tagIncest/TabooMy Gorgeous Aunt

My Gorgeous Aunt


I joined Engineering College after finishing my class XII at the age of 19. When I came home for the first time after the semester examination, I was pretty exhausted. I had to study very hard after long hours of class and for about a month I slept very little. I wanted to sleep for at least a week, before I did anything else. But that was not to be.

The first thing mom told me was that my first cousin Piyu was getting married. She is the daughter of my mom's only brother and he wanted me to help him out in making all arrangements. In normal course, I would have been very happy. But this time, I didn't feel happy about running errands for a couple of weeks. Anyway, I had a good night's sleep, woke up at nine next morning and pushed off to my uncle's place.

Having reached there, I realised that I was unduly scared. Uncle was a very organised person and he had already made most of the arrangements. It was just a bright idea of Piyu and her mom to call me over and ask me to stay at their place on the pretext of having a helping hand for uncle. They actually wanted some guests to stay with them, so that they don't feel lonely before the wedding ceremony. I was very much relieved that there would be no dearth of rest during this time.

Piyu, who was 3-4 years older than me, was a very good friend of mine. I also like the company of her mother Meena, whom I called Mum. She was a gorgeous woman. She was in her mid forties, a little older than my mom was. But she looked much younger. Many people mistook Mum as Piyu's elder sister. She was not exactly slim and was heavy in right places. Her boobs were in excellent shape and her hips were quite heavy. But she maintained a trim waistline. Her skin was very fair golden colour and silky smooth. I always nursed a desire to see her in the nude.

Couple of years ago, my parents & I had a holiday with uncle, mum and Piyu. We stayed in a bungalow on the seaside. During those days, I saw a bit of mum's body. She bathed in the sea in a two piece swimsuit, while my mom had a one piece swim suit. That's the time I saw her narrow waist and lovely thighs. Her belly button was very sexy. One day inside the bungalow, I saw her sleeping with only a robe on and could have a view of the side of her one boob.

She really turned me mad. But that was only in my mind and I never had the courage to go any further. In any case, I liked mum a lot for her sweet nature. She was very friendly with me and we talked about lot of things, which I would have never discussed with my mom. She had a very smiling face and giggled all the time. This time I met her after a very long time and she looked more attractive to me.

Meena's thoughts – I always liked my nephew Babu a lot. This time, when I saw him after a long time, I found a new charm in him. He was now a very handsome young guy and created a different kind of stir in my mind. I felt a little shocked to realise that I physically desired him. My husband is not very sexually active anymore. But my physical desires are still alive & strong and I felt somewhat starved. That generated lust for men in me. Having said this, I must say, my attraction for Babu was not one of those stray bouts of lust. In 25 years of married life, I never desired any man so strongly. I tried to brush off the thoughts.

Next one week was very pleasant. I slept late every morning. After I got up, mum served me sumptuous breakfast. During morning hours, Piyu was tied up with beautician, masseuse, etc. Mum was busy in organising things for the wedding and I helped her. During that time, Mum and I chatted a lot and our friendship grew. In the afternoon, three of us went out for shopping or to invite relatives & friends. The evenings were usually relaxed, when uncle & mum had drinks. Piyu & I gave them company and on some days we were also offered drinks by uncle.

Mum gave me a lot of attention and took special care of me despite her busy schedule. Such care & attention, which I never got even from my mom, made my fondness for mum grow stronger.

The wedding was in the week after and for 3-4 days all of us had a very busy time.

Meena's thoughts - Despite my extreme business, I took care of Babu as much as possible. He and I chatted a lot in the morning. His lively and intelligent talks made my heart grow fonder. As I watched him more closely, the fire of desire burnt more strongly. I didn't know what to do.

After everything was over, Piyu and her hubby left for honeymoon. Uncle also got busy with his office and left for a weeklong tour, which he had kept pending for a long time. As mum was totally alone, she requested my mom to let me stay back for a week more. Mom had no objection, nor did I. The day uncle left for tour, they had a wedding invitation. Before leaving uncle told mum that she must attend the wedding and take me along.

