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My Good Friend's New Wife


I have an old friend from HS who has been married 5 times now. I was going to meet the 5th one; I had liked all the others (and the 5th is 20 years younger than he (and I) are. I had dated his first wife before he did, but didn't even kiss her. And never touched any of the other wives. But I wondered about this last one, who was from Poland- they met on internet and he went to Poland despite the fact that he doesn't speak Polish (and refuses to learn a single word of Polish). She speaks English, but does not understand anything that is not a simple declarative sentence- analogy and metaphor are lost on her. But I was going to visit them now that they were back in the US after living in Poland for almost two years while my GFJ tried to get green cards for his new daughter-in-laws, who are all gorgeous and now too old to come as children.

I drove down to Oxnard, just north of LA (in the San Fernando Valley, famous for "Valley Girls") and planned on staying in their new place, which is a 2 BR condo. Neither daughter came with the new wife, so they had a spare bedroom for me. Other times I had visited GFJ, there always had been growing kids and dogs. This time there was only "the Polish Princess" (which my wife named the new wife because she does have that incredible bone structure of her face that looks like royalty).

I arrived at dusk, having driven from my home in Medford Oregon. I have a desk job for the Shakespeare operation in Medford, and planned on teasing Marta (the Polish Princess' name) with the idea she might be a Shakespearian actress- but her accent was not going to let that happen.

We all went out to dinner at Marie Callender's and I had a couple of beers because GFJ was driving. I planned on giving the couple my old Nissan as a gift- but was waiting to decide and to figure out how best to do that. It was 10 years old but only had 80k miles and they NEEDED a second car if they both were going to work.

We continued talking about all the things they needed to do, not least of which was finding Marta a job. My GFJ has always been supported by a working wife- until the 3rd one left him and he got a job as a teacher. The 4th one was out of work when they married, but got a job that paid twice J's soon after they married. She didn't mind having him leech off her because she had always been the moneybags, and was impressed by J's willingness to be the only earner in the marriage.

Marta paid a lot of attention to me from the very beginning. But so have J's wives and girlfriends (during periods when he was divorced). I guess they hear a lot about me and know I am a steady friend for J, even though I sort of gave up on him long ago. He simply cannot tell the truth. If he forgets and tells the truth a little, he soon spoils it by adding some lies.

Suddenly they both claim fatigue and off to bed they go. I stay up watching TV, but soon hear lots of bedroom noises. I notice that they have left the bedroom door OPEN a little, and realize this is to make sure I hear the noises. I did not think it was an invitation to join them, because that had never been even a consideration with prior wives and girlfriends- but maybe they wanted me to watch? One of the wives did enjoy being watched and told me "if you like to watch", but also made it clear that I was to ONLY watch. I won't say if I did or did not watch, but with Marta, I had been told nothing. There was some light thru the open crack of door, so I wandered over to see what I could see. Marta was reverse cowboy on J, she was facing the door and was looking right at me! I was looking at her body and his cock plunging into her ... and noticed she was apparently waiting for me to start watching. When she realized I was looking at her face, she smiled and winked... and then put on a sort of show for me which J seemed to be enjoying. She faked an orgasm (I CAN tell), and when he said something to her, she dismounted and turned around so she was in doggy position for me (if I had been in the room, which I was not)... and she started sucking his cock (but I couldn't see that.. what I saw was her hand rubbing her pussy, apparently so she would come at the same time as he did.

When they finished, I went back to watching TV... sort of horny but decided to wait to jerk off until later. I fell asleep on the couch and it was comfortable enough that I was still there when J got up to get ready for work- he was substitute teaching at a school in Santa Barbara, a long drive up the coast.

I got up and went in the guest bedroom after I brushed my teeth, but did not shower. Although I had slept a lot, I fell soundly asleep and was wakened by Marta who was standing next to the bed in a sort of negligee. I knew I had closed the door, but I didn't lock it. She asked if I wanted some breakfast and I said "sure", and suggested scrambled eggs if she had eggs. I was totally naked on top of the covers because it was warm- and she did look at me and didn't seem to think that was strange to do.

