same house, that comes with the territory. Triple the trouble, but thrice the fun," Jessica laughed, even as she pushed her tongue inside my mouth to make it plain how she felt about me.

That was when first Larissa slipped me tongue, and then Rain did the same thing, giving me a steamy French kiss from each of them to really drive home how much love I could give and get now. When Larissa and Rain then made out in front of Jess and me, it was another reminder of how close their bond was, being rather older than theirs with me. Even so, Larissa and Rain were also apparently very much into me of late, whereas Jessica was in the middle of rediscovering the man that she took for granted for so long.

"Ah, so this is who took my sweet hubby in after I fucked things up and kicked him out. Well, the silver lining to that dark cloud is clear enough. He now has three ladies to pleasure, and knowing him, he will do his damnedest to do exactly that! Look, I don't know where he wants us to live, or what he wants from me precisely, but I know that I'm not throwing my Stan away again. You want him, too? Great! I'm more than happy to share him! I applaud your tastes in men, as it happens. I just have to be Stan's, whatever happens with Tim, by the way," Jessica assured us all, briefly thinking of her estrangement from her brother, but then seeming to resolve to be mine again, whatever the cost.

"Well, baby, glad to have you back, but just remember our deal and show respect to the ladies of the house, too, not to mention the man of the house, if I may presume to say as much," I winked at Larissa and Rain, as I called both of them women in essence...

Somehow, it just seemed to fit better than referring to Rain as the man of the house, when nothing about Rain sounded masculine at all. This was especially true after what Jessica commented about Rain when they first met. When she didn't realize that it was Rain, she just treated her the way that she would treat any other woman that caught her attention (and aesthetic admiration, albeit platonically). There were times that masculine pronouns seemed increasingly ... wrong? It was hard to explain, but Rain really have a certain distinct feminine quality to her that went beyond her costumes ... Wait, did I just refer to Rain particularly in the feminine? I wondered at myself doing that and made a note to ask both Rain, Larissa, and Jessica their thoughts on the matter later.

"Rain really is quite the girl, isn't she?" Jessica said without thinking of what she actually stated ... it just came out.

Something in Rain's face when Jessica said what she did perked and brightened up, which I couldn't help but notice. I had to get to the bottom of this matter and soon. It would otherwise possibly cloud our relationships here, unless we could figure out Rain's true nature somehow in the foreseeable future. I also saw the look on Larissa's face as Jessica spoke of Rain that way, and it was as if a lump were in her throat. Then she abruptly reached out to Rain and hugged ... her?

"Guys ... I don't know what to say, but it just ... fits. I don't know how to explain it, but calling me a girl somehow sounds better than calling me a sissy. Somehow, the term sissy seems to be inadequate of late. Calling me a 'lady,' as Stan did, that means a lot to me. It's hard to define it, but the more I hear others refer to me in the feminine, the better sense it makes to me, the more it just fits me.

"It just seems instinctively right for me, to be labeled a girl rather than a sissy, you know. I don't quite have the words or terminology for it, but it's just ... right. It's just me. It's who I am, my nature, my essence. I don't know how you'd choose to term it, but I'm a lady, not a gentleman," Rain continued at length, expressing her true thoughts and feelings about this matter at last.

"So, perhaps we can all agree, then, that whatever else one thinks of Rain, whatever label one wants to use for her, she's a she. She's a girl from here on out. We're all to call her by feminine pronouns. She, her, hers, etc. I don't know what she will choose to define herself as now, but whatever it is, we'll regard her as one of the girls, not one of the guys. We are all agreed on this?" I announced, bringing smiles to all of my girls' faces now.

"Is this permanent, Master?" Larissa asked me, even as she began kissing her way down to my cock from the left and Jessica did the same on the right.

"God, yes!" I groaned, even as Rain began sucking on my balls and my taint on her own.

"Let's take our man to bed, shall we? We have a Master to serve. I think that we're all agreed that he's our Master, right?" Jessica encouraged the other two ladies, who were more than happy to guide me to Larissa's bedroom.