Meena's thoughts - When the wedding was over, I felt that I would miss Babu more than my daughter. I somehow wanted to keep him a little longer. On the pretext of my hubby going on tour I requested Babu's mom to let him stay a week longer. I was totally delighted that she agreed. I was excited at the thoughts of having him all alone for a week and worked out my plans. I wanted to check if he felt physically attracted to me. Though I was older than his mom was, I still maintained my figure and I sincerely hoped I held enough attraction for this young guy.

After lunch, we both felt sleepy. Mum asked me to sleep with her in her bedroom, as she was feeling lonely. "Amar eka shute ekdom bhalo lagchhena, tui amar bichhanay ese ghumona," she said in a pleading voice. I went to her bedroom and lied down in the large bed. Mum came in a little later.

She was wearing a sari. But took it off. She took off her blouse also. As she was in her petticoat & bra, I could see her deep cleavage and her bare back. I saw her armpit too. I had earlier seen her armpit and it used to be shaved smooth. But now thick hair had grown there. She possibly didn't shave for a week or so. Now she put on a silk robe over her bra and petticoat. Then turning her back to me, she dropped her petticoat and took off her bra. As she turned around tying the belt of her robe, I had butterflies in my stomach.

She said she couldn't sleep with her sari on. " Ami sari pore motei ghumote parina."

Then she lied down by my side, and placed one arm over me. I was feeling very uneasy and didn't know what to do. But she apparently didn't care. Her knee length robe had moved up and more than half of her thighs was uncovered. But she was totally carefree and was fast asleep within minutes. I also fell off to sleep.

I woke up very late at mum's soft push. She was standing beside the bed with a cup of tea in her hand, now wearing her sari again.

As she gave me the cup, she said, "I couldn't sleep for long as the maid rang the doorbell. I was so long sitting in the balcony, waiting for you to get up. As it was getting late and I was thoroughly bored, I decided to wake you up."

After I finished tea, mum asked me to dress up. I went to the bathroom to have a wash and went to my room for changing. While looking for my dress I realised that all my formal clothes are in the wardrobe in mum's room. I went back to mum's room and found her kneeling down in front of the wardrobe selecting her dress.

She had taken off her blouse and sari. Her petticoat was untied and slipped down well below her waist. Her bra was also unhooked. I silently watched her for a few minutes and could see part of her hips and her one boob from the side. I was getting a strong erection and didn't know what to do. She suddenly turned her head and smiled at me.

She casually told me not to feel shy and to come in. "Kire lojja pachchhis naki? Chole ay bhetore."

As I entered, she handed over my dress to me. Apparently she had already selected the dress for me. As I was going out with my dress, she asked me not to and to change dress in her room itself. I was feeling damn embarrassed but she was very cool. As I was pulling out my shirt, mum got up. I noticed that her petticoat was not tied. She held the waistband in her hand. She then loosely tied the string, but before she did that the petticoat slipped to her thighs. Before she pulled it back in place I saw for a split second her belly and hint of a dark patch between her legs.Though I was dumbfound, she started giggling and asked me what I saw.

As I shook my head in embarrassment, she continued giggling and said I must have seen her privates. "Kire ki dekhte peli? Jotoi matha narish na keno, ami jani tui amar sob kichhu dekhe phelechhis."

Initially I felt very embarrassed, but as she laughed her head off, I also started laughing.

After a while, mum said she had a problem. She wanted to wear a particular sari, but the matching blouse was sleeveless and her armpit was not clean. She normally uses uncle's razor, but now he was gone.

She asked me if I could lend her my razor. "Bhison muskile porechhi re. Je sarita porbo tar matching blouse tar hat kata. Kintu amar bogol poriskar noy. Ami tor mamar razor use kori, kintu se to chole gechhe tour e. Tui tor razor amake dhar dibi re?"

After I brought my razor and shaving cream, she came up with another problem. She said she is not good at shaving her own armpit. Piyu helped her in shaving her armpit, but now she was gone.

"Aro ekta muskil achhe. Ami na nijer bogol bhalo kore kamate parina. Piyu thakte o kamiye dito."

I asked her if I could help. "Ami kamiye debo?"

She was delighted at my suggestion.

So, she and I went into the attached bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror and raised her arms, all ready for a shave. At this point, her unhooked bra started falling off. In stead of being embarrassed, she started giggling again. But this time, she saved the situation by holding back the bra.