"You are good friend of John, yes?"

I didn't really want to explain, so I said "We have known each other for 40 years and traveled a lot together long ago. I have know all his wives and they all very nice." I instantly regretted resorting to pidgin English, she might think I was making fun of her lack of correct verb tenses and helper words. Which is exactly what I was doing, while excusing the game by thinking she would better understand what I was saying.

She left and called my name a few minutes later- I had on some shorts and a T shirt by then and went out to have breakfast. She still had the negligee, and I could seen thru it enough to realize she did not shave down there. But the negligee was long enough that nothing was showing directly, not even when she bent from the waist to pick up a spoon- first making sure I was looking by cursing in Polish when she dropped it. She did not rinse it off or leave it to be washed, she placed it on the table for me to use! But I would only use it to stir hot coffee, so??

I am such a germ-phobic that I ended up having the coffee black. She had only toast, but I had assumed she did not eat extra because she had a perfect figure (for her age).

She asked why my wife had not made the trip with me, and I sort of made some bad excuse. "J say your wife very nice". I explained that J was correct, but didn't explain that my wife is even more fed up with J's lies than I am. Plus his disdain of older women (which is to say:women his own age) that she wanted nothing to do with him, and wouldn't even talk to him on the phone when he called, if she answered. She would just instantly say I will get Bob, and then call to me.

Marta then asked if she could ask me a question. I have no idea why people do that instead of just asking. I always want to say, "No, you can't ask me a question.. except you just DID ask."

But I think that, don't say it. "Sure."

But no question. "It is question about sex, is that OK?"

No, it is not OK. "Sure, but I'm not a doctor any more."

"J say you very smart and know everything."

"J is a liar, and if you don't know that, you soon will."

I am not sure she understood me, but probably already knows about J because she added, "he does make stories, yes?"

"My question. Why not J kiss me where I like to be kissed the most?"

Well, that was a surprise to me! All those girls, all those wives and girlfriends... and I assumed he did oral sex, but I had never discussed THAT, nor had he ever mentioned it. I wondered if maybe I misunderstood the question, so I asked,"Where is it that you like to be kissed the most? In kitchen? In bathroom?"

She laughed and said "maybe I use wrong word?" Not where in house, where on me body. Here." And she pointed to between her legs. I was trying to get my bearings, so I said, "Maybe you could show me exactly so I understand."

"Show you where I like most to be kissed?"

"Yes- otherwise I will just be guess". I did it again with the verb form - I gotta stop that.

"You no kiss your wife there?"

"I mumbled something about kissing..."

"Do you kiss wife here?", and she pointed. I said Yes, but then she asked "tongue kiss here?" and she pointed again.

I wanted to change a game that she had managed to turn on me- I was sort of blushing and didn't want to talk about what I did with my wife. "What is your question?"

"Why J not kiss me there with tongue?"

"I do not know- he has not told me. Should I ask him?"

"He tell me it not good for man, and he tell me that you are doctor and you told him not do that because it not good for man."

"Well, I did NOT tell him anything to do or not to do."

"And you do that kiss to wife? Maybe he know you not do that and think that is tell him not good to do that?"

"I never told him anything about my wife and our sex life."

"Then why he say that?"

"I do not know - but I know I did not tell him anything about kissing there."

"Maybe I not explain you. Come let me show you."

Was this what I thought it was? I needed to decide if this was some kind of elaborate joke and J was waiting to rush in and laugh that I got tricked. But I went with her, into the guest bedroom, and she told me, "lock door."

That did not sound like a trick, but I found myself looking around, and I even looked in the closet! By the time I had done that she had flopped down on the bed and had her legs far apart, and was spreading her labia saying "Look here. Right here and here and here. Do you kiss your wife with tongue there?"

"Sometimes. if she lets me. But usually she does NOT let me do that." I had given up on preserving privacy.

"You tell truth? Why not let you. It feel good...very good."

"She never told me why she does not like it."

"You like to do kiss? Yes? No?"