"Hell, yes! Larissa and I had already decided as much, even before your trimester deal with Master, trust me," Rain confessed aloud now, kissing me all over and leaving her lipstick smears behind.

By now, I was entirely naked again and I soon wasn't alone, as Jessica straddled me at last to take me balls deep in her eager, needy twat. It was abundantly evident that Jessica missed my dick and she proved it in spades by riding me with an aggression that belied her stated submission to my new authority. Then again, who said that the Dom always had to be in control one hundred percent of the time? Couldn't a submissive show her appreciation by letting her Master relax now and then, taking the initiative to please him?

Speaking of such things, Larissa sat on my face pretty soon, letting me taste her sweet pussy, much as we both enjoyed, as I dove in for the hell of it. My Aussie girlfriend definitely knew her man, at least with me, sensing that I didn't want to leave her out of the loop or the action while I reconciled with and reclaimed my wayward wife. I was already in a Heaven of my own now, but what Rain did more than showed her gratitude and appreciation for what I had decided for this household and family of ours. Rain took her fingers, lubed them up, and began sinking them into my asshole to play with my prostate, much to my enjoyment and hers, adding so much to the sensuality of the group sex.

If things were intense before, they only became better when Rain replaced her fingers with one end of a double-headed dildo, the other of which she eased into her own bottom. It wasn't much longer before we both felt as if we were simultaneously buggering each other, which in essence was what we did. It was really hard to describe quite how fantastic it felt to have Rain work her hips so that we could sodomize each other, she and I with the double dong while Jessica continued to mount and impale her warm, soothing, slippery twat on my thick cock.

Things could only continue so long, and the dramatic hip movements that I did while screwing both Jessica and Rain at once, while still eating Larissa out were just too much for my wife. She creamed herself at last, flooding my dick with her slick juices, coating me with her lady cum. I exploded in my wife's cunt, filling her up with my jizz at last. This was when Rain had her very audible anal climax from the double prong, followed by Larissa as she gushed on my face, soaking it with her sweet nectar.

"Well, that was a quicker reunion fuck than I planned, but it just worked, didn't it? There's plenty of time for more, especially since you're still planning to stay for the day, aren't you, dear?" I turned to my wife and encouraged her to crash here until we decided where to live long term.

"It was fucking intense, no doubt of that. How about we kick back, watch TV, and grab something to eat? I'm a bit famished now, what of you guys?" I also noted that it was well past noon by now.

"Your wish is my command, Master," Rain spoke for the other two girls as she put on the Jeannie costume from that famous Barbara Eden series, clearly embracing the cosplay that all of us encouraged her to enjoy at last.

"I couldn't have said it better myself," Larissa agreed with her lover ... our lover.

"Me, neither, and I'm the man's wife," Jessica licked her lips as she puckered up and gave us each a French kiss of our own ... talk about eager to please!

Chapter 7

"This is some serious falafel and souvlaki, babe! Much like Rain's breakfast from earlier," I alluded to the meal that Rain had made not long before Jessica arrived, while complimenting the present cook as well.

"Geez, I really missed out, then, didn't I?" Jessica expressed some envy there, despite not knowing what she missed.

"Yep, breakfast was very Anglophile, whereas lunch is very Greek. You'd have loved it, baby. Rain here really put her heart and soul into it, didn't you, dear? Trust me on that," I now used a pet name for my wife as well as my girlfriends.

Just then, I noticed Rain's quiet enthusiasm for the lunch that beat even mine and Jess's. She went through the souvlaki, pitas, dolmas, hummus, falafel, and cucumber salad like it was nobody's business. It was quite clear that Rain and Larissa were used to eating each other's cooking and very comfortable with it. Rain's idea of back bacon, toast, orange marmalade, bangers, and poached eggs had gone over very well indeed. Evidently, she had burned the toast the first time, but otherwise Larissa had simply adored it and it had helped their bond grow ever since (not to mention that Larissa often dropped hints and it had impressed more than a few of her dates who had stayed until morning).