She continued giggling and told me that she stopped another free show at the last minute. "Jak baba, sesh muhurte arekta free show atkechhi." Somehow, she left her bra unhooked.

I made her armpit hair wet with water and put shaving cream on it. Supporting my left hand at the outer side of her right armpit, I carefully shaved her thick growth of hair away with my right hand. After finishing the right armpit, I moved on to her left armpit. This time my left hand was on the inner side of the left armpit. In the process, my hands almost touched her breasts, half exposed through her unhooked bra. After I cleaned the place, I ran my finger over it to see if all the hair had gone. The skin felt very soft & smooth. Her smooth and soft armpits had thin lines of crease on them and that looked very sexy. Touching her body gave me an exciting sensation and I could feel my cock getting hard. Mum now rubbed her armpit with some cream and then said that we should now dress up.

I was not very keen to take off my shirt & shorts and to be seen in my vest & brief in her presence. I felt too awkward. She made things worse by handing over a pair of new vest & brief, which she bought for me and asked me to wear those with my formal dress. I was totally awed to think that I had to undress completely in her presence. As I was thinking of a way out of this embarrassing situation, she switched off the light to my great relief.

I heard her saying that she can't dress up properly without taking off all her clothes. "Ami na dress korar somoy sob kuchhu khule pheli."

In the darkness, I could make out that she threw away her bra and dropped her petticoat. As my eyes got used to the darkness, I could see her naked profile. She moved over to the dressing table and sprinkled talc on her body.

By this time, I had stripped completely. At this stage she moved towards me and handed me the talc and asked me to put it on her back. In that naked state, she was standing very close to me and I was scared that my erect dick could touch her body. As I put talc on her naked back, I felt totally excited. Her naked smooth skin felt so nice under my palm. As I had finished her back and handing back the talc, she asked me to go down further. As I was hesitantly powdering the area between her waist and the upper curve of the bum, she took back the talc and applied it generously on her bum.

Now she told me that I need to put some talc on my body and coming close to me, started putting the talc on my chest. I was having a very complex feeling, as a naked woman was touching my naked body with her hand. While I was sensually charged up, I was also scared of being touched at my private parts. I was sure she could also see my naked profile in the darkness and knew that I was stark naked. As her hands were on my belly, I was wondering if she would touch my cock. But she went down up to a point in the lower part of the belly. As her hand grazed the fringe of my pubic hair, she stopped and went down to my thigh. She asked me to turn around and her hands were on my back. She, unlike me, didn't stop at the waist and powdered my bums.

When she finished and asked me to dress up, I wasn't sure if I was feeling disappointed or relieved that her hands didn't touch my cock, which had a very strong hard on. After putting talc on me, she moved to the dressing table and sprayed perfume on her naked body. In the darkness, I could see that she sprayed perfume in her breast, armpits, and even on her belly and in between her thighs. Now she was pulling up a petticoat and putting on a bra.

By the time I pulled up my brief and was about to put on the vest, she switched on the light. She was wearing a black satin petticoat and a lacy black bra. Wow, her fair skin dazzled against the black. Before I put on my shirt, she took a bottle of cologne and sprayed it on me. She made me raise my arms and sprayed cologne in my bushy armpit.

She ran her fingers through my armpit hair and commented that it's a great advantage for men that they don't have to shave their armpits. "Chheleder besh moja, bogoler chul kamate hoyna." I replied that men have to shave their beard everyday. "Chheleder je roj dari kamate hoy."

With these small talks, my erection had subsided a bit. Soon we were ready to go. Mum was wearing a black Benarasi sari, with golden thread woven on black silk base and a deep cut black blouse. She was looking simply gorgeous and I felt quite proud that I was accompanying her.

Meena's thoughts - Things were going better than the plan. The huge bulge in his crotch confirmed that the guy has a strong physical desire for him. Touching his naked body was a great excitement. I was desperate to possess his huge manhood, outline of which I could visualise. I could touch it today. But I decided not to move too fast. He must not think I am a slut. I have to wait for him to react stronger.