"I like it a lot, she tastes and smells wonderful... but I think she was taught that she is stinky and dirty there."

"She is stinky and dirty?"

"No, she is wonderful and clean and it smells and tastes wonderful - but she doesn't believe me I guess."

"Do I smell stinky? Do I be dirty?"

When I hesitated, I also looked around and went to the window. No J in sight. She realized what I was thinking and she took her cell phone and soon was asking J if he would be home for lunch- but he would not be because he was working so far from home.

"Now you can tell me if stinky and dirty, OK?"

And she knew she was not. And she was not. And I got close and told her so.

"You show me how you kiss wife, OK?"

And I could not resist. If I had stayed back and did not smell how sexy she smelled, I might have resisted... but WHY? She obviously wanted me to do this- and I wanted to- and she was not going to get pregnant (she was 50 last week).

I had never had enough practice at what she wanted to be sure I was going to do it right. I had read ideas, and knew to be unpredictable and to try to judge if an area was TOO sensitive to get a lot of attention. Her vulva was beautiful. She had children and the small lips were stretched some but just the right size to lick and even suck into between my lips which felt really nice on my lips. I let the tip of my tongue barely touch her at first and avoided the clit. I gently caressed her legs and belly with my hands. I decided to avoid her asshole... but knew I wanted to experiment there, partly because it is so sensitive, and partly because I had never been allowed to do that at home. I realized she must have washed specially for me because she was SO clean.

She kept whispering something in Polish and often would realize I did not understand Polish and whisper "yes" "good".. but most of her sighs and whispers were in Polish. Eventually she held my head and I could tell she was trying to direct my tongue to give more attention to her clit. She had a pretty glans that I could see when I started, and before I finished I had managed to get the shaft and glans in between my lips and squeeze while licking- she really liked that- but I can't remember the Polish phrase she used.

She said, "Please putting finger in... yes?" She was very wet, and was tight enough that she could feel one finger, but when I used two, it stretched her a little and she really liked that.

Eventually she got me to speed up and she finished- I had never been allowed to do oral long enough to get a finish, but I didn't get to watch her face because I was busy. By then I was very tired, but this had been so surprising and so much fun that I found it hard to think. I just turned and lay next to her and said, "that was nice, thank you."

"You thank me?"

"Yes, you are really sexy and that was fun."

"and you are delicious... do you know that word- it means good to taste."

"You really like me?"

"Why would I lie about that?"

"What you want me to do?"

I thought she probably meant "do to me", but I didn't want to guess about that. "What do you mean? Didn't you finish?"

"I very happy. Have what I not have last night. Want you be happy." She reached down and started opening my shorts, but I got suspicious again. I had been so focused on "doing it right" that I had not thought about how hot and wet and soft and smooth and slick her vulva and vagina were. IF I had thought about that, I would have wanted to use her right then. But now, I was just enjoying the feeling that I had done everything just right... or at least "good enough". Why mess with total success and maybe turn it into something else. "Maybe we can do that later?"

"You do that and not want fuck me?"

"I did that to please you, and because you wanted me to do that... and yes, I do want to do more with you, but right now I want to enjoy how nice that was for me to be able to do something for you."

"J say you nice. He not say you good at sex. What else he not tell me?"

"I don't know. You can find out on your own, maybe?"

I found myself thinking about how wet and soft and hot she was...and could still smell her intoxicating scent all over my lips. I realized I was going to have to do something about the swelling that was occurring in my pants, and hoped it was not too late to change my mind.

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by Anonymous

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by 26thNC09/18/18

Not like this one

Sorry to be you, but not like this one too very good.

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by Anonymous09/17/18

My God!

That had to be the most poorly written story on this site in years. I guess GFJ, or J pr whatever that was, ended up fucking her but I couldn't get past all the bad writing to figure out what was goingmore...

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by Anonymous09/16/18

Sorry, but NO!

That was simply a train wreck.

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by Anonymous09/15/18

GFJ huh?

sorry but whats a GFJ ? cant you just use a male name for your friend ?

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