"Does Tim cook?" Larissa asked Jessica, who giggled when she heard that.

"Hell, no! Tim, cook something other than grilled cheese, and that he burns every motherfucking time, or those scrambled eggs of his that he puts vanilla on, and one time so badly overcooked that he set off the smoke detectors? Nope. He's far from a chef or even a short order cook. Won't be he seeing him on the Food Channel, except for maybe Worst Cooks In America or something, with Anne Burrell.

"Stan, on the other hand, let's just say that I really fucked up by kicking him out. He won't tell you about his culinary prowess, but you were going to find out, sooner or later. Stan's not a chef yet, but he's far from a slouch in the kitchen, trust me. He's helped out more than once, another reason that I missed him pretty damn fast and never intended to give him up for good. His Potatoes O'Brien are a dream come true! Even Tim likes them, though he won't admit it, of course," Jessica snickered as she admitted that I was essentially a decent cook, certainly ahead of her brother in that respect.

"Yeah, of course not!" Rain giggled as she heard that part.

"So, what now today?" Larissa wondered aloud.

"Shopping day for the girls, I think. Get some new outfits for Rain. I think that we're all off today, right? It's Sunday after all. So, how about we get Rain some nice skirts, blouses, whatever. I think that we can afford that, right? And be sure to keep her in stock of depilatory cream. Keep her nice and smooth. Maybe get her hair styled, make it something brazenly feminine. I think that we need to look toward Rain being more public about her femininity, wouldn't you say? It might be a little tiresome, but worth it. It will be a nice experience, getting to watch Rain be the girl that she increasingly seems to be inside. Maybe manicure and pedicure if we have time, though I don't know if we do. Proper shoes. Flats, pumps, heels.

"Once we're drained and hungry enough, we can just eat at the food court or else at the Ruby Tuesday at the mall. There always seems to be one of those at every mall in this town, but that's convenient enough in this case. I could definitely go for some juicy steak and some baked potato with everything on it. You know, cheese, butter, sour cream, chives. What do you say, girls?" I asked the ladies, who looked at each other with a bit of glee and then snickered.

"Hey, you're the boss, remember...Master?" Rain tried it on for size, being nervous because it was still new to her, but rather excited to use it.

It wasn't too much longer before I got ready, of course, but it took the ladies, and especially Rain, a bit longer before they were prepared. That was par for the course, and it turned out later that Rain had always primped, long before she acknowledged what we were just now accepting: that she was a woman, not a man. In any case, the girls had Rain especially dolled up and fancy, from false nails to "pumps," to a micro miniskirt that showed a good deal of her very nice legs, to the lipstick, rouge, eyeliner, mascara, everything done to a woman's specifications, not an impersonator's. Her blouse was padded to mimic a bosom of about B cup, too. Her hips and ass were already rather girly, so that didn't require any extra work there.

I had to admit, each of my ladies was truly stunning, and that certainly included Rain. It was strange, in just a short period of time, I had increasingly stopped thinking of Rain as a man at all. This was especially true after Jessica's rather candid remark upon meeting her for the first time. This had allowed me to see Rain with new eyes, and I wasn't the only one. Larissa increasingly behaved as if Rain were her girlfriend, something that I found very charming even before I knew that they had anything sexual between, or even before I realized that Rain was no guy. She had hardly any qualities that I would ever describe as male, anyway. She just wasn't male, dick or no dick, balls or no balls.

We climbed into Jessica's van, since it was the most practical vehicle for all of us and Jess was good enough to offer to drive us there. It felt great, sitting next to her, in the front passenger seat while Larissa made out with Rain in the back. We both found that very stimulating, to be perfectly honest, seeing those two lovebirds now that Larissa was no longer in denial about her feelings for her girlfriend...scratch that...our girlfriend. I wasn't sure if Rain had any feelings for Jess, but she seemed to be developing some for me, much as she already had for Larissa. I think that we were all almost telepathically in sync with the idea of going with the flow and letting things happen naturally...if Rain and Jessica became lovers, good, if not...well, that was also good.