Usually I get very bored at weddings. The older women get busy or chat among themselves. The younger ones, with whom I would like to mix, are busy showing off their dress. Older men treat our age group as kids. Young guys like me are left alone. But in this wedding, where I knew no one, mum made it very different for me. She kept me by her side all through and paid a lot of attention to me. She introduced me to a lot of people and didn't leave me for a minute. We were there for a couple of hours and I enjoyed every minute.

On our way back, I was in a very happy frame of mind. One thing bothered me though – mum's attitude towards me. She was so very different from other older women in the family. She made me feel so good with her friendly & caring nature. But the day's incidents Or, accidents? made me uneasy.

I was all along a great admirer of her beauty and felt sexually attracted to her. I did have some curiosity about the nude body of other women in the family, but I nursed a strong desire for her. This time, when I was meeting her after a long time, the attraction grew a lot more.

And things dramatically changed today, as I saw her in semi-nude condition a number of times. Ever since I attained puberty, women carefully avoided any kind of exposure of their body to me. Only exception was my mom. But even she was also never so carefree in my presence. I at best saw mom without her blouse taken off, but with sari carefully wrapped around her upper part. I hardly saw my mom's boobs, except when I wanted to sneak around. But mum exposed her body so much and so many times.

I wondered why did she do so. Did she just want to tease me? Given her friendly & affectionate nature that was almost impossible. Did she want to show off her physical assets? But why? I suspected, but couldn't believe, that she wanted to attract me. I felt very puzzled. At the same time I realised, with a lot of shame & guilt, that I wanted to 'make love' to this woman.Even in my silent thoughts, I couldn't use the words, 'Sex or Fuck'.

As I was lost in my thoughts I was completely silent. Surprisingly, chatterbox mum also kept silent. She possibly guessed my mood. Suddenly I came back from my thoughts and found that mum was holding my hand and had placed it on her lap. I felt her closeness to me and immensely enjoyed the wonderful aroma of her perfume.

As we were entering thorough the gate of her house, she broke the silence, "Are you thinking of your girl friend?" She asked. " Premikar kotha bhabchhis naki Babu?"

I smiled at her and said I had no girlfriend.

"Really? I am very surprised," she said.

Meena's thoughts - It gave me a lot of relief that he had no girlfriend. But he could have lied out of embarrassment. I must check

After entering the house, we went to mum's bedroom to change. Mum went up to the dressing table and started taking off her jewellery. After she finished, she stood there for a long time, apparently doing nothing. Possibly she was admiring her own beauty.

I told her, "Mum, tonight you were the best looking woman."

She immediately protested. "You must be joking. There were so many young beauties around. I am an aged woman now." "Who says, you are aged? Whatever is your actual age, you look so young and gorgeous. None of those younger women was any where near you." I said.

She possibly realised how serious I was and said, "You really think so?"

I could see that she was blushing.

"Yes mum," I said as I went close to her and placed one arm around her. She was too embarrassed to continue the discussion and asked me to change.

I took my shorts and went into the attached bathroom. As I took off my shirt & trousers, I properly noticed the new brief mum gave me. It was a designer brief, like one of those you saw in the ads. It was a perfect fit. That means, she knew my size. A thought struck me. No woman, other than my mom ever bought undergarments for me. Why did mum do so and that too a designer brief? Did she want me to see me wearing that? How did she know what size would fit me? She must have checked my other briefs. She definitely cared a lot for me. Was it just affection? Or, she liked me as a man? I got pretty confused at these thoughts.

I took off my brief & vest and stood naked in front of the bathroom mirror. I felt quite proud, possibly for the first time since my puberty, at my naked body with my well hung dick with a semi hard on.

At this stage, mum knocked at the door. As I opened the door a little and popped out my head, I saw mum standing there with a silk dressing gown and a pyjama in her hand. I took the clothes from her and closed the door. I wondered if she saw any part of my naked body. As I put on the pyjama bottom, I again wondered why was she showering me with so many goodies. I didn't wear the pyjama top and put on the dressing gown on my bare top. I felt nice at the smooth touch of silk on my naked skin.

As I came out, I saw mum was folding her sari and blouse, wearing petticoat and bra only. The bra was unhooked and the petticoat was tied rather low, showing her deep belly button. She was delighted to see me in that dressing gown.

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