Once we arrived at the first shop, we were met by a saleswoman with a very sharp eye, not to mention very sharp looks. She was all spruced up, in a pantsuit no less, her pageboy haircut a shade of dirty blonde that worked well with her blue-grey eyes. Her name tag read Mira and she had a very slight foreign accent that I couldn't quite place yet. If I had to guess her age, it would be forty or so, and she essentially reminded me of Helen Mirren. In any case, she caught on lightning fast as to what was happening and more than took charge in a very helpful way, understanding the need for privacy and discretion.

"Nice to meet you, Mira. This is my wife, Jessica, these are my girlfriends, Larissa and Rain, who are also dating each other. And, well, I see that you caught on here," I wrapped up the introductions in a bit of a rush, eager to get to the business of getting Rain some fine new clothes for her daily use.

"Well, you know, in these situations, it's best to say that less is more, right? So, for now, the best course is a blouse that works well with the bosom, accentuates it, if you will. The more natural the bust looks, the more the woman comes out to play. Not the girl, mind you. The woman. Now, for the color scheme, let me suggest that a nice, bright set of vibrant colors, such as blues and yellows, that's good. Limit the reds, though. They clash with the skin tone.

"Now, as to the skirt, let's go with the idea of plaid and denim skirts for the more casual stuff. Then a more professional skirt, too. Khaki for that. Blue and white kilt for the plaid. Very Scottish, that one. Plus the whole...shall I say, Catholic schoolgirl look to it? You look on the younger side of an adult, though still usually of age. Might as well exploit that, I think. Alright, take a look at these. Try them on, when you're good and ready, in fact," Mira started with the blouses, but had the skirts ready for when the blouses were done.

Rain genuinely seemed to enjoy the royal blue top, in fact, as well as the kelly green one that Mira added at the last minute. The last one was a yellow as mentioned before, more of a bright, Sun-like color to it. It was a very lively color, one that seemed to match her nut brown hair and farmer's tan pretty well. A darker skin tone or hair color, such as Jessica or Larissa had, would have fit a navy blue or dark gray skirt or top, but this was Rain, and she was a flower child, after all. She certainly had fun dressing and changing, showing off her new outfits to all of us, looking prettier and more adorable than ever.

"Damn, she is a dish, da? She's very sexy, to put it mildly. There's no question that she's a girl. None at all that she's a lady. She's very delicious, if I may say so myself, and she's dating all three of you or just two of you? Either way, you're lucky and I wonder if you'd ever share your good fortune with me. In any case, it's on to the skirts!" Mira reacted with real and obvious attraction to Rain, for which I honestly couldn't blame her...at this point, Rain would stop traffic easily.

"Well, not dating her yet, but maybe she'll give me the green light someday. Maybe," Jessica winked at Rain, who winked back, albeit shyly...she wasn't used to this yet, but she was coming out of her shell a bit.

The skirts were another matter, and while Rain didn't accept all of Mira's counsel, since it was her body that she was clothing, she generally took the advice and direction pretty well. Mira was very much on point about my hippie girlfriend. Bright, lively colors, those were the ticket for her. She even bought some stretch pants, just on a whim, though Mira didn't direct her to those. Then again, Mira whistled at her without realizing it for a second, so Rain's ass and legs must have delighted her at least a little in the pink pants. All in all, it was a truly memorable shopping experience. Mira more than indicated just how much she desired to have us around again, especially Rain (though she didn't exactly ignore Jessica or Larissa, of course).

"Well, that does it, I think. Here, I'm covering this myself. Don't worry. I have the money for it. Far more than you three, in fact," Rain surprised us, but then I recalled that she was, indeed, the richest of our new family.

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